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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 61,794
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,768
Measuring with great precision the position of a particle, requires high momentum ( and thus energy) of a second...
Sep17-12 12:00 PM
16 3,517
As we all know, the nuclear stability graph strays away from the y=x line from mass no. = 20 onwards. Why is that?
Aug12-12 08:12 PM
16 3,125
Is there any other elements that can be used for fusion?
May31-12 07:42 AM
16 3,873
The Higgs is supposed to couple to fermions but not photons. Nevertheless, photons add mass to systems in SR. Also...
Jul6-12 01:36 AM
16 1,744
Why do U and Th (and Pu) have so long half lives in comparison with the lighter elements following Bi (i.e. Po, Ra,...
Jul5-12 04:00 PM
16 1,147
The Higgs mechanism is often explained (both here at PF and in many physics sites including wikipedia) as an example...
Jul30-12 10:11 AM
16 2,484
I have two sources, one (school textbook) is telling me that ''all hadrons eventually decay into a proton'', whereas a...
Jan6-13 09:33 PM
16 3,028
If we tried to make elements higher than Helium in a terrestrial fusion reactor, what elements could we realistically...
Feb20-13 08:58 AM
16 2,035
is it possible to make a nuclear "battery" which works off nuclear not electrochemical reactions using...
May8-13 09:23 AM
16 1,125
Let me start with some statements that I think are fairly accurate. That way errors can more easily be corrected...
May14-13 07:44 PM
16 2,076
I understand (I may be wrong) that the highest density material is that of a quark-gluon plasma, such as the interior...
Oct16-13 02:47 PM
16 36,936
I am currently studying A level Physics. I understand that, in a nuclear fusion reaction, the mass of the nucleus we...
Feb15-14 01:41 PM
16 1,183
Is there a model that will permit a higgs-less model, without to much adjustment to the standard model ?
Oct21-11 04:05 AM
Vanadium 50
15 4,877
I want to convert canberrra CNF spectrum file to ASCII file. I found a program (IAEA, Winspedac) for converting,...
Jun8-12 07:19 AM
15 11,138
Hi, I dont know if I have posted in the right area but i read about these new super heavy elements, what are these...
Jun6-11 03:08 PM
15 3,630
I was going through an article on antiparticles: The article...
May24-09 04:12 PM
15 2,290
For neutron we all know, it has the 15 minutes of fame before it decays, what is the theoretical bound on proton's...
Aug25-09 12:54 PM
Vanadium 50
15 1,989
According to Steven Weinberg ('The quantum theory of fields', vol.1), the principle of gauge invariance stems from the...
Sep3-09 06:57 AM
15 3,468
SUSY, (SUSY-MSSM, SUSY-GR, M-theory) doubles the number of particles in the SM, but what about SUSY partners for...
Oct28-09 06:14 PM
15 2,975
Beyond LHC Possible Particle Detection categories: Higgs ? Complex Higgs ? Evidence of Supersymmetry ?...
Dec15-09 08:41 PM
15 3,155
I'm not fully able to comprehend the argument that allegedly proves, that no mini b/h can emerge at CERN - that we...
Jan13-10 09:12 PM
15 2,408
Can we have massive charged and massless fields which interact in one space dimension? What might the interaction term...
May18-10 01:42 AM
15 2,731
Hi.... I have studied the standard model and know that spontaneous symmetry breaking by a vev breaks...
Jun2-10 11:28 AM
15 2,048
I went to see the LHC (my version of a pilgrimage to Mecca). I bought a tshirt with a formula on it, but I can't find...
Jul11-12 12:55 AM
15 7,510
These are some of the inconsistencies with physics that should be resolved on this forum. Question #1....
Aug15-10 07:32 AM
15 5,276
how would we know that the muon is decay into electron antineutrino and muon neutrino to give the muon lifetime of...
Oct17-10 10:08 PM
Bob S
15 3,955
I heard Higgs recently say that the Higgs field is only responsible for 1 percent of an object's mass. I think I've...
Oct1-10 07:00 PM
15 2,693
Since elementary school they taught us that gravity is about mass and we even use it in the formula to calculate the...
Nov20-10 09:25 AM
15 2,045
I saw references on the web to periodicities in radioactive decay that are hypothesized to correspond to the varying...
Jun16-11 09:02 PM
15 2,724
How many gluons are there in a proton?
Aug18-11 06:24 PM
Vanadium 50
15 8,717
What are flavor arguments that prevent a gluon from decaying into quark and photon, or anti-quark and photon, etc?
Dec24-11 01:38 AM
15 3,403
If most of the mass/energy of a proton is due to the kinetic energy of its quarks and gluons, rather than interaction...
Dec20-11 02:38 PM
15 3,153
I have been learning some stuff off of youtube, but I did not get a full enough understanding of how quarks have...
May21-12 04:03 PM
15 5,654
I might misunderstand the higgs mechanism. And I have a puzzle. Consider an electron in an accelerater. It is...
Mar22-12 04:43 AM
15 1,953
Hi everyone. I'm kind of new here, please be nice. So I was reading up some physics and came across the fact that...
Nov6-12 10:40 AM
15 2,502
After playing around with possible charges for new fermionic fields, I came to the conclusion that ONLY the U(1) gauge...
Dec5-13 09:43 PM
15 1,146
I am trying to learn what a Beta+ decay really is, and I dont really understand. For instance, how on Earth can a...
Jan29-14 09:32 AM
15 941
Hi, I'm a little confused about positronium. Accouring to this article
Feb1-14 06:04 PM
15 1,822
Hello, I'm having trouble understanding why if there are dark matter particles and other such particles (neutrinos)...
Mar5-14 12:47 PM
15 996
For a 2nd order electron-positron scattering, the following diagrams are possible:...
Mar22-14 06:05 PM
15 1,087

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