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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,928
Hi all! I have to write a paper about grain boundaries in high temperature superconductors, and I have been reading...
Feb23-11 02:08 PM
0 1,318
What is a maxwell construction when applied to van der Waals isotherms?? please help, i really don't understand it....
May18-11 05:28 AM
3 2,029
Hi. Could anyone explain me what is a heterostructure clearly? And when a heterostructure is a quantum well?
Feb7-09 05:55 AM
2 1,528
this term is often used when discussing spin glasses, etc.
May5-08 06:49 PM
1 3,648
What is a cross over? It seems to be something like a "qualitative change" without a phase boundary, in the vicinity...
Aug25-11 07:16 AM
4 2,523
Can someone please explain to me the concept of the hole as it pertains to solid state physics? I don't understand...
May5-08 05:26 AM
16 2,635
HI,my dear friends! I have find some materials about π/2 pulse and π pulse ,but I still can't understand the...
Oct17-12 09:24 AM
1 1,180
i hope to know the def. and the properties of magnetic semiconductor :confused:
Sep22-04 04:28 AM
Pieter Kuiper
6 3,463
hi, could somebody who is familiy with "plasmonic resonance" tell me about it? thank you!
Aug26-05 02:26 AM
9 4,799
Hi all, I'm reading a book on electron-molecule interactions and I'm puzzled by a quantity (well, by the difference...
Nov18-05 11:50 AM
4 4,142
Hi, I would appreciate it if anyone could explain to me what "kinetic capacitance" is, particularly in the context...
Mar3-12 09:41 AM
2 1,330
Hi everyone, I want to know meaning of "correlation length". Correlation function is usually used in statistics,...
Jan24-14 07:13 AM
Claude Bile
5 1,056
If I look elektron with Hamiltonian \hat{H}=-\frac{\hbar^2}{2m}\Delta_{\vec{r}}+V(\vec{r}) gde je ...
Oct7-09 01:16 PM
Petar Mali
0 799
atoms would be impossible in a universe ruled by an inverse-cube law because there would be no stable orbits for...
Jan6-12 12:06 AM
3 2,026
What holds a :smile::smile: pair together?
Mar24-09 03:20 AM
3 1,570
Hi, Could someone clarify the following statement please? "ZnO has a bandgap of 3.4 eV at room temperature and a...
May4-11 04:45 PM
2 2,728
This is a question about the band gap. In a semiconductor, the chemical potential is in between the valence and...
Jul23-13 02:15 AM
Simon Bridge
3 926
Will a current through the ptype + metal material be very low because of the ptype material? Does a junction like a...
Nov16-11 06:25 PM
2 1,963
I know that if we shoot narrow beam of electrons at the crystal (we don't change the angle) we will get a diffraction...
Jul27-13 02:20 AM
2 1,501
Its common knowledge that infra red radiation heats up an absorbing solid surface. That is,the em radiation energy is...
Oct6-11 09:42 AM
Dr. Jim
13 10,118
Where do atoms go after they have been destroyed for use of the atom bomb, or anything else that destroys atoms. Does...
Jan29-05 09:21 PM
3 3,116
What happens to the atoms if an object is hit? If I hit my table, will it cause atoms to vibrate more?
Dec6-12 04:17 AM
6 1,347
Hi Everyone! There are some things about semiconductors that have always puzzled me,and I think it's high time I...
Aug13-10 08:11 AM
Urmi Roy
22 3,966
Does anyone know what gain guiding and index guiding mean in the context of lasers?
May1-10 01:25 PM
1 1,136
I feel like this is something I should already know, but I donít even know what to search for to find an explanation. ...
Jul25-05 04:50 PM
18 7,676
Hi. I know ARPES is supposed to show the k-space resolved density of states within the BZ. But sometimes the correct...
Jun9-12 04:13 PM
4 1,448
I never actually understood what exactly is a Hole? Could you explain it clearly.
Mar22-10 06:09 AM
60 6,205
Hi everyone, I would like to know what exactly is a "smearing" and a "smearing width" and its relationship with the...
Jan21-09 09:35 PM
1 3,232
In several papers I read "L11 type Co-Pt ordered alloy" (see...
May3-12 04:42 PM
5 1,759
hi everyone does anyone know what does the word (magnetoabrasive) mean? thanks for answering
Nov18-08 11:36 AM
1 1,354
What does the ratio c/a mean in solid state physics? I have attached a table with a an example. Cheers
Feb17-11 02:58 AM
3 4,340
What does the electrical conductivity of the elements depends from?
Sep20-07 05:48 AM
2 6,176
What does Sn(alpha) mean? Does it have anything to do with Miller Indices?
Oct10-10 07:54 PM
1 1,984
In the E-k diagrams for a semiconductor material,what exactly is k? -is it just the quantized quantity in the bloch...
Mar29-12 07:18 AM
M Quack
1 2,404
Hi, I am reading some literature on Photoluminescence (PL) on ZnO with alot of this : ... the prominent lines are A...
Jul18-11 08:52 AM
0 1,239
I'm trying to grasp the basic concepts of plasmons and can't quite picture what is going on. When light is...
Feb8-12 11:07 AM
4 1,937
Hi all, Just wondering what does this mean, I understand it is related to a certain state of ionisation, but I...
Feb12-10 12:01 PM
4 1,130
Title says it all. I'm reading a lot about the transition metal dichalcogenides and I often see something like ...
Apr27-14 10:48 PM
2 483
What does a high Debye temperature mean? I know it's related to the phonon contribution to heat capacity at low...
Apr29-09 10:34 AM
3 5,602
What exactly does a Bose-Einstein Condensate look like with the naked eye? Is there any special about what it looks...
Jan25-09 03:50 PM
19 2,536

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