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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,435
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,056
Hi, I'm doing some work on DVCS and was wondering if anyone could better explain the link between FF's, PDFs, Compton...
May25-07 05:28 PM
2 1,185
Hello member, does anyone knows what is meant by shake-off electrons.. please explain in simple words.. thanks
Oct28-09 02:41 PM
0 1,185
Hello Everyone:) It's my first post ever and I'm asking for help, sorry! I have to know how to identify charm...
Jan4-12 01:46 PM
Vanadium 50
3 1,185
just thinking cross sections here. a neutron that is freed as a result of a fission of pure U235. travels @c/10(fast!)...
May4-12 07:02 PM
3 1,185
The Question: In their search for the top quark, physicists thought that another particle called the W might decay...
Jun8-08 02:41 PM
2 1,184
Can we use Heisenberg's uncertainty relation to explain the working of high energy colliders? (Isn't it rather that...
Sep9-08 11:25 AM
9 1,184
I'm looking for some event generator and detector simulation software. While I was searching, I found a lot of event...
Nov23-12 11:15 AM
Vanadium 50
4 1,184
"In 97.7% of disintegrations 123I decays by electron capture to an excited state of 123Te, which has an energy of...
Sep24-09 08:47 PM
0 1,183
Hi! I need to know what's the "hard bremsstrahlung emission". I googled it but it only showed papers (and few...
May24-10 05:23 PM
1 1,183
I was reading an article about neutrinos in a Science Illustrated magazine about a month ago. And in this article it...
May27-10 05:33 AM
2 1,183
Boris Kayser at Fermilab put on arXiv as nice summary of the state of the art in Neutrino Physics yesterday. It is...
Jun17-05 02:13 PM
0 1,182
Is it possible to produce massive composite particles from a non abelian gauge theory of massless fermions? I know...
Feb12-11 01:57 PM
6 1,182
The title says it all. I'm contrasting "stable matter" with short-lived particles that quickly decay into something...
Nov25-12 12:24 PM
8 1,182
When a neutrino and an anti-neutrino collide they produce a photon , from what field does this photon come from. ...
Apr21-10 03:50 PM
9 1,181
Please teach me whether it is true or not,that the domination of particles vs antiparticles is caused by the CP...
Aug22-10 03:28 PM
5 1,181
Hello, currently I work on 2->3 scattering process. So there exist five external momenta and in my case 5 different...
Aug13-12 12:48 AM
2 1,181
Hi all, i have a critical question. You have a point source (radioactive)..that emits 100 gamma per second. Now if...
Nov30-09 02:58 PM
5 1,180
Got a quick question on gauge particles: why are they always spin-1? Is it because they are introduced into theories...
Aug18-10 05:21 PM
3 1,180
Hello, The Feynman graph of muon decay is...
Mar22-12 04:32 PM
Vanadium 50
6 1,180
How would the universe with standard model w/o Higgs look like? I guess confinement would still cause...
Jul13-12 05:50 PM
14 1,180
Looking at the fission of Uranium 235, the typical end product will be Barium 141 and Krypton 92, and 3 neutrons....
Feb11-10 04:03 AM
2 1,179
Hello, Now that there's only one week left until the LHC starts working on the collisions, I think it's a good idea...
Mar24-10 09:23 AM
2 1,179
Let's say two nuclei fuse (proton and neutron), it will do effects such as generate energy and so question is,...
Dec15-10 05:26 AM
7 1,178
Hey, I think I read somewhere (though can't find it now) that Feynman was looking for a 'particle' version of quantum...
Dec13-09 07:29 PM
1 1,177
hi there, now I've been googling around for ages now trying to find this answer but i cant i have read time and...
May27-10 05:36 PM
1 1,177
When people discuss the Schwinger model, sometimes they still call the electron field spin-1/2 and the EM field...
Sep29-10 12:16 AM
1 1,177
Can someone please explain the word flavour, when used to describe types of particle, to a none expert.
Dec6-04 11:35 AM
5 1,176
Can someone please explain me with what and how antimatter is created. thanks!
May19-08 03:11 AM
1 1,175
Hi, got an exam tomorrow for particle physics and need a question answered concerning helicity. How would it be...
Nov16-04 05:31 AM
5 1,174
The Higgs particle is said to be required for mass. Does this mass in this case mean inertia? Surely all that is...
Sep26-09 06:51 AM
krishna mohan
1 1,174
What is the angular distribution from a monoenergetic source of alpha particles (5.5Mev) scattered from Helium?
Jan16-12 01:22 PM
0 1,174
Hi guys, i'm studying Conformal Field Theory using the big yellow book by Senechal et al. So far everything has...
Apr10-12 12:38 AM
4 1,174
I wondered if the following decay was possible: \Xi^0 \to \Lambda + \pi^0 The only mechanism I can think of is...
Jun7-12 10:59 AM
3 1,174
So here it is: What is the energy released when one mole of deterium(?) undergoes complete fusion? Oh, here's the...
Apr7-05 07:34 AM
5 1,173
Im not too clear on how the scattering process may be used to probe the excitaion structure of the nucleus. Can...
Apr18-06 09:06 PM
2 1,173
Hi, I'm currently producing an undergraduate poster on CP violation and I have a few questions: - Was K0 ->...
Dec2-10 04:43 PM
4 1,173
What is the difference between the two, in that EM calorimeter will stop photons and electrons effectively wheras...
Nov15-12 09:05 AM
2 1,173
Hi! I read a text were some kind of "Schroedinger-equation" for a neutrino field is being derived. But there is a...
Apr22-12 07:51 AM
4 1,172
Hey folks, i recently stumbled across the notion "leading color" in some qcd paper. What puzzles me is, how can the...
Jul23-10 01:03 AM
1 1,171
Hi guys, i'm looking at one-loop calculations in terms of helicity spinor (basically a paper by Brandhuber,...
May3-12 11:27 AM
7 1,171

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