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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,194
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,007
During beta decay (eg of strontium) a neutron becomes a proton and an electron. The electron then leaves the atom. The...
Feb8-04 12:15 PM
1 3,327
What are some simple real life examples of new technologies that particle physics has given today's society? Thanks...
Mar10-04 01:28 AM
1 2,046
Does anyone know where to find some high quality bubble chamber photos? Any information would be appreciated.
Mar12-04 12:11 PM
Cyclotron Boy
1 7,832
I don't understand why the pi(+) has such a long lifetime compared to the pi(0). Can anyone give me a simple...
Mar22-04 04:52 PM
1 1,936
What is the quantitative relationship for the repulsion of one charge by another in terms of the electric coupling...
Mar27-04 03:42 PM
1 1,874
What is a charmed meson? What are eta, eta', omega, or phi particles? Is there a site which explains the charm meson...
Apr4-04 03:53 PM
1 2,457
I was having a little discussion with my teacher this evening, and I had a funny idea. I recalled that an atom is...
Apr6-04 04:07 AM
1 1,488
I'm looking for advice about which physical/mathematical model to study in order to understand the mechanism of cooper...
Apr14-04 02:02 PM
1 1,312
what is meant by backscattering electrons? :confused: i am confused by this and secondary electrons.... thx for...
Apr29-04 06:34 AM
1 2,923
I hear about a process called DVCS ("Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering") which should allow access to new...
May14-04 07:31 AM
1 1,472
what are the spin of quarks with +2/3 and -1/3 charge? need info urgently
Jun1-04 08:12 PM
1 1,433
Has anyone got good pointed in higgs models beyond the minimal? The PDG review is too small for my taste. From...
May28-04 01:13 PM
1 1,708
Concerning the Magnetic Moments of the Nucleus (Nuclear Magneton mu sub N) and the Proton (mu sub p) respectively, is...
Jun6-04 11:59 PM
1 2,706
Third and final A2 Physics paper tomorrow. Currently struggling with one of the articles we have been given to...
Jun28-04 01:54 PM
1 3,469
I've heard that the weak interaction actually governs fusion between hydrogen especially in the sun, how does this...
Aug20-04 03:33 AM
1 3,372
Individual quarks change colour as time passes. Since colour is physically tied to electric charge - colour and...
Jul24-04 03:31 PM
1 1,439
I came across a theory that said it's possible to create miniature black holes in particle accelerators. And that...
Aug5-04 05:17 PM
1 1,289
There's a site i regularly browse and read up on and Hans posted a rather unique article last month that shows a...
Aug17-04 03:01 AM
1 1,645
hey, im a bit confused about the forces. if theres four of them, where does color fit in? the hyper-physics website...
Jul28-04 01:10 AM
1 1,609
Question: What would it take to coax a deuterium atom to give up its neutron? In terms of input energy? Would you...
Aug31-04 07:17 PM
1 1,724
hi i'm new here hope you can help me with this problem nuclei A decays to B and then to C(stable) A and B have the...
Oct31-04 03:54 PM
1 3,366
Just a quick question i wonder some one could help me with, when ions charge do they attract the charge in some way or...
Sep26-04 05:44 PM
1 1,630
Anyone know how to calculate the average spacing between successive ionizations of alpha particles? My case is with 4...
Nov2-04 01:41 PM
Pieter Kuiper
1 1,617
I recently saw posts indicating that the SM does not have baryon and lepton number as exact symmetries, and in fact...
Oct26-04 11:30 AM
1 1,781
Ok I am understanding of how mass turns into light, but how does light turn into mass?
Oct6-04 06:49 AM
1 1,311
There is a new site called "Life on the Lattice" by Matthew Nobes which is what you might call a technical blog about...
Nov8-04 05:38 AM
1 1,826
can anyone please provide me all the excited levels of Carbon 12 upto 22.6 MeV at least with jpi descriptions? Thanks...
Nov9-04 06:58 PM
1 1,516
hay i'm doing as level physics and at the moment we are studying radiationand there sources can anyone please help me...
Nov19-04 05:25 AM
1 1,357
Can anyone tell me how dynamical mass generation works ??? what is effective mass??? thanks in advance matt
Dec2-04 01:24 PM
1 3,436
In the Residual Strong Interaction, energy and momentum are exchanged not through gluons but through exchange of...
Dec6-04 04:50 AM
1 2,505
Is there a semi-empirical binding energy formula for the heavy nuclear 'island of stability'? The attachments are a...
Dec22-04 02:32 PM
1 1,607
Can anyone explain to me why momentum is conserved? I mean from a fundamental level (ie - particles, etc) rather than...
Feb18-05 07:36 PM
Doc Al
1 1,101
Is anyone familiar with Breit-Wigner Cross section? Say, for a reaction with 2 particles in the initial state, 1...
Feb23-05 03:56 PM
1 4,940
I'm doing some research on the pentaquark Θ 1540 and was just wondering if anyone could recomend a good website (or...
Feb27-05 08:48 AM
1 1,263
Today, electrons are described as "elementary particles" but who's to say that in a few years down the road someone...
Mar4-05 06:21 PM
1 1,898
I've been doing some research on Muon spectroscopy, and am not that far in the physics world yet. I've got kind of a...
Mar8-05 06:53 AM
1 1,799 This paper is a review of anti hydrogen production, and how it could...
Mar24-05 06:09 AM
1 1,566
Hi, I had a question about reactions. I actually know how the baryon number, the lepton number, and the electric...
Mar26-05 05:39 PM
1 901
Hi, I'm stuck with problem 10.3 from Peskin's QFT book. I'm trying to evaluate the 2-loop sunset diagram in...
Mar29-05 11:15 AM
1 2,598
the reaction of H and F produces about 500 kj/mol of energy: how much energy is produced by the reaction of 2.0kg...
Apr8-05 05:25 AM
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