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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,895
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
T 12:03 AM
72 67,812
"the programme for the consistent canonical part of the quantization of four-dimensional Einstein’s general realtivity...
Jul28-11 08:00 PM
20 7,389
Spin of a 1-form (e.g. electromagnetic field) is 1. What is the spin of a p-form? (My first guess is p, but I know...
Jul28-11 03:28 AM
17 5,435
Kempf gave a talk on this. I'll find the PIRSA link. I remember watching the whole video and being impressed. It may...
Jul29-11 05:17 PM
10 4,678
Freidel will be giving a talk in the online seminar ILQGS, about Relative Locality---the subject of this paper: ...
Aug12-11 02:41 AM
49 11,273
I am interested in going down that path, and i was wondering if you have any advice? I mean like which schools i...
Aug2-11 12:24 PM
5 5,128
Hi there PF :) Are there currently any physical theories trying to get rid of time, since time is not actually a...
Jul30-11 02:02 AM
14 3,836
In the following equation: Γ^i ψ Does psi refer to the wavefunction? If not what does it refer to? Also, is i...
Jul30-11 03:49 AM
6 5,678
There was a discussion of what "AdS/LQG" could be, two months ago. Today, while puzzling over the appearance of...
Aug3-11 05:28 AM
mitchell porter
18 5,986
I would like to have a glimpse of understanding of grand unificaction and all that. But before that, of course I...
Jul27-11 12:49 PM
22 4,044
Hi there PF I have been thinking about Verlinde's entropic gravity in relation to AdS/CFT. In Verlinde's gravity,...
Jul26-11 04:25 AM
mitchell porter
18 5,164
I chanced upon an argument in Misner, Thorne and Wheeler to the effect that the energy/momentum of the gravitational...
Jul21-11 12:52 AM
12 2,844
Could however the quantum gravity works itself be the solution to the measurement problem? I'm not talking about...
Jul23-11 11:34 PM
6 1,834
Hi PF I was wondering about the problem of quantum gravity, and maybe the reason why we struggle so much with a...
Jul21-11 12:25 PM
1 1,531
I tried to ask Tommaso Dorigo and he doesn't know how to answer. So, it is something very non-conventional and so it...
Jul25-11 07:04 PM
13 2,658
Are there any theories of quantum gravity that don't incorporate gravitons?
Jul24-11 03:31 PM
13 2,834
I was reading the Scientific American latest edition and it was claimed that everything within the boundary of a...
Aug10-11 08:14 AM
8 3,377
Hi, There is clearly an analogous relationship between Yang-Mills theories and LQG, for example the covariant...
Jul26-11 12:00 PM
11 2,840
It now looks like the Immirzi parameter has a critical value which is determined numbertheoretically, not by the...
Jul27-11 10:23 PM
4 2,028
In, Eq 26 & 27, Rovelli used 2 limits to define the current spin foam models. But he...
Aug12-11 10:30 AM
20 4,628
Anyone have any thoughts on BFL Ward's work? He claims to have found a perturbatively renormalizable QG theory by...
Jul29-11 03:24 PM
4 2,409
Hi, I am looking for parts IV and V of the series of articles called "Momentum Maps and Classical Fields", these parts...
Jul30-11 10:20 PM
4 1,766
E_p = \sqrt{\frac{\hbar c^5}{G}} But in many theories, like QEG, the G runs to infinity. So, actually, it should...
Aug6-11 01:25 AM
16 3,460
arXiv:1108.0079 Gravitational wave generation in loop quantum cosmology Paulo M. Sá, Alfredo B. Henriques ...
Aug2-11 07:51 AM
0 1,414
I was reading a gauge field theory book and was told to refer to Quigg's Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, and...
Aug3-11 10:06 AM
1 1,819
Sorry if this has already been discussed, i couldn't find any thing. arXiv:1108.0893 (cross-list from gr-qc) ...
Aug6-11 01:33 PM
2 2,344
I am currently trying to read through Garret Lisi's paper, An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything, and am having...
Aug4-11 05:05 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 1,998 A critical look at strings Authors: Carlo Rovelli (Submitted on 3 Aug 2011)...
Aug15-11 12:25 AM
44 9,370
I know that in general the arrow of time does not itself reverse but is it possible for there to exist 'observers' in...
Aug8-11 02:16 AM
7 3,006
If the Ghosh Perez result ( ) on BH entropy is sustained the Immirzi gamma is free to be...
Aug23-11 06:57 AM
Physics Monkey
5 2,734
As John Bell showed us a particle is not in a spin state until we measure it. So would a Graviton always be in a...
Aug9-11 02:01 PM
Vanadium 50
4 2,244
Hi PF I was wondering, if Hawking radiation could have a different source than black-body radiation. I was...
Aug13-11 05:42 AM
mitchell porter
6 3,321
That is the title of a 2002 paper by Balachandran Sathiapalan, who has been writing on this topic for 20 years. I...
Aug13-11 11:48 PM
mitchell porter
2 2,760
Hello, this question will essentially concern quantum field theory in curved spacetime, and it has two parts to it. ...
Aug15-11 11:23 PM
8 3,425
Hi guys i'm new here. I've got a lot of spare time at the moment so i was thinking of delving into physics a bit more....
Aug19-11 01:45 AM
6 3,259
Hi, I was wondering if anyone who really understands black hole complementarity can answer some questions for me. ...
Aug19-11 04:39 AM
9 2,730
Hello, I am reading up on QFT in curved spacetimes, and am aware that states of QFT's in such spacetimes, have, in...
Aug18-11 12:17 PM
3 2,753
I know that the physical meaning of SU3 and SU2 - you can change the places of the quarks or/and leptons and you will...
Aug20-11 02:37 AM
2 1,791
Hi, I've developed a game, or some may say tool, that aids in the conceptualization and visualization of movement...
Aug20-11 07:35 PM
0 2,098
Someone can helpme finding the number of degree of freedom for supergravity n=8?
Aug22-11 09:15 AM
1 1,828
An impressive series of papers was just posted by Diana Kaminski We...
Aug24-11 05:27 AM
4 2,597

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