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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,057
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,439
Hi everybody, i'm worried about some calculation. I have to write down the amplitude for the neutral Kaon...
Nov29-13 05:51 AM
7 3,406
The problem is showing (□+m^2)<0| T(∅(x)∅(y)) |0> = -δ^4 (x-y) I know that it is relavent to Green's function,...
Nov12-13 09:34 AM
2 1,438
Dear Physics Forum, As I understand it, the Higgs field is a quantum field that stretches throughout our universe....
Nov28-13 10:42 AM
48 3,029
Why c - 14 is radio active though n/p ratio is less than 1.5?
Nov6-13 08:21 AM
7 721
I was reading this recent Scientific american article wich I found interesting, and was spurred on by it to ask a...
Nov9-13 07:04 AM
13 1,395
Hello, I have had this question for awhile now. What is the difference a delta baryon and a nucleon? they seem to have...
Nov9-13 04:34 AM
2 814
Hi, experts I got a very naive question. I read the following sentence in a paper: "New results on the production of...
Nov7-13 07:36 PM
5 758
Hi Just a quick question that I have been wondering about ... how do nucleons fill energy levels, and what is the...
Nov8-13 06:26 AM
1 830
I confront an integration with the following form: \int d^2{\vec q} \exp(-a \vec{q}^{2})...
Nov10-13 07:55 PM
2 834
Hello everyone, I have been wondering about the quantization of Maxwell's equation in free space, but now suppose that...
Nov12-13 08:08 AM
6 1,002
Hello everyone, I have read about the theoretical values of the Z boson decay partial width and how well they...
Nov11-13 01:06 PM
Vanadium 50
6 936
I am studying QFT and got stuck on one question which may be simple. Why is structure constants (in Lie algebra) real...
Nov11-13 10:05 AM
George Jones
3 991
Can anyone give or point me to a list of ALL continuous symmetries in the standard model, and the conserved currents...
Nov18-13 09:39 PM
3 754
I know that, given scalar A_{i} fields, the normal order is defined as :A_{1}...A_{n}: = \sum \prod A^{-}_{i}\prod...
Nov16-13 08:35 AM
0 593
Recently, I read a review on magnetic monopole published in late 1970s, wherein some conjectures of properties...
Nov16-13 03:30 AM
Simon Bridge
1 663
Where would you use our new radiation detector? We are a student team from the Vienna University of Economics and...
Nov20-13 03:18 PM
5 867
Hi all, Do any one know what is the spin correlation and what its relation to theNarrow Width Approximation. ...
Nov17-13 04:11 PM
1 640
I would like to ask you 2 completely separate questions... Since both concern the W,Zs I don't want to create more...
Nov20-13 09:50 AM
14 1,095
The binding energy (BE) per nucleon for 235U is 7.6 Mev. The 235U undergoes a nuclear fission to produce two fragments...
Nov21-13 07:48 AM
7 839
Hi all, I try to understand the difference which can made by using or not using NWA .. I have a process have...
Nov22-13 02:09 PM
2 537
I'm curious to know what tends to be 'left over' after particle collisions at sites like LHC. I realize that many...
Nov20-13 03:34 PM
5 713
Hello to everybody, I need some explanation on how to use SDEF variables to define correctly a planar rectangular...
Nov20-13 05:51 AM
0 556
I read recently, that by separating two quarks, once a high enough energy has been introduced, new quark pairs will...
Nov22-13 01:22 PM
11 832
Hi everyone, my question seems pretty simple, but I couldn't find any answers. OK, so the neutrino flavour...
Nov22-13 06:08 PM
9 708 "Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the...
Nov22-13 08:53 PM
1 599
Hi, I'm studying about Renormalization group. I have a question about mass beta-function. Usually, when we...
Nov30-13 06:56 AM
9 1,066
As a physics student, I understand that α particles are emitted and are the same as helium atoms without electrons. ...
Nov29-13 09:05 AM
13 1,206
Co-60 is produced from Co-50 through neutron activation. Neutron flux 10^18 nuetrons/(s*m^2). cross section is 20...
Nov27-13 06:12 PM
3 590
Hello, Empirically, the flux distribution of cosmic ray muons follow cos^2(θ) where θ is angle of incidence....
Nov30-13 02:24 PM
4 739
I was given a sample, that it is suppossed to be a medium thickness Rhodium on top of an infinite silicon waffer. The...
Nov30-13 05:07 PM
2 475
Hi everyone, I am doing a final project on the title " fundamentals of neutrino physics". I wanted to raise some...
Dec1-13 04:36 PM
4 591
If we could set the strong force to be ten times weaker (compared with the electromagnetic force) how much would the...
Dec15-13 02:57 PM
32 2,029
Is the most stable/likely configuration of protons in heavy nuclei that of being evenly distributed throughout the...
Dec16-13 02:31 PM
8 886
I read in my textbook that a decay process involving the strong interaction has a very short lifetime (10^-23s)...
Dec14-13 09:53 PM
4 742
I know that the strong force is viewed as the exchange of virtual pions between two nucleons, with the mass and range...
Dec18-13 03:31 AM
8 912
Salutations, question:~wikipedia. I'm assuming that's because (correct me if i'm wrong) those particles would travel...
Dec18-13 05:04 PM
13 949
Recently, I was thinking about spin and isospin. It's been a while since I've dealt with particle physics, so my...
Dec17-13 08:15 AM
0 708
i am actually calculating the nuclear spin of Sodium 23. Here we have 11 protons and 12 neutrons. Now both the nuclei...
Dec19-13 07:35 AM
Vanadium 50
4 710
Hello everybody. I am going to propose an experiment with a proton beam at CERN for a contest. This contest. Also...
Dec19-13 06:39 PM
1 785
Why exactly is it that the Higgs field is not considered a fundamental force? Since the Higgs Boson has been confirmed...
Jan1-14 04:30 PM
6 1,002

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