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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,327
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,028
Why more energy is released in fusion than fission?
May8-08 07:31 PM
14 4,656
Hi. Doeas this mean that neutrinos are faster than light?
Oct4-11 10:31 AM
33 4,640
Dear PF, Could you please advise me where I can find the up to date experimental value of Bohr magneton with its...
Apr6-07 02:32 PM
1 4,637
Okay, I decided to start trying to understand the nulceon and delta resonances. Does anyone have suggestions for a...
Mar17-07 12:56 AM
3 4,634
I'm under the impression that general relativity with it's curved space-time as a description of the gravitational...
Aug19-04 11:03 PM
C. Michael Turner
28 4,631
Just look at the simplest Hydrogen atom -- one Proton. The question is *where* exactly is the mass of this thing? Or...
Jan17-09 12:23 AM
20 4,600
Hi all, what are Bosons? What are the types of bosons? I know a bit about Z Boson and W boson. Please explain a...
Nov21-03 11:57 AM
3 4,594
So I was lucky enough to visit CERN earlier this year, and they were selling t-shirts with a long equation on them....
May30-11 06:07 PM
8 4,593
We all know that, according to general relativity, all particles feel the gravitational force. The other forces are...
Oct24-03 11:07 PM
23 4,580
Hi Is there anywhere a list of all constants (with their values) and fundamental equations (which can not be...
Oct10-11 09:30 PM
Vanadium 50
8 4,573
Hi, I know that there are a number of different ways that uranium-235 can decay when a slow neutron collides with...
Feb1-10 08:56 PM
2 4,566
I was wondering: why is the SM always written with a Lagrangian? Couldn't you just as well write it with a...
May7-04 10:22 AM
6 4,563
Hello, I'm wondering, which force is stronger, SNF or EM, how was it proven that specific force is stronger than...
Apr20-06 05:20 PM
4 4,559
I came across this term "activity" in text regarding radioactive decay and half lives. It is defined as "number of...
May24-11 08:03 AM
2 4,557
I don't know how nucleons occupy each energy level, especially the one with multiple states. For example, 1p3/2,...
Jan15-08 01:19 AM
10 4,554
If neutrinos were massless, they would have to travel at c. But now we know they have mass, so they must travel at...
Oct9-13 09:43 AM
44 4,553
How did they experimentally verify that there is pair creation and annihilation in the vacuum? What kind of particles...
Jul13-09 11:52 AM
Abbas Sherif
23 4,549
I've got an understanding problem. It's about the behaviour of charged particles in plasma inside of a tokamak. It...
Sep29-05 10:52 AM
3 4,546
The Higgs boson was proposed to provide a mechanism for mass and is posited, as a field, to extend throughout the...
Aug6-06 03:50 AM
2 4,546
so does the Higg field give the neutrino mass, and can neutrino velocity change? how close to c is neutrino velocity?
May11-11 09:36 AM
Vanadium 50
5 4,546
I am not a frequenter of this forum so please excuse me if my question is old hat or common knowledge. has the ...
Nov18-04 06:37 PM
3 4,526
Most common isotopes of He has 2 neutrons, Li has 3 neutrons and so on right, until Z increases to higher numbers and...
Jul18-11 09:51 AM
12 4,516 This people claims that is possible that they have discovered a particle...
Dec2-03 09:34 AM
9 4,505
It is a old book, I took it from the library two days ago. And I am ashamed that my instructor did not suggest it...
Aug16-10 12:04 AM
16 4,498
I was recenlty watching a lecture by Feynman where is talks about particles, and how all particles have anti...
Oct16-10 10:31 AM
24 4,479
Im not really sure if im serious about making one of these like michio kaku for example. But i can't find too much...
May12-10 10:17 AM
10 4,472
Hi, What would it take to produce a stable black hole in a particle laboratory? Must one use some kind of focuser...
Mar29-11 10:33 AM
13 4,463
Hello Physics Forum, i have a difficult ( for me ) problem : i have download FEYNMF package from CTAN and i draw teh...
Mar10-07 06:03 AM
0 4,462
Can two Bosons 'collide' in the same sense as the Fermions (Since Pauli's exclusion principle is not applicable for...
Aug10-11 01:27 PM
Ben Niehoff
6 4,458
okay, the electromagnetic force affects antimatter and matter oppositely. (and i'm just guessing the same could be...
Jul8-04 02:05 AM
18 4,456
Hi! This is a very basic question. How do I calculate the total probability for a certain gamma of a decay? For...
Apr4-10 05:06 PM
Bob S
10 4,454
unstable nucleus with excess neutrons turns to protons, emitting electrons and electron antineutrinos,in this case...
Nov17-07 10:58 PM
6 4,451
I have heard many people use the term power counting before but I cant find any explanation of what it means. All I...
Mar2-09 05:36 PM
1 4,444
Hi I was wondering why the W+ boson is decaying into following quarks: up + anti(down) charm + anti(strange) ...
May8-07 12:31 PM
6 4,441
Hey! I am stuck at a passage in the QFT book of Peskin & Schroeder and I need your help :) It is about page 698,...
Apr27-10 02:35 AM
14 4,438
This is driving me crazy. I am calculating the order g^2 (two loops) vacuum energy in the Wess-Zumino model, and I...
Jan31-11 11:38 AM
27 4,435
Having watched with interest the "progress" in theory since my retirement, I have come to the conclusion that it well...
Jan3-06 04:05 AM
35 4,429
How to show the Proca equation by using the given Proca Lagrangian? Surely, I know the Euler-Lagrange equation, but I...
Nov30-12 10:22 AM
4 4,424
Electrons are usually considered to be point-like particles but are there any theories that say they have a non-zero...
Aug29-04 03:50 AM
6 4,404
Looking at the table of isotopic masses table it seems that certain atoms, as 64Zn or 58Ni, could be able to capture...
Nov4-03 02:55 AM
6 4,401

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