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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 61,771
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,760
The graviton has a spin of 2. So, that means the graviton can take possible spins: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 ? Just want to make...
Apr3-06 05:01 PM
2 1,631
what is meaning of parity. why is the parity violated in weak interaction. what is meaning of maximal violation of...
Apr8-06 05:26 AM
2 1,537
Im not too clear on how the scattering process may be used to probe the excitaion structure of the nucleus. Can...
Apr18-06 09:06 PM
2 1,208
I expect this to turn out to be an important non-string QG paper this year.
Jul6-06 07:41 PM
2 1,461
(first post on these forums). I am a nuclear physics sophomore and I come to you with what is, perhaps, a question I...
Apr18-06 07:16 PM
2 1,267
As far as I know the usual extension of the standard model to include a massive neutrino implies a violation of the...
May17-06 08:38 AM
2 4,344
Hi All, It seems a team of Aussie scientists at our one and only reactor have developed technology to use lasers to...
May28-06 02:44 AM
2 1,652
I just finished reading a book, The Quantum World, but have gone back and looked at some interesting and confusing...
May29-06 08:39 AM
Meir Achuz
2 2,039
Hi, Is it possible to induce decay in a radioactive element by introducing vast amounts of high-energy electrons in...
Jun12-06 10:05 AM
Meir Achuz
2 2,712
Hi all, I'm a rising sophomore in college and intern at SLAC. I'm trying to pick up a little bit more of a...
Jul8-06 01:39 AM
2 2,431
I am writing this on the curiosity of the results of a theoretical experiment. Imagine a photon moving thorugh space....
Jul10-06 02:31 AM
2 1,385
Are the Higgs and the Graviton supposed to interact or are they two different particles from two different theories?
Aug22-06 06:03 AM
Schrodinger's Dog
2 5,409
The Higgs boson was proposed to provide a mechanism for mass and is posited, as a field, to extend throughout the...
Aug6-06 03:50 AM
2 4,735
Discovery of charm quark, .... Pls add more ...
Aug11-06 11:55 AM
2 1,834
What is the relationship between pQCD and NRQCD? Is it that pQCD is for high energy/short-distance regime, e.g....
Aug27-06 08:34 PM
2 2,806
How is it not an exactly accurate understanding that QCD is a part/sector of the standard model of particle physics ?...
Aug29-06 10:14 AM
2 1,265
Is there such program available for download from the Internet; a program in which you can simulate interactions...
Sep19-06 02:06 PM
2 3,777
Hi all, I am trying to study fission, and my crude understanding has some gaps. a) U235 fissions when it absorbs...
Oct14-06 04:01 PM
2 14,662
do massless particles not feel forces - other than gravity? The only massless particles I know are photons and...
Oct18-06 04:25 AM
2 1,363
Hello all, This is a thought experiment I have been tangling with for quite some time now and still cannot find...
Oct22-06 04:48 AM
2 1,469
what is pde ? in terms of the formula , and in general so i can picture it in my mind so to speak.
Nov23-06 07:43 AM
2 1,615
Here are the publications of Ed Witten before 1980. I have used a small typeface for non single author publications....
Nov27-06 02:02 PM
2 2,393
Any recommendation? I have found this one very spectacular: hep-ph/0404270 Eberhard Klempt Glueballs, Hybrids,...
Nov27-06 11:47 AM
2 1,859
hey all, in the study of "massless particles" such as the electron and the and the positron. in beta decay (beta...
Dec3-06 04:56 PM
2 8,940
Dear PF, I would like to thank you for existence of Physics forums since it appears very helpful. Dear PF, I was...
Jan5-07 07:04 PM
2 3,344
I was reading this thread on "representation and field theory" under physics > quatnum physics...
Jan11-07 07:32 PM
2 4,078
I cant quite understand critical mass. They say in a fission bomb they have to seperate two blocks of fissile Uranium...
Jan20-07 11:56 PM
2 2,337
Can anyone explain how to interpret Heisenberg's relation Delta(E)*Delta(t)>=hbar in case of "annihilation" and or...
Jan26-07 09:05 PM
Gib Z
2 2,854
I recently purchased a new book that reviews most historical models of the atomic nucleus:...
Feb12-07 11:21 AM
2 2,838
Plasma-Assisted Cutting (PAC) rounds Hello everybody. I have a conceptual idea for a futuristic plasma-based weapon...
Feb16-07 11:03 AM
2 2,318
Hi! Any idea of how to calculate alpha_s (strong coupling constant) from jet multiplicities, that means using (1+1)...
Mar6-07 02:04 AM
2 2,166
Hi, Could someone briefly explain Cabibbo suppression to me? I can't seem to find any info on it. Is it like OZI...
Mar18-07 09:03 PM
2 2,952
Could somebody please tell me a workable definition of the term "chiral theory" , and also explain its significance?...
May4-07 11:23 AM
2 1,822
When neutrons come together energy is emitted.If there are a lot of neutrons close together in a ball,will the energy...
Apr13-07 10:14 PM
2 1,519
How would one know in general, whether an original gauge symmetry in the theory is still gauge symmetrical after...
Apr17-07 07:10 PM
2 5,390
Hi all, Why is the beta decay graph( no. of Beta particle vs Kinetic energy) a curve(or sort of bell shape). I...
Apr22-07 06:36 PM
2 2,252
in nuclear fusion, 2 nuclei join to make one correct, therefore there is a loss of mass and energy, that energy...
Apr27-07 10:49 AM
2 1,557
Dominant decays of W/Z bosons are quark aintiquark pairs which decay into jets of hadrons. But how can a quark...
May11-07 11:02 PM
2 2,671
Can anyone refer me to some webpages where elementary matrix treatment to charged beam kinematics and optics can be...
May12-07 09:24 PM
2 1,497
Hi, I'm doing some work on DVCS and was wondering if anyone could better explain the link between FF's, PDFs, Compton...
May25-07 05:28 PM
2 1,241

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