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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,058
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 57,972
Why the decay of neutral pion to electron positon pair is forbidden?
Mar31-09 11:49 PM
8 2,513
There are two things about this identity that I dont understand: 1. Why is it equivalent to a statement of charge...
Mar23-09 09:34 AM
2 2,845
So i was sitting here thinking about plasma. I started to wonder, if we create some plasma, lets assume we have it...
Mar23-09 02:18 PM
1 983
The nucleon and antinucleon are each about seven times more massive than the pion How is it conceivable that the pion...
Mar23-09 08:22 AM
2 1,159
hi, I am studying the Higgs Mechanism these days. And I get two questions. I hope some ones could help me. 1>We...
Mar28-09 06:24 AM
4 2,941
How would you determine the magnetic dipole moment of a hydrogen atom in its ground state using bohr's theory and also...
Mar24-09 02:35 PM
0 3,353
Hello, As I have learned Carbon, uranium & other elements of radioactive nature are now used for dating how old an...
Mar24-09 03:00 PM
1 1,569
Can somebody explain the parities of photons, W, Z and gluons? QFT says that bosons and antibosons have the same P...
Mar25-09 01:46 AM
0 1,895
was it something that was figured out solely through atom smashers?
Mar27-09 01:29 AM
16 2,225
Could anybody tell me what is so called Quench Parameter ? And where is that parameter applys into? Thanks a lot!!...
Mar25-09 09:20 PM
Bob S
3 1,584
does the sun make them?
Mar27-09 07:06 AM
7 1,999
Hi guys, Standard Model Is this reaction allowed or not? If yes, how do we represent this on Feynman diagram?...
Mar27-09 02:50 PM
3 1,400
Is it possible that particle physics is over complicating theories about why all the matter in the early universe...
Apr14-09 12:30 PM
Bob S
8 2,033
1-electron scattering 2-collider data 3- ? is there anything else which supports the quark model or is it just...
Mar30-09 06:17 AM
23 3,655
Mar29-09 01:40 AM
3 1,224
I have read statements which basically suggest that nuetrino oscillation prohibits any strict statement of...
Mar29-09 09:45 AM
2 1,455
Is the binding energy the same energy as the strong nuclear force?
Mar29-09 02:07 AM
2 1,167
Hi Friends, I am an undergrad currently taking my first course in particle physics. In thinking about various...
Mar29-09 03:37 PM
2 988
with this technique that has been used to detect quarks, are the results reproducable every time? or are there...
Apr16-09 11:29 AM
Bob S
5 1,351
I just finished reading the Wikipedia article on the quark-gluon plasma and it states that because of the large...
Apr2-09 08:36 PM
4 5,332
I wasnt quite sure where to put this thread. This question occurred to me while I was looking at the group theory of...
Apr9-09 09:27 AM
8 1,647
Is there any deep reason for introducing the electromagnetic field tensor other than the fact that Maxwell's equations...
Apr14-09 03:41 PM
Hans de Vries
7 2,773
Hello all! I have a question about the way or ways in which C-14 can be created: From the background research I...
Apr5-09 02:26 AM
3 1,076
Can someone explain how one derives the 4-point Fermi interaction from the full Standard Model? I understand you...
Apr8-09 09:39 AM
3 1,940
Im looking for a good resource that clearly explains the problem of Gribov ambiguity. In particular, I want to know...
Apr14-09 07:56 PM
4 2,033
In Pair Production where a high energy photon collides with a nucleus a positron and an electron may result. But I...
Apr8-09 03:53 PM
11 1,863
I have completed an experiment to measure the decay rate of an isotope, and I am trying to estimate uncertainties. ...
Apr6-09 12:11 PM
Bob S
1 1,928
I am simply curious: does "longitudinal polarization" for a W mean that the spin axis of the W is along the direction...
Apr8-09 07:43 AM
Vanadium 50
6 1,687
Is there a meaning to spin of particles if it was a (1+2)D rather than (1+3)D ?
Apr16-09 04:19 PM
3 1,411
There doesnt seem to be anything in the theory of the standard model that says such a baryon couldnt exist, so why...
Apr9-09 09:33 AM
3 1,083
For scalar fields the propagator is just a number that represents the amplitude for a particle to go from one space...
Apr11-09 05:28 AM
Hans de Vries
11 1,577
Kaluza Klein in 8 dimensions with the 4 dimensional compact space being the homogeneous space H=SU(3)/SU(2)xU(1), so...
Apr13-09 10:46 AM
3 1,260
Hi everybody, Basically, the title of this thread says it all. My question is: Since all particles have an...
Apr11-09 12:37 PM
6 5,722
How can a photon exist if it has no mass? I've always found this concept hard to grasp. (Rhyming not intended)
Apr13-09 09:51 AM
4 1,066
I apologise if this question has been asked before, but I coudlnt find it, so: Is there some deeper reason for...
Apr15-09 10:49 AM
26 3,369
Could someone please explain what a multiplet is? I know that this has to do with the representation theory of Lie...
Apr15-09 06:02 PM
3 2,465
Considering the Atlas experiment, which are the basic theoretical decisions someone must take in order to create an...
Apr15-09 02:54 PM
Vanadium 50
6 2,345
To prove: F \overline{} \mu\nu = \nabla \overline{} \muA \overline{} \nu - \nabla \overline{} \nuA \overline{} \mu...
Apr16-09 08:08 AM
1 1,373
I need find polynomials of scattering of 2 spinless particles. in a dual model the invariant amplitude. I need find...
Apr18-09 08:57 AM
0 979
what are the reasons for why its believed that a smaller wave can have a higher ammount of energy? it seems...
Apr19-09 01:08 AM
0 1,055

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