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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,919
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 62,457
I am reading about group theory in particle physics and I'm slightly confused about the word "representation". ...
Mar17-13 01:34 PM
2 757
Hello, I am currently studying spontaneous symmetry breaking in qft. Several textbooks I've read prove Goldstone's...
Feb8-14 07:45 AM
3 757
Hi everyone, I have studied QFT, the SM and the Higgs mechanism when I was in university and after reading an...
Apr25-14 09:26 AM
5 757
Hello all, My son and I have been doing experiments with a simple cloud chamber and I am curious what type of...
Feb3-13 08:43 AM
Vanadium 50
3 758
Is there some rumour about experimental measurements of decays into two photos that I have missed?
Oct17-10 11:18 AM
Meir Achuz
1 758
Hey, I've been reading a bit in the QFT book by Pierre Ramond about loops and i stumbled about some derivations in...
Jan27-11 01:35 PM
2 758
How can I prove by using the Lagrangian of some gauge theory (GWS say) that the vertex ##f \rightarrow f \gamma ##,...
Jun14-13 08:46 PM
0 758
Can anyone help me with two questions? 1. How efficient are x-ray monochrometers & why are different crystals...
Apr19-11 10:45 AM
0 759
How do protons and neutrons behave in nucleus? Is they just sit where? Or move some how? or maybe jei form some form...
Jun29-09 05:01 AM
1 761
I asked this in a thread on string theory, but the answer could well be in the standard model, so here I ask the same...
Nov13-10 02:49 PM
0 761
Yeah, there is many information on Internet, but it is a complicated level, they speak about cut-off, top-down, series...
May22-13 01:24 AM
0 761
what's $5\sigma$ discovery contour? Thanks
Oct3-10 01:25 AM
0 762
Hi all I found these equalities from Gordon Brown (1963). He uses the killing form to measure the length of the...
Apr12-12 10:53 AM
0 762
So I think, as a rule of thumb that for fission to be possible \frac{Z^2}{A}\geq47 I want to be able to derive this...
Nov12-12 07:40 AM
2 762
Can the products of high-energy particle collisions include the creation of electromagnetic/strong/weak/gravitational...
Dec20-12 05:15 AM
1 762
Hi, I'm just getting a little confused with all the definitions here and I need some confirmation on what I say is...
May18-14 02:27 PM
3 762
how to solve this equation using mesh point method? and what is the mesh point?
Nov18-10 06:10 AM
1 763
what are standards model limits on decay of K0, Do, B0 meson into a pair of neutrino and anti neutrino. I know that...
Mar15-13 02:15 PM
2 763
When we derive the Bethe-Salpeter equation, we have the relations of mass of constitute m, transverse momentum, q-hat...
Oct18-13 02:10 AM
0 763
In the standard QFT textbook, the Hermitian conjugate of a Dirac field bilinear \bar\psi_1\gamma^\mu \psi_2 is ...
Apr29-14 12:52 PM
7 763
Hi, Radioactive materials will decay to datughter products. in the mean process they emit alpha or beta...
Jan25-11 05:05 AM
2 764
Recently, I read a review on magnetic monopole published in late 1970s, wherein some conjectures of properties...
Nov16-13 03:30 AM
Simon Bridge
1 764
Dear PF, although I've gone through many particle phyics lectures and text books, I still have problems with wrap...
Jun15-14 05:56 PM
7 764
Hi @ all, I have a question about IR divergences at hadron colliders. I can see that there are also IR divergences...
Jul31-12 07:48 AM
0 765
Hello I am doing radioactivity with my year 10 class and it has set me think about something. I would be...
Mar16-13 04:45 PM
3 765
Hi, I am self-teaching Quantum Elctrodynamics, and have come across something which I do not understand. I would...
Mar19-14 08:35 AM
2 765
how we look in for particles,decide their properties like mass ,charge,spin etc in experiments(collision experiments)?
Mar9-11 09:41 AM
Meir Achuz
2 766
I'm in undergrad doing research with a professor. He's leaving for vacation for a few weeks, and has tasked me with a...
Jun14-13 11:01 PM
0 767
Can someone explain to me what is a Feyman diagram color-suppressed at the tree-level? It's my first post, sorry if...
Jun11-14 10:51 AM
5 767
Can anyone walk me through this calculation? I'm not completely sure how to do it (merely a student). So is this...
Nov22-09 04:48 AM
Vanadium 50
1 768
News reports have it at 4.9 magnitude and a depth of 1 kilometer The USGS appears to have it at 5.1 and the depth...
Feb13-13 02:12 AM
1 768
Does the shape of the Higgs potential change if the energy of the vacuum changes? According to Wikipedia, If a...
Apr4-13 07:28 AM
0 768
A proton and neutron "at rest" may stick to each other forming a deuterium and releasing some 2.2 MeV energy but what...
Jan13-11 09:02 AM
1 769
Consider the usual phi^4 theory, when we derive the Lehmann-Kallen representation of the propagator, by inserting a...
Oct5-10 07:08 PM
0 770
In calculations of weak interaction processes in the Fermi-theory, there are some amplitudes of the form:...
Jan9-11 09:10 AM
2 770
I know they have been very close to it and seen something similar to the boson but did they actually find it? it's...
Jul26-12 07:41 PM
1 770
what is the difference between luminosity, Intensity and flux in particle physics? Some time people use them in...
Mar15-13 08:31 AM
1 771
Hi, aside from nucleons is there any other stable (metastable doesn't count in this question) hadronic matter that...
Nov25-13 09:03 AM
9 772
Hi folks, I've been reading about Montonen-Olive duality and understand that two different classical theories can...
May5-14 12:25 PM
2 772
Hello. I would like to ask something that will help me understand a little better how we work with Dirac spinors'...
Feb4-14 01:56 PM
1 774

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