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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 58,818
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,183
Hi, If I have a Lagrangian of complex scalar field (just U(1) local invariance). And I know that phi^star...
Feb22-11 06:36 AM
2 1,817
Hi there, Someone asked me this earlier when we were talking about radioisotope dating. How do physicists determine...
Feb21-11 12:22 PM
2 2,263
For beta minus decay, I know the reaction is given by neutron -> proton+electron+anti(electron)neutrino. This is an...
Feb23-11 10:17 AM
2 2,400
i was told that high emergy gamma rays had a finite range in water. how can this be if they are both massless and...
Mar1-11 06:46 PM
2 918
I understand that the pi+ meson is made up of an up and an anti down quark, and the opposite for the pi- meson. ...
Mar7-11 12:24 PM
2 2,821
how we look in for particles,decide their properties like mass ,charge,spin etc in experiments(collision experiments)?
Mar9-11 09:41 AM
Meir Achuz
2 754
Hey guys, does any of you know where I could find the Feynman rules for scalar QCD? If they where colour ordered,...
Mar11-11 02:27 AM
2 2,349
I've seen the value 129^{+74}_{-49} GeV/c^2 mentioned in some discussion and wikipedia as a prediction of the higgs...
Mar21-11 02:03 PM
2 1,076
Hey. :) I am a Year 13 student and do not have to know anything about bubble chambers. However, they are mentioned...
Mar19-11 07:46 AM
2 3,394
Hey Guys, Just a quick question. Can a W boson decay to a u and anti s or does it have to decay to a quark and...
Mar19-11 10:44 PM
2 2,637
I have some doubts regarding SU(3). These are at very basic level. First, how does one construct adjoint...
Mar23-11 06:28 AM
2 1,710
Hello! I have difficulty trying with the interpretation of: (\frac{1}{2}) \otimes (\frac{1}{2}) \otimes...
Mar29-11 06:47 AM
2 2,163
Perhaps due to the earthquake? Or does anyone know if it is just offline for some other reason (or for good). I was...
Mar24-11 08:37 PM
2 1,265
When Einstein proposed the cosmological constant, it was regarded as an arbitrary constant having no connection with...
Apr4-11 03:30 AM
2 1,258
I want to know all about nuclear thresholds....where can i learn about them......? (e.g threshold energy and how...
Apr7-11 02:35 PM
2 1,101
Hi everybody, I have a experimental question. In cross-section calculation of production of particles (say D), one...
Apr22-11 01:21 PM
2 1,678
I'm thinking about the thermodynamics of electron capture: p + e --- n + v(e) + energy (That is, proton absorbs...
Apr22-11 03:44 PM
2 2,473
The following rumor has been spreading around the internet quite rapidly: ...
Apr24-11 05:22 AM
Vanadium 50
2 2,330
Why some say that the existence of magnetic monopoles would violate the conservation of energy law?
Apr29-11 04:45 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,046
Y is trapping anti-matter so difficult...if we create a vacuum and trap the particles via magnetic field y will it...
May2-11 04:46 PM
2 886
I'm not always on the same computer, often times I'm using my phone to look for answers when doing physics on the go. ...
May12-11 08:46 PM
2 1,756
I have to give a brief presentation on the evidence for pairing in atomic nuclei. One of the items of evidence I will...
May7-11 12:25 PM
2 1,563
I recently read a post which stated that the particle-antiparticle pair can be created by the interaction of photons ...
May11-11 11:40 AM
A. Neumaier
2 1,884
I was reading over some nuclear physics and I came across the binding energy of a nucleus. The equation is...
May21-11 05:51 AM
2 1,535
Doing some examples I came across the question: Can the following processes occur and if not, why not? Draw...
May20-11 01:18 AM
2 1,132
What do people mean when they say that mass renormalization of scalar field theories confronts us with a fine tuning...
May24-11 03:33 AM
2 1,465
I came across this term "activity" in text regarding radioactive decay and half lives. It is defined as "number of...
May24-11 08:03 AM
2 5,434
If I could be inside the LHC Atlas detector during a proton bean collision what would I see? Would there be a huge...
May25-11 01:43 PM
2 1,086
Am I right in thinking Fermi type beta decay is helicity suppressed, due to the necessity of having a right handed...
May29-11 04:45 PM
2 2,763
I've taken a screen shot of the question I know the answer (I've...
May30-11 02:30 PM
2 1,135
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, to me it looks like this forum is for high energy, nuclear, OR particle...
Jun4-11 02:42 PM
2 1,523
When a massive nucleus splits, it forms two smaller fragments. For Uranium, we have A=235, and the typical fragments...
Jun6-11 12:18 PM
2 1,276
Hello Everyone, I'm doing some research on meson decays, I was going to be attempting to use the 't Hooft Model. ...
Jun8-11 02:22 PM
2 1,762
Hi, I've studied a bit nuclear physics, and I don't get how the mathematics under the creation and destruction of...
Jun9-11 02:23 PM
2 1,389
OK, here's a question that's unusual in that it regards a particle state that's pretty much taken to be nonexistent. ...
Jun15-11 08:41 AM
2 2,024
Can anybody tell me if any research is currently being carried out,or planned,to investigate further high energy...
Jun17-11 05:43 PM
2 3,009
I was reading WikiPedia's entry on this, and there was one paragraph that surprised me: E = mc2 has sometimes been...
Jun19-11 10:51 PM
2 1,927
I'm trying to understand why the Bc meson (anti b and c) has a lifetime of 0.46 picoseconds whilst the Bs, B+ and B-...
Jun22-11 03:53 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,755
Hi Forum! I have got a question about the induced scalar potential. I will present the problem from beginning. ...
Jul5-11 01:36 PM
2 1,169
Hey...i'm studying the reaction neutrino+antineutrino -> W(+) + W(-) but i dont understand which are the relevant f....
Jul7-11 02:28 PM
2 1,680

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