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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 49,990
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 23,926
Greetings, currently I'm working with cosmic rays (merely researching, not so much as working) and now I have a...
Aug18-10 06:54 PM
Bob S
2 957
Hi, If anyone has a copy of this book, I'm just struggling to understand a point in the chapter about Lie Groups....
Aug31-10 01:50 PM
2 1,495
Hi guys, If I have a \Sigma triplet of baryons, how do I calculate the EM and gravitational binding energy of these...
Sep4-10 09:03 PM
2 1,484
Hey, I have been looking around for a good resource explaining the analytic properties of Feynman diagrams and...
Sep6-10 06:35 AM
2 1,210
I am answering a question about a particle decaying into two other particles and one needs to find the momentum of the...
Sep11-10 02:22 AM
2 1,200
Hello, I didn't know where else to ask this, but I'm quite curious. What happens when two of the evanescent...
Oct2-10 12:46 PM
2 919
I have been given the impression that the weak force is what holds the neutron together (preventing it from decaying...
Oct5-10 12:26 AM
2 1,643
Hi, very simple question: What is the parity of the anti neutral kaon?
Oct3-10 03:18 AM
2 2,034
hello there! your help is really appreciated. 1.For the Ruther alpha-particle scattering experiment, how come we...
Oct3-10 01:07 PM
2 1,024
How reactive is a proton? Could you have a "gas" or something of protons confined to small pipes without them reacting...
Oct5-10 10:54 AM
Bob S
2 980
I was given this as an extra-curricular activity... way over my understanding of physics, sophmore year undergraduate....
Oct7-10 11:01 AM
2 1,637
Why cant we tell the mass of electron neutrinos, mu neutrinos, and tau neutrinos?
Oct13-10 12:37 AM
2 1,344
Is it possible to measure the displacement of a single electron in an electric field? If so, how far down can we...
Oct13-10 11:13 AM
2 987
when nucleus capture the electron revolving in the shell?
Oct19-10 11:36 AM
2 1,068
Gents, Is there such software package or something like that... when you input the lagrangian it gives you the...
Oct14-10 05:25 PM
2 785
hi, yesterday i had a discussion with some friends about the decays of pions which produced a few questions that we...
Oct24-10 12:59 AM
2 1,756
Im reading a paper about use of electron beams in oncology and it says: "The mechanism of neutron production in the...
Oct30-10 08:31 AM
2 785
can you tell me what's the frictional cooling method? it is one of general varional methods, i read it in some nuclear...
Oct30-10 08:28 PM
2 843
Would the energy just be a multiple of how much bigger it is than electron?
Oct30-10 06:58 PM
Bob S
2 3,494
Hello, My knowledge on particle physics is very limited (halfway through my physics bachelor) but if I have to...
Nov3-10 02:07 AM
2 1,260
Hi, I have a question about the relation between the propagator of a scalar field and the heat kernel. I'm not sure...
Nov20-10 02:57 AM
2 1,358
This question is sparked by the research on lepton masses by Brannen, Kea, de Vries, Dave and others, but it is...
Nov2-10 01:14 PM
2 679
My question: do there exist particles similar to atomic nuclei, but made only of neutrons? If not, then why? I...
Nov6-10 03:36 PM
2 993
Hi! I would like some clarification about the straggeling phenomena, why the tip of the curve is pointy ( stiff )...
Nov6-10 11:45 PM
2 1,581
Can someone give me a qualitative/handwaving argument of why much more W^+/- boson are produced in proton-antiproton...
Nov12-10 05:46 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,088
Hi, I keep reading about particles being produced in certain interactions, but I'm not completely clear on what this...
Nov8-10 06:19 PM
2 1,369
Hi, I'm having some trouble with the Cabibbo matrix. I get vaguely what it's about but there are things I don't...
Nov17-10 12:27 AM
2 1,372
I assume it's possible to convert matter into energy, and vice versa. I assume the same is true for antimatter. I also...
Nov20-10 06:39 PM
2 2,752
When I learned about Dirac's Equation, textbooks usually say that the earlier Klein-Gordon equation isn't linear in...
Nov20-10 11:43 AM
2 3,164
Does anyone know where I can find good tables for low energy nuclear processes? For example collisions to products...
Nov21-10 12:49 PM
2 1,301
Are collisions with the energy levels of LHC happening in our modern day Universe? Like at the core of stars or at the...
Nov22-10 06:16 PM
2 1,038
In a 1964 publication Bruno Rossi describes an experiment where cosmic rays could penetrate dense materials. Finding...
Nov27-10 04:28 PM
2 1,376
Hi! I'm currently performing lots of research into the Higgs Boson. In many papers, when talking specifically about...
Dec7-10 06:55 PM
2 2,289
Do anybody know where to get this journal online? Yad. Energia 4 (1976) 103......or it has another name in English?
Dec5-10 12:39 AM
2 847
Hi, I need to calculate an estimate of the reflected electron beam power in the form of back scattered electrons...
Dec7-10 12:04 PM
Bob S
2 1,685
I`ve been searching for that and I cannot find it. I`ve been looking for it, for example, in Wolfram Alpha`s list of...
Dec8-10 06:48 PM
2 967
The proton activation data file/s contain the target and product data plus the cross sections at a range of energies,...
Dec8-10 12:23 PM
2 829
The group SO(5) is relevant at times in particle physics. Can anybody please explain how to calculate the number of...
Dec10-10 05:17 AM
2 2,000
how much energy is released during the fusion of proton and neutron?
Dec11-10 01:50 PM
Bob S
2 953
I'm reading something about parity violation where it was initially thought that the positive kaon decaying into 2...
Dec13-10 02:10 PM
2 2,157

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