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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 62,493
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,932
Just wondering whether there's any interaction, where the t-channel is prohibited, only the s-channel ?
Jun4-08 05:17 PM
1 1,456
What is the definition of light-cone gauge? Is there any advantage for working in this gauge?
Jun3-08 12:57 AM
3 3,184
Hi, Does anyone know how to calculate this quantity: <DeltaH_i(0)*DeltaH_j(t)>/<DeltaH_i(0)*DeltaH_i(0)>, where...
Jun2-08 07:14 PM
0 1,800
Please take a look at the file "Feynman.pdf". The ratio rate for the two decays is shown in the second file,...
Jun2-08 09:42 AM
3 1,343
Is weak interaction invaraint under CPT Symmetry? Why?
Jun2-08 05:21 AM
3 1,652
I was reading a NY Times article on the lawsuit filed by Wagner and Sancho and amongst the usual doomsday predictions...
Jun1-08 10:25 AM
5 2,096
Is there a general dependence of some physical quantities for the decay width of any particles?
May31-08 02:12 PM
1 6,689
This is a known fact that CKM matrix, a matrix that is used to connect the weak interaction eigenstates to mass...
May30-08 06:41 AM
11 3,338
Dear All, I've some confusion/doubt and want to clear those :smile: . They are following, 1....
May29-08 08:52 AM
0 2,322
I attach a solution to a problem. I don't understand the highlighted bit: I mean, firstly why can we assume that qc...
May29-08 08:23 AM
5 1,816
hi, I want to change the date to my old genie2k .cnf file. Any suggestion?
May29-08 02:57 AM
2 1,452
i was thinking about propagators, and I've got bit of a silly question. The amplitude for any given decay takes the...
May28-08 10:46 PM
9 2,151
The Higgs mechanism can give gauge bosons mass. However, in the electroweak theory, only W and Z get masses, not the...
May28-08 05:58 PM
13 5,101
Hello ! I will probably start a phd thesis about neutrinos (theoretical/phenomenological aspect) on october ... I...
May28-08 08:41 AM
9 2,001
Hi, just curious because I don't have it in my notes, say for fixed A (Atomic Number) we have Z_s which is the proton...
May27-08 01:12 AM
1 1,223
Please look at the attach file. If we take case a) it proves the C and P are independly violated (neutrinos are...
May26-08 05:29 PM
4 1,477
I have just read, in general, weak interactions, have the lowest Q values; meaning they have the smallest cross...
May26-08 02:24 PM
2 1,727
I understand the following: The cross section \frac{d\sigma}{d(cos \theta )} (e^+e^- \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-)...
May25-08 04:51 PM
8 2,253
I'm confused about how parities 'add up'. (I'm using the shell model of a nucleus) If you have e.g.a neutron in a d...
May25-08 03:07 PM
3 1,525
Suppose there's an interaction AB -> CD, that goes via a virtual W boson, my question is, will the virtual boson...
May23-08 06:50 PM
3 1,980
Hello. I was wondering what's the purpose of using Thallium (Tl) in Iodine Sodium (NaI) scintillators.
May23-08 04:43 PM
Ed Aboud
1 1,232
Hey! Virtual particles appear and annihilate all over the universe. If a pair is created just on a black hole event...
May23-08 09:23 AM
3 1,385
basically, what is it? also, is there such a thing as "colour change"? ahh, i have PHY3 tomorrow i can't believe i...
May22-08 05:38 PM
5 3,903
Hi, I'm trying to cover the basics of Cabibbo theory, yet the materials Ive been presented with give a very...
May22-08 03:29 AM
2 2,536
Hi everybody! While reading Peskin-Schroeder, i stuck in the in equation 5.4 about the unpolarized cross section of...
May22-08 01:36 AM
19 3,324
Hello! I hear an elementary particle course and I wonder about one question: There is the multiplett of \pi^+,...
May21-08 08:23 PM
4 1,972
Quick question, regarding mass-energy equivalence (e=mc2) and matter creation. Knowing that there are many concete...
May21-08 01:54 PM
30 19,216
I'm interested in hearing from the experts (practicing physicists and teachers) here about what you think of the...
May21-08 12:24 PM
16 3,760
Please correct anything i have wrong, im not a physics guy :-). So my skills are lacking. Say i have two points a...
May21-08 11:53 AM
0 1,626
hi - I'm stuck on a question... use the graph to calculate the binding energy of uranium 235 nucleus: the graph...
May21-08 11:19 AM
3 4,135
why is the cross section of photon - proton less than the electron- photon cross section for the same photon energy??
May20-08 05:10 PM
5 3,938
I don't know where this should go or who is interested. Parton fragmentation in...
May20-08 04:53 PM
11 2,265
How come that higgs boson hasn't been found yet? According to wikipedia,The non-observation of clear signals leads to...
May20-08 04:20 PM
10 4,235
According to contemporary ideas the spin of elementary particle is a certain mysterious inner moment of impulse for...
May19-08 09:44 PM
9 1,478
Can someone please explain me with what and how antimatter is created. thanks!
May19-08 03:11 AM
1 1,264
When electrons collide with positrons, we get gamma-rays and other particles. Keeping in mind E=mc^2, is the result...
May19-08 03:04 AM
25 3,038
I am inquiring if anyone here is qualified to numerically demonstrate the solution to this equation? The equation...
May18-08 09:41 AM
5 2,172
Feynman wrote: "Throughout this entire story there remains one especially unsatisfactory features: the observed...
May18-08 05:37 AM
30 5,447
I'm doing some research on the history of particle physics from 1947-1964, and have been completely unable to find an...
May17-08 07:39 PM
2 1,974
Can someone provide some help with a derivation in Peskin and Schroeder (equation 4.126, p.122): V(\bold{x}) =...
May17-08 02:01 PM
1 5,855

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