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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,738
I am confused about the relation between the Wigner-Seitz cell and the first Brillouin zone. My teacher explained...
Oct21-08 06:35 PM
4 5,590
Hi, I'm following the book of Kaxiras on solid state physics and I'm a bit confused about Brillouin zone and...
Oct21-08 01:50 PM
6 5,038
Hi all, I'm am reading chapter 3 of Tinkham's "Introduction to superconductivity". At some point several...
Oct21-08 12:21 PM
3 1,196
hi everyone i hope that someone can explain to me what's the different with a crystalline TiC and a Ti50C50, actually...
Oct21-08 08:40 AM
1 767
hi Can anyone explain to me what's the surface plasmon??? thanks
Oct16-08 03:05 PM
2 1,886
Hi all, I am looking at (elementary) theory of superconductivity. In particular, I am looking at the calculation...
Oct16-08 10:18 AM
7 1,639
Hi guys, I hope you can give me any idea about: After a long molecular dynamic simulation of a polymer under...
Oct13-08 05:32 AM
2 887
hi i wonder if anyone has an idea about or have links for published papers about the behavior of bulk titanium...
Oct13-08 02:14 AM
2 2,851
A new superconductor has been developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory: ...
Oct10-08 06:31 AM
4 1,544
hi i hope that someone can explain to me what does it mean Carbon in-plane correlation length of sp2. thanks
Oct9-08 11:18 AM
0 1,243
In a gas, do the molecular centers of gravity align significantly toward the dominant source of gravity? E. g., do...
Oct8-08 12:21 PM
Loren Booda
2 1,564
The 24th Solvay is going to happen in a week or so. 10 - 13 October 24th Solvay Conference on Physics "Quantum...
Oct7-08 03:12 PM
1 1,901
hi everybody i would like to know what's the different between a mono and a polycristallin material. And if we...
Oct5-08 11:14 AM
2 1,327
Hi every body I have XRD data of clinker cement , and I need a software or a method to determine the phases and...
Oct4-08 12:52 AM
0 1,022
Hi everybody Actually i need to calculate a cristallite nanoparticles size by using my XRD measurement results. I...
Oct3-08 12:13 PM
0 7,917
Can anybody help me find a paper? The name is "The discrete self-trapping equation", or "J.C. Eilbeck, P.S. Lomdahl,...
Oct1-08 10:56 AM
5 1,205
Do the atoms in molecules seperate quicker if they are moved more vigourously in their lifetime and therefoe cause...
Oct1-08 10:50 AM
10 1,720
Hello all,i was studying about nuclear magnetic resonance,what i came to know is the study of nucleus in presence of...
Oct1-08 09:12 AM
3 1,112
Hello- I feel that this is a "graduate-level" question, so I hope that this question is not found to be insultingly...
Sep30-08 12:40 PM
4 5,585
A couple of questions in the context of constructing nuclear weapons: Would it be feasible to refine uranium...
Sep30-08 03:46 AM
2 1,317
Does anyone have a good derivation of the Electron-Phonon Interaction Hamiltonian? I've found a few in various books...
Sep27-08 09:01 PM
Dr Transport
7 2,780
What do you understand by "sublattice degeneracy" of a carbon nanotube. How would it affect a NT's electrical...
Sep27-08 06:37 PM
0 1,031
Hi all I just have some questions about atom-laser interaction. Suppose that you have single two-level atom...
Sep27-08 06:07 PM
1 2,086
:smile:Hey guys. I just get some information about true shear strain and simple shear strain from the lecture of...
Sep26-08 10:42 PM
2 7,897
Hi, I was taking a look to Appendix M of A&M "Solid State Physics" (Conservation of Crystal Momentum). Seems to me...
Sep25-08 08:17 AM
3 2,421
hey, I have a question, it might be really stupid, but I'm probably not as smart as any of you here. Anyway: if you...
Sep25-08 08:03 AM
3 1,340
I have already seen two important problem: one is about the derivation of Fourier's heat law; and the other is about...
Sep23-08 09:11 AM
0 2,137
Hello, frineds I have a question How is it possible to get High Temperature Supercondactor produced by laser...
Sep23-08 07:57 AM
3 1,446
Can somebody tell me what is the miller index for the tilted plane? Is it (102) or (112)? Nothing seems to...
Sep21-08 04:36 PM
9 7,866
Is there any theories on taking light, and changing it to matter? Imagine a machine that could do that. Imagine...
Sep20-08 11:44 PM
38 12,085
Can a semiconductor absorb a higher energy photon than its Band gap Eg and make a transition from valence band to...
Sep19-08 03:48 AM
4 3,312
If light passes through a fresnel lens and then through another lens focusing it a bit so it is not as concentrated...
Sep18-08 09:27 AM
3 1,261
Can anyone provide me with a link to one showing the primitive unit cell for it? I searched google for about ~40mins...
Sep17-08 02:06 AM
0 1,301
Has any one have experience in measuring C-V curves of MOS capacitors using HP LCR meter. I am in very urgent need....
Sep16-08 06:58 PM
1 5,271
Don't exactly know where to put this but how would one examine the spectra of a metal ore to find what is in it? That...
Sep16-08 10:34 AM
5 1,152
Dear all, It is trivial, but please let me know how I can clculate high symmetry points for hexagonal lattice. I...
Sep16-08 12:56 AM
0 4,154
Who can help? How does official theoretical science explain phonon softening in superconductors? Thanks in advance.
Sep15-08 03:40 PM
0 1,968
Hi all! I've been thinking of something lately. When an atom absorbs an incoming photon, the atom must gain some...
Sep15-08 05:33 AM
6 1,207
Hi everybody, In chapter 10 of Kittel's "Introduction to Solid State Physics" it is said that the zeros of the...
Sep13-08 06:04 AM
6 2,412
Hi Anyone who can tell me how to proove that there consists exactly 14 Bravais lattices or can point me to a...
Sep12-08 02:39 PM
3 1,967

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