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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 67,130
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,720
Does an apparent horizon remove the cosmic censorship hypothesis? Just something I was thinking about in regards to...
Jul20-04 09:15 AM
0 1,269
Papers by a number of authors have shown that Loop Quantum Cosmology removes the big bang singularity. Loop...
Jul19-04 09:30 PM
0 1,846
Jorge Pullin co-authored a recent paper aimed at resolving the BH information paradox. This just out ...
Jul19-04 03:35 PM
27 3,470
Can spacetime be tear and rip?
Jul17-04 09:26 PM
1 1,443
this just appeared at SPR: John Baez: -----quote----- In a surprise move, Hawking has decided to give a lecture...
Jul17-04 07:48 PM
16 4,763 Beyond Space And Time Ruediger Vaas 7 pages, English translation by Amitabha Sen...
Jul16-04 11:09 PM
3 1,495
Over in sci.physics.research there's currently a discussion about "why are QM and GR incompatible?" well thats a...
Jul16-04 10:02 PM
11 1,814 Loop Quantum Gravity and the Cyclic Universe Martin Bojowald, Roy Maartens,...
Jul16-04 04:34 PM
6 3,189
quantum gravity research seems to be undergoing some changes so just because this function comes up today doesnt mean...
Jul16-04 01:31 PM
3 1,142
i found this in my wandering in google: can someone explain to...
Jul16-04 11:05 AM
2 1,273
I have a question I'm craving to ask about the relationship of demensions and entropy. It's a specific question I'm...
Jul15-04 09:07 PM
2 1,121
I read from this site: refering to the last blog...
Jul14-04 11:27 AM
23 2,040
Dear friends, I have a friend who studies architecture and has given this difficult task: <<think of a house of...
Jul13-04 11:00 PM
Tom McCurdy
1 2,339
In the paper Separable Hilbert space in Loop Quantum Gravity carlo rovelli explains why it's not yet known whether lqg...
Jul13-04 08:10 PM
0 1,196
Jul13-04 04:04 PM
0 1,089
String theory needs the graviton. But guess what. They would have to freely admit to gravity waves having not be...
Jul12-04 04:12 PM
0 1,329
Earlier, back around 2001, Martin Bojowald got rid of the Big Bang singularity and since then many authors have...
Jul11-04 05:53 PM
6 1,415
I just read the latest Scientific American and they have an article about the proof of the Poincaré conjecture....
Jul10-04 07:44 AM
3 4,181
Hey everybody. I'm doing an essay on this very subject, the comparisons and contrast between LQG and ST. I've heard...
Jul5-04 09:50 PM
2 1,926
Tomorrow Friday, at 9.10 in Paris, Ed Witten will deliver his reading on twistors. At a high probability, this...
Jul5-04 07:08 PM
4 5,005
The biggest gap of them all and it is found in the most unlikely place? ...
Jul2-04 10:31 PM
4 1,502
Besides the Hawking talk on BH information loss, and the public lecture by Roger Penrose on fadishness, wishful...
Jul2-04 09:18 PM
7 1,748
I was reading about Weyl Transformations in Polchinski's book and I have a little doubt: Is it correct to say that...
Jul1-04 01:11 PM
1 2,119
Peter May and I are about to run a workshop on n-categories at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications: ...
Jun30-04 02:38 AM
10 2,051
Assuming that string theory does not rule out point-like particles such as quarks, how can a group of one-dimensional...
Jun29-04 01:22 PM
2 1,331
I am pondering if the supremacy of fundamental string theory as a model for the smallest description of nature has...
Jun26-04 07:35 PM
3 2,218
This is a question I came about while thinking about the nature of matter and energy. According to string theory, the...
Jun25-04 11:56 PM
5 1,116
Gravity is seen as an effect of spacetime curvature in GR. Why is it that QM sees gravity as a force like the other...
Jun25-04 08:12 AM
1 1,379 The latest findings, supposedly, refute the string theory...
Jun24-04 09:10 PM
1 1,936
Hi there.. If was wondering about the relation between information and entropy, in the following context. The way...
Jun24-04 12:25 PM
5 2,043
Can someone explain CP violation. Under this title how would we approach a supersymmetrical universe? Since I am...
Jun24-04 08:36 AM
4 2,515
Baez recent paper "Quantum Quandaries" references one that Fotini Markopoulou wrote last year with Hanno Sahlmann and...
Jun23-04 10:41 PM
4 1,775
how do strings exist in our reality? Let's just say, for the purposes of this argument, that a string was broken...
Jun22-04 06:46 AM
4 1,382
I'm just trying to understand the idea that our universe may be the result of a collision between two branes....
Jun21-04 08:17 AM
9 3,130
No idea if it's a scoop, seeing as it's dated to the 4th of June, but nevertheless, i haven't spotted it elsewhere...
Jun20-04 12:17 PM
3 2,304
There’s a consensus among many physicists that the universe did not emerge from nothing, if fact stating that nothing...
Jun19-04 03:30 AM
7 1,941
Hello people, Ive been wondering alot what the string theory equations look like. I have asked this question a while...
Jun16-04 08:17 AM
3 2,284
If you deposit one layer of material (film) of a thickness tf on top of another material (substrate) of thickness tf...
Jun15-04 04:02 PM
0 1,653
Link: :smile: Marcus you may wish to place this in to its relevant thread...
Jun15-04 12:17 AM
0 2,746
Since so many of you guys have been helping me with my understanding of certain areas like Gr SR LQG and QM I figured...
Jun15-04 12:11 AM
Tom McCurdy
0 2,230

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