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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,939
Hi friends, What is the best way to analyze the XRD data for phase identification and particle size calculation? so...
Dec8-11 06:16 AM
black pen
73 96,427
In the HCP Lattice in solid state physics, Can any one proof GEOMETRICALLY and in algebric way that the the ratio...
Feb14-09 11:18 AM
Kouros Khamoushi
19 66,970
I always thought it was at 212 F . :surprised My 7 year old teacher is teaching them 215 F. When did this change. I...
Feb23-07 05:44 AM
9 41,235
Guess I'll be flippin' burgers for the rest of my life guys... I can't figure out the difference between elements and...
Feb14-05 10:50 AM
6 34,906
can you tell me how an ion of an element can be formed? For example- how does an ion of sodium form?
Jun13-07 09:01 AM
3 33,990
Whirling around Atoms are the Electrons. I was wondering if they have MASS? If so, it would seem there tremendous...
May1-07 01:44 PM
19 33,116
I am reading 'Mesoscopic electronics in Solid State Nanostructures', second edition, by Thomas Heinzel. And I find it...
Feb14-08 12:59 PM
2 30,883
Hi, are there any online databases for the x-ray diffraction peaks of common and less common crystals?
Aug16-10 07:04 AM
7 29,571
Hi. I was wondering if any of you could help me with how you would describe what goes on during melting and boiling?...
Jun20-10 04:47 AM
sky_girl cici
3 28,785
hello to everyone. It is normally said that in semiconductors the Fermi level is half way between the valence and the...
Sep6-09 07:32 AM
5 28,445
Is it true that it is very difficult to compress water in liquid form to a lower density, if so, why? It is not very...
Jun24-08 01:44 PM
6 28,411
simple question, why do atoms seek to have eight valence electrons?
Mar7-09 02:58 PM
66 28,026
Just when I thought I understood the concept of planes and miller indices, I got stuck on a 'test your understanding'...
Apr23-09 02:26 AM
14 27,922
I've been reading about radioactivity, but I can't seem to find what actually makes an atom unstable. Can anyone tell...
Oct1-04 11:18 PM
33 26,208
Hey everyone! I'm looking for a real good Solid State Physics Book! Can someone recommend me something? I have heard...
Jan21-08 11:42 AM
11 26,195
want to calculate absorption coefficient or absorption crosssection for 1% C2H2 gas Path length = 1meter ...
Apr3-12 03:21 AM
12 26,102
Why does copper conduct heat better than aluminium and iron? Could anyone help me answering the question? Thanks.
Sep12-06 04:59 PM
1 25,888
how does contact resistance and sprearding resistance gets in eliminated in four probe technique for measuring...
Mar24-11 01:31 AM
7 25,743
If every thing's made up of atoms then that means air's made of atoms too so there can't be air between an atom's...
Nov21-08 07:52 AM
Aqib Khan
8 25,694
Does anyone know where I can find measured values for the plasma frequency of bulk silver? I would like them to be for...
Sep28-10 02:16 PM
9 25,509
Interesting article I read on how the highly-conductive graphene also begins to exhibit some semiconductive properties...
Jun11-11 08:27 AM
99 25,187
Hi all, I would like to know how pn junction work? thanks DaTario
May1-08 11:54 AM
17 23,908
In a semiconductor the law of mass action states that the product of the electron concentration and the hole...
Dec6-13 11:37 AM
7 22,728
Hi to all experts! I know individually about primitive cell("It has lattice point at corners only") and unit cell("It...
Apr25-13 11:55 AM
18 22,528
Not sure where this goes, but here goes: Water O-H bond is usually thought of as 0.942 angstrom when looked at as...
Feb3-10 10:41 AM
4 22,193
Intuitively, it makes sense to me that it would. But then again, weird stuff can happen under extreme circumstances......
Apr27-11 01:31 AM
32 21,950
The problem said: "Determine the magnitude of the Schmid factor for an FCC single crystal oriented with its ...
Mar5-10 12:24 PM
3 21,188
I'm doing the quantum theory in my class, and on the orbitals chapter... And a question in my book says "what are...
Nov20-04 11:08 AM
Dual Op Amp
6 20,847
Has anybody ever heard of this stuff? Okay, so...
Jan26-12 09:55 PM
51 20,687
Hey! Can someone help me calculate the binding energy of an exciton? I have been told to use the Rydberg energy but...
Sep12-10 09:09 PM
9 20,184
How do you calculate lattice parameters c and a of Hexagonal ZnO ? if you are given the wavelength= 1.5406 nm,...
Nov21-10 09:22 AM
7 19,881
In classical statistical mechanics, temperature of a system is the measure of its average kinetic energy. In quantum...
Mar11-09 11:22 PM
6 19,093
Hydrogen has one valence electron, Chlorine has 7. Chlorine only needs one to become stable, and hydrogen wants to get...
Nov21-10 04:50 AM
13 18,809
I have searched a lot on the internet for a simple explanation of these two terms. As I have understood these things...
Jan17-13 07:22 AM
21 18,570
hello! i m the new user to the physics forum. i m working in a summer project now. my project is on the x-ray...
May31-07 12:49 PM
10 17,888
I have been working on experimental heterogeneous catalysis for a couple of years, specifically with metal oxides. I...
Jan13-12 04:29 AM
20 17,830
Hi all, I know this has been posted before and I've read the help given but I simply do not understand how to...
Aug30-06 01:19 PM
1 17,740
hey guyz... i was reading about the hall coefficient...there was 2 equations of the hall coefficient one for the...
Jan20-07 01:09 PM
9 17,549
In the energy band theory, we are only concerned with two bands - the conduction band and the valance band. Electrons...
Oct30-06 10:51 PM
6 17,500
I'm trying to solve for the ideal c/a ratio of hcp packing. why doesn't c/2 =a/2, looks like they pass through the...
Sep24-06 10:44 PM
4 17,354

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