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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 23,978
Hi, I'm having some trouble to fully understand how energy bands are formed in Brillouin zones. Almongst a few of...
May17-11 03:58 AM
1 2,269
Which materials exhibit good electron and hole conductivity in the same time? And which of them are cheap and...
Apr12-13 09:27 AM
20 2,269
I plot the tight binding bandstructure of graphene. There is a very good aggrement with ab-inition calculation in the...
Feb8-11 04:51 AM
2 2,268
Quite a long title :D The fundamental assumption of statistical mechanics states, that all microstates of a system...
Feb18-12 04:45 PM
1 2,268
Now, the Nobel Prize in chemistry is out and it has been given for the discovery of quasi-crystals. I consider ...
Oct26-11 01:48 AM
8 2,267
Hi Anyone, This is my first post here and i have a bit of a quandry. I'm doing some work related to hyperfine...
Mar6-10 09:55 AM
2 2,266
When you are setting up a spectral acquisition with a raman microscope, what does the exposure time mean? I would...
Dec21-10 01:28 AM
Claude Bile
1 2,266
Hi I have a problem that i couldnt solve by myself with my little background. I want to plot the bandstructure for a...
Jul14-11 11:39 AM
1 2,265
I was trying to understand why for every spin configuration of a ferromagnetic system, there exists a corresponding...
Dec10-07 01:20 AM
5 2,264
Experiments in nuclear magnetic resonance for example, demonstrate that precessing atomic nuclei do it so smoothly. At...
May27-09 10:03 AM
11 2,260
Hello My name is Peter I know that so far some couple of people manage to make a Bose -Einstein condensate...
Jun1-10 08:20 AM
4 2,260
One of Newton's laws(1 or 2) states that every force has an equal and opposite force. Coulomb's law describes...
Apr23-07 02:44 PM
2 2,257
Hi, first post here. I've been trying (out of personal interest, not homework) to re-derive Hylleraas's relatively...
Mar8-09 05:19 PM
1 2,256
As someone who has studied little about this subject, I'm posting a naive question. Given that most natural phenomena...
Nov17-10 12:04 PM
9 2,256
It is very common to see in the literature negative formation energies reported for point defects in solids using...
Sep9-11 06:20 PM
1 2,256
I notice that some bosons can exhibit Bose-Einstein condensation while others cannot (photons, phonons). Is it true...
Oct11-10 09:06 PM
2 2,252
:confused: Hello everyone: I am a newbie in Quantum Chemistry and I want to do some calculation on some physical...
Dec16-04 04:51 AM
9 2,251
Could someone explain me an elementary introduction to this phenomenon ? i know that it is produced whenever an...
Aug13-08 01:44 AM
1 2,251
Hi everyone, I'm working on spin-wave theory and I have a problem with a bogoliubov transformation. I must do the...
Dec17-10 02:10 AM
5 2,251
What are some possibilies of Bose-Einstein condensation in say a 1D gas? Or a 2D gas?
May18-07 01:19 AM
1 2,250
Hello, just a question, what happens when two series diodes (these two diodes are different, P+N junctions, with...
Oct24-12 01:55 PM
0 2,249
when some energy is suplied to an electron in a higher energy level E2 then how come it drops down to a lower energy...
Sep14-07 11:08 PM
4 2,247
Good Morning, The equations under investigation: Electrons: J = enμE + eD(dn/dx) Holes: J = epμE -...
Oct18-12 02:53 PM
8 2,247
Hello , is there any one to help me. I'm just a beginer. I was trying to find out the pseudopotential for different...
Feb14-12 01:23 AM
shweta bhardw
1 2,246
Hi there, I am reading the book "Condensed Matter Physics" second edition by Michael P. Marder. It stated in page 9...
Apr30-12 11:07 PM
5 2,246
I've been using CASTEP via materials studio but want to use it directly in linux. How do you go about compiling it ?...
Aug5-07 02:59 AM
1 2,244
what is modulo associated with z2 invariant?
Oct23-10 06:39 AM
4 2,239
While calculating the diffusion coefficient D of a binary gaseous mixture as Hirschfelder do so based in Lennard Jones...
Sep8-05 02:48 PM
9 2,238
In BCS you make the assumption that the effective electron-electron interaction is constant within a small shell...
Dec4-05 02:46 PM
1 2,238
hello all if some one here can help me to prove boltzman costant from SI unit to reach that k= 1.0356 x...
Jun15-10 11:52 AM
8 2,238
Say i have a thin metal strip clamped at both ends, the bottom clamp is fixed and the top is free to oscillate -...
Mar2-09 11:12 AM
0 2,237
hi, I find that the point where the entalphy vs pressure curves of diferent phases crystaline of material is crossing...
Oct26-06 08:47 AM
1 2,236
:rolleyes: Is a conductive movement of an electron inside a band a particular infraband non-radiative transition?
Dec10-05 05:54 AM
15 2,235
Hello. I am currently a freshman in college and finding the chapter on Quantum Mechanics incredibly interesting....
Apr24-09 04:34 PM
0 2,235
I know that when a metal is compressed its fermi energy is increased. I would attempt to explain this by saying, "as...
Jan24-10 06:08 PM
1 2,235
I measured the heat capacity of a sample under various magnetic fields. When I calculated the magnetic entropy as a...
Jun1-12 09:35 AM
2 2,234
Is anyone here familiar with the speed of a temperature wave through Si02 or other electrical insulators? Thanks, ...
Jul1-12 12:42 PM
8 2,233
In solid state we often have case \sum_{\vec{k}}F(\vec{k})=\frac{V}{h^3}\int_{I bz} F(\vec{p})d^3\vec{p} ...
Sep6-09 01:39 PM
6 2,232
Hello, I'm trying to figure out if an atom undergoing alpha decay can knock out its orbital electrons. I was hoping...
May17-11 06:17 PM
5 2,232
what possible explanation to an unexpected peak that may appear in an XRD pattern of a pure material , what causes,...
Sep1-09 11:07 AM
4 2,230

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