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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,042
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,381
I was playing with Dirac equations and deriving some usefull details, Note sure for a calculation, is all the math...
Mar1-08 12:46 AM
3 1,528
hello, new & amazed by all the knowledge and passion on these! well no questions are stupid i hope. I've...
Feb29-08 10:00 AM
4 4,067
So, I was recently think about something. Don't ask me how I thought of this, but positrons and anti-protons were on...
Feb29-08 02:16 AM
1 2,611
I am still trying to get a handle on plasma behavior, if I had a gap intended to apply a field for the purpose of...
Feb28-08 05:45 PM
1 2,031
Why do antimatter and matter annihilate when they collide?
Feb27-08 05:43 PM
8 1,385
I am currently part of a group (University) working on a project that is focused on designing a linac to find the...
Feb27-08 12:18 PM
0 1,396
I'm doing a nuclear chemistry project right now, and I am able to solve all of the problems involving binding energy...
Feb26-08 07:09 AM
3 2,322
If a neutrino is unaffected by EM and strong forces, and only interacts weakly, how is it possible to measure its...
Feb25-08 03:43 AM
6 2,365
I encountered an argument that says that the weak mediators must be massive because the weak force is short range, by...
Feb24-08 03:47 PM
10 3,825
how can you explain atomic nuclei. liquid, charged, solid what? and there are some words about nuclear radius rn, rp...
Feb23-08 11:16 PM
3 4,021
Im currently studying different kinds of processes in QFT. Does somebody know where to find all the calculus done...
Feb22-08 11:09 AM
4 2,256
Hi guys First of all apologies if my question appears naive or simplistic - new to this field. I have read that...
Feb21-08 01:10 PM
4 4,333
If the higgs boson particle is discovered, what are some of the applicatons that might be found for the information...
Feb21-08 11:15 AM
4 1,873
I want to know why in many cases when we use optical model to calculate the cross section of nuclear reaction, we...
Feb21-08 08:02 AM
0 1,304
In an elementary particle decay, such as the decay of a positive pion into a positive muon and a muon neutrino, are...
Feb21-08 06:23 AM
5 2,075
I have not found a discussion open on this, and I would like to know if anybody has an opinion. My questions are...
Feb20-08 09:48 AM
0 1,877
Hello, I'm having trouble finding the rest energy of delta, on the internet. Can anyone give me this value please....
Feb19-08 03:50 PM
2 1,553
I am looking for the theoretical value of sin(2\beta) but I just keep finding the experimental one. I supose there is...
Feb19-08 03:48 AM
1 2,608
Please explain me the physical meaning of "Photon point" which is defined as q = E_{x}/\hbar c. Why (\gamma, \gamma...
Feb19-08 02:57 AM
0 1,285
I'm having a problem understanding QGP. Hadrons are bound states of quarks which interact by interchanging colour....
Feb18-08 02:18 PM
5 2,830
Could someone please explain to me why uds->uud+danti-up is an allowed reaction even though individual quark number...
Feb17-08 07:36 AM
3 1,994
As my final project in particle phys. I just have to give a talk and I need some ideas. I'm thinking either...
Feb16-08 09:16 PM
1 3,881
Ive been thinking about this for a while, what is the exact mechanism for radioactivity that results in there being a...
Feb16-08 07:55 AM
3 2,715
Could someone please explain why relatively light nuclei do not undergo spontaneous fission? Thanks.
Feb15-08 06:49 PM
Vanadium 50
2 2,548
Hi everybody! I thought I'd introduce myself. I have been lurking around on this forum for awhile now. Yes, I am a...
Feb15-08 03:01 PM
3 1,700
Why do they always say parity is maximally violated in weak interaction? This is true for W boson interactions. But...
Feb13-08 07:35 PM
2 1,693
Hello All, I was doing some research on different particle accelerator designs when I came across this interesting...
Feb13-08 03:36 PM
2 1,376
I am asking this question because I did not get it clarified in any of the books I have read. What is the rule for...
Feb13-08 01:27 PM
9 1,838
Is it possible in principle to accelerate particles to arbitrarily high energies? Suppose technology is no bar and...
Feb13-08 03:55 AM
18 3,001
I'm currently taking intermediate Lab II (Physics 414) and we're currently working on Gamma Ray Spectroscopy. We are...
Feb13-08 02:18 AM
Vanadium 50
2 2,719
Can there be cases where the cross section for the production of a radiative soft photon or gluon be larger than its...
Feb11-08 09:30 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,846
I am confused how to determine the spin / parity of excited states. In my textbook, one of the questions states: ...
Feb11-08 07:26 AM
8 14,440
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the follow observation (if anything)? (1) The graviton (putatively) mediates...
Feb11-08 12:48 AM
10 2,016
Alright, I'm trying to follow Weinberg's derivation of the matter part of the Lagrangian for electroweak theory, and I...
Feb9-08 04:08 AM
Jim Kata
8 2,327
This article's nearly a year old, and yet it contains a relatively recent piece of progress, which I've only just...
Feb8-08 03:14 AM
1 1,991
Does anyone believe that there are only three generations of leptons and quarks and that higher generations will not...
Feb5-08 05:47 PM
Vanadium 50
17 5,591
In equation (2.5.47), I am getting U(R(\hat p) = e^{+i \phi J_3} e^{+i \theta J_2} Instead of the "-" signs...
Feb4-08 08:56 AM
2 1,124
hi i would like to calculate the strangeness content of eta and eta'. Therefor I used the mixing formulas which you...
Feb2-08 02:28 PM
0 954
Does anyone understand how weinberg in his QFT book does QED via path integrals: specifically, how does he integrate...
Feb2-08 10:52 AM
7 2,506
Why does particle emission follow a poisson? Thanks in advance
Feb1-08 11:35 PM
4 1,473

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