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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jul27-14 12:49 AM
64 64,609
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,147
There’s a consensus among many physicists that the universe did not emerge from nothing, if fact stating that nothing...
Jun19-04 03:30 AM
7 1,898
Hello people, Ive been wondering alot what the string theory equations look like. I have asked this question a while...
Jun16-04 08:17 AM
3 2,269
If you deposit one layer of material (film) of a thickness tf on top of another material (substrate) of thickness tf...
Jun15-04 04:02 PM
0 1,634
Link: :smile: Marcus you may wish to place this in to its relevant thread...
Jun15-04 12:17 AM
0 2,730
Since so many of you guys have been helping me with my understanding of certain areas like Gr SR LQG and QM I figured...
Jun15-04 12:11 AM
Tom McCurdy
0 2,224
Alright I swear that I read in scientific american that Loop Quantum Gravity is trying to put fouth a new toe to...
Jun14-04 09:41 PM
7 2,650 Casimir Energy Density at Planck Time: Cosmic Coincidence or Double ...
Jun14-04 07:42 PM
0 2,421
I was just trying to remember didn't String theory first come up in like 1968 when it was debated whether someone...
Jun14-04 08:46 AM
Tom McCurdy
4 2,143
I'm sorry, marcus, but as you well know, strings continue to dominate high energy theory, despite your efforts to fool...
Jun13-04 05:05 PM
Tom McCurdy
11 1,463
this just out: Oscillatory Universes in Loop Quantum Cosmology and Initial...
Jun12-04 01:27 AM
4 2,143
I'm sorry marcus, but as you probably know by now, familiarity with the main ideas of string theory and supersymmetry...
Jun11-04 07:16 AM
1 1,315
Hi. Could someone please post a quick summary of which string theories are out there and how they relate to each...
Jun10-04 07:32 PM
13 3,154
I´ve just started to study superstrings and I´m working on Polchinski´s book problems. I come from other area and so...
Jun10-04 01:41 PM
0 1,673
If there are six extra dimentions where are they?
Jun10-04 01:00 PM
14 3,368
As I understand it, M-Theory predicts about 10^100 different possible universes and one of the main aims right now is...
Jun10-04 03:25 AM
7 6,617
There is a new site being created that is trying to act as a resource center for people who would like to learn about...
Jun9-04 03:42 PM
Tom McCurdy
3 1,114
In response to alistairs question ???????????? If I post on sci physics strings it never shows up......strange that...
Jun9-04 11:20 AM
0 1,387
Im curious to see how far physicists have delved both into Superstring Theory and M-theory? Have they gotten the exact...
Jun7-04 10:26 PM
4 1,328
What does it mean by background independent and background dependent?
Jun7-04 07:46 AM
22 2,841
Hello! I am new here and I've been curious for a while about string theory and M-theory. Taking into account I don't...
Jun6-04 04:39 PM
6 1,871
Research demographics came up again, in the "Shadow States" thread "...This is pretty much how most theorists have...
Jun5-04 10:59 AM
22 4,188
i know that superstrings are one dimensional objects but are superstring a compression of matter of energy?
Jun3-04 01:08 PM
5 1,632
As I understand it Strings are preferred as a discription of particles because the various vibrational modes can be...
Jun3-04 09:35 AM
8 1,570
I'm not a physicist but when I was a kid I started out college as a physics major and am familiar with most of the...
May30-04 07:46 PM
10 1,465
I've started to study superstring now and I have a little doubt. If you consider the open string with free ends,...
May29-04 10:04 AM
1 1,666
"Vacuum fluctuations and the Casimir effect are considered in a cosmological setting. It is suggested that the dark...
May26-04 10:14 AM
24 5,930
List of reccomended reading for string theory includes- 'A Proposal About the Rest Masses of Quarks' by Jiao Lin Xu...
May26-04 01:09 AM
2 1,768
Jonathan Feng's new paper proposes a "Martha Stewart criterion" to help identifiy likely candidates for dark matter....
May25-04 07:34 PM
0 1,443
this came out April 5, 2004 "String Scattering from Decaying Branes" Vijay...
May25-04 01:21 AM
7 2,120
Hi there! I've just finished watching the NOVA's Elegant Universe in Spanish. I've never heard of this superstring,...
May24-04 09:26 PM
Tom McCurdy
4 1,447
I am a student just beginning a study of LQG and I would appreciate some comment on a few questions and intuitions...
May21-04 10:02 AM
3 1,121
Can spin fluctuations explain superconductivity? Hawrylak and colleagues use a magnetic field to tune their...
May20-04 06:25 AM
0 1,333
Can any of the String Theories produce Negative Strings?..if so What are Negative STRINGS!
May19-04 10:54 PM
0 1,134
You read a lot about how strings and loops can both derive the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula for black holes....
May19-04 03:34 PM
11 2,008
In Cumrun Vafa's "Lightning Introduction" to string theory in his Lectures on Strings and Dualities , he instroduces...
May18-04 05:46 PM
2 1,369
From what I have gathered from another thread, the Ande-Sitter Spacetime incorperates a negative cosmological...
May18-04 08:08 AM
2 1,359
I know nothing about string theory, I'm still trying to deal with the more basic early 20th century stuff. But a...
May17-04 08:04 PM
1 1,522
Can anyone help explain the new paper "Emergence of a 4D World from Causal Quantum Gravity" by Ambjorn, Jurkiewicz,...
May13-04 02:41 PM
11 4,441
How does the heisenberg uncertainty principle work within string theory, considering that the strings's size is on the...
May13-04 09:33 AM
4 1,335
hi! I was just wondering what books are available that you guys would suggest as a good "first book" or introduction...
May13-04 02:21 AM
2 1,411

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