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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,062
In the book about fluid-mechanics Landau in the first pages in the isentropic case from dw=\frac{dp}{\rho} ...
Nov5-09 11:01 AM
8 1,980
What are the effective mass of conduction band (mc) and valence band (mv) of insulator material Al2O3. Kindly tell me...
Aug11-11 02:41 AM
4 1,980
Background: Math & Physics undergrad Reason for asking: So I was trying to understand semiconductor diodes and...
Apr6-10 06:05 AM
3 1,979
Why do photons repel one another?
Dec7-08 03:20 PM
6 1,978
Hi I'm new, to this forum and molecular science Reading a bit about molecular orbitals, and I have to say the whole...
Aug28-09 01:35 AM
7 1,978
Hello I want to do numerical diagonalization of honeycomb-lattice tight-binding Hamiltonian to calculate the...
Nov15-11 04:19 PM
0 1,978
Hello experts! I have some questions related to the X-Ray Diffraction using Laue's treatment. I have attached...
Aug22-12 03:42 PM
2 1,978
The following questions came to my mind while I was solving a problem involving a collision of an alpha particle with...
Jun19-05 05:43 AM
2 1,977
I just finished reading Absolutely Small, a book on quantum physics. In it the author says that when semiconductors...
Jan13-11 12:35 AM
3 1,977
Hi guys Is the following way of rewriting the sum correct? \sum\limits_{k,k',k'',k'''} {c_k^\dag c_{k'}^{}...
Jan12-11 03:20 PM
7 1,976
Given the following data on copper, how do i calculate the resistivity? Relaxation time: 2.50e10-14s Density:...
Aug15-11 11:02 AM
0 1,974
Please understand my low command of English. I'm developing Direct Simulation Monte Carlo and I'm now validating. ...
Feb17-12 10:21 PM
Noh-hoon Lee
4 1,974
I was reading today about superfluids and the like. They were talking about how at a certain low temperature bosons...
May25-05 11:09 AM
9 1,973
Hi there! I hope someone can help me with this problem. I've been working on this for over 5 hours and I've gotten...
May14-04 08:29 AM
1 1,970
Hello everyone; I have little problem about a question. If silver melts at 962C and contains an intrinsic relative...
Dec5-10 07:04 AM
1 1,970
If you have access to the Science journal, do not miss the Review article written by Elbio Dagotto in the latest issue...
Aug31-05 12:22 PM
9 1,969
Hello, I am constructing a 2d atomistic mass spring Hamiltonian with nearest neighbor bonds (harmonic potential) in...
Mar3-11 03:55 PM
1 1,968
I wonder how the radiation will interact with matter on a hypothetical place where the atoms have no electrons. Will...
May10-04 04:49 PM
2 1,967
If we look at any spectrum the lines are due to the corresponding transitions in sample. And the line widths are due...
Dec4-05 06:59 PM
Meir Achuz
2 1,967
microwave can be used to engineering potentials for alkali atoms i find that in the literature, people only take...
Aug10-09 10:03 AM
1 1,967
What is the ability of water running down the face of a solid surface to attract and collect air pollutants, such as,...
Jan24-08 01:37 AM
1 1,966
Hello, I recently had an exam in Molecular physics, in which one of the unanswered questions asked by my proff was...
Aug7-05 08:45 PM
Claude Bile
2 1,965
Its easy to understand how a photon can transfer momentum to a charged particle like an electron, but I'm not sure how...
Sep17-10 11:23 PM
3 1,965
I am trying to understand the IR spectra of liquid. I can get the autocorrelation function of atoms' velocity,...
Oct25-12 09:26 AM
6 1,965
hello im new in this forum.. and i would like to ask first this is statement that i confused about 'At low values of...
Jan6-12 05:04 AM
2 1,962
Hi all, To my knowledge hybridization of atomc orbitals occurs only between orbitals in the same atom, with similar...
Apr8-11 02:23 AM
3 1,961
Does there exist a database for the Partition function at different temperatures? As I understand it it only varies...
Apr24-09 12:38 PM
3 1,960
Hi. Does anyone know how to perform perturbation theory for a finite well under the influence of an electric field?...
Apr14-10 07:23 AM
5 1,960
What does Sn(alpha) mean? Does it have anything to do with Miller Indices?
Oct10-10 07:54 PM
1 1,960
I have some difficulty understanding how the volume per unit cell for the diamond structure is calculated. I've...
Aug4-13 02:05 AM
4 1,960
We know that the permittivities of ferroelectric materials are dependent of temperature because of phase transitions....
Oct14-06 04:32 PM
2 1,959
Please help somebody on this problem... When we topologically classify the defects in ordered media, we consider...
Jun15-11 08:30 AM
5 1,959
Do the electrons revolving around the nucleus have a current associated with them?
Dec28-04 12:35 AM
5 1,957
What is the molecular spacing of common items such as water, wood, copper, hydrogen, helium, glass (silicon), oxygen...
Apr7-05 06:57 PM
6 1,957
hi, can someone explain to me how to distinguish (experimentally or theoretically) between 1st or 2nd (3rd?) order...
Apr28-11 12:01 PM
3 1,957
Hello, I have a question concerning the use of wavepackets to justify the semiclassical approach in solid state...
Oct30-11 01:06 PM
3 1,957
Does anyone recognize this expression for the pressure: p(T,\mu) = T s^*(T,\mu) where s^* is the extreme right...
Dec20-10 01:56 AM
1 1,956
hi all im trying to solve this exercise of ellipsometry. given: the figure show the spectrum of ellipsometry of a...
Jan1-08 05:51 PM
1 1,955
Hi, i am running a hard disks molecular dynamics simulation. I would like to compare the radial distribution function...
Jun6-11 01:46 PM
1 1,955
Is it possible to have Bose-Einstein condensation in two dimensions? Why?
Apr2-07 07:01 AM
2 1,954

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