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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,041
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,370
Hi I have been looking into particle physics and i came across this question but i can not find the answer, the...
Nov13-12 08:29 AM
4 875
Quarks are imprisoned in hadrons, and have large binding and kinetic energies at all times. Ditto about gluons. How...
Nov13-12 07:54 AM
10 1,469
Hi, I'm considering the following process n+p→d+\gamma where d is the deuteron and \gamma a photon. I want to...
Nov12-12 10:26 PM
Simon Bridge
6 1,120
Hi all, my question is not strictly related with physics and I don't know if it is the right section. Anyway I...
Nov12-12 10:02 AM
2 815
So I think, as a rule of thumb that for fission to be possible \frac{Z^2}{A}\geq47 I want to be able to derive this...
Nov12-12 07:40 AM
2 714
Does antimatter has more mass than matter? Its not conclusively proven that they have the EXACT same mass. Also i...
Nov10-12 11:17 AM
7 1,589
Hope mods will allow this. Seeking comments on neutron detection techniques described in the linked paper. Authors are...
Nov8-12 11:31 PM
2 1,049
can a machine like big bang machine be used for controlled nuclear fusion economically for prodution of electricity?
Nov8-12 03:53 PM
1 872
I am reading an article on experimental nuclear physics. The article is about deuteron and triton production in Pb +...
Nov8-12 01:57 PM
4 952
I have an exam in introductory nuclear physics coming up in 2 days. I am supposed to present an article which i have...
Nov7-12 03:06 PM
6 1,466
Hi all, I have a question regarding to the branching ratio of neutral D-meson decay. Give three decays: 1. D -->...
Nov7-12 01:23 PM
9 1,423
i would like to ask a few questions about Neutrino oscillation 1) How can i calculate/obtain the mass eigenstates...
Nov7-12 08:26 AM
3 778
I need to know the mathematical argument that how the relation is true $(C^{-1})^T\gamma ^ \mu C^T = - \gamma ^{\mu...
Nov7-12 08:10 AM
2 1,256
I am looking for notes or a book that covers nicely the calculations for relativistic scatterings (Bhabba, Compton,...
Nov7-12 08:07 AM
4 951
I am looking at this pretty chart: ...
Nov7-12 08:00 AM
1 761
Hi everyone. I'm kind of new here, please be nice. So I was reading up some physics and came across the fact that...
Nov6-12 10:40 AM
15 2,256
hello , can anyone give the formula of the differential cross section and the macro cross section because in each web...
Nov5-12 10:15 AM
2 960
In Perkins's Introduction to High Energy Physics, the author obtained the spin of neutral pions from the decay \pi^0 →...
Nov5-12 07:20 AM
4 1,209
In the case of nuclear fission, when U-235 splits into Ba,Kr and three neutrons , then it is shown that the total...
Nov5-12 07:14 AM
3 817
There was an Iranian physicist,Mahmoud Hessaaby As an Iranian,I know him and am familiar with his works He had a...
Nov5-12 12:50 AM
Vanadium 50
3 1,119
Thank you.
Nov4-12 09:07 PM
0 691
I'm studying the semileptonic decay of the kaon and I'm currently reading about the Ademollo-Gatto theorem. The...
Nov4-12 11:28 AM
3 820
Hi all, I was wondering, is this scattering process even possible? Since we cannot mix the two neutrinos on one...
Nov4-12 07:18 AM
1 695
I'm currently studying the pion leptonic decay and I'm getting a bit confused about some factors. Firstly, le correct...
Nov4-12 03:07 AM
2 812
One point about Wick rotation is puzzling me and I can not find explanations in books. It concerns the invariants...
Nov3-12 04:18 PM
0 737
Do we innevitably need to attach each interaction with a symmetry?Could we contruct a theory of an interaction without...
Nov3-12 10:03 AM
Vanadium 50
5 832
This post is not related to my E=mc^2 post but is a follow-up on the thread: photon collision by misnoma. The...
Nov3-12 03:38 AM
11 1,432
When bombarding a target with a high energy proton beam, of the pions produced, what determines the percentage of them...
Nov2-12 03:47 AM
10 958
I'm trying to find out if anyone knows of an analytic formula that calculates the sum of the dimensions of all...
Oct30-12 07:06 AM
0 636
What are generations of particles and how are they organized into the different groups. What similarities do two...
Oct29-12 05:47 PM
7 966
Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm new here I'm in highschool and have read several books on...
Oct29-12 02:17 PM
2 1,113
"In 97.7% of disintegrations 123I decays by electron capture to an excited state of 123Te, which has an energy of...
Oct29-12 01:44 PM
1 1,010
Hey guys! I have a quick question! When were hadron jets first dicvovered? I would appreciate a year and month if...
Oct28-12 04:37 PM
2 870
Hi, I'm trying to do this problem (19.1 from Peskin) that apparently should be quite straightforward but when I plug...
Oct28-12 07:15 AM
4 1,119
The C and P symmetry violations are deduced from the separating the right-handed representation from left-handed...
Oct27-12 09:03 AM
Vanadium 50
8 1,298
hi, I need detailed information of Delta(1950) and N+(1700) as what the Particle/parton data table provides. The...
Oct24-12 05:40 AM
3 1,088
Hi all, I'm just getting started on particle physics and I have a few foolish :shy: questions about drawing...
Oct23-12 05:00 PM
3 1,132
I have a question: Excuse me if this has been answered on here. Neutrino's are said to travel at the speed of...
Oct23-12 09:21 AM
10 1,187
What were so strong arguments, that they go to such measurement? Why it is wrong to say simply, that Higgs does not...
Oct21-12 04:01 PM
39 7,624
The top quark has mass around 173GeV. The Higgs boson (probably) has only 125GeV. Why the top quark has been...
Oct21-12 08:45 AM
18 2,521

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