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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,736
Dear all, I am now intended to do some first-principle calculations on disordered system, where VCA is an effective...
Aug9-10 02:44 PM
1 2,158
any objections to using this simplified model to explain current amplification to beginners? "A simple model with...
Aug20-10 05:38 AM
1 4,275
Hi all... I am just starting off with the monte carlo methods... I have done some work with self avoiding walks and...
Jul28-10 05:42 PM
1 1,383
There is well known phenomenon such as thermal current in diodes which is 26millivolts at room temperature.And it...
Jul13-10 06:16 AM
1 1,602
Hi all. Is there any place where I can check how to derive the DOS of bilayer graphene subject to an external field. I...
Jul21-10 12:37 PM
1 2,923
Hi! Can anyone name me literature about the penetration depth of Oxygen in iron thin films? I am wondering how deep...
Jul26-10 11:55 AM
1 3,774
Canonical ensemble equilibrium average value \left\langle...\right\rangle_0=Q^{-1}Tr(e^{-\beta \hat{H}_0}...) ...
Aug2-10 01:55 AM
Petar Mali
1 958
When using k.p theory to calculate the magnitude of the electric dipole moment in semiconductors for band-to-band...
Aug2-10 01:53 PM
1 1,788
I was reading about how strained graphene can cause electrons to act as if they were in a magnetic field, exhibiting...
Jul31-10 07:43 PM
1 1,065
hi i am an undergrad student i had an eqn like the following from which i am to find deflection,stress and...
Aug1-10 10:05 AM
1 1,507
Hello to all I recently completed an experiment trying to find the critical temperature of a bismuth based ceramic...
Aug2-10 03:10 AM
1 1,159
Hello, Does anyone know how to write codes for constructing the matrix of Hamiltonion of 2D square Tight-bonding...
Aug23-10 07:05 AM
Sir Beaver
1 2,317
Hi there, I had a question on dynamic equilibrium (I know this is sort of a chem question so I didn't know where to...
Aug19-10 07:07 PM
1 783
Hi In litterature, I have noticed some authors write the dispersion for the d-wave gap as Δ(k)=Δx)-cos(ky)]/2, and...
Aug23-10 05:29 AM
1 944
Researchers have developed silicene, atom-thick silicon sheets similar to graphene: ...
Aug28-10 09:38 AM
1 3,621
Hello guys , since I was unable to post this in Learning Materials section so posting it here , mod move it there , i...
Aug28-10 06:47 AM
1 1,179
Here's my understanding of the Force /Separation graph, I'm open to criticism/ridicule if I've got it wrong: If...
Sep2-10 11:05 PM
1 4,499
Hi All, Is there any software or program to show the first brillouin zone and the miller index of zone boundary...
Sep11-10 05:43 PM
1 2,541
I am looking for data on the coefficient r_s, which is related to the radius of a sphere such that, for a given...
Sep14-10 02:57 PM
1 966
How do we calculate susceptibility X. Noting that the curie equation is M = x/T, where M is the total...
Sep21-10 05:54 AM
1 1,162
Hi, I am trying to find a worked example of the k.p. method for a semiconductor. I understand the theory, but...
Sep18-10 07:24 PM
Dr Transport
1 2,054
Hello all, I have a question regarding quasi-fermi levels that probably some one can help me to understand. In a...
Sep23-10 10:43 AM
1 1,539
I was always under impression that electron affinity is defined (and listed in tables), as energy change when isolated...
Oct5-10 03:36 PM
1 2,726
What are the characteristics of hetrojunction bipolar transistor , and how it is fabricated ... please any links any...
Oct8-10 12:59 AM
robina sr.
1 791
Is it possible to perform x-ray diffraction for 2-D crystal like Graphene? If poossible how does the bragg...
Oct8-10 09:28 AM
1 1,522
What does Sn(alpha) mean? Does it have anything to do with Miller Indices?
Oct10-10 07:54 PM
1 1,861
A couple of days ago I burnished a very rusty old piece of steel with a fine steel wool. It's now very smooth, and...
Oct24-10 11:04 PM
1 1,899
I am taking a class which discusses orbital angular momentum in a pseudo-quantum way, and it was explained that the...
Oct14-10 07:38 PM
1 1,730
I am wondering how is it that the electrons go from one elctron shell to another because I learned that the shells...
Oct15-10 04:24 PM
1 1,011
I am trying to understand some aspects of the depletion layer in a semiconductor diode and I have come across some...
Oct23-10 06:12 AM
1 2,319
Hi.. Does the Einstein's coefficient for spontaneous emission B depend upon the energy difference between the two...
Oct30-10 07:02 PM
1 971
Why is there no allowed transition from the 2s^2 S_{\frac{1}{2}} state to the 2p^2 P_{\frac{3}{2}} state in the...
Oct26-10 02:15 AM
1 1,859
Hi, does higher young modulus means higher rigidity of a solide? Regards,
Oct26-10 07:09 PM
1 1,802
Hi guys, I'm recently working on the quasi-harmonic theory. I feel confused when i find the expression of vibrational...
Nov2-10 05:58 AM
Hyla Brook
1 1,454
Hello , Maybe this topic has basic understandings of quantum mechanics and involves some mathematic theory...
Nov4-10 06:07 AM
1 1,401
I am sorry I don't speak English well. I have to make wigner-seitz cell-BCC, FCC- by using paper likewise regular...
Nov4-10 01:03 PM
1 4,883
Hi! If you use an electron beam on hydrogen gas and when the energy of the beam is 22 eV H+ start to appear, how...
Nov5-10 10:22 PM
Bob S
1 981
This concept of when things have higher kinetic energy, their molecules and atoms move more never got to me. I don't...
Nov9-10 02:31 AM
Dr Lots-o'watts
1 761
I have a serious doubt about the concept of band theory of solids. While explaining the behaviour of semi...
Nov8-10 09:03 PM
1 1,774
How do you determine the shape of molecules. water, as an example, the 2 hydrogen atoms are at a 104.45 Degree...
Nov9-10 09:32 AM
1 964

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