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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 24,437
Say i have a thin metal strip clamped at both ends, the bottom clamp is fixed and the top is free to oscillate -...
Mar2-09 11:12 AM
0 2,238
I know that when a metal is compressed its fermi energy is increased. I would attempt to explain this by saying, "as...
Jan24-10 06:08 PM
1 2,238
Is anyone here familiar with the speed of a temperature wave through Si02 or other electrical insulators? Thanks, ...
Jul1-12 12:42 PM
8 2,238
:rolleyes: Is a conductive movement of an electron inside a band a particular infraband non-radiative transition?
Dec10-05 05:54 AM
15 2,237
I measured the heat capacity of a sample under various magnetic fields. When I calculated the magnetic entropy as a...
Jun1-12 09:35 AM
2 2,237
Hello. I am currently a freshman in college and finding the chapter on Quantum Mechanics incredibly interesting....
Apr24-09 04:34 PM
0 2,236
Hello everyone, first post here. In trying to decipher the meaning of chemical potential, I feel as if at least in...
Aug19-11 11:04 PM
3 2,236
Hello, I'm trying to figure out if an atom undergoing alpha decay can knock out its orbital electrons. I was hoping...
May17-11 06:17 PM
5 2,235
Hi guys i have a question about how semiconductor materials absorb photons at less than the band gap energy....
Jan17-09 11:02 AM
4 2,233
In solid state we often have case \sum_{\vec{k}}F(\vec{k})=\frac{V}{h^3}\int_{I bz} F(\vec{p})d^3\vec{p} ...
Sep6-09 01:39 PM
6 2,233
Hello everyone, I have two questions about the Debye model (one historical and the other theoretical). 1. Debye...
Nov3-10 03:27 AM
2 2,233
Hi I am reading about the force of a coherent EM-beam acting upon an atom, and I have a question in this regard....
Mar5-12 05:43 AM
M Quack
13 2,232
Hi, I am working on FEM methods as a part of my senior year project and I have written a poisson solver for the...
Dec16-11 08:47 AM
1 2,228
I'm using the TURBOMOLE program to do some basic HF calculations. They all went fine except for the single oxygen...
Nov23-10 07:09 AM
5 2,227
Hi I am reading about quantization of orbital angular momentum and, as I read, I am trying to compare it to the...
Sep20-12 11:09 AM
15 2,227
Hi everyone I'm currently studying the MO theory and ran into some trouble understanding orbital energy levels. As...
Dec12-11 05:56 AM
1 2,226
the depletion region is resposible for voltage drop all that is fine but in forward bias there is no depletion...
Nov21-09 01:03 PM
Bob S
1 2,224
I know that in a semiconductor in thermal equilibrium generation and recombination are equivalent. This is obvious...
Jan27-08 04:40 PM
5 2,223
I'm looking in a textbook at a discussion of a semiconductor quantum well which is being irradiated and an absorption...
Dec1-10 06:00 AM
1 2,223
This article says that electron can be split into two:
Apr20-12 01:04 AM
5 2,222
Hallo ... I would like to know about the effect of the effective mass on the band structre of the materails..
Jul12-08 12:52 PM
1 2,219
Is it correct to say that the Ewald sphere and Brillouin Zone are both representations of k'=k+G? I'm comfortable...
Jun11-11 12:29 PM
3 2,219
The equation can be obtained from the fact that the "canonical momentum of the ground grstate of superconductor is...
Dec18-12 09:17 AM
5 2,218
hey, I was asking myself a few questions about the selection rules for EM dipole radiation which occurs if electrons...
Jul4-10 05:00 PM
Dr Transport
3 2,217
Hi, I'm currently recalibrating an optical tweezer for my undergraduate thesis. The alignment did turn out well so...
Mar13-11 10:12 AM
2 2,216
Hi all, I've been having a problem with understanding some of the van der Waals forces. I understand that the...
Sep6-11 06:21 PM
2 2,216
Can someone explain to me as simply as possible why the Laughlin states create energy gaps in the lowest landau level?...
Apr21-10 03:49 AM
4 2,215
Recently, I have become interested in the Quantum anomalous hall effect. However, I'm having some trouble...
Nov13-10 07:57 PM
0 2,215
Hello, The "holy grail" for people who do electronic structure research is to obtain a exact expression for the...
Dec27-07 01:49 PM
1 2,212
Hello all, what is meant by soft optical modes. Is it just the Einstein modes with low frequency ? thanks.
Jul24-10 10:30 AM
2 2,212
if helium is 'superfluid' at low temperatures then is it correct to think of amorphous solids as 'superviscous'?
Jun1-09 09:51 PM
14 2,211 It is a classic 2DE quantum well...
May23-12 06:50 AM
5 2,211
I have just discovered that the critical temperature of (fluid) nitrogen is about 125 K. Since the nitrogen in the...
Jul9-04 05:36 PM
8 2,210
Hi, I need to calculate and visualize molecular orbitals (HOMOs) of few simple organic molecules (may be using DFT...
Feb11-06 12:20 PM
1 2,210
From Raman, intensity versus wavenumber is spetrum trend obtained. Normally, from the graph, intensity and wavenumber...
Nov28-10 04:55 AM
0 2,210
It's no surprise that if I take a particular metal and 'add' atoms of a second metal that has a lower melting point...
Apr6-04 02:24 AM
5 2,209
Hi. I need some useful and conceptual book in advanced statistical physics. I can understand the mathematics in...
Feb13-06 02:25 AM
5 2,209
Are the same selection rules both for a hidrogen molecule and for the rotation diatomic molecule?
Nov22-07 11:51 AM
0 2,208
Allow me to elaborate. I'm in a graduate Solid State Physics course currently. Luckily (or not) its a Survey course....
Nov3-07 01:35 PM
2 2,205
Hi, just a basic question , what are the main methods of determining the structure of a solid in order to test its...
Dec23-09 11:13 AM
3 2,205

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