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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,925
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 62,469
1. I read that the picture of gauge bosons as mediators of interaction originates in and is valid in perturbation...
Mar6-12 09:21 PM
5 1,774
; Can someone explain to me (in layman's terms,) how it might be possible to associate the interactions of the...
Mar7-12 10:22 AM
7 1,318
During certain processes, there can be free neutrons. If an accelerator beam hits into a target, it can spray...
Mar7-12 02:57 PM
3 972
Would it be an appropriate analogy to say that the look else where effect is like shooting pool without calling your...
Mar7-12 05:34 PM
1 1,045
If only left handed fields couple in the weak force, and we can boost to a frame that changes left handed fields to...
Mar8-12 02:56 AM
2 992
Hi, this is probably very simple. 1) What is the product of two singlets? 2) What is the product of two singlets...
Mar8-12 03:12 AM
1 1,035
Of all the baryons, why are protons the only known stable combination of quarks? Why are neutrons more stable by more...
Mar8-12 10:20 AM
2 733
Hello, I need a List of all Fermion base Particles if someone knows them all along with their charge and Rest...
Mar8-12 02:40 PM
1 800
Hi all, I'm trying to understand the solution to a problem from a textbook. We're asked to find the...
Mar8-12 03:22 PM
0 793
Hello everyone, First time I join this forum. Nice to meet all of you and hope we would have wonderful time to...
Mar8-12 10:23 PM
0 743
I think its true that you cannot use a bubble chamber to identify the pair production of a neutron-antineutron pair,...
Mar9-12 02:23 AM
1 1,467
Hello, If I understand correctly, the argument for a neutron (usually) not decaying when in a nucleus, is that the...
Mar9-12 11:49 AM
7 1,239
I recently saw the Evaluated Nuclear Data File provided by Brookhaven national lab., where in i saw the plot of...
Mar9-12 12:05 PM
5 1,317
I'm trying to learn the basic theory of neutrino oscillations at a postgraduate level. I have a few things that are...
Mar9-12 05:15 PM
2 860
Hello, I'm taking a particle physics class and we're using Griffiths' book "Introduction to Elementary Particles"....
Mar9-12 05:46 PM
5 1,092
Why isn't it breaking even? Is it just too much energy is needed to cause it? Or it needs to be a continuous reaction?...
Mar10-12 01:16 AM
1 996
I used SoftSUSY 3.1.7 to create a spectrum that I'd now like to input into MadGraph 5 to compute cross sections with....
Mar10-12 03:48 AM
1 2,110
The vector representation of the Lorentz algebra in 4 dimensions can be very explicitly given by six 4x4 matrices....
Mar11-12 03:57 AM
2 997
In (3+1) dimension Poincare group has three types of Symmetries : I. Space-time translations - 4 II. Spatial...
Mar11-12 12:11 PM
1 976
They say that a photon has two degrees of freedom, its two polarization states. Does that also mean that the...
Mar11-12 01:41 PM
1 2,065
To what extent is fair to say that mass is anti-energy or the opposite of energy? Energy makes "things" move...
Mar11-12 04:18 PM
1 854
Hi... I have to measure the end point energy of a beta minus particle being emitted from a Sr-90 radioactive...
Mar12-12 08:21 AM
0 1,276
Can anyone tell me, in detail, about Neutron - Proton interaction. Newbie here, so please use easy words(i know enough...
Mar12-12 02:25 PM
1 1,019
Is there some agreement about if the Wick rotation must produce exactly the same mass that the un-rotated equation, or...
Mar12-12 02:47 PM
1 968
they are in two different generations, but they would behave in the exact same way. maybe we can tell from neutrinos?...
Mar12-12 03:50 PM
5 1,271
1. How is the size of an atom defined? Shouldn't it be the size of the universe? Is it defined as: The max span of an...
Mar12-12 05:25 PM
8 1,058
Need help with this question. What are the wavelengths of the two photons produced when a proton and antiproton at...
Mar13-12 01:00 PM
2 2,106
Fermions are well known for NOT being able to exist in the same state, whereas bosons can. Hence why once an S...
Mar14-12 08:49 AM
5 1,171
Now that the superluminal neutrino fiasco is winding down, I'm interested in seeing if I can consolidate what I know...
Mar15-12 03:58 AM
6 1,567
I just wanted some feedback on a paper I just finished. Did I do everything correctly and does it make sense? It...
Mar16-12 02:46 AM
2 2,081
Hi folks -- does anyone happen to know a reference in which it is shown that if a theory has the Gaussian fixed point...
Mar17-12 11:30 AM
0 803
I don't understand where radioactive decay comes from. Everything I've read discusses how the environment can...
Mar17-12 06:40 PM
12 5,095
All the radioactive elements emit either alpha, beta, never both and maybe sometimes gamma with these. But why do they...
Mar18-12 06:15 PM
Bob S
6 1,604
I'm trying to understand a bit about CP violation and how it relates to neutrino oscillation. I have a book,...
Mar18-12 11:06 PM
1 1,148
If matter composed of quarks of positive charge, and anti-quarks have negative charge, why do we call electrons...
Mar18-12 11:19 PM
3 1,149
I've read that the neutron has a magnetic moment because it is made of composite particles, namely 1 up and 2 down...
Mar18-12 11:50 PM
14 2,953
How can I efficiently calculate the amount of material decayed after a specific time in a two-step decay chain? In...
Mar19-12 10:17 AM
2 1,459
I'm interested in understanding how the level of atmospheric radiocarbon has declined since atmospheric nuclear...
Mar19-12 11:11 AM
3 1,209
I am asking this question here rather than in some other forum assuming most of those interested in HEP visit this...
Mar19-12 01:29 PM
Bob S
2 1,404
This question might be beyond our current knowledge but i want to make sure. The reason why fermions do not overlap is...
Mar19-12 02:44 PM
2 1,109

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