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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,713
Hi everyone, :smile: Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I'm still relatively new to the forum. :blushing: ...
Nov19-09 05:55 AM
3 5,522
Can EM waves falling on a solid contribute towards lattice vibrations? If yes, then i)when is the energy used in...
Nov19-09 04:22 AM
6 1,503
Hello everyone, I have a (simple?) question: How do you differentiate a material to be a conductor or a...
Nov19-09 03:50 AM
3 1,511
I've been doing some research on singlet-triplet molecular states, and one things I can't perfectly settle is a...
Nov19-09 01:01 AM
3 15,008
Assuming amount of electrons flowing is n per unit time, is the total current in a p-n junction 2nQ or just nQ?...
Nov18-09 09:50 AM
0 834
What is a "momentum relaxtion time"? Tried googling it but couldn't get any definitions. Comes from the sentence in...
Nov17-09 05:49 PM
3 6,413
I've stumbled upon a problem whilst doing my master thesis The problem is to construct the anisotropic conductivity...
Nov17-09 04:06 PM
1 1,325
I have searched in a lot of books and online resources, and none of them shed any light on why phonons are bosons. ...
Nov17-09 01:59 PM
5 8,219
In my lecture, my chemistry professor talked about Bonding in Solids. And he asked us whether diamond can melt(in...
Nov17-09 12:54 PM
11 9,709
Hi guys, I just have a few questions regarding semiconductors and p-n junctions. How can I explain using an E vs k...
Nov16-09 05:22 AM
0 2,590
Can any one help me by answeing the following question :- "Please name a Solid which is good condcutor of...
Nov15-09 03:43 PM
8 13,102
i have a question concerning BLOCH OSCILLTION.i studied that in the extended zone scheme, the energy of an electron...
Nov15-09 05:37 AM
3 1,272
Can any one recommend any books that cover k.p theory so that a beginner may be able to (eg) get a realistic programme...
Nov14-09 07:44 PM
4 2,122
The electron pairs, acting as bosons, all fall to the lowest energy state, and can't get enough energy (under normal...
Nov13-09 09:58 PM
8 1,159
I have very little feeling when I study LEED patterns. esp. the reference to the Ewald's sphere. That is something...
Nov13-09 07:33 AM
0 824
Hello Everyone! I need help on this topic. Can anyone provide me some details on how to solve the problem? Thanks..
Nov13-09 07:10 AM
5 1,794
Hi all, I am in doubt on a subject. The density of states function of a metallic CNT, is given as ...
Nov12-09 09:24 PM
8 2,425
Hi, I'm currently doing experiments on a 99.9% TiO2 source powder. I was wondering if there is anyway to lower the...
Nov12-09 03:16 PM
3 3,752
Hi, There are some points I really want to clear up in this topic....I promise to finish my chain of doubts as quicly...
Nov12-09 07:10 AM
Urmi Roy
7 4,830
How does one calculate the intrinsic carrier concentration Ni for silicon as a function of temperature? I know the...
Nov10-09 11:00 AM
jimmy neutron
4 8,126
do antibonding molecular orbital exist in reality or is it an empty space in which an electron can move about freely...
Nov8-09 11:30 PM
3 2,806
can any1 explain what fermi level is simple explanation also how are minority charge carriers formed and i cant...
Nov8-09 03:46 PM
2 4,081
Greetings, I would like to know the absorption spectrum of water ice in approximately the near infra-red, from...
Nov7-09 09:16 PM
0 4,647
Hi all I am reading about conductors and energy bands, and I undertand the math. I just need for it to be more...
Nov7-09 04:53 AM
13 2,397
First to tell, I'm a ordinary people who curious in science field. I can't use difficult word myself but I can...
Nov6-09 09:14 PM
3 1,245
In the theory of superconductivity BCS theory is given eigen - problem ...
Nov6-09 01:14 PM
4 1,553
I'm trying to find a good starting point in comp. phy. ; emphasizing particles,chemical,physical problems,solid...
Nov6-09 06:01 AM
jimmy neutron
9 1,871
In the book about fluid-mechanics Landau in the first pages in the isentropic case from dw=\frac{dp}{\rho} ...
Nov5-09 11:01 AM
8 1,994
I didn't know where to start this so move it as needed, I have seen a bunch of "odd" info about monoatomic metals...
Nov5-09 06:44 AM
dr dodge
8 7,592 I try to know more about Bogoliubov transformation. I try to...
Nov5-09 06:03 AM
Petar Mali
22 8,743
Hi all It can be shown that the product of the hole and electron concentration is constant at a given temperature...
Nov5-09 05:37 AM
9 3,875
Greetings, I'm trying to understand how protons might move through solid water ice. More specifically this...
Nov4-09 08:09 PM
2 1,804
Hi all! I only have a short question concerning nuclear magnetic resonance: the basic principle is that we apply an...
Nov4-09 02:32 AM
6 2,483
I am a green hand in the Spectrum physics,so the term "Davydov splitting" is quitely strange to me,But I am eager to...
Nov4-09 02:08 AM
0 3,447
Litium has a structure 1s^22s^1 What is the first exited state of litium? I have some doubt? I think that...
Nov3-09 04:58 PM
Petar Mali
2 1,135
Hello, is it possible to roughly estimate the density of states just looking at the band structure E(k) of a solid?...
Nov3-09 03:50 PM
5 3,995
I have a couple questions regarding the transformation of graphite to diamond. As I understand a common method of...
Nov2-09 07:02 PM
2 3,796
Can somebody explain in detail what causes the peakes. this is carbon...
Nov2-09 01:38 PM
Bob S
8 2,626
Hello All, Why ferrimagnetic to paramagnetic transitions cover a broad range of temperaure as compare to...
Nov2-09 03:14 AM
0 861
Is it possible for a liquid to exist in a high quality vacuum? For example, a few Torr. If so what are the methods...
Nov1-09 04:24 PM
Bob S
15 7,979

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