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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 61,674
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,742
Hello! I hear an elementary particle course and I wonder about one question: There is the multiplett of \pi^+,...
May21-08 08:23 PM
4 1,964
Quick question, regarding mass-energy equivalence (e=mc2) and matter creation. Knowing that there are many concete...
May21-08 01:54 PM
30 19,087
I'm interested in hearing from the experts (practicing physicists and teachers) here about what you think of the...
May21-08 12:24 PM
16 3,744
Please correct anything i have wrong, im not a physics guy :-). So my skills are lacking. Say i have two points a...
May21-08 11:53 AM
0 1,621
hi - I'm stuck on a question... use the graph to calculate the binding energy of uranium 235 nucleus: the graph...
May21-08 11:19 AM
3 4,091
why is the cross section of photon - proton less than the electron- photon cross section for the same photon energy??
May20-08 05:10 PM
5 3,919
I don't know where this should go or who is interested. Parton fragmentation in...
May20-08 04:53 PM
11 2,254
How come that higgs boson hasn't been found yet? According to wikipedia,The non-observation of clear signals leads to...
May20-08 04:20 PM
10 4,216
According to contemporary ideas the spin of elementary particle is a certain mysterious inner moment of impulse for...
May19-08 09:44 PM
9 1,471
Can someone please explain me with what and how antimatter is created. thanks!
May19-08 03:11 AM
1 1,259
When electrons collide with positrons, we get gamma-rays and other particles. Keeping in mind E=mc^2, is the result...
May19-08 03:04 AM
25 3,003
I am inquiring if anyone here is qualified to numerically demonstrate the solution to this equation? The equation...
May18-08 09:41 AM
5 2,162
Feynman wrote: "Throughout this entire story there remains one especially unsatisfactory features: the observed...
May18-08 05:37 AM
30 5,373
I'm doing some research on the history of particle physics from 1947-1964, and have been completely unable to find an...
May17-08 07:39 PM
2 1,969
Can someone provide some help with a derivation in Peskin and Schroeder (equation 4.126, p.122): V(\bold{x}) =...
May17-08 02:01 PM
1 5,834
I'm a little bit confused about the concept of Q^2. For fixed-target processes, Q is the momentum change of the...
May17-08 05:49 AM
2 1,231
A 3kV electron beam gun emitted electron to the sample(insulator) which placed on the stage. The stage is biased by...
May16-08 10:00 PM
0 1,009
well i have understood that bohr's model had a flaw and i have understood that electrons can orbit those radii around...
May16-08 09:39 AM
2 2,136
Ahoy maties, I understand that spin 'direction' relates to helicity, bosons have integral spin (-1, 0, 1, 2, etc)...
May16-08 04:43 AM
3 1,616
It seems strange to me that in such a simple case as the following the equation of motion depends on the choice of...
May15-08 02:05 PM
George Jones
3 1,493
Which is the connection between the perimeter law for Wilson loops and quantum fluctuations of matter fields...
May15-08 11:11 AM
4 2,312
please send me graphics of life of gamma ray particles whose origine lay in early universe for example at gamma ray...
May15-08 09:16 AM
peter kool
0 1,450
Hi all, I would be very grateful if anyone would be willing to check my understanding of this stuff as it has been...
May15-08 06:17 AM
2 1,475
I am inquiring if anyone here is qualified to numerically calculate the following equation: Fermi coupling constant...
May15-08 06:09 AM
9 6,997
New to the forum. Bellow is an idea, and I would like some feedback if this would be possible. Using the UCLA(B....
May14-08 05:04 PM
0 882
Assuming a Light Water Reactor, what would be the decay energy of the fission products of the reactor's nuclear waste...
May14-08 01:22 AM
3 1,802
I'm currently in a heated argument with a classmate about a portion of an experiment we did where we placed a beta...
May13-08 05:56 AM
0 3,013
A person being exposed to radiation (restricted to gamma) can have a time dependent effects. One can die in a year,...
May12-08 05:48 PM
bill nye scienceguy!
9 1,702
Hello, I'm working on a Time Of Flight simulation to detect some pair/particles and I need some information about...
May12-08 05:06 PM
2 1,508
We have seen nuclear power when atoms split. Could it be ..the day we split the proton is the day we end our own...
May12-08 01:39 PM
16 2,139
Suppose I try to find variation of the term \phi^2 under variation of \phi i.e., (\delta \phi). Then I take...
May11-08 01:04 PM
2 1,962
Is possible some elements (like Cadmium or Bohr) absorb neutrons, without any nuclear reaction in their atomic...
May10-08 08:07 PM
8 3,230
Does anyone know specific dates on when the first experiments (particularly thos involving finding the Higgsparticle)...
May9-08 01:38 PM
7 3,019
The moderators can change the title and/or move it to where they think this is appropriate. ===== The web is 15...
May9-08 10:35 AM
0 1,003
Why more energy is released in fusion than fission?
May8-08 07:31 PM
14 5,170
Hi, I'm an undergrad physicist in a bit of a pickle over how isospin relates to scattering amplitude. It's been...
May8-08 02:59 PM
0 1,548
Hi all! I have the following question to solve and it's getting me down. Suppose we have an alpha source with...
May7-08 12:47 PM
2 3,117
hello people, i am new at physics and i have a question that you will be able to answer !! well, supposedly...
May7-08 09:38 AM
5 1,830
what makes an alpha particle more strongly ionising than an electron? It is simply because of the fact that the alpha...
May7-08 07:40 AM
6 1,843
I have a few questions with spin. Actually, quite a alot. 1)What I know is proton and electron have spin. What...
May7-08 03:11 AM
1 1,078

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