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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,208
dear reader, can anyone tell me about the subshells in an atom. please do tell me the interrelation ship between...
Nov20-04 11:17 AM
Dual Op Amp
7 3,675
Theres a little confusion in my mind as of late. How can fermions be made to act like bosons allowing it to bypass...
Nov30-04 10:55 AM
5 2,608
When a piece of steel goes through it's currie point, why wouldn't a current flowing through it drasticly change?
Oct11-04 02:35 PM
3 3,816
How would three P orbitals, X,Y,Z, in the same subshell, give the electrons different quantum energies?
Nov21-04 01:54 PM
Dual Op Amp
30 11,998
You can try this. Boil water in a cup, and put a teaspoon of instantaneous coffee in it. I have observed that when you...
Oct31-04 01:25 PM
8 3,417
Hi on a test there was a question that said "Which symbols represent atoms that are isotopes of each other?" the...
Nov15-04 07:09 AM
James R
2 1,553
Hey, guys, what's a fermi level?
Oct29-04 07:33 AM
7 5,061
Here in Ontario/Canada police started using helicopters equiped with infrared cameras to detect marijuana grown in...
Nov2-04 11:27 AM
2 6,068
Six electrical contacts as small and as close as we can make them on a surface. Call them ABCDEF. Apply current to C&D...
Oct16-04 02:04 PM
5 1,589
Are rotational energy levels of a molecule in general equally spaced or does the spacing increase with energy? How...
Oct25-04 05:12 AM
2 6,917
How exactly does matter turn into energy and what causes it?
Nov16-04 10:51 PM
18 3,412
From what I know, the cooling of He-4 atoms causes them to fall into the ground state, making them Bosons. But there's...
Oct27-04 09:38 AM
4 1,481
How to calculate energy of scattered photon when the energy of incident photon is equal to the rest energy of an...
Nov1-04 11:57 PM
11 8,171
Hi there. I'm currently writing an essay on the four fundamental forces of physics for my Advanced Higher course (an...
Oct24-04 02:54 PM
MP3 Junkie
5 2,808
Of the following quantities, which increase and which decrease in the Bohr model as n increases? Frequency of...
Oct22-04 07:19 PM
1 2,025
I'm a bit confused about the way radiation is said to 'transfer' its energy to matter. I must be looking at it the...
Oct22-04 08:22 AM
3 4,531
hi I want know, what is parrot algorithem which is used to find the relectivity profile, how it is related to box...
Oct24-04 07:32 AM
2 1,483
what are mesons
Oct19-04 04:48 PM
10 4,085
Can a Liquid, say a litre devided in half and half again etc, be reduced down to a single atom?..or would the process...
Nov15-04 01:38 AM
6 1,554
I am having troubles with my homework assignment on this question A lead-zinc alloy has a density of 10 Mg/m3 What...
Oct16-04 03:46 PM
Pieter Kuiper
1 3,865
I'm doing the quantum theory in my class, and on the orbitals chapter... And a question in my book says "what are...
Nov20-04 11:08 AM
Dual Op Amp
6 20,945
I am making ferric oxide (Fe2O3) for a school project. I have immersed a piece of iron in a solution of tap water and...
Oct17-04 07:00 AM
4 1,872
How do i go about verifying this statement: If the phase velocity is the same for all wavelenghts of a certain wave...
Oct12-04 07:48 PM
Claude Bile
6 2,303
Hey Everyone, This is a quick question.. is binding energy positive or negative? I'm pretty confused now, because in...
Nov8-04 06:15 AM
James R
1 5,211
Hey ppl, I was wondering, with a singly ionised He atom, can we apply the Bohr model, eg E = 13.6eV/n^2, to find...
Nov12-04 03:03 AM
2 4,536
Little task : The great unification theory says that there is a very little probability that the proton will...
Nov15-04 02:44 PM
2 2,503
Using BASIC physics, and being given some results of Millikan's experiment, how would i calculate elementary charge. ...
Nov14-04 10:48 AM
0 2,086
when electrons revolves around the nucleus does it produces current? (since a moving charge has to produce current...
Nov16-04 06:06 PM
Dual Op Amp
2 1,226
Sorry if the question is too stupid, but, How about recieving an impact of a proton (or electron, with less mass)...
Nov16-04 11:22 AM
8 1,424
If you are studying Solid State Physics, or in Condensed Matter, this may be of interest to you if you haven't found...
Nov16-04 08:59 AM
0 4,213
Hi Everybody I have started a project on naowires. I am doing experimental stuff but also intereted in some sort of...
Nov16-04 10:15 AM
0 1,673
Alright, I have a question regarding quantum physics, but I don't want to post in that forum, because it scares me. I...
Nov23-04 12:44 PM
Dual Op Amp
13 4,826
I'm just interested in single-electron transistors. Could anybody recommend some good books on this issue? I would...
Nov23-04 12:06 AM
0 2,123
This is a question regarding time and atoms. My question is this: if one were able to stop the occurence of time, or...
Dec2-04 01:23 PM
5 1,911
I finally know how he did it! Knowing the mass, voltage, and radius, he used: q = mgr / v to find the elementary...
Nov20-04 01:48 AM
2 1,822
Does anyone know of a substance that can block a magnetic field?
Nov22-04 04:03 AM
6 2,409
Can anyone explain the Hückelmodel and how to use it or does anyonehave any links to where I can find information...
Nov23-04 07:58 PM
0 1,059
I am currently taking Physics 30 now and we have just finished the Magnetism unit. The last little bit that we had to...
Dec2-04 11:50 AM
36 14,715
can anyone please help me find a website showing the atom's theoritical shape before rutherford's experiment? ...
Nov29-04 03:50 AM
1 1,510
Yeah, what are phonons? Has to do with heat I think... quantized vibrations in a rigid crystal lattice?... where do I...
Nov27-04 12:26 AM
1 3,994

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