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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 24,761
Since the HCl molecule has a non vanishing dipole moment, it is allowed to have pure rotational spectrum. If I...
Apr16-12 10:15 PM
4 2,287
the depletion region is resposible for voltage drop all that is fine but in forward bias there is no depletion...
Nov21-09 01:03 PM
Bob S
1 2,286
Hi, Does anyone of you have some links or references to books on Functional Density Theory ? I know the basics but...
Feb4-05 12:42 PM
2 2,284
hi, i'm a physics undergraduate at a local university in sri lanka. currently i'm arrying out a research in observing...
Mar27-10 10:49 PM
3 2,284
It was my understanding (however my understandings are wrong 99.9% of the time) that a electron was massless, and...
Jan22-06 09:55 AM
13 2,283
See here.
Nov9-07 08:00 AM
3 2,282
Doing some theory research on Superconductivity, I stumbled on a few of the monsters hidden in the closet of QFT....
Jan12-09 05:15 PM
7 2,282
Hi guys (and girls;)) I need your help... I really don't get the difference between a PhotoLuminescence and...
Jan10-10 06:06 AM
1 2,280
Do anyone knows the term "the Inglis-Teller limit", which is relevant to the ionization of Rydberg molecules? Thanks
Jan27-10 09:32 AM
2 2,279
What is the general output of enriched uranium from an electrolysis and fractional distillation process? I have...
Jun14-04 12:54 PM
6 2,278
Hi, Ive just started in atomistic simulations, so I need some advice please. Im simultaing a fcc cubic structure...
Mar3-06 06:00 AM
2 2,278
How do i go about verifying this statement: If the phase velocity is the same for all wavelenghts of a certain wave...
Oct12-04 07:48 PM
Claude Bile
6 2,277
1. why, instead of cooper pair, don't we have a group of N electrons coupled for superconductivity? 2. Has cooper...
Aug24-05 08:31 AM
2 2,277
Sorry! Wrong area!
Jul21-08 12:16 AM
0 2,277
When you are setting up a spectral acquisition with a raman microscope, what does the exposure time mean? I would...
Dec21-10 01:28 AM
Claude Bile
1 2,277
I was trying to understand why for every spin configuration of a ferromagnetic system, there exists a corresponding...
Dec10-07 01:20 AM
5 2,276
In solid state physics, a proof of bearing energy gaps in one-dimesional dispersion relations is given by a...
Jan8-06 02:41 PM
0 2,275
I plot the tight binding bandstructure of graphene. There is a very good aggrement with ab-inition calculation in the...
Feb8-11 04:51 AM
2 2,275
Hi, I'm having some trouble to fully understand how energy bands are formed in Brillouin zones. Almongst a few of...
May17-11 03:58 AM
1 2,275
Hi I was told that I2ω is proportional to Iω2. It does not say so in my book. How is it one can easily see that it...
Dec25-10 12:47 PM
8 2,274
Quite a long title :D The fundamental assumption of statistical mechanics states, that all microstates of a system...
Feb18-12 04:45 PM
1 2,274
Now, the Nobel Prize in chemistry is out and it has been given for the discovery of quasi-crystals. I consider ...
Oct26-11 01:48 AM
8 2,270
Hi Anyone, This is my first post here and i have a bit of a quandry. I'm doing some work related to hyperfine...
Mar6-10 09:55 AM
2 2,269
Hello folks of physics. Can anyone tell me about some exotic photon lifetime definitions for photons in laser cavity?...
Aug30-11 12:19 PM
3 2,268
Hi. I need some useful and conceptual book in advanced statistical physics. I can understand the mathematics in...
Feb13-06 02:25 AM
5 2,263
Experiments in nuclear magnetic resonance for example, demonstrate that precessing atomic nuclei do it so smoothly. At...
May27-09 10:03 AM
11 2,263
It is very common to see in the literature negative formation energies reported for point defects in solids using...
Sep9-11 06:20 PM
1 2,263
What are some possibilies of Bose-Einstein condensation in say a 1D gas? Or a 2D gas?
May18-07 01:19 AM
1 2,262
Hello My name is Peter I know that so far some couple of people manage to make a Bose -Einstein condensate...
Jun1-10 08:20 AM
4 2,262
One of Newton's laws(1 or 2) states that every force has an equal and opposite force. Coulomb's law describes...
Apr23-07 02:44 PM
2 2,260
:confused: Hello everyone: I am a newbie in Quantum Chemistry and I want to do some calculation on some physical...
Dec16-04 04:51 AM
9 2,258
Hi, first post here. I've been trying (out of personal interest, not homework) to re-derive Hylleraas's relatively...
Mar8-09 05:19 PM
1 2,258
As someone who has studied little about this subject, I'm posting a naive question. Given that most natural phenomena...
Nov17-10 12:04 PM
9 2,258
While calculating the diffusion coefficient D of a binary gaseous mixture as Hirschfelder do so based in Lennard Jones...
Sep8-05 02:48 PM
9 2,256
Hi there, I'm an instructor teaching a Physics course for Radiography students designed for students with little to...
Aug7-13 01:24 PM
8 2,256
Could someone explain me an elementary introduction to this phenomenon ? i know that it is produced whenever an...
Aug13-08 01:44 AM
1 2,254
Hi everyone, I'm working on spin-wave theory and I have a problem with a bogoliubov transformation. I must do the...
Dec17-10 02:10 AM
5 2,254
when some energy is suplied to an electron in a higher energy level E2 then how come it drops down to a lower energy...
Sep14-07 11:08 PM
4 2,253
Good Morning, The equations under investigation: Electrons: J = enμE + eD(dn/dx) Holes: J = epμE -...
Oct18-12 02:53 PM
8 2,253
Hello, just a question, what happens when two series diodes (these two diodes are different, P+N junctions, with...
Oct24-12 01:55 PM
0 2,251

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