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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,756
In a tilt lattice, there are wannier-stark states Is this state localized or extended? I think it should be...
Jun5-09 12:51 AM
5 2,098
I got the following graph in the multichannel experiment for Cs137: where...
Sep25-10 09:59 AM
0 2,096
Hi all, I have a dumb question on the field inside of a vortex. A simple claculation using the magnetic flux quantum...
Jan27-06 10:49 AM
2 2,095
I wonder how to calculate thin film anisotropy from magnetic hysteresis loops. And what can one analyse from it. Thank...
May23-07 09:28 PM
0 2,094
i have a little doubt about the nature of the cooper pair that carries the super current if it is bosons or fermions?...
Apr24-08 08:53 AM
1 2,090
Hi I was told that I2ω is proportional to Iω2. It does not say so in my book. How is it one can easily see that it...
Dec25-10 12:47 PM
8 2,088
Hi all I just have some questions about atom-laser interaction. Suppose that you have single two-level atom...
Sep27-08 06:07 PM
1 2,087
I know that when a metal is compressed its fermi energy is increased. I would attempt to explain this by saying, "as...
Jan24-10 06:08 PM
1 2,086
Hello, I have a quick question regarding the bragg condition. I know that it is most often stated as 2dSin...
Mar5-09 02:21 PM
3 2,085
Since the HCl molecule has a non vanishing dipole moment, it is allowed to have pure rotational spectrum. If I...
Apr16-12 10:15 PM
4 2,085
This is my understanding; please, correct me if I'm wrong. If you bombard an atom with em-waves they will never break...
Jul22-11 08:25 PM
3 2,084
It is very common to see in the literature negative formation energies reported for point defects in solids using...
Sep9-11 06:20 PM
1 2,084
Hi there, I am reading the book "Condensed Matter Physics" second edition by Michael P. Marder. It stated in page 9...
Apr30-12 11:07 PM
5 2,084
Hello there. I have a small problem trying to calculate the resolution of a DFTS (Dispersive Fourier Transform...
Apr17-08 01:20 PM
0 2,082
Hello, I'm trying to figure out if an atom undergoing alpha decay can knock out its orbital electrons. I was hoping...
May17-11 06:17 PM
5 2,080
When you work with spectra, recorded with a detector or a Fourier Transfer Spectrometer, I hear that quantitative...
Mar15-10 01:22 PM
2 2,079
1. Isn't it the Bohr atomic theory is proven incorrect, why some text book even that publish in 2007 still use it to...
Nov14-10 01:00 AM
2 2,079
hi, barnes hut method approximates the interaction by treating a bunch of far away particles as one big particle...
Jul6-11 02:28 PM
4 2,078
Hi From Wiki ( "Nonlinear optics (NLO) is the branch of optics that...
Nov28-10 10:52 PM
2 2,077
I would like to ask about the reason why the electron "effective mass" was introduced in semiconductors. What is its'...
Mar8-11 01:39 PM
3 2,077
hi everyone, i am doing a research on plasmonics and surface plasmonic effects in heating nano materials using em...
Mar1-09 09:52 AM
3 2,076
Hello all What is the definition of Normal mode? And what is the difference between normal mode and phonon? Are...
May3-10 03:19 PM
5 2,076
Dear All I would like to know why does the degree of ionization in high temperature plasma decrease if the gas...
Oct7-10 11:42 PM
0 2,076
What are the methods or steps of drawing reciprocal lattice?
Jun29-10 11:47 PM
2 2,072
hi, I was reading an article about graphene and I came across some concepts I am not familiar with. I was just...
Apr1-12 08:02 AM
2 2,072
Hi, i've searching for Van Vechten's model in google but i can't find anything, anybody knows what is this model??? ...
Apr22-08 10:12 PM
0 2,071
Hi, new here. Love Physics. I have a few question if you all don't mind my asking... 1) Can a proton, neutron,...
Mar9-07 04:37 PM
7 2,070
Hi! I'm new here... I'm going to go right to the point. I know that when you take atoms and get them closer...
Dec5-10 06:55 AM
1 2,068
Can somebody explain to me why, when we work with fermions, the tight binding Hamiltonian matrix has a form 0 0 -t ...
Feb17-11 04:21 PM
1 2,065
help about the Nonequilibrium Green's Function in H. Haug and A.-P. Jauho Book Quantum kinetics in transport and...
Mar21-06 09:02 PM
1 2,064
In looking at phonons, and their energy, I came across the Partition function. THis was needed to calculate the...
Jan7-10 12:05 PM
1 2,064
Hi folks, I'm taking a class in statistical mechanics out of Sethna's text. Part of the course involves student...
Mar3-11 06:18 PM
4 2,064
as we know when a particular energy is given to a neutral atom an electron from ground state jump to upper state...
Jul14-10 12:35 AM
10 2,063
it typically states that optical tweezers are used to manipulate dielectric particles or whatnot. Is it also possible...
Oct30-11 08:38 PM
3 2,063
Hello, This is about a direct band gap semiconductor: Q1) What induces recombination of an electron in the...
Nov17-11 04:53 AM
1 2,063
hi all, I have read papers in which they specify the dangling bonds on the surfaces and tey saturate it with...
Dec28-08 09:28 AM
2 2,062
Dear all, I need the parameters for the STO3G basis set H,He,C,N,O. Where can I get them? Thanks, ...
Dec22-10 07:44 AM
3 2,060
Good Morning, The equations under investigation: Electrons: J = enμE + eD(dn/dx) Holes: J = epμE -...
Oct18-12 02:53 PM
8 2,060
How does an electron that passes near an atom (near, but yet not that close to the nucleus) lose kinetic energy and...
May19-11 06:49 PM
12 2,059
I am not a scientific type, im quite the opposite. However I need to have your views on a topic that has come to light...
Aug12-06 09:36 PM
14 2,057

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