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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,710
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,217
This seems like an important issue. In his recent talk (reported on Woit's blog) David Gross said yes: ...
Mar28-04 04:59 PM
8 2,442
Hey guys! I've a quick question. Why is it that we can't do the calculation or whatever that would "verify" string...
Mar27-04 02:31 PM
1 1,785
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I noticed that Urs Schreiber has an article today ...
Mar26-04 03:02 PM
Urs Schreiber
5 1,687
Can "particles" or "strings" in the higher brane infuence our brane? could it have someting to do with the missing...
Mar26-04 02:31 PM
2 4,297
Stupid Question #2 for today: I started trying to read hep-th/0403247, QED and String Theory, last night but I...
Mar26-04 08:19 AM
Creighton Hogg
0 1,767
Can anybody point me to reputable and thorough sources for research into M Theory?
Mar26-04 06:38 AM
Urs Schreiber
1 1,529
is there some kind/idea of entanglement in quantum-gravity models ? What does that mean concretely ? <moderator...
Mar26-04 06:31 AM
karl robold
0 2,391
"Lubos Motl" <> wrote: > it is a pleasure to announce that a new world-wide USENET...
Mar26-04 05:43 AM
Miss L. Toe
0 1,333
Group I rather imagine the discussions will be far too technical for the average person to participate in but I...
Mar26-04 05:17 AM
0 1,428
-----quote from Woit, March 19 blog---- The Holy Grail of Physics It's pretty common these days for people to...
Mar25-04 09:09 PM
2 1,541
There has been a lot of internet discussion of a paper by Ashtekar, Fairhurst, and Willis called "Quantum gravity,...
Mar24-04 03:00 PM
28 6,322
Yesterday Meteor found this new paper of Rovelli's and added it to the "surrogate sticky" collection of links. In...
Mar21-04 11:37 AM
16 3,323
Hello! I just had an stupid idea and i wanna know what do you think of it. Lets say thers an creature who is living in...
Mar21-04 11:19 AM
5 1,844
These are mostly from 2004 though a couple are from late last year. 1. Velhinho "On the structure of the space of...
Mar21-04 08:08 AM
4 1,758
A new usenet newsgroup "sci.physics.strings" has been proposed recently. The group shall offer researchers,...
Mar20-04 09:31 PM
12 1,716
Hi all, I'm looking for a good review on how string theory accounts for inflation. I found a great review on...
Mar20-04 03:18 PM
0 1,340
A poster in another thread writes: A question: Then the SO(2) connection used like a variable in Ashtekar's general...
Mar18-04 05:19 AM
11 2,188
What are the reasons why we study these new theories in physics? What would they do for our society? What are some...
Mar16-04 04:44 PM
2 2,229
Hi all, i have a question about the big bang, it might be dumb i dont know much about science. Anyway here is my train...
Mar15-04 08:23 AM
12 2,037
Is it strange that there are exactly the same number of superstring theories as there are known quarks?
Mar15-04 12:03 AM
9 2,531
I am currently beginning to conduct something like an introductory, very elementary, seminar on string theory at my...
Mar14-04 10:57 AM
0 4,850
Here is a recent paper by Urs Schreiber introducing Virasoro Algebra: ...
Mar13-04 09:47 AM
4 1,382
I am a freshman in high schoo, and i really want to do something involving string theory. But, I there really isn't...
Mar12-04 08:32 PM
15 2,624
Does anyone have any links to Witten's origianl papers on M-theory? I tried seaching on arXiv but so many papers cam...
Mar9-04 11:12 AM
4 2,583
I want to know how many Calabi-Yau manifolds there are in each of the 5 superstring theories. Can you point me in the...
Mar9-04 11:09 AM
10 2,413
How does the mathematical and physical description of Hawking radiation differ between typical external (us looking...
Mar8-04 11:35 PM
Loren Booda
0 1,309
I would appreciate an explanation about what's an orbibundle
Mar8-04 04:43 PM
6 2,105
--------------------------------------------------------------------- References: 1) Green M., Schwarz J., Witten...
Mar8-04 03:10 PM
5 2,318
I am going again over Polchinski's excercises, trying to work them and using Headrick's solutions when I get stuck. ...
Mar8-04 08:18 AM
10 2,280
There is this paper by Ashtekar, Fairhurst, and Willis called "Quantum gravity, shadow states, and quantum mechanics"...
Mar7-04 02:19 PM
54 5,194
I have listed some requirements for a complete theory of quantum gravity. Anything anyone would like to add, subtract,...
Mar7-04 01:51 PM
10 3,472
i was looking at how gravity works in string theory (i heard somwhere gravity can go between the univerces). if that...
Mar4-04 09:56 AM
lord of time
3 2,076
several recent papers have cited Ashtekar and Lewandowski "Background Independent quantum gravity: a status report"...
Mar3-04 12:17 AM
7 1,956
I have some material: 1.Joseph Polchinski <String theory>/An Introduction to the Bosonic String. 2.Richard J.Szabo...
Mar2-04 08:03 PM
2 1,673
Can the complete physical structure of the universe be described by a two-brane matrix? First, we need some key...
Mar2-04 11:19 AM
Antonio Lao
10 2,101
Mar2-04 07:53 AM
Guybrush Threepwood
2 1,336
Alejandro recently conducted a poll on Category Theory and the response was remarkably positive out of 7 respondents...
Mar1-04 09:45 AM
11 2,831
Readers of gr-qc could have lost the preprint from Isham at quant-ph this January, Quantising on a category ...
Feb29-04 02:55 PM
15 2,865
Urs has made serious allegations about the paper "Quantum gravity, shadow states, and quantum mechanics" by Abhay...
Feb28-04 10:25 PM
10 1,859
I was reviewing the history of String Theory, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me the history of our...
Feb28-04 05:12 PM
2 2,392

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