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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,221
Can anyone give me any details on exactly how an electron travels trough a conductor? Is the electron passed from one...
Aug31-04 01:50 AM
14 2,354
Hey, I am preparing to graduate at the end of this semester, and was wondering if anyone here is or has worked int he...
Aug24-04 09:11 AM
10 2,850
I learned that when an electron moves it creates a magnetic field. When two electrons are rotating in the opposite...
Sep13-04 10:50 AM
8 1,623
to start with i really know almost nothing about this, just curios. What if one took wood, put it into a vacume and...
Aug20-04 09:59 PM
19 6,616
Are there any experiments that have just two (single) atoms? I know that single photons can be counted...
Sep1-04 11:11 PM
6 1,599
If there is a single atom of water or some substance, can it have the properties of a solid gas or liquid? Or is it a...
Aug30-04 10:02 PM
15 3,199
Hi all, I'm recently growing epitaxy layer by MOCVD and found out that all my films exhibit polycrystalline with...
Aug26-04 01:53 AM
0 3,781
I understand we can conduct experiments from which we can "infer" or "sense" that an atom or a certain number of atoms...
Sep22-04 03:36 AM
Seiya Hilendith
8 5,489
What type of atom is a singularity primarily composed of? Hydrogen? So the fusion reactions in black holes lead to...
Aug25-04 07:04 PM
2 1,923
I have read that these machines, which use selective "brakes" to make use of random particle motion, do not reduce...
Aug24-04 06:40 PM
0 1,262
Hi, first of all I'd like to say hello as I'm new to this forum. Here are my questions: If a single atom would...
Sep8-04 11:43 AM
4 3,591
What is "quasi particles"? Any ways to visualize this concept? I have so many troubles with this :yuck:. Need your...
Aug25-04 01:01 AM
5 2,243
let's asume that the higher we go, the more stable the element is, or so i am lead to believe. let's asume that at...
Oct4-04 05:53 PM
8 2,080
What is Quark-Gluon Plasma? Is it mearly a concieved, observed, theorized, or even created in a lab? What are/could be...
Sep6-04 12:38 PM
15 8,043
i hope to know the def. and the properties of magnetic semiconductor :confused:
Sep22-04 04:28 AM
Pieter Kuiper
6 3,475
Great Paper: With some wry undertones!
Sep22-04 04:41 AM
Pieter Kuiper
2 1,489
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, I need a little help here...
Aug24-04 08:57 AM
3 1,386
Besides gold, copper and tin, what metallic elements can have an other than silvered appearance, and what is the...
Sep21-04 12:40 PM
20 10,148
Most of us know that when a liquid goes to a gas its called evaporation. We also know of deposition, sublimation,...
Sep2-04 11:55 AM
3 3,079
Here are a few questions I can up with, when thinking about atoms: What would happen if one electron crashes into...
Sep3-04 07:42 AM
0 1,340
Why do atoms move faster in a higher temperature? If an atom was initially not moving at all, and then heat was...
Sep5-04 06:43 AM
4 1,968
Dear all, I have some question about a (heavy) nucleus catching a K-electron: I do know that then a proton changes...
Sep5-04 01:45 PM
0 1,709
Do anybody know the radius of an electron, proton, or neutron? I understand there are smaller things like quarks, and...
Sep6-04 05:53 PM
2 2,911
how does binding energy decreases with addition of nuetron
Sep10-04 11:32 AM
1 1,730
Hello, consider a dihydrogen molecule in a powerful magnetic field and an x-ray that is hitting this molecule....
Sep19-04 07:27 AM
20 3,969
Why would anyone bother with the adjective "Self-Trapped" for an exciton and quote the abbreviation "STE"? Are they...
Sep17-04 10:58 PM
1 5,831
Express the Planck radiation formula in terms of wavelength. How is this to be accomplished?
Sep21-04 07:09 AM
Dr Transport
3 2,097
I just wondered, that our view of how the universe is is ussually WRONG. We've made zero-viscosity fluids,...
Oct7-04 09:55 AM
1 1,630
Hi, I am working on a project in which I need to know the distance between the particles in an ideal gas system. I...
Sep19-04 08:58 PM
2 11,455
I've been reading about radioactivity, but I can't seem to find what actually makes an atom unstable. Can anyone tell...
Oct1-04 11:18 PM
33 26,373
Has anyone ever tried mixing two different BE condensates? Do they keep their superfluid states? Can they interfere...
Sep20-04 07:53 PM
Claude Bile
1 1,531
Hello, my question is the following: we know from books on semiconductor physics that the energy levels of the...
Oct4-04 02:42 PM
23 5,354
Here's an interesting problem: Find the atomic spacing in a crystal of rock salt (NaCl). The density of rock salt is...
Oct9-04 08:32 PM
5 6,346
Does anyone know how to solve a pair annihilation problem ( positron and electron), for the energy of the resulting...
Oct3-04 12:53 AM
6 1,939
Using the hydrogen atom as an example, what exists between the electron and nucleus. Is this a cloud of other...
Oct5-04 12:56 PM
6 1,680
I have some problems with the following question: Deduce what terms may arise from the ground state configurations...
Sep26-04 05:56 PM
Pieter Kuiper
1 1,749
What do they call it when the electromagnetic, weak and strong forces are united?
Oct2-04 07:51 PM
3 1,336
Hi all, I had some question evolving the atomic interactions of subsition reactions. For example OH- + CH3CH2Cl=...
Oct9-04 04:07 AM
1 1,526
What is the difference between Neil Bohrs Model of the atom & Schrodiners model of the atom? I know that in...
Oct11-04 01:29 PM
Pieter Kuiper
2 6,827
Hi there, I was hoping someone here could help explain a few things about crystal symmetry to me cos it hs me so...
Oct10-04 04:41 PM
0 2,133

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