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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,840
Why does the electron choose the left way to get out its spin in a beta decomposition? Isn't it the the only thing...
Aug20-04 08:26 AM
0 2,330
I notice that some bosons can exhibit Bose-Einstein condensation while others cannot (photons, phonons). Is it true...
Oct11-10 09:06 PM
2 2,330
Hi, I'm doing some inquires on thermoelectric materials, and what I know is that Bi2Te3 are the best material for...
Jun30-11 12:00 AM
0 2,330
I am doing a project on bose einstien condensate at school. Could someone please explain to me what it is in a easy to...
Mar13-06 05:46 PM
3 2,327
Phase diagram of water revised by Sandia researchers - Press Release Oct 3, Sandia National Lab, Albuquerque, NM ...
Oct14-06 08:43 AM
2 2,327
Can someone give a clear definition of a ferromagnetic ordering wave vector and an antiferromagnetic ordering wave...
Oct22-09 10:27 PM
1 2,327
I was wondering how to we determine the Curie Temperature of a ferromagnet? I know an experiment can give us the...
Mar2-11 03:35 AM
1 2,327
Good Morning, The equations under investigation: Electrons: J = enμE + eD(dn/dx) Holes: J = epμE -...
Oct18-12 02:53 PM
8 2,327
Hope this is the correct forum for this... :uhh: I ran across this today. I've begun researching what companies...
Aug12-05 04:56 AM
3 2,325
Could anyone tell me the equation of state of an electron gas, or where I could read it from? By equation of state I...
May31-08 11:27 PM
2 2,325
I had been reading several articles on topological insulators (TI) including the Kane and Hasan's 2010 RMP. I am not...
Feb26-11 06:53 PM
4 2,325
One question? Neel temperature is temperature in which magnetisation is equal to zero?
Jan10-11 04:25 AM
5 2,322
It is very common to see in the literature negative formation energies reported for point defects in solids using...
Sep9-11 06:20 PM
1 2,322
Mismatching is the problem in growing materials. I wonder why they did not use the same crystal to grow the sample....
Jun8-07 11:32 PM
4 2,321
Hi Community! I have to study the valence bad of Iron. Could anyone suggest me some articles where spin-resolved...
Dec17-08 03:56 AM
2 2,319
Since the HCl molecule has a non vanishing dipole moment, it is allowed to have pure rotational spectrum. If I...
Apr16-12 10:15 PM
4 2,319
Cool a cylinder made from a Type I superconducting material below the superconducting transition temperature. Apply...
Apr4-07 08:44 AM
3 2,318
Hi, as said in the topic, would anyone kindly explain to me how to effectively calculate dislocation density in a...
Nov2-10 05:58 PM
0 2,317
When you are setting up a spectral acquisition with a raman microscope, what does the exposure time mean? I would...
Dec21-10 01:28 AM
Claude Bile
1 2,317
Hi guys (and girls;)) I need your help... I really don't get the difference between a PhotoLuminescence and...
Jan10-10 06:06 AM
1 2,310
Hi there, I am reading the book "Condensed Matter Physics" second edition by Michael P. Marder. It stated in page 9...
Apr30-12 11:07 PM
5 2,308
Hi, I'm having some trouble to fully understand how energy bands are formed in Brillouin zones. Almongst a few of...
May17-11 03:58 AM
1 2,307
The equation can be obtained from the fact that the "canonical momentum of the ground grstate of superconductor is...
Dec18-12 09:17 AM
5 2,307
Hi, Does anyone of you have some links or references to books on Functional Density Theory ? I know the basics but...
Feb4-05 12:42 PM
2 2,305
See here.
Nov9-07 08:00 AM
3 2,304
Do anyone knows the term "the Inglis-Teller limit", which is relevant to the ionization of Rydberg molecules? Thanks
Jan27-10 09:32 AM
2 2,303
1. why, instead of cooper pair, don't we have a group of N electrons coupled for superconductivity? 2. Has cooper...
Aug24-05 08:31 AM
2 2,303
hi, i'm a physics undergraduate at a local university in sri lanka. currently i'm arrying out a research in observing...
Mar27-10 10:49 PM
3 2,303
Doing some theory research on Superconductivity, I stumbled on a few of the monsters hidden in the closet of QFT....
Jan12-09 05:15 PM
7 2,301
I plot the tight binding bandstructure of graphene. There is a very good aggrement with ab-inition calculation in the...
Feb8-11 04:51 AM
2 2,299
Basically phonons in crystals can either be acoustic or optical according to my book. But then it stresses that a...
Sep24-13 07:58 AM
9 2,299
How can I help my students to comprehend/understand the concept of reciprocal lattice (pictorially) and Brillouin zone?
Mar16-12 04:45 PM
7 2,298
In solid state physics, a proof of bearing energy gaps in one-dimesional dispersion relations is given by a...
Jan8-06 02:41 PM
0 2,297
Hi, I´ve just started in atomistic simulations, so I need some advice please. I´m simultaing a fcc cubic structure...
Mar3-06 06:00 AM
2 2,295
Hi guys i have a question about how semiconductor materials absorb photons at less than the band gap energy....
Jan17-09 11:02 AM
4 2,295
While calculating the diffusion coefficient D of a binary gaseous mixture as Hirschfelder do so based in Lennard Jones...
Sep8-05 02:48 PM
9 2,294
What are some possibilies of Bose-Einstein condensation in say a 1D gas? Or a 2D gas?
May18-07 01:19 AM
1 2,294
What is the general output of enriched uranium from an electrolysis and fractional distillation process? I have...
Jun14-04 12:54 PM
6 2,291
How do i go about verifying this statement: If the phase velocity is the same for all wavelenghts of a certain wave...
Oct12-04 07:48 PM
Claude Bile
6 2,291
I was trying to understand why for every spin configuration of a ferromagnetic system, there exists a corresponding...
Dec10-07 01:20 AM
5 2,291

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