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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,215
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 58,997
Co-60 is produced from Co-50 through neutron activation. Neutron flux 10^18 nuetrons/(s*m^2). cross section is 20...
Nov27-13 06:12 PM
3 651
Could someone please explain how the Feynman Lectures in Physics is relevant to a Penning Trap? :smile:
Jun8-05 01:57 PM
0 1,357
Hi, If we calculate the flux at a certain distance from a source of radiation by first neglecting the effect of...
Nov8-09 04:27 PM
Bob S
9 1,801
I am aware that there is strong evidence for the presence of quarks inside of protons and neutrons through the...
Oct27-09 09:33 AM
11 2,390
I've been reading about the T2K experiment where a "neutrino beam" is being sent from the J-PARC accelertor in Takio...
Nov27-09 09:58 PM
Bob S
9 1,446
I've been reading most of the threads here in particle physics forum. Recently, I noted a couple of threads started by...
Dec21-09 11:37 PM
17 2,948
I'm trying my best to learn particle physics and cosmology for the last year or so. One of the concepts I'm trying to...
Aug2-10 01:16 PM
33 6,251
Where does most of the heat energy in fission reactions come from? -Does it come from radiation emitted from...
Sep28-09 10:18 AM
1 1,099
In a nuclear reaction, protons and neutrons are separated from each other. My question is, why can protons and...
Jul23-10 12:49 AM
2 2,275
As a person with a very basic understanding of nuclear physics, I am curious about the source of energy in a fission...
Dec28-10 02:55 AM
2 885
It's a famous claim that spin-0, spin-1 and spin-2 fields are described by scalar, vector and second-rank tensor,...
Aug16-10 06:42 AM
8 3,367
Consider the simplest \phi^4 with Z_2 breaking. Before the shift, \langle\phi\rangle=0 by symmetry. After the shift,...
Nov10-10 09:39 PM
4 1,163
When people discuss the Schwinger model, sometimes they still call the electron field spin-1/2 and the EM field...
Sep29-10 12:16 AM
1 1,275
Consider the usual phi^4 theory, when we derive the Lehmann-Kallen representation of the propagator, by inserting a...
Oct5-10 07:08 PM
0 762
Three questions, In a femtosecond laser, or any laser for that matter, how is a pulse generated from noise? how do...
Jul29-14 02:11 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 616
Hello, I have some basic questions that perhaps someone within the proper field might answer. I was wondering if...
Dec6-09 06:29 PM
0 1,062
Hello everyone !!! First of all, Quantum Field Theory is not my field of research. However, I have to investigate...
Sep2-13 03:28 AM
4 1,448
Hey all, I am currently revising for my Physics mock but i can't get my head around high energy electron...
Dec27-06 04:31 PM
6 4,415
The quarks that make the proton are up, up and down with masses of around 2, 2 and 4 MeV/c^2 respectively. So, how...
May6-11 09:38 AM
14 2,469
If the Higgs is responsible for the mass in the universe, but the Higgs itself has mass, then isn't that a little...
May13-11 01:08 PM
5 1,758
Hi, i would like about the decay of positronium (a electron and a positron going around the center of mass) in 2...
Jan31-09 01:51 PM
5 3,402
Has anyone out there read BR Martin's new book: "Nuclear and Particle Physics, An introduction" ?? There is no review...
Sep3-06 05:40 PM
1 3,547
I was wondering if someone could answer these questions? It is obvious that the forces due to electromagnetics are...
Dec30-06 08:48 AM
3 2,515
I was told that when electrons and positrons collide they produce 2 photons of 0.511MeV each. But what happens to the...
Mar25-05 10:58 AM
5 6,451
Question. Does a stream of Electrons emitted in a Hard Vacuum Diode absorb light? If so what is the absorption...
Jan20-06 04:52 PM
3 2,674
Are there any really good High Energy Particle Target Images that we can see that have good resolution of the...
Mar8-06 11:15 AM
0 1,238
I was just doing a little test and one question that I got wrong and can't seem to rationalise the supposed correct in...
Apr27-07 02:39 AM
1 2,546
Could someone tell me if the quark has been experimentally proved to exist? I mean in a particle accelerator. Or...
May9-11 06:19 AM
Meir Achuz
17 6,681
Lately, I've heard that the scientists at Brookhaven National Lab were able to create a collision between gold ions...
Jun20-10 06:27 PM
11 6,842
Hi! I need an help on short thesis I'm writing for an exam. It is about artificial radioactivitiy, and my professor...
Nov4-11 10:41 AM
7 2,264
Is the field of the theorised Higgs particle totally distinct from those fields which give rise to fleeting virtual...
Jun25-11 03:55 PM
4 2,286
Maybe a question better suited to medical doctors, but here we go: what if you got hit in the head by the OMG particle...
Jun15-11 04:54 PM
Islam Hassan
0 1,384
If no other force is responsible for annihilation, is it a force in itself? Does one always need a gauge boson in...
Jun25-11 04:18 AM
Islam Hassan
17 2,677
Starting from 01:43 in the following video, mysterious CERN "Zen events" are discussed being particle collisions with...
Jun24-11 12:27 PM
Islam Hassan
0 1,154
What drives particle decay? Is it an elementary, irreducible observation or can we model it based on a set of...
Jun27-11 03:23 PM
1 1,165
Like the question says: if a particle is perfectly static with respect to the Higgs field, can we still define mass or...
Nov26-12 10:05 AM
13 1,891
I read recently that all energy is either kinetic or potential. In high energy physics, it is easy to understand...
Nov25-12 08:25 AM
1 947
Are QED/QCD themselves field theories or sub-field theories of other more general field theories? What are the...
Dec15-12 10:23 AM
8 1,222
If cosmic rays include particles with energies way way beyond what is achievable with classic colliders like the...
Dec18-12 09:25 AM
Islam Hassan
14 1,579
Can the products of high-energy particle collisions include the creation of electromagnetic/strong/weak/gravitational...
Dec20-12 05:15 AM
1 747

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