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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,746
I do not know if you saw this in my other thread, but I suppose this makes my question clearer. Are the conductive and...
Feb9-06 06:05 PM
12 1,859
Why is there no allowed transition from the 2s^2 S_{\frac{1}{2}} state to the 2p^2 P_{\frac{3}{2}} state in the...
Oct26-10 02:15 AM
1 1,859
Dear all, I have been thinking, if insulators have their valence band filled, then which band does the extra electrons...
Dec13-10 07:49 AM
7 1,859
What prevents electrons and protons from being stuck togeather? how do they just keep flying around the protons and...
Jul21-04 09:09 PM
4 1,858
Does anyone know how to solve a pair annihilation problem ( positron and electron), for the energy of the resulting...
Oct3-04 12:53 AM
6 1,858
Ahoy, I'm trying to do a calculation of the electron-electron self energy of a Fermi Liquid, which is supposed to...
Jun27-07 12:04 AM
2 1,858
hi, Before i begin i am not sure where to put this post wether here or in the general section. Is newtons 3rd...
Mar30-04 09:10 AM
7 1,857
Hi, This is my first post on this forum. My question is How is motion of plasma controlled through magnetic...
Jan7-05 06:37 PM
5 1,855
Hello everyone, Can anyone give me a list of the different types of Hall effect. I know the following: 1- Quantum...
Oct17-11 01:50 AM
0 1,855
Hi ; Is there anybody using SageMD for molecular experiments. I am planning to set up a mail group for SageMD or all...
Nov12-05 08:14 AM
1 1,854
Hi, In alot of places it states that one of the great successes of the free electron model is that it gives, more or...
Jan21-10 08:38 AM
2 1,854
can anyone let me know??
May26-04 12:19 PM
5 1,853
Hello I just recently finshed physics honors on a high school level, but my class because of bad weather, and a tight...
Jan7-05 06:11 PM
8 1,853
hi i was reading the following paragraph and i do not understand what it means. can someone explain what it means to...
Apr10-10 02:48 PM
0 1,853
In XRD, to examine the diffraction pattern and the determine the elemental structure, a thin layer of sample is...
Oct17-09 12:58 PM
1 1,852
I post in the QM section as an answer in terms of photons rather than just EM waves would be better.
Oct14-12 01:56 PM
8 1,852
Can somebody tell me what is the minimum theoretical distance between adjacent lattices in a crystal? I've read about...
Jun18-04 03:23 PM
2 1,851
Background: Math & Physics undergrad Reason for asking: So I was trying to understand semiconductor diodes and...
Apr6-10 06:05 AM
3 1,851
Could anyone please explain what 'Superconducting instability' means? If there are some good references to read,...
Feb17-11 07:10 AM
3 1,851
How does high temperature break down a forward biased p-n junction?
Jan29-10 05:39 AM
0 1,849
The title sort of tells it. My question is, how is it that a Bose-Einstein condensate compresses and slows down the...
Feb21-10 09:54 AM
0 1,849
Is anyone familiar with this or heard of this concept before? It started in 1953 by a paper by Dicke published in...
Feb8-12 03:50 PM
5 1,847
I need to learn and understand why a component of a binary solution cannot be 100%. This needs to be done...
Feb1-11 01:29 AM
4 1,845
Hi all, I'm looking for books or papers that give a pedagogically clear and reasonably up-to-date discussion of...
Feb8-12 05:30 AM
6 1,845
Hey everyone, So unfortunately I haven't taken Stat Mech yet (and my GRE is in a week), but through casual reading...
Oct10-11 08:10 AM
2 1,843
Hi, does anybody know why the melting points of materials drop down when its size gets smaller down to nano-scale? For...
Jun17-05 11:09 PM
4 1,843
I am reading Analysis and Design of Analog ICs by Gray and Meyer. In Ch. 2, they describe using MOS technology for...
Sep4-13 11:11 AM
12 1,843
Semiconductors and isolators are only different in that the energy gap of the former is smaller than 2eV, and of the...
Apr2-06 09:55 AM
1 1,842
I guess my most general question would be: Given a P/N junction. Lets say two circular discs, one P one N. There...
Oct25-07 10:09 PM
2 1,842
Hi all I have a question regarding Bloch's theorem (also known as Floquet's theorem) and its use. I have seen in...
Jun30-09 08:14 AM
3 1,842
I'm trying to grasp the basic concepts of plasmons and can't quite picture what is going on. When light is...
Feb8-12 11:07 AM
4 1,842
Does there exist a database for the Partition function at different temperatures? As I understand it it only varies...
Apr24-09 12:38 PM
3 1,840
Haven't been able to find the answer anywhere IRL yet, so I thought I'd see if someone in the PhysicsForums could help...
Nov27-07 09:11 AM
1 1,839
There's this equation e_{ij} = \alpha_{ij}\DeltaT + d'_{ijk}E_{k} + Q'_{ijk}H_{k} + s_{ijkl} Sigma_{kl}, which is the...
Jan31-10 12:37 PM
2 1,839
Assuming a density of exactly 1 g/cm3 (assuming that even matters) So, at 1 kelvin, how fast do the molecules...
Aug28-12 07:26 PM
4 1,839
The Seebeck coefficient is the differential drop in voltage per unit temperature across a conductor. Goldsmid says...
Apr11-12 07:31 AM
M Quack
1 1,839
We just studied E.M. waves; May I assume that whenever we flip a switch, an E.M. wave is produced? -for example,...
Dec27-04 11:37 PM
4 1,838
What are the effective mass of conduction band (mc) and valence band (mv) of insulator material Al2O3. Kindly tell me...
Aug11-11 02:41 AM
4 1,838
Hi, Suppose we have a 2 site Hubbard model, with the hopping Hamiltonian given by H_t and the Coulomb interaction...
Sep13-11 12:32 AM
7 1,837
Could Anyons and Fractional quantum Hall effect create 2-D ribbons w/fractional electric charge (e/3) that combine to...
Sep14-09 02:22 PM
11 1,836

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