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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 62,549
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,945
Ok, i'm confused. Wavelength and frequency is basically the same thing, just different measures. Hight energy photon...
Jun25-09 09:50 AM
2 1,372
i am now studying dirac equation why there are only four components? not more? is it possible to test the number...
Sep10-10 12:00 AM
5 1,372
In the standard model gravitron is a particle but Higgs boson is not. The Higgs field causes particles to acquire...
Jun21-14 07:51 PM
18 1,372
According to Geim, graphene “makes possible experiments with high-speed quantum particles that researchers at CERN...
Oct7-10 09:42 PM
0 1,371
Hi, I have a question regarding the possibilities of analyzing the activity of Ra-226 in a sample from a collected...
Jun25-13 12:33 PM
3 1,371
Could someone please explain how the Feynman Lectures in Physics is relevant to a Penning Trap? :smile:
Jun8-05 01:57 PM
0 1,370
do massless particles not feel forces - other than gravity? The only massless particles I know are photons and...
Oct18-06 04:25 AM
2 1,370
In what sense is the higgs particle expected to be discovered at the LHC? I mean, the Higgs field has a non-vanishing...
Apr9-12 05:57 PM
3 1,370
What is the current state of the hypothesis of mirror matter today? Are there any experimental data or theoretical...
Apr10-13 07:26 PM
12 1,370
hi, I am a PhD student and I'm looking for a course or resources on the hadronic jets and the models used to deal...
May13-09 03:10 PM
1 1,369
Hi, I have a question about the relation between the propagator of a scalar field and the heat kernel. I'm not sure...
Nov20-10 02:57 AM
2 1,369
It is well known that photon is a quant of electromagnetic field. It is also well known that the electromagnetic field...
Mar2-06 05:01 PM
2 1,368
I am currently reading E=Mc^2 and have a quick question regarding some of the nuclear fusion they describe that takes...
Jan29-12 02:38 PM
1 1,368
Thats about it - why does the nuclear fusion release energy when fusing lighter elements, but absorbs energy for...
Dec24-09 08:26 AM
3 1,367
Is this text relevant?
Jul24-11 07:34 PM
3 1,367
I came across a theory that said it's possible to create miniature black holes in particle accelerators. And that...
Aug5-04 05:17 PM
1 1,365
I am told that glueball has a distincitve feature that is enhanced production in gluon-rich channels such as central...
Sep25-06 05:42 AM
1 1,365
with this technique that has been used to detect quarks, are the results reproducable every time? or are there...
Apr16-09 11:29 AM
Bob S
5 1,365
This may kind of be a trivial question, but is a singly charged particle a topological object? The electric field...
May4-10 05:28 PM
0 1,365
I have a few questions regarding matter creation and photon collisions. When photons collide into each other, can you...
Apr24-12 09:26 PM
1 1,365
Yes, the same questions as in the topic. What gives particles their property, like charge, structure, what to interact...
Jun6-06 05:33 AM
1 1,364
Ok, well I'm sorry if this is the wrong section but it has to do with energy and nuclear physics. I have to present...
Mar11-09 06:31 PM
Bob S
3 1,364
Hi,guys. Where can I get some animated carton of particle collision.? It is better a gif file and I want insert it...
Jun26-10 04:57 AM
1 1,364
I am extending the standard model symmetry group by introducing discrete symmetry (Z2). The group could be (I, G) or...
Jun8-11 02:13 PM
0 1,364
Hello: I have a problem and I need your help, please. I need to solve the problem 6.8 from "Quarks and Leptons. An...
May13-12 10:27 PM
0 1,364
I have a couple of questions about the standard model: 1.) I read somewhere that the standard model describes 3...
Dec25-08 11:44 AM
6 1,363
dear all, currently iam doing my phD in theoretical nuclear physics. i have come across some problem that requires...
Sep16-09 09:17 PM
0 1,363
I've learned the following about the appearance of tracks of particles in a collider: Electron: Doesn't pass...
May31-11 07:40 PM
0 1,363
Hello, I have been trying to understand Roman Pot detectors, but I'm afraid I cannot understand what is going on even...
Apr1-12 04:20 PM
1 1,363
Since Higgs boson is a boson and they are said to be the force carriers, wouldn't that imply that there's a new, 5th...
Jul15-12 06:37 AM
5 1,363
I have heard that if n/p ratio of a substance becomes more than 1.56, it becomes radioactive. But for Cobalt-60, n/p=...
Oct5-13 03:31 AM
3 1,363
This is a very uneducated question. So don't take it too seriously. I was thinking. The reason they're using beams of...
Sep10-08 01:26 PM
2 1,362
And are reactions in particle physics reversible at all? If so, why don't we ever see Gibbs free energy used in...
Mar25-11 03:40 PM
3 1,362
Are there any developed theories to explain why Muons and Taus decay so quickly, and why they don't stick around and...
Oct10-10 07:38 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,361
not sure if this is in the right section but... What exactly causes plasma to reach such high temperatures?
Mar26-08 06:00 PM
5 1,360
hi i'm in a dielema. i dont know if it is the right place to post the thread. if every particle is destined by the...
Aug2-05 06:36 PM
1 1,359
I am curious as to how much energy a photon contains such as one with an extremely high wavelength such as a radio...
Nov30-08 01:58 PM
1 1,359
What is the heaviest possible hypernucleus (atom), and why? Are hypernuclei prone to exist with isotopes with more...
Jun15-10 03:36 PM
3 1,359
Can anyone tell me a simple way to calculate the 3 Gluon - Vertex on lattice with Fourier Transformation. I have the...
Nov27-11 08:00 AM
0 1,359
Let me see if I get it right or I dreamed it: in order to give mass to a quark or a lepton the higgs field must be in...
Sep13-07 05:56 PM
2 1,358

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