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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,742
Let's say we use a very simple model consisting of non-interacting electrons in a 3D infinite square well, perhaps a...
May31-09 03:22 AM
79 7,708
Im just a 11th grader so pardon me if i sound stupid. I had read in an article that bose-einstein condensates can...
May14-10 08:27 PM
1 1,212
I'm working on a problem where I have to find the little co-group and star of two wave vectors for a diamond structure...
Sep27-12 03:54 AM
M Quack
1 1,268
I want to know what feature, fermi gas and metal, has more spaced energy levels. I think, the answer will clarify me...
Sep18-11 03:59 AM
joe coolman
0 1,337
Hello, I am currently creating a program that calculates the change in observed intensity (nadir) from initial...
Mar4-10 07:05 AM
0 1,819
I'm writing a report for a computer lab where we ran simulations of the wavefunction of an electron in an array of...
May6-09 06:42 AM
0 1,756
The literature i have on the origins / need for an effective mass of electrons seems only to relate it to the...
May22-09 02:00 AM
3 3,899
In conducting an experiment to measure the bandgap of n-type Ge using the 4-probe method, heating the sample and...
May13-09 02:43 PM
Bob S
1 1,508
This seems like almost too much of an elementary question, but what properties of metals / insulators cause their...
May20-09 07:02 AM
12 3,340
I can't figure this out/find the answer. Why are acoustic phonons very low loss (i.e. earthquake P and S waves), but...
Feb2-13 06:59 AM
2 997
I'd like to know what the meaning of this expression : a crystal obeys schmidt's rule (in fact i don' t know what is...
Jun11-05 10:49 PM
3 2,981
I have some problems with the following question: Deduce what terms may arise from the ground state configurations...
Sep26-04 05:56 PM
Pieter Kuiper
1 1,691
How does the velocity of sound depend on the temperarure. If you set up a simple model of a linear lattice with...
Jan13-05 12:53 PM
3 2,822
When I calculate the Bulk modulus for a metall with the free electron model I get a value that is twice the...
Jan20-05 01:37 AM
Pieter Kuiper
1 4,243
How does a direct band gap (like that in GaAs) vary with its well width?
May11-09 05:48 AM
3 2,422
I am taking a class which discusses orbital angular momentum in a pseudo-quantum way, and it was explained that the...
Oct14-10 07:38 PM
1 1,730
I am trying to understand what happens to the electrons in a solid when I apply a field. If I consider the free...
Nov15-10 06:02 PM
3 895
Every non-centrosymmetric point group is piezoelectric, except 432. It is neither centrosymmetric nor piezoelectric. ...
Nov16-10 11:19 PM
2 1,955
If light travels through a perfectly transparent material, it will not be absorbed, and other than the reflection loss...
Nov17-10 10:16 AM
Jano L.
11 2,880
Are there any trends for different types of materials? I don't really know how to think about this intuitively. I...
Dec15-10 03:42 PM
0 1,699
In "Six Easy Pieces", Chapter 1, Richard Feynman discusses how the angle between hydrogen atoms in a water molecule is...
Jul27-10 02:10 AM
3 2,518
Hi, here's something seemingly rather simple that has puzzled me a bit. If i have a collection of thermal neutrons....
May29-11 10:08 PM
2 1,561
In superconductors, electrons form Cooper pairs that move at the same speed. Also, magnetic flux becomes quantized....
Aug8-13 08:50 PM
9 1,287
I've learned about the Band Theory of metallic bonds and how they produce color, but how does a covalent bond produce...
Aug5-12 12:36 AM
2 1,098
Hello, I seem to be having a problem with an assignment :confused: : I need to calculate the electric field at...
Jul8-10 01:47 PM
1 1,570
In positron emission, a proton is converted into a neutron, a positron, and a neutrino: p --> n + e + v...
Nov7-05 03:20 PM
4 7,234
Hi! I'm doing a basic course in atomic physics, and right now I'm looking at quantum beats. I've found several...
Sep30-05 03:32 AM
0 2,689
A question concerning atoms in magnetic fields: Why does the LS-coupling break down in a strong magnetic field...
Oct11-05 11:48 AM
Physics Monkey
1 3,006
Hi all, I'm relatively new to the forum, but excited to be a part of a community discussing physics, as I lack...
Jan31-13 09:26 AM
0 971
My thinking is, when a fairly non-periodic, non-polar compound is subjected to an electric field, dipoles emerge, and...
Feb22-07 09:28 PM
Dr Transport
3 1,731
I am new to the forums, so hi. I have been woundering about meta materials. From what I know, meta-materials are...
Jan7-08 01:13 AM
7 2,545
I have a surface (paraffin) and a vapor of atoms (alkali). When atom get the wall, it is sticked for some time,...
Apr9-10 05:01 AM
2 909
It's a basic matter that atoms almost filling their upper band release energy when they become a negative ion,...
Nov14-12 10:18 AM
9 1,380
Hi, For my Bachelor's thesis I've been working on a finite time Carnot cycle. I've finished my numerical analysis...
Apr2-13 03:23 PM
5 693
Hi For a simulation regarding Lennard Jones fluids I'm getting divergences. I have particles in a fixed volume. I...
Dec25-13 06:53 PM
2 665
Hello ! I have a small question I hope someone can help me :) Lets take for example a 2 electron system with l1,s1...
May31-12 01:44 PM
0 1,058
I am trying to create the Supercell Hamiltonian for Zincblende crystal lattice extending the concepts given by chadi...
Sep15-10 09:28 AM
0 851
I need to study supercell model can any of you suggest me a pedagogical material for tight binding supercell method,
Sep17-10 12:24 PM
0 1,063
Hi I am trying to construct the tight binding Hamiltonian for 2X1X1 GaAs supercell in SP3S* model and to study band...
Sep27-10 07:51 AM
0 801
I should like to know your opinion about the possibility of the existence of atoms whose nuclii are composed of matter...
Feb22-05 12:16 AM
8 1,515

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