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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,749
Hello! I need Your help. If anybody knows, tell me please what incommensurate phases mean. If anybody knows, give me...
Jan19-07 02:51 PM
6 2,137
I have already seen two important problem: one is about the derivation of Fourier's heat law; and the other is about...
Sep23-08 09:11 AM
0 2,137
In BCS you make the assumption that the effective electron-electron interaction is constant within a small shell...
Dec4-05 02:46 PM
1 2,134
When a 90 degree pulse is followed by a 180 degree pulse, a spin echo may be seen at a time tau later...i understand...
Jan13-07 08:44 AM
3 2,133
Hello, The "holy grail" for people who do electronic structure research is to obtain a exact expression for the...
Dec27-07 01:49 PM
1 2,132
From a few days I was thinking that the fifth state of matter Bose-Einstein Condensate will obey the rules of...
Feb26-06 01:44 PM
15 2,131
Hi, Why do we say that the exchange correlation hole is "positive" in a medium like a homogeneous electron gas,...
Apr9-09 01:20 PM
1 2,131
I'm using the TURBOMOLE program to do some basic HF calculations. They all went fine except for the single oxygen...
Nov23-10 07:09 AM
5 2,130
From Raman, intensity versus wavenumber is spetrum trend obtained. Normally, from the graph, intensity and wavenumber...
Nov28-10 04:55 AM
0 2,130
Allow me to elaborate. I'm in a graduate Solid State Physics course currently. Luckily (or not) its a Survey course....
Nov3-07 01:35 PM
2 2,129
Hi there, I'm working on a mini research about electrical applications for nano particles, since no books are...
Jan9-08 07:49 PM
angel 42
7 2,128
In solid state we often have case \sum_{\vec{k}}F(\vec{k})=\frac{V}{h^3}\int_{I bz} F(\vec{p})d^3\vec{p} ...
Sep6-09 01:39 PM
6 2,128
Recently, I have become interested in the Quantum anomalous hall effect. However, I'm having some trouble...
Nov13-10 07:57 PM
0 2,128
hello, i have a question related to metallic bonding. As far as i know, valence band is defined as the highest...
Feb2-12 03:29 PM
1 2,127
Why does the Fermi level level drop with increase in temperature for a n type semiconductor.? What's the basic idea...
Oct21-12 10:56 AM
7 2,127
in the bose-hubbard model, we need to enumerate all the possible basis usually, the basis vectors are taken as the...
Aug17-09 04:01 AM
2 2,126
Hi friends, I've calculated the transmission spectrum of ideal carbon nanotubes for various applied voltages on...
Oct3-09 10:54 AM
7 2,124
Hi, I am working on FEM methods as a part of my senior year project and I have written a poisson solver for the...
Dec16-11 08:47 AM
1 2,124
There are three related questions: 1] Consider the junction between two metals of differing work functions. The...
Feb5-10 03:12 AM
0 2,123
Which groups in the periodic system forms compounded semiconductors? Is it those who can share 8 valenceelectron...
Nov24-07 08:56 AM
Dr Transport
4 2,120
Could You simply define what fluorescence blinking is? Thanks,
Dec14-11 06:32 PM
1 2,119
Is it correct to say that the Ewald sphere and Brillouin Zone are both representations of k'=k+G? I'm comfortable...
Jun11-11 12:29 PM
3 2,117
Hi all, I've been having a problem with understanding some of the van der Waals forces. I understand that the...
Sep6-11 06:21 PM
2 2,113
Hi, I'm currently recalibrating an optical tweezer for my undergraduate thesis. The alignment did turn out well so...
Mar13-11 10:12 AM
2 2,112
Hi everybody, I don't know how people use the k.p approximation for graphene sheets, while using the Dirac...
Jul27-08 11:16 AM
0 2,109
Orbital Angular momentum quantum number of an electron in its ground state - s - state is zero, l = 0. That means in S...
Nov5-10 01:49 AM
3 2,109
It was my understanding (however my understandings are wrong 99.9% of the time) that a electron was massless, and...
Jan22-06 09:55 AM
13 2,107
I am a mathematician, and I am trying to figure out a physics paper for my research. I am not a physicist but I have...
Aug15-09 12:11 PM
2 2,107
I notice that some bosons can exhibit Bose-Einstein condensation while others cannot (photons, phonons). Is it true...
Oct11-10 09:06 PM
2 2,106
Hi I am reading about the force of a coherent EM-beam acting upon an atom, and I have a question in this regard....
Mar5-12 05:43 AM
M Quack
13 2,104
Can somebody tell me what is the angular velocity of an electron (more or less) around the nucleus. (it doesn't matter...
Dec11-03 02:13 AM
1 2,103
Hi I am reading about quantization of orbital angular momentum and, as I read, I am trying to compare it to the...
Sep20-12 11:09 AM
15 2,103
Hello :) I'm not at all a specialist in condensed matter, nor do I understand much of its basics. I'm nevertheless...
Aug17-11 09:29 AM
Physics Monkey
2 2,102
Hi there, Could anybody explain how the free electron dispersion relation would be modified by the presence of a...
Aug24-12 10:58 PM
3 2,102
hello :) , like I said in the title of this topic I am confused about physical interpretation of physical quantity...
Aug12-11 06:45 AM
4 2,100
what is the significance of Rydberg function ? From wikipedia, it says each chemical element has its own rydberg...
Feb26-06 01:09 PM
3 2,099
Hi Everyone, I am giving a talk on group theory as related to spectroscopy (IR & Raman) and I was curious about how...
Feb26-08 09:05 PM
Dr Transport
1 2,099
Hi guys i have a question about how semiconductor materials absorb photons at less than the band gap energy....
Jan17-09 11:02 AM
4 2,099
I measured the heat capacity of a sample under various magnetic fields. When I calculated the magnetic entropy as a...
Jun1-12 09:35 AM
2 2,098
if helium is 'superfluid' at low temperatures then is it correct to think of amorphous solids as 'superviscous'?
Jun1-09 09:51 PM
14 2,097

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