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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,940
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 62,542
Dear All, I've some confusion/doubt and want to clear those :smile: . They are following, 1....
May29-08 08:52 AM
0 2,322
Hi all, If I take an action involving two point particles coupled together by a delta function contact interaction...
Jun8-13 03:09 PM
2 997
with this technique that has been used to detect quarks, are the results reproducable every time? or are there...
Apr16-09 11:29 AM
Bob S
5 1,364
the whole concept, I just don't get it. really its the unification I don't really understand. does flavor turn into...
Jun23-09 10:29 AM
12 2,963
Hi all, I would like to ask why only Protons were selected for collision in LHC project? Why not other fundamental...
May25-13 07:28 AM
8 1,338
The IAEA and ISO have introduced a new radiation warning symbol meant to be used on high activity Category 1, 2 and 3...
Mar7-07 09:19 AM
6 2,724
No luck getting an answer in the astophysics forum, let's try here. An article. ...
Aug13-12 08:41 PM
0 648
When an electron is orbiting a proton, why is it not compelled to be attracted to the proton? Why doesn't it stick to...
Jul1-04 01:30 AM
8 1,809
I am trying to do some plots for determining the range of higgs mass. Can somebody tell me how to plot higgs mass...
May20-12 01:40 PM
Imraan Pervez
6 1,698
When I opened up the "High Energy,Nuclear,Particle Physics" section, it was kind of like "Holy $#^*!!!- I don't know...
Jun24-14 12:44 PM
4 700
How is it possible to have a pion that is made up of a linear combination of quarks? I mean, what are the physical...
Jun21-07 02:52 PM
15 2,791
I was wondering what the different between pseudorapidity and rapidity was (pertaining to a high energy accelerator)....
Jul1-07 03:05 PM
Hans de Vries
5 4,623
I was wondering if there were any sites or if any one of your could explain cross section weighting relating to HEPP....
Jul3-07 02:04 PM
0 1,490
Hi all, I'm trying to teach myself high energy physics and was wondering if any one knew a good reference site on...
Apr22-08 01:09 PM
30 5,355
in HEP, what exactly is the definition of soft particle? also, why are branching fractions \Gamma in GeV instead of...
Apr4-08 09:39 AM
9 2,006
Is there a difference between (1-\gamma^5) and (1-\gamma_5) ? I see the two used interchangeably when...
Apr26-08 07:18 AM
6 1,853
Would anyone know of any textbook that has explicit calculations of cross section using intermediate vector boson...
Apr25-08 09:54 AM
5 2,190
I am baffled by what exactly it means to have the following (ingoing, outgoing) lepton pair configuration: (0,\nu_L...
Apr23-08 07:02 AM
0 1,339
Co-60 is produced from Co-50 through neutron activation. Neutron flux 10^18 nuetrons/(s*m^2). cross section is 20...
Nov27-13 06:12 PM
3 672
Could someone please explain how the Feynman Lectures in Physics is relevant to a Penning Trap? :smile:
Jun8-05 01:57 PM
0 1,370
Hi, If we calculate the flux at a certain distance from a source of radiation by first neglecting the effect of...
Nov8-09 04:27 PM
Bob S
9 1,838
I am aware that there is strong evidence for the presence of quarks inside of protons and neutrons through the...
Oct27-09 09:33 AM
11 2,430
I've been reading about the T2K experiment where a "neutrino beam" is being sent from the J-PARC accelertor in Takio...
Nov27-09 09:58 PM
Bob S
9 1,466
I've been reading most of the threads here in particle physics forum. Recently, I noted a couple of threads started by...
Dec21-09 11:37 PM
17 3,003
I'm trying my best to learn particle physics and cosmology for the last year or so. One of the concepts I'm trying to...
Aug2-10 01:16 PM
33 6,359
Where does most of the heat energy in fission reactions come from? -Does it come from radiation emitted from...
Sep28-09 10:18 AM
1 1,108
In a nuclear reaction, protons and neutrons are separated from each other. My question is, why can protons and...
Jul23-10 12:49 AM
2 2,305
As a person with a very basic understanding of nuclear physics, I am curious about the source of energy in a fission...
Dec28-10 02:55 AM
2 903
It's a famous claim that spin-0, spin-1 and spin-2 fields are described by scalar, vector and second-rank tensor,...
Aug16-10 06:42 AM
8 3,417
Consider the simplest \phi^4 with Z_2 breaking. Before the shift, \langle\phi\rangle=0 by symmetry. After the shift,...
Nov10-10 09:39 PM
4 1,179
When people discuss the Schwinger model, sometimes they still call the electron field spin-1/2 and the EM field...
Sep29-10 12:16 AM
1 1,302
Consider the usual phi^4 theory, when we derive the Lehmann-Kallen representation of the propagator, by inserting a...
Oct5-10 07:08 PM
0 771
Three questions, In a femtosecond laser, or any laser for that matter, how is a pulse generated from noise? how do...
Jul29-14 02:11 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 864
Hello, I have some basic questions that perhaps someone within the proper field might answer. I was wondering if...
Dec6-09 06:29 PM
0 1,074
Hello everyone !!! First of all, Quantum Field Theory is not my field of research. However, I have to investigate...
Sep2-13 03:28 AM
4 1,482
Hey all, I am currently revising for my Physics mock but i can't get my head around high energy electron...
Dec27-06 04:31 PM
6 4,438
The quarks that make the proton are up, up and down with masses of around 2, 2 and 4 MeV/c^2 respectively. So, how...
May6-11 09:38 AM
14 2,513
If the Higgs is responsible for the mass in the universe, but the Higgs itself has mass, then isn't that a little...
May13-11 01:08 PM
5 1,792
Hi, i would like about the decay of positronium (a electron and a positron going around the center of mass) in 2...
Jan31-09 01:51 PM
5 3,437
I was wondering if someone could answer these questions? It is obvious that the forces due to electromagnetics are...
Dec30-06 08:48 AM
3 2,564

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