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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 24,466
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 53,527
With the recent experimental evidence that the Higgs boson likely does exist, and that the Higgs field may well be...
Oct22-13 01:33 AM
king vitamin
17 8,947
Hi I want to define an Am-Be source in MCNPX 2.6 I have Neutron spectrum But I don't have Gamma spectrum of this...
Jan29-14 06:03 AM
1 1,057
I've just been reading a little bit about attempts to create element 120 back in 2007. Do you guys think that it will...
Oct8-13 08:22 PM
8 1,867
If neutrinos were massless, they would have to travel at c. But now we know they have mass, so they must travel at...
Oct9-13 09:43 AM
44 17,693
The photon field has two physical degrees of freedom (dof): its two transverse polarization directions. But what...
Oct4-13 10:14 AM
6 2,306
Till sometime it was believed that Black Holes were impossible to create ( made by men ), now some theories which were...
Oct4-13 10:46 AM
4 3,649
Hi people: I keep reading one day that weak isospin is exactly conserved by all interactions; other days that...
Oct6-13 04:15 PM
Vanadium 50
9 4,653
U = Th + alpha rays 92p 90p 146n 144n I have heard that if...
Oct20-13 03:25 PM
11 6,005
I can't seem to find the mass of an anti electron neutrino in MeV. I found that in beta radiation one down quark...
Oct5-13 07:22 AM
2 1,066
I have heard that if n/p ratio of a substance becomes more than 1.56, it becomes radioactive. But for Cobalt-60, n/p=...
Oct5-13 03:31 AM
3 1,287
What is the Higgs boson's mechanism for giving mass?
Oct21-13 07:18 PM
29 10,340
Nonlinearlity of QFT produces interactions, or so I was told today. Maxwell's eqns, though, are perfectly linear. Does...
Oct14-13 06:02 AM
6 2,396
I understand (I may be wrong) that the highest density material is that of a quark-gluon plasma, such as the interior...
Oct16-13 02:47 PM
16 29,740
Hi all, Do any one use FeynRules .. I just start it and try to implement a vertex of one Gluon and two octet...
Oct11-13 02:36 PM
0 822
Hello, I have a question about coincidence event. Let us take the decay of deuteron to proton and alpha particle,...
Oct11-13 07:25 PM
1 1,182
About the pi0 meson: I have a vague understanding of the idea of quantum super-position giving the linear...
Oct12-13 08:15 PM
3 1,385
As the title says- what is it that makes all mesons unstable? I know some quarks are less stable than others...
Oct18-13 02:13 PM
10 4,069
Greetings, I think this will be a very quick thread. I am new to using Feynman diagrams, and have run into...
Oct13-13 08:06 AM
2 1,629
In almost every QFT or particle textbook we learn that complex scalar fields or spinor fields (or even multiplets of...
Oct14-13 12:09 PM
7 2,825
Assumptions 1) a=absorption 2) f=fission 3) ∅=neutron flux 4) time independent 5) group 1, fast neutrons 6)...
Oct14-13 12:10 PM
3 840
My question concerns the delta++ baryon. I understand that the rest mass of quarks makes up a very small percentage...
Oct21-13 12:17 PM
6 1,003
Whenever people begin to explain the nuclear strong force, they relate it to electricity. I was wondering if color...
Oct20-13 09:04 PM
11 1,060
If the Higgs is around 126 GeV, why was the LHC required to find it, when the Tevatron is capable of 1 TeV collisions...
Oct19-13 07:27 PM
3 785
I have been looking at the Beta decay process and can't see how energy is conserved. The W boson, for example, is many...
Oct20-13 03:39 AM
8 983
Hi all, I'd like to more understand what is the difference between when we draw the differential cross section ...
Oct20-13 04:24 AM
0 729
The University of Edinburgh is offering a massive online open course on "The Discovery of the Higgs Boson" to the...
Oct23-13 08:20 AM
0 821
The charts at CERN show calculations that a 126 GeV Higgs boson is expected to decay to a bottom/anti-bottom quark...
Oct23-13 05:24 PM
2 892
Hello, all If now I only have one family of fermions (a neutrino, a charged lepton, an up-type quark and a down...
Jan11-14 10:23 AM
1 630
Hi all, There is a CMS (Cern) program in which can display similar to the attached figures, do any one know what...
Jan28-14 11:32 PM
3 1,004
is the higgs field always homogeneous, or do particles such as electrons cause it to be concentrated about certain...
Jan22-14 09:24 AM
1 502
from what I understand, the higgs boson is basically a wave in the higgs field. I understand that they have a lot of...
Jan24-14 03:54 PM
12 808
From supersymmetry, gauge particles have superpartners, gauginos. Supersymmetry breaking will make all the gauginos...
Jan22-14 01:31 AM
0 510 ...
Jan23-14 02:12 AM
0 515
Hello dear everyone I would like to ask if someone can help me with the following two things: 1) How many...
Jan24-14 02:31 AM
2 603
Is there any possibility that CERN has discovered a particle that appears like a Higgs, but simply could be some other...
Jan26-14 08:14 PM
Simon Bridge
12 827
I need to know the relation of wave function and vertex function of mesons. Any one give me an explanation of them....
Jan28-14 08:03 AM
3 640
If we were to scatter high energy (say E>>m_e) electrons off each other is there a hand wavy argument to come up with...
Jan27-14 03:17 PM
1 528
I want to learn more about gluons. I understand that they are what bind the neutrons and protons into a nucleus. Do...
Jan28-14 04:21 PM
22 1,373
I am trying to learn what a Beta+ decay really is, and I dont really understand. For instance, how on Earth can a...
Jan29-14 09:32 AM
15 906
I was listening to this radio program (Google: In Our Time Antimatter) and they kept saying that when an electron and...
Jan28-14 03:45 PM
6 768

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