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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,200
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 63,524
Does anyone have any good technical papers covering the Majorana particle? ...
Jun3-13 04:48 PM
2 750
I have a problem understanding the attached part of the book... Specifically how they derived this result for the...
May10-14 01:48 PM
7 750
the wiki article on the higgs mechanism says "at a critical temprature the higgs field becomes tachyonic". Does it? If...
May5-13 11:32 AM
Pseudo Epsilon
2 751
Hey everyone i'm new here and this is my first thread, although i have great interest in chemistry and physics my...
Sep12-14 05:37 PM
3 751
Sep22-10 01:53 PM
1 753
Considering the modelling of a high energy proton beam neutrino experiment. I have questions concerning the scattering...
Dec14-13 06:22 PM
1 753
Sorry, brand new here and this may be in the wrong place or very obvious. When matter and antimatter annihilate is the...
Jan21-14 12:00 PM
7 753
what is breit wigner distribution function ? it is used in resonance scan means it decides the no of events for any...
Apr3-14 07:58 AM
7 753
I find that I cannot find some simple and basic data - when I search, I find recent articles working on advanced extra...
Sep27-12 02:22 PM
1 754
Can anyone suggest any study material for EXB sector field mass analysers?
May17-11 08:27 AM
0 755
Hello, people: I've been wondering about the definition of Quantum Fields in Curved Space-times (CS). I know that,...
Apr18-13 04:41 PM
Ben Niehoff
3 755
I am trying to understand what the author means by the attachment (the underlined phrase). In my understanding if...
Jun2-14 03:42 AM
4 755
In my book it says for the ##\pi N ## state: ##|\pi N; \frac{3}{2},\frac{3}{2}\rangle =|\pi ;1,1\rangle | N;...
Feb18-13 11:51 AM
4 756
Hi everybody, I am trying to set up a lab experiment on muon detection and determination of its decay time. I...
Aug7-12 10:09 AM
Simon Bridge
1 757
why is that particles such as the tau muon have a short lifespan and why is it that particles decay into other...
Jan30-13 02:02 PM
3 757
I wanna gain an understanding of Higgs mechanism I know I can't understand it precisely without knowing enough group...
Aug19-12 12:48 PM
0 758
I'm not sure if I can ask this question clearly, but anyway... We have this collection of 17 or so particles. Some...
Apr5-14 06:27 AM
9 758
Is there some rumour about experimental measurements of decays into two photos that I have missed?
Oct17-10 11:18 AM
Meir Achuz
1 759
This is just for fun so dont take it too seriously... So I've read about particle beam weapons and as far as I...
Jul3-12 04:28 PM
2 760
Hi all, Have any one idea about the recent Higgs searches at the LHC ? I mean after finding the SM Higgs , is...
Apr28-14 09:07 PM
11 760
Could you stop an incoming nuke with an emp? Would it disable the nuke, or just detonate? Or even hav no effect, what...
May1-13 11:15 PM
3 761
Hello, Well, as the subject line asks.... If the answer to this question is yes, how exactly does one create...
Jan17-09 10:20 AM
0 762
Hey, I've been reading a bit in the QFT book by Pierre Ramond about loops and i stumbled about some derivations in...
Jan27-11 01:35 PM
2 762
I'm pretty new to quantum mechanics, but I find the idea of a higgs field very interesting. I'm not sure if I...
Jan15-14 02:42 PM
2 762
I asked this in a thread on string theory, but the answer could well be in the standard model, so here I ask the same...
Nov13-10 02:49 PM
0 763
I am reading about group theory in particle physics and I'm slightly confused about the word "representation". ...
Mar17-13 01:34 PM
2 763
How can I prove by using the Lagrangian of some gauge theory (GWS say) that the vertex ##f \rightarrow f \gamma ##,...
Jun14-13 08:46 PM
0 763
Hi all, I'd like to more understand what is the difference between when we draw the differential cross section ...
Oct20-13 04:24 AM
0 763
Can anyone help me with two questions? 1. How efficient are x-ray monochrometers & why are different crystals...
Apr19-11 10:45 AM
0 764
Hi all I found these equalities from Gordon Brown (1963). He uses the killing form to measure the length of the...
Apr12-12 10:53 AM
0 764
Hi, Radioactive materials will decay to datughter products. in the mean process they emit alpha or beta...
Jan25-11 05:05 AM
2 765
So I think, as a rule of thumb that for fission to be possible \frac{Z^2}{A}\geq47 I want to be able to derive this...
Nov12-12 07:40 AM
2 765
How do protons and neutrons behave in nucleus? Is they just sit where? Or move some how? or maybe jei form some form...
Jun29-09 05:01 AM
1 766
Not sure if applicable here but I was doing some reading on ITER the fusion reactor. I have read about "Test Blanket...
Mar4-13 09:31 PM
1 766
what's $5\sigma$ discovery contour? Thanks
Oct3-10 01:25 AM
0 767
how to solve this equation using mesh point method? and what is the mesh point?
Nov18-10 06:10 AM
1 767
Hi everyone. I have a very quick question. Can someone tell me how to compute the energy dimensions of an n-point...
Feb26-14 05:42 AM
3 767
Current main stream theory is neutrinos must have mass. Recent paper claims its on the order of 5 to 50 eV (I've...
Mar24-14 05:38 AM
9 767
Can the products of high-energy particle collisions include the creation of electromagnetic/strong/weak/gravitational...
Dec20-12 05:15 AM
1 768
In classical physics, charged particles induce electric field ##\vec{E}_c## around them. How do we interpret this...
Jan30-14 11:36 PM
2 768

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