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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
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God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 63,284
Thompson Scattering is photon scattering from a Beta Particle Surface. Beta particle mass is a fundamental nuclear...
Dec31-03 11:56 PM
0 2,048
For n by n matrices H^{+}_n H^{-}_n a(Hn+)(bHn-)=n^(m-1)Hn+, if a and b are even integers, ...
Jan9-04 12:12 PM
Antonio Lao
0 1,440
Quantized space H can only exist in one dimension. Its equation is given by equation 1-1, the square of the total...
Jan9-04 11:44 AM
Antonio Lao
0 2,044
Hooke's Law: W(x) = - \frac{kx^2}{2} k - spring force constant Yukawa Potential: U(r) = - f^2 \frac{e^-...
Jan23-04 02:43 PM
0 1,435
Strong Nuclear Quantum Chromodynamics: (SQCD) \alpha_s \left( E \right) = \frac{12 \pi}{ \left(33 - 2N_f \right) ln...
Jan27-04 08:25 AM
0 1,425
Here is a paper that maybe interesting:
Jan29-04 10:59 PM
0 2,329
In the experiments, researchers fired a rare isotope of calcium at a target made from americium. The new element 115...
Feb2-04 07:00 PM
0 1,283
could you give here links and information on anything about photons found and relative still from the past 2 years of...
Feb7-04 08:23 PM
0 1,256
Is there any general procedure to construct the generators of a SU(n) group?
Feb26-04 09:08 AM
0 1,573
Hello all I am new here, please pardon me if I have posted to the wrong board. My question should be fairly simple....
Mar16-04 02:25 PM
0 1,646
Highest Temperature The highest temperature created by humans is 905 million deg F - 30 times hotter than the...
May18-04 02:26 AM
0 3,341
0) A prize of 600 Euro will we awarded to the first article published in a peer reviewed section of any of the...
May18-04 10:46 AM
0 1,604
What is the average number of collisions per boson, or per fermion, over the age of the universe, or as a function of...
Jun28-04 11:53 PM
Loren Booda
0 1,834
I have a problem to solve: Suppose I have an orbital with angular momentum of single-particle J=5/2 (then M=+-5/2,...
Aug19-04 02:07 AM
0 1,410
We are known that there are the particles without the charge but with mass. Why Gravitational Solitons we cannot to...
Sep5-04 12:59 PM
0 1,841
Undoubtedly this question must have been asked dozens of times and I apologize, just a thought that blasted through my...
Oct30-04 09:24 AM
0 929
What causes a right-circularly polarised wave to be reflected by a right-handed cholesteric liquid crystal? Similarly,...
Sep30-04 09:56 PM
0 1,502
What physical mean does the Fermi Energy of a nucleus have? How would it related to the average energy of a nucleus? I...
Nov2-04 05:09 PM
0 3,763
Classical Quantum Electrodynamics: (QED) Classical QED gravitational Fine Structure Constant: \propto_g =...
Oct3-04 01:59 AM
0 1,254
Hi ppl... I have read my text book and it simply doesn't explane this.. so here goes.. NOTE: soz if this is in the...
Nov12-04 07:09 PM
0 999
Hi, I'm doing a work in english class about Radioactivity (especially Nuclear Energy and the Uses of...
Nov4-04 10:00 AM
Or Ozery
0 3,984
Hi.. Can anyone explain something about nuclear cross section...not the geometrical CS but the one in terms of...
Nov15-04 05:24 AM
0 1,656
I have a fundamental question. I am reading this modern physics book, and it says that an electron and a proton that...
Jan16-05 08:55 PM
0 1,412
Recently I am studying the structure of meson. I have a question, i.e. how many are the effective mass (or energy) of...
Jan16-05 07:23 PM
0 1,387
Jan15-05 01:50 AM
Ivan Seeking
0 2,449
Hi all I would like to know about nuclear spectroscopy using Semiconductor detectors like Ge(Li), Si(Li). And also...
Dec10-04 07:59 AM
vijay sai K.
0 1,084
Hi everybody can u tell me something about the internal conversion process ? And how r the conversion...
Dec10-04 08:03 AM
vijay sai K.
0 1,637
What is the energy of the photon emitted when a positronium atom goes from the n=3 state to the n=1 state? Edit:...
Dec16-04 01:27 AM
0 3,263
Pls enlighten me about when a nucleus is called as soft, transitional, deformed? ...
Jan16-05 09:38 PM
vijay sai K.
0 1,172
What is the explanation for some nuclides having these giant thermal neutron capturing cross sections? Like the...
Jan24-05 02:31 PM
Pieter Kuiper
0 1,398
I wasn't sure where to put this, but here is a site which gives a good summary of what's going on at CERN Accelerators...
Feb6-05 12:16 PM
0 1,433
Hi, I have read some texts on the Internet on neutrino detection but I have some things I hope you can clarify.. ...
Feb27-05 08:33 PM
0 1,266
I am making an exploratory search for papers (GUT models, SymBreaking, etc...) "predicting" the mass of Higgs at a...
Mar17-05 02:34 PM
0 1,622
i have been reading a breif history of time. It gives examples of how the 0,1, and 2 spins appear, but it does not...
Apr13-05 12:30 PM
0 1,010
PhysOrg recently release an article about Professor Lene Hau, known for slowing light WAY down, using ultra-cold...
Apr14-05 07:27 PM
0 1,427
Could someone please explain how the Feynman Lectures in Physics is relevant to a Penning Trap? :smile:
Jun8-05 01:57 PM
0 1,374
This article while several years old, is a nice summary of the state of the...
Jun9-05 03:00 PM
0 1,957
Hello I'm a french student, I'm actually not sure this is the good place to ask my question but as it deals with...
Jun10-05 01:42 PM
0 1,427
In the Plenary Session #1 of the Space Nuclear Conference 2005, Samuel C. C. Ting gave a presentation on the AMS-02,...
Jun12-05 08:21 PM
0 1,506
This paper: explains with nice illustrations the...
Jun13-05 07:01 PM
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