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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,884
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,261
Friends: I have studied extensively John Moffats work on MOG, mostly in its newest form of SVTG or scalar vector...
May22-10 03:16 PM
0 1,011
If, according to Einstein, that space-time is a "fabric", could there be waves in this "fabric"?
May21-10 09:39 PM
6 1,280 A new look at loop quantum gravity Carlo Rovelli 15 pages, 5 figures (Submitted on...
May20-10 11:37 PM
14 4,054
Hello, I am intrested in finding out about string theory. I have done reasearch on the internet but that is the...
May20-10 07:44 AM
3 1,188
Greetings. My question comes in two parts. Part one - In most "low-level - made for t.v." explanations of the...
May19-10 03:07 PM
8 2,726 Deformations of General Relativity Kirill Krasnov 2010-05-05 "I will describe a very...
May18-10 07:56 PM
8 1,695
From what I've read earlier, the definition of a BPS soliton is a soliton satisfying a Bogomolny bound (mass bounded...
May18-10 06:38 PM
1 1,086 The Emergence of Gravity Erik Verlinde 12/05/2010 "Theoretical insights originated from...
May18-10 02:39 AM
6 5,583
The observed expansion of the Universe is an example of the Holographic Principle. The galaxies escape from us not...
May18-10 01:05 AM
1 1,337
IMHO this is an elegant 4-page gem. Check it out. Thermal time and the...
May18-10 12:39 AM
1 3,584
Is string theory the replacement of the zeroth dimension? Or could it be thought of as such?
May17-10 02:14 PM
6 1,499
It's possible someone else slipped this into arxiv, as an April foolery, pretending it was by Smoot. You have to...
May17-10 12:38 PM
18 3,055
I'm looking at this thread, Dark Matter, On the Ropes? ...
May17-10 12:01 PM
4 1,833
This might sound crazy , but could a magnetic field exchange gravitons with something else , or can a magnetic...
May16-10 12:10 AM
3 1,132
Sometimes I wonder if LQG is as much of a "failure" as string theory, with string theory inability to dimensionally...
May14-10 03:40 PM
2 1,202 this just came out in Nature News, comment? To...
May14-10 02:36 PM
19 3,767
Henderson gives a good talk. He's been working with Abhay Ashtekar on reformulating loop cosmology as a spinfoam-like...
May13-10 11:08 PM
0 878
Verlinde has proposed to express gravity as a thermodynamic system, whereas Connes shows with a purely geometric...
May13-10 05:40 AM
8 1,946
Since it is the case in classical physics, I had always thought that objects with different mass acted the exact same...
May12-10 10:17 PM
5 1,283
I would like your comments on whether a model of EPR entanglement based on superstring theory makes any sense. ...
May12-10 08:01 PM
13 4,527
Hi everyone, to give a motivation for studying specific models of noncommutative geometry, I would like to start...
May10-10 08:38 AM
2 878
Hello, Could somebody please point me out introductory online book/paper with which I can start understanding gauge...
May9-10 01:51 AM
2 2,169
The workshop involved some top people including Mathilde Marcolli (longtime co-author with Alain Connes), Jerzy...
May7-10 09:25 AM
4 1,784 The new vertices and canonical quantization Sergei Alexandrov (Submitted on 13...
May6-10 01:48 PM
27 3,610
are null to 90% If, as in searches for proton decay, the results continue to be null for experiments in the next...
May5-10 10:52 PM
1 1,212
Like phonons? Even if SF is a random lattice, there might be modes emerging from some space of phase space. Look...
May5-10 06:01 PM
9 1,776
When people refer to the notorious "10^500" solutions of string theory, they are talking about possible different...
May4-10 05:50 PM
0 1,334
If there is a black hole in the 4th dimension, how will it looks like in the observer in 3rd dimension?
May4-10 04:58 PM
3 5,611
Hello everyone, I have been interested by the String Theory and the M-Theory for quite a few years now, I read the...
May4-10 07:10 AM
7 1,617
Hi, has anybody studied the papers from Eyo Eyo Ita III? E.g. recently
May3-10 07:12 PM
12 3,127
Is there a temperature related to the cosmological constant? As I understand it, the cosmological constant is...
May3-10 03:23 PM
3 1,210
I'm just trying to get a few things straight as I delve into the world of quantum physics and string theory. First of...
May3-10 12:23 PM
4 2,303
How does LQG work? I know there are gravitons in it but how do they interact with spacetime? Why is it a theory of...
May2-10 11:51 PM
14 1,948
I am reading Zwiebach's 'a first course in string theory' and I have a question. As an example of a solution to the...
May2-10 11:15 AM
1 1,633
I missed this point when looking at KK theories. If the D=11 graviton has 44 components, and the D=4 graviton has 2...
May2-10 07:28 AM
0 661 Unification of gravity, gauge fields, and Higgs bosons A. Garrett Lisi, Lee...
Apr29-10 11:48 PM
11 3,193 Unification of gravity, gauge fields, and Higgs bosons A. Garrett Lisi, Lee Smolin,...
Apr27-10 07:20 PM
0 1,502
How do gravitons interact with the warping of spacetime in string theory? I know gravitons have not been proved to...
Apr27-10 05:47 PM
1 908
That sugra is very important to string theory and m theory. But, it seems to be non renormalizable. But could it...
Apr27-10 02:20 PM
1 1,014
Hi, Does anyone know of a good SO(10) review paper with the basics of SO(10) model building and its...
Apr26-10 06:21 PM
3 1,741

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