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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,292
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,020
when an electron neutrino is produced in the sun, it have the total energy of E. the total energy E have the relation...
Mar4-10 08:55 AM
4 4,231
What is the estimate of the gravitron size and can someone explain why it must be spin 2 also what is the higgs...
Feb22-07 11:59 AM
26 4,229
It is well know that massless spin-1 gauge bosons have two spin states s=+1 and s=-1. There are two independent...
May18-11 05:01 PM
29 4,224
As far as I know the usual extension of the standard model to include a massive neutrino implies a violation of the...
May17-06 08:38 AM
2 4,223
Hello, if someone could enlighten me I'd be most grateful. Also, if anybody could point me in the direction of...
Mar1-11 05:25 AM
22 4,218
I have the following contour integral form of Wick's theorem (C indicating contraction): C=\frac{1}{2 \pi i} \int...
May31-09 07:03 PM
1 4,210
With the recent announcement at Cern there have been many video clips published describing the Higgs field. They show...
Aug12-12 07:11 AM
Vanadium 50
39 4,200
What I'm looking to understand is why fission and or fusion result in the release of energy. I understand that: ...
Nov9-09 05:05 PM
Frame Dragger
6 4,195
While studying particle physics, i saw that the range formula is the integration dE/(dE/dx) but as you know that there...
Dec26-09 12:51 PM
Bob S
2 4,191
I saw a video where a professor said "So you do it by ... using e=mc^{2} ... you collide some protons at huge...
Jul2-12 10:21 AM
32 4,191
Basic question, but nevertheless. In a non-Abelian gauge theory, the fermions transform in the fundamental...
Nov6-10 06:47 PM
5 4,181
There are bundles and bundles of information about particles to be found on the web and on this forum as well (many...
Sep4-05 04:55 AM
28 4,165
Can we calculate the difference in mass between a Proton and Neutron? If so, how?
Nov16-10 08:06 PM
24 4,155
So I've been playing around with different electroweak lagrangians (sourceless, higgsless, unbroken, broken, etc), and...
Sep30-10 03:46 PM
30 4,151
Hello, how do the angular distributions of Bhabha Scattering e^+ e^- \Rightarrow e^+ e^- and Muon pair...
Feb7-09 12:28 PM
1 4,145
As we know, there is a conjectured/theorized "island of stability" for the extended Periodic Table, whereby a select...
Oct9-07 02:29 PM
3 4,143
Hi! I'm struggling with this question: A neutrino of energy 10 GeV collides with a proton at rest producing a 9 GeV...
Oct28-07 09:01 AM
0 4,143
what is the differece between internal conversion electrons, electron capture and auger electons? i dont understand....
Dec26-11 07:42 AM
1 4,143
Hi, I have been looking at the baryon decuplet for spin 3/2 baryons, and the octet for spin 1/2 baryons. Here is a...
Jan28-10 02:56 PM
Vanadium 50
4 4,128
If anyone can help me with this question I'd be greatly appreciative.... Here's what I think I understand: Nuclear...
Jul13-08 11:25 PM
3 4,126
Hello all, i am having a few problems simulating cosmic rays with a silicon CCD detector, mainly because...
Feb25-10 09:37 PM
4 4,126
In order to use the path integral formulation for the derivation of the Feynman propagator, we need to introduce a...
Jun10-05 09:49 AM
15 4,108
Is this reaction possible , i mean bombarding a 1H target with an electron to form a neutron that's all what i...
Jan28-09 09:39 AM
7 4,108
See: What's the latest news on the...
Jun22-07 03:55 AM
19 4,100
In the standard model, there are three families of matter particles, headed up by the electron, tau and muon, and...
Feb18-11 09:41 AM
31 4,097
Hi all, I've decided to read up on particle physics in my spare time for my own edification, but I've had some...
Dec5-03 04:13 PM
4 4,089
1) If an electron/positron pair can be produced by a gamma ray with kT=or>1MeV striking a nucleus, can heavier...
Apr4-06 05:10 PM
21 4,081
Hi I am searching for the equation for the radiation probability of a gluon from a quark. I need this for an...
Jun9-08 10:43 PM
10 4,081
I keep on hearing that there are hundreds of hadrons, or even more ambiguous a zoo of hadrons, but for some reason...
Jan25-11 11:12 PM
17 4,081
Hello, I'm fairly new with the nuclear physics, but I'm willing to study and learn as much as possible. I've...
Feb4-09 04:31 PM
8 4,075
I'm considering the beta decay of a neutron into a proton an electron and an antineutrino. I heard that this was...
Dec18-05 03:25 PM
1 4,070
hello, new & amazed by all the knowledge and passion on these! well no questions are stupid i hope. I've...
Feb29-08 10:00 AM
4 4,067
Internal symmetries of the SM -U(1), SU(2), SU(3)- are usually said to belong to abstract spaces unrelated to...
Jul25-12 03:31 PM
54 4,065
I have a question about the neutral Pi-meson. One of the decay modes of the neutral pi-meson is to 2 photons. ...
Mar28-05 06:08 AM
10 4,063
Hello! Sorry to bother you with all these questions coming to my mind in preparing for my oral exam in QCD. I was...
Nov8-08 04:42 AM
0 4,059
Hello, This sounds like a silly idea, but I am trying to simulate all forces of in the universe on my computer,...
Sep3-04 08:16 PM
8 4,043
What does it mean to have a model that is SU(2)xU(1)? Does it have anything to do with the electro-weak unification? I...
Dec9-07 11:32 AM
6 4,039
Peter Woit provides this link to a talk at CERN...
Dec20-08 02:27 AM
8 4,034
I am facing a dilemma which leaves me quite puzzled. I hope someone can straighten this out. The short version is...
May20-09 06:31 PM
13 4,034
What is a Higgs Particle?
Jun23-08 03:01 PM
20 4,029

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