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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,928
Why does the quantum defect depend only weakly on the principal quantum number n? The dependence on l is strong....
Jan16-14 07:30 AM
1 746
This question relates to rate constants of transition events. The transmission coefficient κ reduces the value of the...
Jan18-14 02:02 AM
1 668
Suppose we have a Type II superconductor that contains a knotted Abrikosov vortex. How long can we expect this to...
Jan21-14 02:29 AM
M Quack
1 560
Dear all, I have a problem about the eigenvalue of the system and the eigenvalue of the part of the system. ...
Jan21-14 10:28 PM
1 622
In an article I am reading gold wires a fabricated on top of a substrate using electron beam litography. How exactly...
Jan21-14 10:27 PM
1 560
Dear all, I have a question regarding electronic transport in a device with length smaller than the phase relaxation...
Jan26-14 03:35 PM
1 595
I'm used to astrophysics, where flux tubes in highly conductive materials are said to be "frozen" to such materials...
Jan28-14 05:44 AM
M Quack
1 676
Hi All, I am preparing for PhD quals and have been looking at problems from other universities. I came across this...
Feb1-14 06:49 PM
1 731
In Bragg’s spectrometer used to determine the wavelength of X – rays why should we make use of only NaCl crystal,cant...
Feb5-14 05:48 AM
M Quack
1 749
For two electron system ##\vec{S}_1##, ##\vec{S}_2## \mathcal{H}=J\vec{S}_1\cdot...
Feb5-14 05:41 AM
M Quack
1 671
Anyone know how hydrogen bonding in water can enhance "density fluctuation" ? And in first place What is "density...
Feb12-14 03:14 AM
1 934
I am bit confused by how to approach this concept with mean field theory. As I understand a symmetry break (like a...
Feb11-14 12:48 AM
1 764
Hello all, I have been learning to use FDTD to model light interaction with various materials. I've successfully...
Feb12-14 01:16 AM
1 867
I think most of you are familiar with this model (sum runs over nearest neighbours): H = -J ∑S_iz * S_jz It...
Feb14-14 05:43 PM
1 796
Hey all, I was studying stimulated emission in lasers and I had a doubt regarding the same. When the electron...
Feb15-14 08:13 AM
Simon Bridge
1 958
I have a molecular dynamics code and I want to model the reaction of O with Mg to form MgO at arbitrary temperatures. ...
Feb20-14 07:38 PM
Useful nucleus
1 859
Hi All, Greetings! I have a 3d material and I use result from first principal for getting the potential...
Feb19-14 12:41 PM
1 795
I'm supposed to be working with an STM in the coming weeks to determining the Fermi Level of some semiconductor...
Feb23-14 03:34 PM
1 837
Should I use Quantum ESPRESSO or Material Studio? I want to compute some properties in Material
Mar15-14 03:19 AM
1 800
Hi all Can someone please describe how the form factor used in Rutherford scattering is applicable to neutron...
Mar22-14 03:41 AM
M Quack
1 601
Hi, could someone direct me or recommend me some materials which deal with those problems? I would like to get...
Mar23-14 08:50 AM
1 553
Hi all, could you suggest me references that can help me in the following calculation? I would like to see how to...
Mar26-14 02:28 AM
1 655
Suppose you have a body floating in a rotating superfluid. Maybe a speck of dust. Would it rotate? What if you...
May6-14 07:10 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 548
Hi, I have problems with the following: Number of modes for a 2d crystal with one atom per primittive unit cell. ...
Apr5-14 01:56 PM
1 543
Does atoms in a crystal have energy states like electronic states? it is according to Einstein relation for harmonic...
Apr7-14 11:55 PM
1 483
I cannot wrap my head around this stuff. Sorry if long post. I understand that emission lines come from a higher...
Apr8-14 03:23 AM
1 471
How would react ion of some gas (low energy anion or cation) in vicinity of a grounded metal surface or in vicinity of...
May9-14 02:19 PM
1 762
Phonons are said to be the result of the quantization of crystal waves.Let the function u=u_0...
Apr10-14 06:46 AM
1 525
I read this: I don't see why the electron spin affected the number of lines to go up in some atoms and not in...
Apr14-14 09:02 AM
1 535
Hi, Could anyone explain how the affect that P-N junction depth has on the performance of a semiconductor device?...
Apr20-14 12:20 PM
M Quack
1 534
Hello, I'm currently writing a chemistry program. The user can create any kind of atom he can imagine, and then...
Apr19-14 09:04 PM
1 543
Hi all I was trying to understand the Born-Bethe approximation related to cross sections for atomic and molecular...
May4-14 10:46 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 625
hello everyone.. 1) what is the magnetic properties for indium oxide? i hope that it has ferrimagnetic properties...
Apr24-14 10:39 AM
1 442
Hi, I am numerically solving the 2D effective-mass Schrodinger equation \nabla \cdot (\frac{-\hbar^2}{2} c...
May6-14 11:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 556
I know that at early stage (around 1999), GW implementation uses Matusbara frequency to help calculating self energy,...
May27-14 02:03 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 645
Hi, I've been reading about critical exponents and how they're related in any system. I've seen how, for example,...
May13-14 01:36 PM
1 616
I am reading a book about the interaction between atom and photon. I don't understand the following statement: "for...
May13-14 03:38 AM
1 561
I am learning Ashcroft's Solid State Physics. In the Electrons in a Weak Periodic Potential, I got some problems. ...
May13-14 10:47 PM
Simon Bridge
1 579
Orthogonal plane waves can be used to expand Bloch waves. It is better than plane waves because it converges more...
May18-14 09:49 AM
1 524
I know one can find the "near field" length of an illuminated diffraction grating by calculating the Talbot Length,...
May16-14 11:18 AM
Claude Bile
1 534

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