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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 24,047
Iím hoping someone will help me fill in some holes in my understanding of the electronic wavefunction. I...
Jun25-09 02:18 AM
6 6,907
I'm looking in a textbook at a discussion of a semiconductor quantum well which is being irradiated and an absorption...
Dec1-10 06:00 AM
1 2,221
As I understand it, an exciton is created when an electron is liberated from the valence band of a semiconductor, but...
Jan15-11 06:04 AM
1 1,344
I'm trying to find out about how photodiodes work. I'm aware that they are used as light detection instruments, as...
Jan22-11 01:38 PM
3 1,229
Say we had a material which contains nanoparticles with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy - single domain...
Sep5-11 10:31 AM
1 9,741
I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what's going on with the energy diagram of a PN junction. For your normal...
May24-11 02:52 AM
2 3,190
I'm trying to get my head around the step function and the energy states of the quantum well. What I've got so far is...
Jun4-11 12:43 PM
0 1,450
I have two questions regarding rotational kinetic energy. I know that rotational kinetic energy is defined as: KE...
Sep19-13 09:47 PM
1 1,498
Background: I have a BS in CompSci, not Physics, so if this question stuns you in its naivete, please forgive me. In...
Apr4-10 01:26 AM
6 2,722
I have been trying in many locations (unsuccessfully) to find the electrical permittivity value for heavy doped...
Jan23-08 06:32 PM
0 15,629
<iframe width="640" height="360" src=""...
May1-13 03:01 PM
2 773
I'm studying A2 (second year college) physics and im supposed to be finding out about the size of an atom and how it...
Aug27-08 05:53 AM
6 5,889
Wave functions of a Kronig-Penny model with the limit (Uo →∞) are considered in this question. The wave functions for...
Apr20-12 01:41 PM
0 1,321
Hi, i am running a hard disks molecular dynamics simulation. I would like to compare the radial distribution function...
Jun6-11 01:46 PM
1 1,849
This is a question regarding time and atoms. My question is this: if one were able to stop the occurence of time, or...
Dec2-04 01:23 PM
5 1,871
A few questions about BEC: A) When these bosons condensate, many particles fill the ground state. I read from...
Jul18-07 02:00 PM
4 2,298
Hi. I have been looking at some lecture notes. What is not so clear for me is, how the imaginary part of the...
Feb24-09 01:57 AM
5 2,321
Would a piezoelectric crystal create a negative voltage if held within a vacuum? Perhaps it's my misunderstanding of...
Sep3-13 06:41 AM
9 1,047
I have been tripping over this for a while. If heat and sound are both essentially vibration, is it possible for...
Dec1-05 09:15 PM
3 1,320
To determine the Fermi Energy for metals such as sodium, copper, gold, ect., one needs the Electron Concentration per...
Mar30-09 01:45 PM
2 4,109
Hi all, I'm preparing a talk about Curie Temperature, and looking for some Ms(T) graphs in the web I've found some...
Nov5-11 06:20 AM
2 1,742
hello. I'm studying a project on Thz radiation and have to establish what material would make a good THz detector....
Jan8-09 05:53 AM
3 2,153
can any one tell me please what is the light spot in these picture ?
May3-10 05:35 PM
6 1,355
hi i am study the optical effect of alpha radiation and gamma radiation on cr-39 detector i want good reference...
Sep23-12 08:24 PM
2 896
Can we measure the band energy gap from Fluorescence spectra? If yes, in what way? the excitation spectra or the...
Jun18-13 08:53 PM
Simon Bridge
4 1,007
Dear all, I think I'm having trouble with my radial distribution function (RDF) calculation and would greatly...
Jun14-10 09:55 AM
1 3,612
I recently have a puzlle that what is the relation between the periodic part of Bloch function in primitive cell...
Jul21-10 08:53 AM
2 1,392
Why the numberof available configuration increase when air expand? (If P and T are constant.) For...
Nov25-11 08:01 AM
0 1,116
I am trying to understand the IR spectra of liquid. I can get the autocorrelation function of atoms' velocity,...
Oct25-12 09:26 AM
6 1,955
Why"for small or stiff systems the dynamics is not ergodic"? For small system, the fluctuation of total energy...
Feb14-13 08:55 AM
0 491
How to prove that wave function at \Gamma point can always be a real function? I know it is not true for general k...
May10-12 02:54 PM
7 2,535
regards, i m doing my MSc in glass ceramic, i ve read in journals saying that when glass are heated above its...
Jul12-10 11:09 AM
5 1,227
Hi all. I love the fact that you have this forum! I need help with a problem of mine that has been lingering in the...
Feb5-10 04:48 AM
Claude Bile
7 1,316
What is lithium gas? Lithium is a solid metal (At room temp). Is lithium gas super heated Lithium in gasious form?...
Feb7-10 04:37 AM
1 4,048
Just want to check that I have got understanding correct. To compute molecular polarizability need to use method...
Nov3-08 12:42 PM
1 1,690
Hello, I've been looking for a few rotational/vibrational diatomic molecular constants for N2 and O2. I've got a...
Jan24-11 11:38 PM
2 1,400
How can I show that two waves described by: Y(x,t) = Asin(k*x-w*t) w=w_max*|sin(k*a/2)| with K values...
Oct25-10 10:20 PM
0 785
Can any one recommend any books that cover k.p theory so that a beginner may be able to (eg) get a realistic programme...
Nov14-09 07:44 PM
4 2,105
Can any one help with the attached integral involving step functions? This double integral is met in...
May6-11 09:29 AM
jimmy neutron
0 930
Hi, I am fairly new to superconductivity (introductory college level). I have covered and grasped the basics but was...
Feb28-14 12:55 PM
4 1,038

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