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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,122
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,688
Why is the chiral symmetry breakdown determined for the vector/axial current as: V =...
Apr9-14 05:07 PM
1 328
THREAD CHANGE *SPINOR IDENTITY*...although it's connected with SuSy in general, it's more basic... I am trying to...
Apr8-14 03:28 PM
3 414
The Monte Carlo simulation is a very important tool in particle physics specially to tune in the preciseness of the...
Apr8-14 02:33 AM
3 539
I mean Goldstone bosons in the title. Sorry I don't know how to edit the title. Goldstone's Theorem says that...
Apr7-14 10:22 PM
10 579
I have two related questions to ask relating to statements found in introductory particle physics textbooks. The...
Apr5-14 05:15 PM
1 404
Hello, I need some help understanding the possible decays of buttomonium b\bar{b}. If I consider weak and...
Apr5-14 10:52 AM
2 564
I'm not sure if I can ask this question clearly, but anyway... We have this collection of 17 or so particles. Some...
Apr5-14 06:27 AM
9 585
Hi all, I've been seeing this again and again, that delayed neutrons are the ones that are allowing thermal nuclear...
Apr4-14 05:58 PM
7 438
So I was thinking what are the differences between ionization and radiation energy loss for particles through a...
Apr4-14 03:03 AM
3 514
what is breit wigner distribution function ? it is used in resonance scan means it decides the no of events for any...
Apr3-14 07:58 AM
7 598
In beta decay, is the W boson created by the change of a quark or does it cause the change? Also, I don't fully...
Apr2-14 05:31 PM
8 550
I am currently confused... I read that we don't know yet where does the proton spin come from. But I wonder... 1)...
Apr2-14 11:46 AM
Vanadium 50
14 813
P.W. Anderson in his essay "more is different" said that: "no stationary state of a system has an electric dipole...
Apr2-14 09:41 AM
1 371
In the process of particle decay (eg carbon-14 ---> nitrogen-14), is there any relations with radioactivity? Is it...
Mar31-14 12:43 PM
6 557
I think this is more or less a quick question. So deuteron (pn) is an isosinglet in the state |00>...
Mar31-14 05:04 AM
1 458
There are many other particles having a larger nucleus than carbon-14 but they are stable. Why? Why is carbon-14...
Mar30-14 05:46 PM
6 476
Hi everyone. I was trying to reproduce the calculation needed to include the QCD correction to the low energy...
Mar29-14 01:57 PM
3 546
Hi, I was just trying to draw a Feynman diagram for ψ' to χ_{c} states. So we have a electromagnetic transition. ...
Mar29-14 08:09 AM
1 397
Hi, I am looking into symmetry breaking and how it (may have) affected the photon/baryon ratio in the primordial...
Mar29-14 07:53 AM
5 635
This question is probably very over-simplistic, however: if neutrinos are majorana particles, which are their own...
Mar29-14 07:23 AM
4 432
Hi everyone, I have a doubt on Fierz identities. If we define the following quantities: S=1,\; V=\gamma_\mu,\;...
Mar27-14 12:30 PM
2 441
Assume that, in cartesian coordinate, we have a quark with momentum ##k=(k_0,0,k_0sin\theta,k_0\cos\theta)## and a...
Mar26-14 10:24 PM
0 451
I'm a little confused about whether the higgs boson is the mediator of the higgs field. I haven't had a chance to...
Mar26-14 09:27 PM
Simon Bridge
31 2,267
Hi, I'm trying to understand the process in the Feynman diagram below: ...
Mar26-14 08:52 AM
9 420
Hello. My teacher and I have had this very intense debate for quite some time now and we need your opinion on this...
Mar25-14 04:30 PM
6 514
Hi I am having trouble following the derivation of the fermionic oscillator partition function in zeta function...
Mar25-14 03:52 PM
0 417
Hi, I've been reading about Feynman diagrams lately and I'm trying to understand the pair annihilation diagram. The...
Mar25-14 04:46 AM
5 524
Various astrophysical processes produce antineutrinos, which then fly off into outer space. I assume there are pretty...
Mar25-14 04:02 AM
11 494
Current main stream theory is neutrinos must have mass. Recent paper claims its on the order of 5 to 50 eV (I've...
Mar24-14 05:38 AM
9 586
If an electrically charged particle is a scalar, and a magnetically charged particle is a pseudoscalar, then what is a...
Mar23-14 05:43 PM
2 382
For a 2nd order electron-positron scattering, the following diagrams are possible:...
Mar22-14 06:05 PM
15 949
I am not sure whether this belongs here or not, but I'll try this topic insteed of SR+GR I was wondering, since...
Mar22-14 12:41 PM
7 452
why massless particle, such as photon, can only have two helicity states? Photon's helicity is 1,-1. Helicity zero is...
Mar21-14 02:43 PM
4 568
Hi, all. Could anyone recommend some good software for modeling nuclear physics? I have concept nuclear rocket that I...
Mar21-14 10:37 AM
0 366
If gauge symmetries are really just redundancies in our description accounting for nonphysical degrees of freedom,...
Mar20-14 12:38 PM
11 865
Hi guys, I am currently trying to figure out the best way to create a target of deuterated polyethylene for neutron...
Mar19-14 04:05 PM
0 505
Say a uranium-238 nucleus with angular momentum II decays to thorium-234 plus an alpha particle. Will the sum of the...
Mar19-14 10:33 AM
2 467
Hi, I am self-teaching Quantum Elctrodynamics, and have come across something which I do not understand. I would...
Mar19-14 08:35 AM
2 497
I know what gauge invariance is, but I'm not sure what gauge covariance is. Is it that a given field has a gauge...
Mar17-14 02:10 AM
14 2,500
Hello, there are several papers on QCD in Hamiltonian formulation, especially in Coulomb gauge. Unfortunately the...
Mar15-14 01:03 PM
2 568

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