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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,322
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 46,119
I've been reading into String Theory and M Theory lately and I think I have a general picture of what it's about, with...
Apr11-08 07:38 PM
5 1,651
I was recently reading a small news article named Experiments Show Gravity Is Not an Emergent Phenomenon. Linky. ...
May4-12 06:09 PM
3 1,651
We have regular quarterly polls where you pick what you consider the most important research that has come out...
Jun27-12 01:34 PM
6 1,651
Hi all, Alright so while reading through some stuff, I came across something peciluar, string/M-theory state that...
Jan17-11 07:28 AM
4 1,652
In classical gravity, a state may be described by the combination of the 3 elements: (1) An n-dimensional manifold...
Feb11-08 12:27 PM
6 1,654
As far as I understand, the latest calculations say that wormholes do not exist. Nonetheless, as a theoretical...
Aug1-08 11:26 AM
6 1,654
It turns out that this work has a timely significance. In reacting to Martin Bojowald's bounce article in July 2007...
Jul20-07 10:09 PM
5 1,655
I think the word for it is RENOVATION A roto-rooterTM is a tool for clearing clogged drains. I've been watching...
Jul29-07 09:29 PM
1 1,655
Here's a bit from the Conclusion section of the April 2006 Rovelli et al paper ...
Jan5-08 01:27 AM
2 1,655
In trying to get my head round GR and quantum gravity, I'm puzzled about the following questions: Is the guage...
Jan16-04 10:27 AM
2 1,657
Consider an uncharged black hole with angular velocity \omega. Near what radius is its spacetime discretized?
Feb25-04 09:35 PM
Loren Booda
0 1,657
Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who would have a good set of lecture notes online concerning the following...
Apr6-04 03:44 PM
3 1,657
I have to write an argument paper on string theory and i was wondering if anyone has any good ideas about what to...
Feb21-06 08:57 PM
5 1,657
Could the Bulk possibly be used as a hyperdrive?
Oct20-07 06:27 AM
6 1,658
Is it from a Black Hole? Is it from a Cyclic Universe?
Oct12-10 02:22 PM
10 1,660
I recently moved to a city where the streets are arranged in a grid: they run East-West or North- South. To visit a...
Sep7-09 04:11 AM
9 1,661
Which and why do you believe will turn out to be more 'fundamental' (in the sense that one will prove to be the...
Apr6-12 02:15 AM
3 1,661
When gravity is expressed in tools of QFT, the quanta is the spin-2 graviton. What is the quanta according to LQG,...
Sep16-09 04:18 PM
11 1,662
thank to Marcus for finding this paper This paper handles subjective inference from an informational theory...
Sep20-10 12:41 AM
4 1,662
What are your thoughts. Some questions ... If we have a 4th space dimension: What does it look like? (A brane is...
Jan12-11 06:37 PM
3 1,662
In my ST book the world sheet EM tensor for the Polyakov action is given by T_{\alpha \beta} = -\frac{2}{T}...
Apr24-07 07:33 AM
5 1,663
Hi I'm trying to learn more about the Unruh effect, and was wondering if someone could comment on how exactly the...
Apr23-11 09:21 AM
6 1,663
light/energy remains in a fixed position, is propagated in the higher dimensions of string theory and the universe by...
Sep26-04 06:28 AM
5 1,664
Has anyone seen this new paper by David Finkelstein at Georgia Tech? He claims a new method of quantization...
Aug25-06 12:33 AM
6 1,664
At this point, I am rather confused about the concept of DE, and even why it is called DE since it does not seem to...
Mar11-09 05:19 PM
2 1,664
Daniel Schoch, "Gods as Topological Invariants", arXiv:1203.6902 Abstract: We show that the number of gods in a...
Apr4-12 02:50 AM
4 1,664
Help me out here. I have trouble understanding the concept of a stable wormhole formed by having a blackhole on one...
Jul28-06 02:28 AM
0 1,665
Dr. A. Chou of the Auger Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray detector announced today that the last three years of partial...
Nov9-07 04:04 PM
10 1,665
In which of the String theory does the Higgs-'particle-force', dwell?
Aug9-04 01:03 AM
3 1,666
Here is the Cambridge U. Press catalog page for Rovelli's new book Quantum Gravity ...
Oct27-04 12:10 AM
8 1,666
In virtually every popsci book you read there's a discussion of a fundamental incompatibility between general...
Jan27-08 04:42 PM
2 1,666 Peter Woit called attention to this. It gathers blog material relating to...
Nov26-05 05:07 PM
1 1,667
For the purposes of this thread LQG is defined in a pragmatic unrigorous way. Loop gravity is what loop gravitists do....
Mar25-06 11:39 AM
7 1,667
So what if Quantum Foam was found to be the legitimate model for spacetime and our universe? What would be the...
Jan5-07 12:46 PM
3 1,667
************************************************************* CSL-1...
Jan26-06 06:37 PM
Rich Murray
0 1,668
---------- Forwarded message ---------- Cheers, Gabi --------------- Subject: Bayrischzell Workshop 2006
Feb4-06 06:01 AM
Gabriele Honecker
0 1,668
Personal attacks on others, whether you dont like their opinions or for some reason, are off-topic in the Thiemann...
Feb14-04 06:16 PM
5 1,669
What would come from a Theory of Everything? What would be changed? What things would be discovered? What would...
Feb27-04 01:17 PM
0 1,669
Hi! I am a bit confused about the AdS/CFT conjecture.... One of the things I don't really understand is when N=4...
Feb24-07 09:23 AM
2 1,669
What are these groups like SU(2) and E8XE8 etc. Can anybody explain it with full details and also give pre-requisite...
Sep28-07 01:25 PM
Chris Hillman
2 1,669

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