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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,755
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 61,745
Hey, I've been a little confused on the concept of gravitons. I know that they are the messenger particle of the...
Mar7-09 03:16 PM
10 2,723
Hello once again. I'm trying to understand the relation between the superspace representation of the SUSY generators...
Feb9-09 11:41 AM
5 2,096
Hey all, I am an undergraduate taking a particle physics class and we just learned that the EM force was caused by...
Feb9-09 10:49 AM
2 2,076
Hello, how do the angular distributions of Bhabha Scattering e^+ e^- \Rightarrow e^+ e^- and Muon pair...
Feb7-09 12:28 PM
1 4,315
Dear All, I'm reading Georgi's text about Lie algebra, 2nd edition. In chap 6, he introduced "Roots and...
Feb16-09 05:22 AM
7 2,626
If I look at the energy of the hydrogen atom, the energy is proportional to the mass of the electron (or more...
Feb9-09 03:44 AM
3 1,922
My understanding of the Higgs ocean comes from Briane Greene's The Fabric of the Cosmos. The book says that the Higgs...
Feb7-09 08:30 AM
Charlie G
6 1,473
Hi to everyone: Does anybody of you know when was the gluon detected?, and how do you detect...
Feb7-09 11:55 AM
4 2,494
Can some kind person please explain why He-4 is so high and Li-6 is so low on the graph of binding energy per nucleon....
Feb6-09 04:23 PM
1 2,469
Hi everyone -- I have a question about the relation between the spin connection and the Christoffel connection. The...
Feb9-09 10:34 AM
3 7,865
At the moment I am struggeling to find out about hidden sectors. So far I've been unable to find any in depth explicit...
Feb8-09 12:33 PM
2 1,613
First, this is my 1st post on, so I'm not too sure I'm posting this in the right place, but guts...
Feb20-09 09:07 AM
11 3,228
Would it be feasible theoretically to use a continuous endothermic fusion reaction as a high-energy heat sink? ...
Feb14-09 04:22 PM
4 1,751
Imagine you have electron and positron (leptons) falling towards each other. The interaction between these two is...
Mar2-09 01:46 PM
Bob S
30 3,739
Can someone explain to me what Aether is? And what's the difference between the Higgs field and the aether? thanks
Feb28-09 09:23 AM
6 2,148
Why in an linear accelerator, like the Cock Croft Walton accelerator, in which protons would strike a solid piece of...
Mar3-09 10:59 PM
Bob S
2 3,318
The G-partiy of the pion is -1, which is rotation in isospin space around y-axis by angle \pi followed by...
Feb19-09 07:37 AM
1 1,767
All neutrinos are left handed and all anti neutrinos are right,it should be lorentz invariant and travel at...
Feb21-09 03:02 PM
Vanadium 50
7 3,078
Hello I am trying to understand how one sees that particles are propagated forward in time and antiparticles...
Feb26-09 09:34 AM
10 2,677
I need some help in appreciating this consensus. We are told the following things: - that we have anti-electrons,...
Feb21-09 03:31 AM
7 1,310
Hello, i tried to evaluate this particular little guy: \text{Tr} (\gamma ^0 p_\mu \gamma ^\mu \gamma ^0 q_\nu...
Feb19-09 03:35 PM
4 2,983
I'm just learning renormalization in QFT and have a few basic questions: 1) It seems to me that renormalization has...
Mar1-09 02:59 PM
9 3,274
Is it correct that Pu cannot be found in nature? What I mean acctually is that while Uranium can be mined, Pu from...
Feb21-09 03:57 PM
3 1,210
Im trying to make a partical excelerator for school using - ions but i cant find any b prints or any one who can help...
Mar2-09 01:26 PM
Bob S
1 1,967
In Lorentz group in QFT, why the trace of the symmetric second-Rank tensor S^{\mu\nu} is defined as follows? ...
Feb25-09 04:15 AM
5 2,883
Hi all, I was wondering what effect does gravity have on a subatomic particle? I know that physicists have been...
Mar1-09 03:41 PM
Vanadium 50
8 3,668
well, thats the question. They both have the same queark structure. (udd). is it only their different bound states the...
Feb25-09 08:28 PM
3 2,165
Wikipedia said U-238 is better with capturing fast neutrons than slow neutrons. shouldn't it be the other way round? ...
Feb25-09 09:45 AM
3 2,687
I understand that they are looking for, and are hopefully close to finding the Higgs Boson, either with the Tevatron...
Mar3-09 04:41 PM
23 3,033
Hi, can someone please help me? how do you calculate the binding enery of D-2 in MeV? and binding energy per...
Feb26-09 09:18 AM
1 1,508
Hey all, I had a somewhat technical question concerning recent news events. My background in physics and mathematics...
Mar2-09 09:15 PM
2 1,978
This is perhaps a stupid question but: When we use natural units and set h=c=1, do we choose appropriate units so...
Mar3-09 10:43 AM
10 2,287
I have heard many people use the term power counting before but I cant find any explanation of what it means. All I...
Mar2-09 05:36 PM
1 4,693
Context: In beta-decay the kinetic energy of the electron is continuous. This led Pauli to the conclusion, that the...
Mar3-09 12:04 PM
3 2,595
When I studied renormalisation for the Ising model the procedure was to sum over every second spin and then find a new...
Mar5-09 04:53 AM
1 1,061
What is the minimal mass of a neutron star, if the semi empirical mass formula is used?
Mar6-09 06:57 AM
11 3,204
Hello, It may not be the best place to ask but that is the best place I found :) So I have been trying to...
Mar6-09 08:02 PM
4 2,783
I have been going through some papers on lattice QCD lately, and many of them mention "topological charge". I was...
Mar6-09 10:12 PM
1 5,434
i cant seem to find any straightforward descriptions of it for why+when its needed. Plus im really confused as to how...
Mar7-09 05:29 AM
1 1,320 how were these things measured+discovered? are any...
Mar7-09 06:04 AM
2 1,541

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