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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,111
In the book about fluid-mechanics Landau in the first pages in the isentropic case from dw=\frac{dp}{\rho} ...
Nov5-09 11:01 AM
8 1,982
I didn't know where to start this so move it as needed, I have seen a bunch of "odd" info about monoatomic metals...
Nov5-09 06:44 AM
dr dodge
8 7,485 I try to know more about Bogoliubov transformation. I try to...
Nov5-09 06:03 AM
Petar Mali
22 8,629
Hi all It can be shown that the product of the hole and electron concentration is constant at a given temperature...
Nov5-09 05:37 AM
9 3,809
Greetings, I'm trying to understand how protons might move through solid water ice. More specifically this...
Nov4-09 08:09 PM
2 1,782
Hi all! I only have a short question concerning nuclear magnetic resonance: the basic principle is that we apply an...
Nov4-09 02:32 AM
6 2,460
I am a green hand in the Spectrum physics,so the term "Davydov splitting" is quitely strange to me,But I am eager to...
Nov4-09 02:08 AM
0 3,434
Litium has a structure 1s^22s^1 What is the first exited state of litium? I have some doubt? I think that...
Nov3-09 04:58 PM
Petar Mali
2 1,120
Hello, is it possible to roughly estimate the density of states just looking at the band structure E(k) of a solid?...
Nov3-09 03:50 PM
5 3,982
I have a couple questions regarding the transformation of graphite to diamond. As I understand a common method of...
Nov2-09 07:02 PM
2 3,775
Can somebody explain in detail what causes the peakes. this is carbon...
Nov2-09 01:38 PM
Bob S
8 2,601
Hello All, Why ferrimagnetic to paramagnetic transitions cover a broad range of temperaure as compare to...
Nov2-09 03:14 AM
0 856
Is it possible for a liquid to exist in a high quality vacuum? For example, a few Torr. If so what are the methods...
Nov1-09 04:24 PM
Bob S
15 7,911
Hey, I have few doubts in Solid state physics specially related to Image charge & Brillouion zone. I read...
Oct31-09 10:33 AM
0 881
Hi there, i've already read some topics in this forum about the fermi-energy/chemical potential. i've also read the...
Oct28-09 03:53 PM
3 5,169
I have an experiment where I am using 1 hour of bath sonication followed by 15 minutes of probe sonication for a 10mL...
Oct28-09 08:07 AM
0 865
Let’s say i have n identical classical non interacting particles and N sites where i can put them in. BUT the total...
Oct27-09 01:23 PM
3 903
I am planning to do some simulations using path integral molecular dynamics approach. I have never used it before, so...
Oct27-09 04:16 AM
1 1,682
In molecular orbital theory, there are two molecular states. (see below) I don't know the differences between these...
Oct27-09 04:08 AM
1 2,194
f(\vec{r}) = f(\vec{r}+\vec{T}) \vec{T}= u_{1} \vec{a_{1}} + u_{2} \vec{a_{2}}+u_{3} \vec{a_{3}} ...
Oct26-09 09:16 AM
7 2,480
Hi all Am I correct to say that - in general - the thermal conductivity of metals is higher than that of...
Oct24-09 12:03 PM
2 1,028
Does Mercury have properties that would permit its' use as a Fuel to power Spacecraft? Has this been done before or...
Oct24-09 11:49 AM
Bob S
5 8,387
what are Background Radiations in terms of crystallography?
Oct24-09 02:48 AM
Saad i Riaz
0 752
Does anyone here have experience using VASP (especially VASP 5.2) for parallel calculations? I'm currently using...
Oct23-09 05:23 PM
1 3,851
I suppose this thread should belong to a seperate group called Light - that is, I suppose this should be where Quantum...
Oct23-09 03:01 PM
9 9,294
Can someone give a clear definition of a ferromagnetic ordering wave vector and an antiferromagnetic ordering wave...
Oct22-09 10:27 PM
1 2,305
does anybody know something about magnetic behaviour of helium-3 superfluid, i.e. under T=2,7mK and beneath its gas...
Oct22-09 05:25 PM
3 2,503
surface plasmons not exist for transverse electric polarisation? and only exist for transverse magnetic polarisation...
Oct22-09 04:05 PM
1 1,993
Hi , I am simulated some structure that contains spheres arrange in FCC lattice , How can I imagine the brillouin...
Oct22-09 04:03 AM
0 1,621
Dear Colleagues, My work is related to the diagonalisation of Bogoliubov deGennes (BDG) equation. But numerically it...
Oct21-09 05:20 PM
3 5,767
Hello there! I am trying to find Curie/Néel Points of various materials, so I would like to know if any of you knew...
Oct20-09 03:01 PM
0 1,623
I was just studying the Bhor theory and found that if we assume energy is quantised in (nh/2pi) then we can say...
Oct20-09 08:36 AM
Doc Al
1 1,025
peace upon you every body i spent few minutes searching where to post my topic .. because it's talking about...
Oct20-09 06:07 AM
2 1,585
I am trying to understand the theory behind nuclear magnetic resonance. I have been reading various explanations...
Oct18-09 12:32 PM
4 2,530
One dimensional electron systems (e.g. quantum wires or carbon nanotubes) exhibit different behaviour. They form a...
Oct17-09 05:53 PM
0 1,135
In XRD, to examine the diffraction pattern and the determine the elemental structure, a thin layer of sample is...
Oct17-09 12:58 PM
1 1,906
Can anyone recommend good software for drawing and annotating crystal structures? Something that can do things like...
Oct17-09 09:48 AM
2 9,808
What are assumptions on which the Drude model and the Sommerfeld model Match? and In which assumptions both differs???
Oct15-09 02:43 PM
3 3,768
I know that placing a paramagnetic molecule inside a magnetic field will induce a magnetic force on the molecule from...
Oct15-09 02:34 PM
1 1,436
Does anyone know the highest alpha (Gilbert damping ratio) you could get on ferromagnets? People for various...
Oct13-09 09:40 PM
0 1,633

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