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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,724
Hello, I have just read a report where a technique called bitter decoration is used in a superconductivity...
Feb23-09 10:49 AM
2 2,511
vortex in superfluidity is well known in a continuum system, a vortex is well defined along a closed...
Feb22-09 10:44 PM
9 2,568
Can anybody tell me what they mean by 2, 3, 6 or any band hamiltonians. What does it even mean?
Feb20-09 03:34 PM
10 3,785
I need help from guys working with Quantum Monte Carlo. I'm reading about worldline method applied to Heisenberg chain...
Feb19-09 02:27 PM
0 970
I am posting here coz people here would be more familiar with AMO area. I probably will be doing AMO (atomic...
Feb18-09 01:01 PM
1 1,737
Greeting every one. In Duffing equation, the damping coeffecient usually assume possitive values (<<1). However, at...
Feb18-09 12:49 PM
0 1,405
Am I right in saying that a tapered optical fibre 'collects' light from evanscent field. Why would this mean it needs...
Feb18-09 10:38 AM
5 1,325
My calculation shows an asymmetric strain distribution in InAs/GaAs(111) heterostructure while it is symmetric in...
Feb18-09 07:41 AM
2 1,650
Not sure if I have this right; is isospin antisymmetric (in d.o.f.) over total spin-momentum, to quantize the space...
Feb18-09 02:27 AM
0 1,562
There are a lot of resources out there which mention that when a diode is forward biased the majority carriers at the...
Feb16-09 01:25 PM
2 9,181
What regulates the ground state energy of a hydrogen atom? Why is it constant (more or less)?
Feb16-09 08:21 AM
53 6,782
Hi everyone, I want to know what the difference between bulk modulus and young modulus is? In some papers, it seems...
Feb16-09 07:18 AM
4 7,938
In the first diagram on this Hyperphysics page, the band gap in a semiconductor is shown. What is the corresponding...
Feb15-09 03:26 PM
1 4,674
Who knows a simple way to deal with temperature wave propagation in helium II? And how about storical experimental...
Feb15-09 03:12 PM
5 2,009
hey everyone, Im a bit confused, Im trying to calculate the relative occupied volume of ZnO unit cell, Ive just...
Feb15-09 08:37 AM
2 1,796
Hi, Both ESCA and XES/XAS can measure HOMO and LUMO. However, I don't understand the difference between the two...
Feb14-09 08:42 PM
1 2,543
In the HCP Lattice in solid state physics, Can any one proof GEOMETRICALLY and in algebric way that the the ratio...
Feb14-09 11:18 AM
Kouros Khamoushi
19 66,640
I am reading some theoretical papers on the defects in semiconductors. Theorists can calculate the formation energy of...
Feb13-09 11:12 PM
2 9,789
I have just seen a photograph known as a Laue photograph. I am reading about the Laue method of X-ray Diffraction. ...
Feb13-09 08:38 AM
2 5,146
How common is it for all the electrons in an atom to be in the ground state? I ask because in spontaneous emission,...
Feb10-09 01:58 PM
0 1,375
Hi, Ok, so let's say we have a non-degenerate n-type semiconductor such that the Fermi-level/chemical potential is...
Feb9-09 03:10 PM
3 6,779
Just out of curiosity, why is quartz transparent to uv light?
Feb8-09 11:52 AM
0 1,332
Can anyone explain why these two field patterns are so similar? The (3,2,1) hydrogen wave function, and this ...
Feb8-09 09:21 AM
6 1,444
Hi, is there anyone who works on the synthesis of alumina membrane ??
Feb7-09 03:28 PM
0 1,332
Always be used in experiments... but when it appears in literature, most authors never tell the exact value of 1 ML...
Feb7-09 01:09 PM
6 7,938
Hi. Could anyone explain me what is a heterostructure clearly? And when a heterostructure is a quantum well?
Feb7-09 05:55 AM
2 1,514
I have been looking at websites on electron affinity. My notes report it as 'energy released when an atom gains an...
Feb5-09 03:45 PM
1 1,337
I wonder if anyone have an idea about the software (CASA) used for the treatement of data dounded by XPS analysis. If...
Feb5-09 05:17 AM
2 2,494
Hi, One of the fields of condense matter is molecule dynamics.I want to know does quantum mechanics use in this...
Feb3-09 11:57 PM
2 1,446
Hi, I always thought vacuum is the best insulator, until I find figures that state breakdown field for vacuum is about...
Feb3-09 09:43 AM
6 10,097
Hi At the moment I am trying to make a field effect transistor on a SOI wafer. The plan is to omit the top gate in...
Feb1-09 05:20 AM
0 2,431
Hello!Happy New Year! I am currently working on the thermal dependence of photoluminescence measurements of Zinc...
Jan31-09 05:00 PM
3 1,411
As the title says, does anyone know of a good book or review article about point contacts (both quantum and...
Jan29-09 05:16 PM
1 1,477
in metals the valence electrons become degenerate. thats why metals are so much denser. but hydrogen has no electron...
Jan29-09 05:09 PM
0 1,029
ℽ = Nbερa ℽ = surface energy Nb = number of broken bonds ε = bond strength ρa = surface atomic density ℽ{100}...
Jan29-09 12:24 PM
0 1,736
Hi, Does anyone know any good Linux/Unix software for analysing optical emission spectra? I've been searching the...
Jan28-09 06:53 PM
Dr Transport
1 1,597
Hi everyone, i wonder if anyone has an idea how to attack chemically an amorphous carbon film. Is it possible to...
Jan28-09 06:48 AM
4 1,795
We know that Pyrolytic carbon is Diamagnetic only in one plane of direction but is it possible to cut it into slices...
Jan28-09 02:05 AM
8 7,752
Hello, folks. Q: How can one measure the density of states of a semiconductor and a conductor? I would imagine you...
Jan27-09 11:56 AM
6 4,884
What exactly does a Bose-Einstein Condensate look like with the naked eye? Is there any special about what it looks...
Jan25-09 03:50 PM
19 2,504

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