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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jun28-14 05:03 PM
63 61,584
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 25,549
how the decay of proton emerge from GUT Modles, did the group SO(10) contains gravity, or only the strong, weak and...
Apr8-12 05:47 PM
0 1,296
Well, not new insights, but at least new paper and a new face: Particle Physics from...
Apr7-12 08:45 AM
4 2,044
Which and why do you believe will turn out to be more 'fundamental' (in the sense that one will prove to be the...
Apr6-12 02:15 AM
3 1,735
Which talks' input will contribute most to future research in Loop-and-allied quantum gravity? Since the poll is...
Apr5-12 09:32 PM
13 3,166
Carlip has argued that the dimensional reduction in many apprroaches to quantum gravity is related to the BKL limit...
Apr5-12 05:00 PM
2 2,099
i need what we mean by B-L extension of the Standard Model ?
Apr5-12 01:51 PM
1 1,144
Hi all, :shy: Could anyone explain in very simple language, for lower UGrad standard, what spin foams and spin...
Apr4-12 02:29 PM
19 3,726
I am confused about what area is being minimised in the nambu goto action..the one in the target space or the one in...
Apr4-12 10:17 AM
2 1,558
It is supposed that the smallest posible black hole (BH) has mass of Planck's mass. But obviously one nucleon (or...
Apr4-12 08:22 AM
8 2,228
Daniel Schoch, "Gods as Topological Invariants", arXiv:1203.6902 Abstract: We show that the number of gods in a...
Apr4-12 02:50 AM
4 1,756
Please teach me this: Does ''Higgs sector'' mean there are many Higgs particle types?Does custodial SU(2) symmetry...
Apr3-12 11:19 AM
4 3,312 Abstract: We study a self-consistent solution of the semi-classical Einstein...
Apr2-12 10:41 AM
9 2,441
In the thing I've read about string theory,nothing is mentioned about why do they vibrate. Can we tell one reason is...
Apr2-12 03:18 AM
5 3,026
In this forum, "Beyond the Standard Model", most of the discussion is about quantum gravity. But technically, even...
Apr2-12 02:06 AM
mitchell porter
0 1,231
Kisielowski Lewandowski Puchta have made a significant advance in calculating the transition amplitudes between...
Mar31-12 02:09 PM
1 1,339
Gday All First time post here. I am trying to construct an animation of electron and hole flow through a conductor....
Mar30-12 09:06 PM
3 1,960 What do you think? :tongue2: Can you shed some light on that mess? Or...
Mar28-12 12:55 PM
1 1,450
I think this is the right forum for this.. are there any physical reasons to assume the evolution of a quantum system...
Mar26-12 04:07 PM
25 5,238
well, from GR or LQG as well, gravity is not force but geometry right? When einstein knew gravity is geometry and...
Mar24-12 02:00 AM
1 1,188
Classical Time Crystals Alfred Shapere and Frank Wilczek We consider the possibility that classical dynamical...
Mar24-12 01:08 AM
1 1,438
I believe in LQG where the theory itself regularises itself (quantised volumes).....string theory is supposed to ...
Mar23-12 02:53 PM
Mark M
4 1,779
Hi All, :smile: 1. Is it a property of all quantum gravity theories? 2. Do all string theorists and not just...
Mar23-12 10:44 AM
5 1,899
Did any of you, read this new paper by Olaf Dreyer ?.. Can someone elaborate a little, what this paper is about....
Mar20-12 07:11 PM
6 1,832
Hi all, what is the meaning/difference between perturbative and non perturbative vaccum.
Mar20-12 09:51 AM
16 2,542
There is an issue with the new paper by Bonzom and Smerlak on cellular quantization of geometry, which surfaces in an...
Mar18-12 03:08 PM
3 1,577
Hi all, Can anyone advise me on the following....I'm trying to get a more intuitive feel to classical strings and...
Mar18-12 11:06 AM
0 1,115
Can someone, please, explain to me (in layman's terms, ) the theory behind early cosmological phase transitions and...
Mar17-12 10:33 AM
3 1,593
Point is, Huerta and Baez, building upon the shoulders of M-theoretists, show us that susy is more relevant that just...
Mar15-12 12:19 PM
7 1,965
Hello everyone, Usually, I think a lot about topics like, what's beyond our observable universe?, or could there be...
Mar15-12 10:35 AM
8 1,677
Wouldn't Godel's incompleteness theorem imply that we could never have a theory of everything?
Mar15-12 01:02 AM
19 4,553
According to wikipedia: "In physics, self-organized criticality (SOC) is a property of (classes of) dynamical...
Mar14-12 11:15 PM
8 1,900
I have been tardy in realizing the interest/significance of some 2011 and 2012 papers co-authored by Valentin Bonzom...
Mar14-12 06:45 PM
1 1,775
In a Brane world model of two branes could both branes to have positive sign ? when the system of two positive...
Mar14-12 03:21 PM
0 1,458
It's often been hoped that gravity is topological, eg. Witten, Xu, Gu & Wen, Rovelli. Heckman & Verlinde make a new...
Mar14-12 02:06 PM
2 2,073
So far as I understand it, mass/energy causes gravity, and gravity results in time dilation. Does anyone know of a...
Mar14-12 10:47 AM
5 1,412
3 generation is required for anomaly cancellation, then the 4th generation seems redundant. But there are still papers...
Mar13-12 02:11 AM
3 1,570
any one universe is infinite. So as there are multiple (parallel right?) universes, how do multiple infinities co...
Mar11-12 04:21 PM
1 1,315
Hi all, just like the atomic world is unobservable to our normal optical observation, can it not be that there can...
Mar11-12 11:13 AM
2 1,555
is it not possible to use satellites to use laser beams to accelerate particles like the ones used in hypothetical...
Mar11-12 09:48 AM
0 1,016
Hello everybody, I am currently studying QFT on curved spacetime and I got puzzled about the question: Are Unruh...
Mar10-12 10:41 AM
4 2,310

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