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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 25,006
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jun28-14 05:03 PM
63 58,735
I found this on the web, it was written by someone without formal physics education but I was wondering what some...
Mar8-09 09:19 PM
5 1,730
Hallo, perhaps you remind our last paper (gr-qc/0511089) about the local characteristics of differential...
Sep2-06 12:47 AM
4 1,731
GH Diel a écrit : > If dark matter constitutes the vast percentage of the universe, why is it > not found all...
Oct11-06 01:09 PM
Giordano Bruno
0 1,731
Hi, I am looking for parts IV and V of the series of articles called "Momentum Maps and Classical Fields", these parts...
Jul30-11 10:20 PM
4 1,732
Is there a list for all unexpected LHC results from the start of operation that cant be explained by the standard...
Nov29-13 05:55 AM
14 1,732
Which and why do you believe will turn out to be more 'fundamental' (in the sense that one will prove to be the...
Apr6-12 02:15 AM
3 1,733
Besides the Hawking talk on BH information loss, and the public lecture by Roger Penrose on fadishness, wishful...
Jul2-04 09:18 PM
7 1,734
I was reading some of the first chapters of Zwiebach's book. It is explained how quantized relativistic strings turn...
Nov16-06 08:34 AM
12 1,734
Dr. A. Chou of the Auger Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray detector announced today that the last three years of partial...
Nov9-07 04:04 PM
10 1,734
Can someone explain how a hypersphere is possible. Because obviously it would not add up to 360 degrees. Could it just...
Apr27-06 09:39 PM
12 1,735
In my ST book the world sheet EM tensor for the Polyakov action is given by T_{\alpha \beta} = -\frac{2}{T}...
Apr24-07 07:33 AM
5 1,735
At this point, I am rather confused about the concept of DE, and even why it is called DE since it does not seem to...
Mar11-09 05:19 PM
2 1,735 Peter Woit called attention to this. It gathers blog material relating to...
Nov26-05 05:07 PM
1 1,736
Here I had been thinking the Unruh horizons and specifically black hole horizons were the only (thermal) radiators. ...
Jun19-10 09:20 AM
8 1,736
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I noticed that Urs Schreiber has an article today ...
Mar26-04 03:02 PM
Urs Schreiber
5 1,737
in case anyone is interested Unruh radiation is somewhat like Hawking radiation, a quantum gravity thing----so I will...
Dec16-05 03:57 PM
8 1,737
Could the Bulk possibly be used as a hyperdrive?
Oct20-07 06:27 AM
6 1,739
I just want to know if there is any theorem that can forbid certain degrees of freedom in the Theory of Everything. ...
May23-11 01:51 PM
4 1,739
We have regular quarterly polls where you pick what you consider the most important research that has come out...
Jun27-12 01:34 PM
6 1,739
This might be a noob question, so excuse me if I'm beating a dead horse. I'm trying to wrap my head around string...
Dec28-09 03:56 AM
2 1,740
Hi all I'm new on this forum. I'm here since I'm working with n-extended susy and R-sym and I don't know how to...
Jan16-11 01:39 AM
mitchell porter
7 1,740
...with regards to strings, branes, LQG, CDT etc ? should any of them be taught or should the subject of...
Aug29-05 07:46 PM
4 1,741
I wanted to bring this forward from another thread because I think we may be getting at an important point regarding...
Feb3-05 11:15 AM
5 1,743
I know that the physical meaning of SU3 and SU2 - you can change the places of the quarks or/and leptons and you will...
Aug20-11 02:37 AM
2 1,743
Hello, I am an uneducated savage so please bear with me and respond in laymans terms if possible so essentially I have...
Sep3-04 04:34 AM
0 1,744
OK, this is so unlike me to advertize a theory activity on Supersymmetry, etc. But as a community service, I thought I...
May8-05 06:39 PM
1 1,745
‘Deterministic systems’- minimum length – QMLS An understanding of minimum length is not limited to what I have...
Apr25-07 09:00 AM
0 1,745
Hello all, I have a wacky idea in a field I don't usually play in, and I would greatly appreciate feedback on it --...
May9-06 11:09 AM
8 1,747
In various textbooks like Polchinski and in papers like Witten hep-th/9503124 they go through the process of starting...
May10-06 03:39 AM
4 1,747
That is the question, if you assume the space-time is discrete then it will be an smallest amount of volume line...
Jul4-07 05:39 AM
5 1,747
I recently bought "A First Course in Loop Quantum Gravity" by Pullin and Gambini. Partly, I was curious to see what,...
Aug22-12 08:59 AM
5 1,747
This confirms a beautiful result of Modesto's earlier paper, that LQG seems to coincide with two other very different...
May12-09 12:50 AM
5 1,748
Where can I learn string theory online with the math and everything? ANY help appreciated. Tanks in advance. Ps I'm...
Oct24-13 12:07 AM
15 1,748
A recent paper of Jerzy K-G has this footnote on page 7, at the conclusion: "3. Beware! These answers reflect my...
Dec28-06 12:46 PM
0 1,749
Can you please tell me some resource or link that has the lagrangian for SO(10) GUT written explicitely term by term?...
Feb8-10 12:02 PM
1 1,750
if all the integrals in 'dimensional regularization' are FINITE why do we need counterterms ?? in fact all the poles...
Mar27-10 04:47 AM
5 1,750
Why does string theory need so many dimensions? i know in our 3 it would break special relativity but i dont know why
Mar15-09 04:44 AM
1 1,751
This paper may be slow to get the attention it merits because of its density and length. I have just printed out...
Jun4-08 10:43 PM
2 1,752
I recently moved to a city where the streets are arranged in a grid: they run East-West or North- South. To visit a...
Sep7-09 04:11 AM
9 1,752
Daniel Schoch, "Gods as Topological Invariants", arXiv:1203.6902 Abstract: We show that the number of gods in a...
Apr4-12 02:50 AM
4 1,752

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