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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,173
if photon is light considered as particles, then shouldn't it always have the speed of light? but sometimes i see that...
Oct9-05 02:04 AM
14 1,894
Who can tell me the microscopic mechanism of electric polarition of amorphous,such as Si3N4 or SiO2.Which dominates...
Oct10-05 12:45 AM
1 1,918
A question concerning atoms in magnetic fields: Why does the LS-coupling break down in a strong magnetic field...
Oct11-05 11:48 AM
Physics Monkey
1 3,089
Hi All, In the attached figure, I have drawn some "virtual" ions of two kind: blue are sodium, and violet for...
Oct11-05 12:38 PM
8 2,870
Hello. What would be the optimal/cheapest/easiest-to-find thermo-optic material? I would like a material that changes...
Oct12-05 06:24 AM
0 1,697
OK, we had Hall-effect equivalent for photons. And now there is Hall effect for phonons! ...
Oct12-05 10:05 PM
1 1,208
how do atoms transfer kenetic energy to each other?
Oct14-05 01:40 AM
2 1,339
Please, can someone answer my question? I know the shape of sp hybrid orbital, but want to know about the others (...
Oct15-05 04:46 AM
Juan R.
4 8,747
The strain on a piezoelectric crystal will induce additory dipoles.If these dipoles can be oriented by external...
Oct18-05 09:09 AM
0 1,642
what is really the difference between \frac{b^2}{2\mu_o} and bH in G-L energy functional? i read notes and books...
Oct18-05 07:10 PM
0 1,768
We know quartz,viz. crystal silicon oxide is a kind of piezoelectric solid.Does the amorphous silicon oxide present...
Oct18-05 08:08 PM
Claude Bile
1 2,908
I plan to do some first principle calculation for EuCaCuO system with magnetic behavior of antiferromagnetic ordering...
Oct19-05 08:47 AM
0 1,265
In x-ray diffraction with crystals, what actually happens with the incident x-ray beem or photon? scattering occurs...
Oct21-05 06:16 AM
Pieter Kuiper
3 5,669
I want to know if the orientational polarization should be included when you calculate the permittivity of the silicon...
Oct24-05 11:57 AM
Pieter Kuiper
6 3,537
Hi! to everyone on the forum. I am new and did not really know where i should of posted this thread its not homework...
Oct24-05 07:46 PM
16 2,115
Hello, I am trying to understand why atoms have a tendancy to completely fill their valence shell. What force...
Oct25-05 01:55 AM
19 5,930
Hi all. This is my first post. I'm a little eluded by this question given to me... "What does the photoeffect...
Oct26-05 07:59 AM
16 2,651
I am wondering what density is required for a sound wave to travel at the speed of light (if possible at all!) I'm...
Oct27-05 05:52 PM
17 4,737
I try to to some first principle calculation in the environment of free electron gas. For intance, the total energy of...
Oct29-05 04:26 AM
15 5,004
Anyone have any good references or insights on excitons; excitons in bilayer semiconductors; excitons in high magnetic...
Oct31-05 10:47 AM
21 2,641
Is there a consensus on whether there is a difference in usage between "freeze" and "congeal". The general purpose...
Oct31-05 11:50 AM
1 2,070
Currently in my Chemsitry class we are reviewing these ions. Since these ions are formed of perfectly neutral...
Nov1-05 12:46 AM
8 14,660
Liquid sodium can exist at room temperature at EXTREMELY high pressures. Why?
Nov1-05 10:17 AM
3 2,995
I am currently writing a term paper for my many-body QM course about the slave boson method in strongly correlated...
Nov4-05 06:59 AM
2 3,896
This is a 1922 on the Theoretical Remarks on Superconductivity. The amazing insight eventually led to the BCS theory...
Nov4-05 08:31 AM
3 1,695
Does anyone have access to International Journal of Modern Physics B? If so could you send me two articles? PM me for...
Nov4-05 10:15 AM
2 1,674
the faster an object, ill use electrons for now, so the faster an electron travels its mass increases? right? so it...
Nov6-05 07:58 AM
4 2,720
Hi all Just a quick (relatively simple) question.. As high school physics/chem tought, a liquid of lower density...
Nov6-05 08:06 AM
6 1,736
In positron emission, a proton is converted into a neutron, a positron, and a neutrino: p --> n + e + v...
Nov7-05 03:20 PM
4 7,644
Why does neon have more spectral lines than helium? Is the atomic spectrum based on an element's electron...
Nov7-05 03:46 PM
Pieter Kuiper
6 7,588
I'm reading, Nature Physics 1, 91. They are discussing pairing symmetry in hexagonal NaxCoO2yH2O. They bring up...
Nov8-05 12:23 PM
0 3,510
Take a beam of monochromatic light pointed at a sheet of quartz 2" thick. The beam is striking the surface of the...
Nov10-05 09:21 AM
Dr Transport
8 6,380
Why are electrons described as "massless". It seems to me that they would have to have mass. Are they truly massless...
Nov12-05 05:00 AM
12 2,414
I konw that the defect centers in a dielectric contribute to the electric polarization and thus affect the...
Nov12-05 08:06 AM
2 1,812
Hi ; Is there anybody using SageMD for molecular experiments. I am planning to set up a mail group for SageMD or all...
Nov12-05 08:14 AM
1 1,923
Hi all, I wonder whether anybody could help me finding the surface energy value of the interface between silicon and...
Nov12-05 10:36 AM
1 10,682
How did the scientists like Boyle and Avagadro did experiments and still got results, which supported the ideal gas...
Nov13-05 03:51 PM
6 1,864
This is just one of a zoo of examples from condensed matter where relativistic forms manifest themselves via condensed...
Nov15-05 07:20 AM
6 3,336
Hi all.. 1)we have,for example,rectangular, square well, well type etc potentials. How is the shape of a potential...
Nov15-05 05:40 PM
Claude Bile
3 1,261
Hi all, I'm reading a book on electron-molecule interactions and I'm puzzled by a quantity (well, by the difference...
Nov18-05 11:50 AM
4 4,165

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