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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 50,758
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 24,051
Hello, if someone could enlighten me I'd be most grateful. Also, if anybody could point me in the direction of...
Mar1-11 05:25 AM
22 4,484
I do not know if he is going, but Carl happens to have a 25 min talk allocated next Wednesday, before Koide's talk: ...
Jul12-07 01:32 PM
40 4,480
I'm new to quantium physics but taking an interesting and trying to read more every day. I have a bit of a silly...
Jun11-05 09:08 AM
James Jackson
5 4,474
With the recent announcement at Cern there have been many video clips published describing the Higgs field. They show...
Aug12-12 07:11 AM
Vanadium 50
39 4,473
Im trying to use the Bethe formula ( to find dE/dx for a particle through a...
Jul2-09 04:05 PM
3 4,455
It is well know that massless spin-1 gauge bosons have two spin states s=+1 and s=-1. There are two independent...
May18-11 05:01 PM
29 4,455
Today my freind sent me a vid showing nuclear explosions and I was wondering what makes the huge explosion... I...
Jul20-06 09:03 PM
8 4,444
If anyone can help me with this question I'd be greatly appreciative.... Here's what I think I understand: Nuclear...
Jul13-08 11:25 PM
3 4,444
Hi, I thought pions were assigned parity of -1, but how then can the Pi0 decay into two photons with parity -1?? ...
Mar18-07 05:46 PM
5 4,433
Hi guys First of all apologies if my question appears naive or simplistic - new to this field. I have read that...
Feb21-08 01:10 PM
4 4,430
Hello everybody, I have to calculate the matrix element of the process gg-->ttbar-->lnub lnub (ttbar dileptonic...
May15-07 08:31 AM
0 4,425
The Brookhaven National Laboratory's website has a news item on 'Hot Quark Soup' which seems to mean quark-gluon...
Mar3-10 05:00 PM
4 4,424
I read this in a paper: Suppose there is a theory describing fermions transforming nontrivially under SU(3) gauge...
Nov23-07 09:36 PM
2 4,421
I saw a video where a professor said "So you do it by ... using e=mc^{2} ... you collide some protons at huge...
Jul2-12 10:21 AM
32 4,421
Based on this page: How do photon, gluons, w and z bosons, and...
Oct15-07 04:35 PM
23 4,415
Can buckyballs compress hydrogen into high-density metallic form? ...
Apr29-08 04:54 PM
3 4,414
Hey all, I am currently revising for my Physics mock but i can't get my head around high energy electron...
Dec27-06 04:31 PM
6 4,405
So I've been playing around with different electroweak lagrangians (sourceless, higgsless, unbroken, broken, etc), and...
Sep30-10 03:46 PM
30 4,404
Ummm...I don't know if this is the best section for this... but... it is said that a negetive energy can be created...
Oct2-05 06:55 PM
23 4,397
Basic question, but nevertheless. In a non-Abelian gauge theory, the fermions transform in the fundamental...
Nov6-10 06:47 PM
5 4,394
What exactly are neutrinos doing(their purpose)?
Jun7-07 12:23 PM
16 4,390
Hi, When we consider the two neutrino mixing case, we have the matrix that converts between them as given below ...
Oct17-11 06:55 AM
McLaren Rulez
16 4,387
Can we calculate the difference in mass between a Proton and Neutron? If so, how?
Nov16-10 08:06 PM
24 4,380
I've heard quite abit of things about bosons and am quite confused. The biggest thing which distinguishes fermions...
Jul17-05 04:13 PM
34 4,376
Hi everyone! Can somebody briefly explain me what the GIM Mechanism (Glashow, Iliopoulos, and Maiani) is and why does...
Sep24-09 10:57 AM
1 4,375
Hi, I have a puzzle about the hierarchy problem of higgs mass. I don't understand why delta m is much larger than m....
Mar18-04 04:38 AM
5 4,368
What I'm looking to understand is why fission and or fusion result in the release of energy. I understand that: ...
Nov9-09 05:05 PM
Frame Dragger
6 4,367
While studying particle physics, i saw that the range formula is the integration dE/(dE/dx) but as you know that there...
Dec26-09 12:51 PM
Bob S
2 4,367
Does anyone know how many there are, also how many are just thoeretical. We know of the proton, neutron, and election,...
Sep30-04 04:34 PM
4 4,364
I keep on hearing that there are hundreds of hadrons, or even more ambiguous a zoo of hadrons, but for some reason...
Jan25-11 11:12 PM
17 4,352
Hi, I have been looking at the baryon decuplet for spin 3/2 baryons, and the octet for spin 1/2 baryons. Here is a...
Jan28-10 02:56 PM
Vanadium 50
4 4,348
What does it mean to have a model that is SU(2)xU(1)? Does it have anything to do with the electro-weak unification? I...
Dec9-07 11:32 AM
6 4,336
What is the estimate of the gravitron size and can someone explain why it must be spin 2 also what is the higgs...
Feb22-07 11:59 AM
26 4,333
As far as I know the usual extension of the standard model to include a massive neutrino implies a violation of the...
May17-06 08:38 AM
2 4,320
Are there laws forbidding that reaction? Which ones? Thanks
Apr23-11 05:44 PM
14 4,316
Hi people: I keep reading one day that weak isospin is exactly conserved by all interactions; other days that...
Oct6-13 04:15 PM
Vanadium 50
9 4,315
Ive studied how chain reaction of proton-proton powers the stars, I also know that proton-proton fusion will convert...
Dec20-10 12:59 AM
11 4,313
I am trying to form some intuitive concept about the free-free absorption coefficient for a hydrogen plasma. The...
Sep12-07 05:28 PM
1 4,309
I have the following contour integral form of Wick's theorem (C indicating contraction): C=\frac{1}{2 \pi i} \int...
May31-09 07:03 PM
1 4,304
As I understand it, it's not yet possible to predict/calculate, from first principles, the half-lives of radiactive...
Dec23-11 06:51 PM
Vanadium 50
11 4,291

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