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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,772
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,234 Parity Invariance For Strings In Twistor Space Authors: Edward Witten...
Apr20-04 09:48 PM
1 1,993 Cogitations and comments are welcome! :biggrin:
Apr19-04 11:43 AM
2 1,832
am i correct in thinking that the graviton is out of favor, along with other "things", that could explain gravity?
Apr19-04 10:22 AM
14 1,829
everybody now gets to enjoy the arguments by the upstairs neighbors talking in sps and Thomas Larsson was just...
Apr18-04 11:01 AM
0 1,728
How do dimensions in string theory interact?
Apr17-04 06:57 PM
Loren Booda
2 2,259
I have been recently reading a lot on Super Strings and M-Theory, and I discussed this with selfAdjoint earlier but he...
Apr17-04 02:17 PM
3 1,945
Hello sci.physics.strings! I'm Warren (aka "chroot"), co-administrator of, a site devoted to...
Apr16-04 10:40 AM
0 1,460
quant-ph/0404040 just out gets down on the key QG issues sample: "...propose another possibility, namely...
Apr16-04 01:36 AM
10 2,024
Sorry if i repeat something already commented. I have been a few time out of these forum. I have recently...
Apr15-04 09:06 AM
4 1,906
Baez and Rovelli have each tossed out two freshly minted mathematical ideas. These appear to be new in the sense of...
Apr14-04 05:11 PM
matt grime
9 1,705
I am curious on this subject and have been reading and reading, but I would like to know what goes behind Super String...
Apr14-04 09:28 AM
11 2,438
in quantum gravity theories, can a quanta of gravity exist in isolation or would it need other interacting quanta to...
Apr14-04 06:57 AM
6 1,394
Correct me if I am wrong (which I may very well be). I was thinking about string theory, and what it would imply. Now,...
Apr13-04 08:36 PM
3 1,495
Today is Saturday and it is an unwritten law that on Saturdays one is permitted to post sonnets. Here are the last 6...
Apr12-04 11:29 AM
20 3,415
Ok, so we know that black holes emit Hawking radiation. Knowing this, it is safe to say that over time, black holes...
Apr11-04 10:14 PM
8 1,792
In Kaluza-Klein theory, the gauge symmetries for all the fundamental forces are mapped onto the higher spatial...
Apr8-04 03:09 PM
6 2,223
I want to ask about the philosophical perspectives of physicists: Why they have these views; How strictly they adhere...
Apr8-04 11:13 AM
9 1,807
Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who would have a good set of lecture notes online concerning the following...
Apr6-04 03:44 PM
3 1,652
Some of us used to post on 'The Official String Theory Web Site' of Patricia Schwartz. That was fun. But page by page...
Apr6-04 11:42 AM
13 1,861 this just out Background Independent Quantum Gravity: A Status Report Abhay...
Apr6-04 01:12 AM
0 1,281
The recently approved new usenet newsgroup sci.physics.strings has now been created and the first discussions are...
Apr5-04 09:15 AM
9 1,487
This message is meant to start a new format of the postings on sci.physics.strings. Everyone is invited to answer the...
Apr4-04 07:33 PM
Lubos Motl
0 2,547
hi all, i have a general interest in the big questions in physics but am no einstein. i am hoping that someone here...
Apr4-04 12:23 PM
15 3,245
What is this symmetry breaking process I keep hearing about?
Apr4-04 08:25 AM
5 2,713
Here is the definition of "algorithm": DNA is an algorithm, a...
Apr4-04 03:30 AM
4 2,247
A forum on the possible incorporation of a single fundamental force into string has been started in Theory...
Apr2-04 11:54 PM
0 1,163
Since there are so many possible vacuum states in string theory, with many different possible compactifications and...
Apr2-04 07:11 PM
Lubos Motl
5 2,155
Stupid Question of the Day: What advantage does string field theory have over string theory? In all the standard...
Apr2-04 09:55 AM
Urs Schreiber
4 2,771
hi, i encountered this term in julian barbour webpage and i will like it if someone can tell me more about them?
Apr2-04 08:14 AM
6 2,156
Apparently in string field theory string fields commute if the _center of mass_ of the strings is spacelike...
Apr1-04 11:44 AM
Urs Schreiber
5 13,939
This may be a naive question, but... I know that quantum mechanics prescribes various possible paths given an...
Apr1-04 10:18 AM
22 2,526
Hello, I stumbled about two things in GSW section 2.2.3 on Vertexoperators, that I don't really understand. The...
Mar31-04 08:51 AM
Urs Schreiber
1 1,517
I had a look at N. Berkovits & L. Motl, Cubic Twistorial String Field Theory, hep-th/0403187 I have to admit...
Mar31-04 08:37 AM
Lubos Motl
1 1,452 it's a 10-page popular article about the Strings meets Loops...
Mar31-04 08:02 AM
9 4,005
Dorothea Bahns, a former student of K. Pohlmeyer, is a theoretical physicist at Uni Freiberg. Her 1999 thesis, done...
Mar30-04 01:28 PM
7 3,098
I am currently talking to a science journalist who writes about quantum gravity related matters for a major german...
Mar30-04 06:03 AM
Urs Schreiber
1 3,151
Hello, I hope you don't mind this elementary question, but I got stuck with it this evening: GSW state in their...
Mar29-04 09:36 AM
Lubos Motl
1 1,812
The classical virasoro algebra is the Lie algebra of the group Diff(S^1), right? So I expected that if I look at the...
Mar29-04 07:14 AM
6 2,269
Hi, I don't really know much about string theory, but I was wondering whether the discovery of the Higgs boson would...
Mar29-04 02:02 AM
17 3,976
I am trying to calculate the correlation function of A and A(+). But I think A should be actually real.
Mar28-04 06:39 PM
0 1,238

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