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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,701
Hello Forum, I have been studying phase diagrams. If a pure substance is brought to a temperature and pressure above...
Mar23-12 02:53 AM
11 2,804
I got quite confused with the math in Thomas-Fermi's approximation. I thought it was supposed to approximate a...
Mar23-12 04:31 AM
4 2,722
Hello, As you all know, if a crystal contains a phonon of frequency \omega, it means that the fourier decomposition...
Mar23-12 02:06 PM
20 4,097
Hi everybody, What is lam band and d-lam band? (RAMAN or any vibrational study) Thanks in advace
Mar23-12 03:40 PM
0 1,217
Graphyne is a variant of graphene which has Carbon-Carbon triple-bonds: ...
Mar23-12 05:27 PM
5 2,978
Why is it so important to claim that the topologically protected surface states are 100% spin polarized. Is there any...
Mar23-12 11:21 PM
1 1,867
Hello. I've experiment, which makes plasma using He-1 under atmoshpere & room temp,it's to show how DBD plasma...
Mar24-12 12:09 PM
1 1,859
Researchers used a DVD player to burn graphene oxide into graphene, demonstrating a very simple new method of...
Mar26-12 10:23 AM
6 2,108
Hi, I'm currently using the Monte Carlo Metropolis algorithm to investigate the 2D Ising model. I have an NxN...
Mar26-12 10:57 AM
M Quack
1 1,618
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could clarify for me what the correct regime is for treating the electrons in a material...
Mar27-12 01:31 PM
2 1,635
Hi, I'm reading a paper (please find it here arXiv 1003.2193v1) on zigzag Graphene nanoribbon (ZGNR). It discusses...
Mar28-12 11:25 AM
0 1,181
does anybody know the upper limit of the bcc and fcc metals like Fe, Cu, Ag? According to the fact that the planes...
Mar29-12 02:46 AM
M Quack
1 1,742
i need the material properties of Tungsten Nitride. Here is a list of properties i need: gap at 300k
Mar29-12 03:16 AM
M Quack
1 1,228
In the E-k diagrams for a semiconductor material,what exactly is k? -is it just the quantized quantity in the bloch...
Mar29-12 07:18 AM
M Quack
1 2,390
Who can explain the following questions about transfer matrix? formula (31) in New Journal of Physics, Vol.12...
Mar29-12 06:46 PM
0 1,442
In Data Analysis of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, what can i deduce from the graph of ε1 and ε2 against photon energy?...
Mar31-12 02:26 AM
0 1,233
In the fermi surface diagrams of the alkaline earth metals, in order to check the metallic behaviour, following...
Mar31-12 05:07 AM
0 1,284
hi, I was reading an article about graphene and I came across some concepts I am not familiar with. I was just...
Apr1-12 08:02 AM
2 2,204
I've been looking at various papers which describe the mechanisms and provide calculations describing heat flow into...
Apr1-12 02:07 PM
2 2,194
I've read about wire-grid polarizers from wikipedia. The article says that waves perpendicular to the wires cannot...
Apr1-12 04:32 PM
1 1,408
I am working on an assignment here; A linear chain with a two-atom primitive basis, both atoms of the same mass but...
Apr1-12 07:33 PM
1 2,570
Okay, I am not sure if this is the right subforum, but here goes: An einstein solid is a solid composed of N...
Apr2-12 08:15 AM
17 2,875
want to calculate absorption coefficient or absorption crosssection for 1% C2H2 gas Path length = 1meter ...
Apr3-12 03:21 AM
12 26,046
Hi everyone, While reading about the BHZ model used to describe HgTe quantum well topological insulators, I read...
Apr3-12 08:28 AM
8 2,371
Go easy on me, as I have no formal condensed matter education and just the highest undergraduate quantum physics and...
Apr3-12 03:41 PM
M Quack
25 5,238
From, I see that are many models of water that can "explain" one or some...
Apr3-12 05:42 PM
3 1,646
Hi, I have finished an experiment about vibronic transitions for the N_2 molecule and I'd like to compare my results...
Apr3-12 08:29 PM
Einstein Mcfly
2 1,717
In the limit of weak coupling, G\overline{ρ}<<1, the BCS pairing gap equation gives that Δ \propto...
Apr5-12 02:02 AM
1 1,275
Hello, I was looking to a method or a software to statisticaly determine the size of nanoparticles from SEM images....
Apr6-12 04:54 AM
0 1,064
Hello everyone, I'm having a really confusing time trying to get my head around these concepts, so I will try to...
Apr6-12 08:26 AM
Mike H
10 2,369
Hey there, maybe I posted this in the wrong forum. Does anybody know something about anyons here? ...
Apr6-12 05:48 PM
0 1,196
I am a chemistry student and would like to know how to identify the g(parallell) and g(perpendicular peaks in the ESR...
Apr7-12 06:47 PM
Mike H
1 1,471
Hi all How does one calculate the recoil velocity of a hydrogen atom when the electron in it jumps from a higher...
Apr8-12 06:45 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,738
Hi, I am a bit confused about the units of L = (0.9λ)/(βcosθ) the Scherrer equation used in powder...
Apr9-12 01:14 PM
2 2,496
Hello All, I have a question regarding complex permeability and permittivity, in particular, regarding their use...
Apr9-12 02:25 PM
2 2,432
I was working on calibrating some newly purchased software onto our lab computers when I noticed that the decay...
Apr10-12 02:55 PM
Bob S
1 1,144
I am trying to understand the concept of extensive solubility. Generally, solubility is supposed to be an intensive...
Apr10-12 08:36 PM
0 1,822
The Seebeck coefficient is the differential drop in voltage per unit temperature across a conductor. Goldsmid says...
Apr11-12 07:31 AM
M Quack
1 1,944
I'm teaching periodic trends in a Gen. Chem. course, and it's commonly mentioned that the radius of an Li+ ion (90 pm)...
Apr11-12 06:23 PM
Useful nucleus
1 2,607
hi, I've got a really great picture of the carbon atoms in a graphine (HOPG) sample, using STM technique (picture...
Apr12-12 12:56 PM
M Quack
3 1,734

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