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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,187
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
T 09:50 AM
188 58,847
what is the physical meaning of the scattering length of neutrons? What does mean -ve scattering length( for instance...
May21-09 06:15 AM
Vanadium 50
6 13,255
hi there, can someone tell me where can i get a good information for a Streamer Chamber particle detector, i'd tried...
May19-09 08:49 AM
5 2,828
I have the following contour integral form of Wick's theorem (C indicating contraction): C=\frac{1}{2 \pi i} \int...
May31-09 07:03 PM
1 4,314
I want deduc vertex of the lagrangian, but I not know how?
May10-09 05:16 AM
1 1,550
Question leads on from others where s^1/2 = 200GeV mH = 70GeV EH = 91.5GeV and p = 59GeV, (three momentum). The...
May7-09 04:31 PM
3 1,495
hi e1, sorry for one, to bring a post this big, b4 I even introduced myself; originally, i made it for a different...
May7-09 09:52 PM
0 1,261
Hi All Just wondering why does deuterium fused with itself not make helium-4 - instead it makes a triton or a...
May8-09 07:54 AM
13 5,429
My table of nuclides has a column for Spin/Parity for the nuclides when applicable. It says it is the nuclei's total...
May8-09 04:56 PM
2 2,699
Ed Witten was essential in organizing the 1 million dollar prize for clarification of the mass gap in QCD that is...
May14-09 04:22 PM
6 2,371
Back in the 40's Oppenhiemer and other scientist were trying to calculate the necessary amount of Uranium(I think...
May9-09 05:31 PM
0 1,262
I am facing a dilemma which leaves me quite puzzled. I hope someone can straighten this out. The short version is...
May20-09 06:31 PM
13 4,142
I read some notes answering a question about how a Z boson is made in a proton anti-proton collision and it said that...
May10-09 03:59 PM
9 1,934
Question in title. Indeed, how are any particle masses determined? And especially quarks, since they have the added...
May10-09 02:21 AM
1 1,335
Looking at the liquid drop model of the nucleus and the semi-empirical formula for the atomic mass of the nucleus. ...
May11-09 03:17 AM
6 5,720
Hello All, I have read that because the Neutrino has so little mass, and because it is not affected by the...
May11-09 04:51 PM
Bob S
10 1,591
Hey. I was wondering, can we 'see' antimatter? By this, I mean, does a positron ever emit photons, or can we shine a...
May25-09 07:34 AM
23 2,899
I have been researching about fusion power to understand how it operates during thermonuclear reactions. I do not...
May24-09 05:20 PM
5 1,416
wats the cause of the slight preponderance of matter on antimatter at the beginning of times,(big bang primordial...
May13-09 03:40 PM
7 1,784
hi, I am a PhD student and I'm looking for a course or resources on the hadronic jets and the models used to deal...
May13-09 03:10 PM
1 1,346
I understand the theory that "forces" as we conceive them are mediated by force particles or force carriers (the gauge...
May18-09 01:36 AM
29 3,709
Can the experimentalists in the forum point me towards the best data from experiments aimed at verifying the...
May14-09 01:42 PM
0 3,550
So I know the neutral pion decays as \pi \rightarrow \gamma\gamma my question is though, what forbids this from...
May16-09 06:08 AM
Hans de Vries
3 2,681
Do you know any good reference where I could read more about the QCD mass gap in more detail? (Book, chapter,...
May15-09 11:42 AM
0 1,172
Can someone point me to some online references that will get me started in understanding what is meant by a particle...
May17-09 01:20 AM
2 2,779
Does fact that QFT in imaginary time is equivalent to QSP represents the proof that many-particle quantum physics is...
May18-09 10:01 PM
4 1,406
I have a few questions about this. My understanding is this: In the canonical approach to QFT there is an ambiguity...
May20-09 02:06 AM
5 1,496
could someone provide some links to some of the experiments that establish the maximum radius of the electron. ...
May18-09 02:36 PM
4 2,471
When two high energy nuclei collide with each other, the hard and soft gluons "hidden" in their wavefunctions are...
May18-09 09:05 AM
0 1,160
Hey all, My year 13 physics students stumped me with this one: Why don't Neutron-Neutron (or P-P for that matter)...
May21-09 12:29 AM
2 1,605
I was going through an article on antiparticles: The article...
May24-09 04:12 PM
15 2,254
I've been searching online and in my qft books (im an early phd student) and I can't find a clear explanation. If you...
May26-09 08:07 PM
7 1,777
I've been wondering, Iron has the most binding energy per nucleon amongst elements and thus realized to be the most...
May22-09 10:02 AM
4 2,042
The nuclear shell model is based on the shell model for electrons, and in the electron shell model, lasing is possible...
May23-09 07:04 AM
1 1,196 "In physics, mirror matter, also called shadow matter or Alice matter,...
May24-09 11:29 PM
0 3,375
Hello! What do we mean when we say a particle in on shell? What is off shell? I gather it is related to energy and...
May25-09 02:41 AM
4 2,684
In my physics class my teacher said that a meson is made up of one quark and one anti-quark. But when, for example,...
May25-09 06:12 PM
5 1,232
Can we use this tool for computing cross-section?
May26-09 10:25 AM
0 1,028
I have a few questions: 1) The tensor product of two matrices is define by A \otimes B =\left(...
Jun2-09 02:55 AM
4 1,764
For SU(2) rotational invariance there is a clear interpretation of what all the generators mean. They correspond to...
May31-09 03:27 AM
0 1,064
I was reading about AdS/CFT and its possible description of superconductors. It is said that superconductors may...
Jun2-09 01:29 PM
6 3,381

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