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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,229
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 59,081
I understand that helium 3 has a very high probability of fusing with thermal neutrons, and the reaction produces...
Sep24-13 12:29 PM
9 1,587
There's a recent (released?) documentary called "Particle Fever" about the search for the Higgs boson. I'm not sure if...
Oct1-13 04:22 PM
3 3,931
What are the properties of a photon with Planck energy? Is it even possible to interact with it, or does it just...
Sep26-13 02:41 PM
8 3,169
I'm not sure this thread belongs in this forum since we have now discovered a Higgs like boson. But I'm trying to...
Sep3-13 03:21 PM
20 5,591
I was reading the paper about the discovery of the first e+e- narrow...
Sep6-13 02:24 AM
3 1,275
So I'm doing a Beta Spectroscopy of Sodium and apart from the Energy Spectrum, I'm intending to use the Kurie Plot to...
Sep5-13 09:17 AM
3 1,459
Hi, Is there any good books which explain/calculate Wigner rotation, tensor operator, two-particle helicity state...
Sep8-13 08:43 PM
2 1,297
Hi, this is probably pretty simple but it's puzzling me... In neutrino oscillation, you produce and detect...
Sep6-13 07:12 PM
1 1,290
Hi guys, Could someone with a better understanding of the standard model answer a question about the weak force? ...
Sep18-13 04:18 PM
12 1,996
Hi folks, In his seminal work of 1937, Wigner showed that the rest mass and (absolute) spin of a particle are the...
Sep19-13 06:06 PM
2 1,225
Dear Physics Forum, can anyone tell me which of the fundamental interactions is involved in the Higgs Field? Or...
Sep24-13 03:35 AM
4 1,367
Hi folks, I was just reading about symmetries, and why we say that the two spin states of the electron are states...
Sep22-13 01:47 PM
3 1,187
What are the weak and strong forces? I'm trying to understand what are the strong and weak forces and more...
Sep24-13 03:27 PM
3 2,090
Hello If the time that takes for magnetization to rotate from its initial position (parallel with external...
Sep25-13 11:07 PM
3 1,641
What is the force that makes a neutron eject an electron, and how strong is it?
Sep29-13 03:46 AM
47 17,420
Hello fellow physicsforumists. I am currently looking at the standard model and one of the key ingridients is to...
Sep30-13 05:57 PM
7 5,742
If a fast moving thermal neutron can be slowed down to increase absorption chances, is there a way it can be brought a...
Oct2-13 02:39 PM
20 10,182
I expect you've heard about how the proton's weak charge has been measured directly: ...
Sep29-13 09:22 AM
4 1,163
1. Problem statement i am trying to calculate the momentum and energy of the products in the reaction 7Be4 + e...
Sep29-13 10:43 AM
3 1,741
Hi, I recently read the following article which deals with dark matter...
Oct2-13 02:29 PM
0 953
I read that nuclear binding energy is the energy required to separate a nucleus into its comprising nucleons. Why...
Oct2-13 09:28 PM
7 1,610
For the electron, wiki lists its magnetic moment as −1.00115965218076(27) μB. It does not list it for the Muon or...
Nov23-13 02:35 AM
6 1,055
Can anyone give or point me to a list of ALL continuous symmetries in the standard model, and the conserved currents...
Nov18-13 09:39 PM
3 903
Where would you use our new radiation detector? We are a student team from the Vienna University of Economics and...
Nov20-13 03:18 PM
5 1,021
I would like to ask you 2 completely separate questions... Since both concern the W,Zs I don't want to create more...
Nov20-13 09:50 AM
14 1,277
The binding energy (BE) per nucleon for 235U is 7.6 Mev. The 235U undergoes a nuclear fission to produce two fragments...
Nov21-13 07:48 AM
7 1,038
Hi all, I try to understand the difference which can made by using or not using NWA .. I have a process have...
Nov22-13 02:09 PM
2 630
I'm curious to know what tends to be 'left over' after particle collisions at sites like LHC. I realize that many...
Nov20-13 03:34 PM
5 790
Hello to everybody, I need some explanation on how to use SDEF variables to define correctly a planar rectangular...
Nov20-13 05:51 AM
0 674
I read recently, that by separating two quarks, once a high enough energy has been introduced, new quark pairs will...
Nov22-13 01:22 PM
11 1,057
Hi everyone, my question seems pretty simple, but I couldn't find any answers. OK, so the neutrino flavour...
Nov22-13 06:08 PM
9 816 "Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the...
Nov22-13 08:53 PM
1 655
Hello, I am a layman who just read Sean Carroll's The Particle at the End of the Universe and I am trying to...
Nov24-13 08:06 AM
7 946
As I mentioned, I want to know if the cahrge distribution of nuclei has any influence on electronic properties. And...
Nov23-13 12:37 PM
2 694
Hello. I read about fast neutron therapy for cancer and the therapy uses a beam of high energy neutrons. How do you...
Nov24-13 01:52 PM
2 658
Hi all, why in SUSY we tend to use 2- components Weyl spinor field not the ordinary Dirac filed .. Regards,...
Nov24-13 11:47 AM
3 685
Hi All, I'm working through the theory of the strong interaction and I roughly follow it. However I have some...
Nov25-13 06:54 AM
1 660
I was given a sample, that it is suppossed to be a medium thickness Rhodium on top of an infinite silicon waffer. The...
Nov30-13 05:07 PM
2 563
I'm currently doing some research at the moment for my professor, and he gave me a list of things to look at. Before...
Dec1-13 01:11 AM
Simon Bridge
3 582
Can the classical electromagnetic force between two arbitrarily moving electrons, described by the Lienard-Wiechert EM...
Dec1-13 03:38 PM
1 703

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