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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,931
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Sep15-14 12:03 AM
72 67,932 Big Bounce in Dipole Cosmology Marco Valerio Battisti, Antonino Marciano 5 pages...
Oct12-10 12:11 PM
7 1,755
Besides the Hawking talk on BH information loss, and the public lecture by Roger Penrose on fadishness, wishful...
Jul2-04 09:18 PM
7 1,756
So what if Quantum Foam was found to be the legitimate model for spacetime and our universe? What would be the...
Jan5-07 12:46 PM
3 1,756
The historic roots of string theory are in an explanation of the strong force. Nowadays QCD is the accepted theory of...
Jul17-09 03:01 AM
7 1,756
How do you understand Beables? How do you define Beables? Are these supposed to be located in spacetime or behind...
Jun17-11 08:24 AM
3 1,756
I was watching the Elegant Universe on PBS, and the show was talking about the string theory. there was one thing that...
Apr26-04 10:22 AM
1 1,757
Hello, I am an uneducated savage so please bear with me and respond in laymans terms if possible so essentially I have...
Sep3-04 04:34 AM
0 1,757
What is spacetime? Where does it come from? Oft asked questions here. I recently posted the summary of a...
Mar8-09 08:58 AM
1 1,757
Understanding the short-distance behaviour of gravity is crucial for constructing a quantum theory of gravity. The...
Feb21-10 11:37 AM
1 1,757
Hi Everyone, :shy: I read in some paper about the significance of Graviton-Graviton Scattering as a theoretical tool...
Apr10-12 01:31 AM
2 1,757
I found this on the web, it was written by someone without formal physics education but I was wondering what some...
Mar8-09 09:19 PM
5 1,758
Who can tell me the relationship of matter (mass) and energy? it seems that they are not independent. as I think about...
May31-05 06:29 PM
Brian Bell
6 1,759
Hi, i was reading a paper about finance and stock markets and i found a reference to Lewis Little's: Theory of...
Feb27-06 10:29 AM
1 1,759
Hi all, I'm very curious about the current attempts to discover a theory of everything, and therefore naturally...
Sep13-11 03:05 AM
2 1,759
In order not to further irritate Marcus, let us move this off-topic discussion from the Rovelli thread. ...
Apr17-06 07:06 AM
4 1,760
Hi all I'm new on this forum. I'm here since I'm working with n-extended susy and R-sym and I don't know how to...
Jan16-11 01:39 AM
mitchell porter
7 1,760
I just want to know if there is any theorem that can forbid certain degrees of freedom in the Theory of Everything. ...
May23-11 01:51 PM
4 1,760
Can someone explain how a hypersphere is possible. Because obviously it would not add up to 360 degrees. Could it just...
Apr27-06 09:39 PM
12 1,761
Hi Experts, I have passed my MSc. Physics in 2000 from Punjab University Lahore Pakistan & working in Industrial...
Oct11-06 01:06 PM
Nasir Ali
0 1,762
GH Diel a écrit : > If dark matter constitutes the vast percentage of the universe, why is it > not found all...
Oct11-06 01:09 PM
Giordano Bruno
0 1,762
Im just starting to learn about super symmetry and I have a question. If super symmetry says ever boson has a fermion...
Aug30-11 11:02 AM
1 1,762
It is well known to mathematicians that the study of topology in 4-dimensions is more difficult than in higher...
Jul18-10 02:33 AM
3 1,763
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I noticed that Urs Schreiber has an article today ...
Mar26-04 03:02 PM
Urs Schreiber
5 1,766
A recent paper of Jerzy K-G has this footnote on page 7, at the conclusion: "3. Beware! These answers reflect my...
Dec28-06 12:46 PM
0 1,766
What would come from a Theory of Everything? What would be changed? What things would be discovered? What would...
Feb27-04 01:17 PM
0 1,767
I have some material: 1.Joseph Polchinski <String theory>/An Introduction to the Bosonic String. 2.Richard J.Szabo...
Mar2-04 08:03 PM
2 1,768
Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who would have a good set of lecture notes online concerning the following...
Apr6-04 03:44 PM
3 1,769
Hi, I am looking for parts IV and V of the series of articles called "Momentum Maps and Classical Fields", these parts...
Jul30-11 10:20 PM
4 1,769
I hesitate to even ask this question, because I feel that it is unrealistic of me to expect anyone here to take the...
Jul10-12 06:44 PM
11 1,769
In LQC, the bounce can avoid the singularity by applying plancke scale quantum gravitational effects to effectively...
Jun30-11 01:36 PM
Cosmo Novice
2 1,770
Which and why do you believe will turn out to be more 'fundamental' (in the sense that one will prove to be the...
Apr6-12 02:15 AM
3 1,770
‘Deterministic systems’- minimum length – QMLS An understanding of minimum length is not limited to what I have...
Apr25-07 09:00 AM
0 1,772
Dr. A. Chou of the Auger Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray detector announced today that the last three years of partial...
Nov9-07 04:04 PM
10 1,773
Why does string theory need so many dimensions? i know in our 3 it would break special relativity but i dont know why
Mar15-09 04:44 AM
1 1,773
Here I had been thinking the Unruh horizons and specifically black hole horizons were the only (thermal) radiators. ...
Jun19-10 09:20 AM
8 1,773
A new usenet newsgroup "sci.physics.strings" has been proposed recently. The group shall offer researchers,...
Mar20-04 09:31 PM
12 1,774
there is a possibility of having a friendly argument over Loll Gravity (CDT) the missing ingredient was always some...
Dec14-05 02:05 PM
11 1,775 ...
Oct19-06 10:29 AM
0 1,776
I was recently reading a small news article named Experiments Show Gravity Is Not an Emergent Phenomenon. Linky. ...
May4-12 06:09 PM
3 1,776
This paper may be slow to get the attention it merits because of its density and length. I have just printed out...
Jun4-08 10:43 PM
2 1,777

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