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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 66,553
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,579
Spin networks describing BH have a central node with label taken from an intertwiner Hilbertspace of high dimension...
Jul27-10 07:00 PM
4 2,166
In analog models of gravity, such as acoustic metric theory, the motion of "matter" is influenced by the metric....
Jul27-10 05:43 PM
2 1,175
Thus far Tevatron and possibly LHC has found no evidence of SUSY, and DM searches thus far null and void. Steinhardt...
Jul26-10 07:45 AM
8 7,963
Would it make sense to think of excitations of a node as it they were made of particles of spin occupying states just...
Jul26-10 06:45 AM
17 3,244
What can we learn, if anything, from how the organizers of the ICHEP chose to represent the growing research activity...
Jul25-10 10:39 PM
8 1,938
I do not think that the following was presented as a live video. ...
Jul25-10 05:35 PM
1 1,071
regarding the problem of time in QG, Is time absolute or dynamical in LQG? string theory? How does LQG and...
Jul25-10 05:16 PM
7 1,700
I have only taken a few college physics courses, and I have watched some videos about string theory. I would like to...
Jul25-10 01:41 AM
rai linga
13 6,315
LQG research is having what looks like a "heyday". A rush of papers that fit the various pieces of the puzzle...
Jul24-10 06:43 PM
2 1,439
Hey there PF, as you can see I am newly registered here, but I have been floating around for a little while now...
Jul24-10 05:45 PM
6 1,256 From twistors to twisted geometries Laurent Freidel, Simone Speziale 9 pages...
Jul23-10 06:15 PM
3 1,489
Hi, I have a short question about gauge theories and constraints. Imagine I have a symmetry algebra, and I gauge...
Jul23-10 04:59 PM
1 1,103
Does anyone know where I can find the lagrangian for this? From memory I believe it looks something like S =...
Jul23-10 11:53 AM
3 1,126
In classical general relativity it is known that angle of deflection is proportional to radius-1 from the center of...
Jul23-10 10:38 AM
1 835
I don't know if it is the correct sub-forum, if I choose wrong then feel free to move the thread. I was listening...
Jul23-10 06:54 AM
3 1,805
The question I want to ask is pretty much in the title: Why is string theory becoming less of an excitement amongst...
Jul22-10 10:07 AM
50 6,911
Here is a new LQG resource site. I hope it will be useful.
Jul21-10 11:00 PM
2 1,092
Hi, I read (e.g. in these lecture notes page 4) that the...
Jul21-10 05:23 PM
0 1,559
Could the correspondence be proven along the lines suggested by Laurent Freidel---one of the leaders in LQG research?...
Jul21-10 12:17 PM
2 1,526
I've read that the discovery of gravitational waves will further support the big bang theory at the expense of...
Jul21-10 07:29 AM
5 3,348
if in General Relativity the main issue is that 'space is curved' what is the equivalence of it in Quantum mechanics...
Jul20-10 02:56 PM
George Jones
1 931
Has it ever been demonstrated convincingly that supergravity gives you GR in the continuum limit (as opposed to just...
Jul19-10 11:17 PM
3 1,443
The neutralino is the lightest supersymmetric stable particle, and is a good dark matter candidate. Some theories like...
Jul19-10 07:48 PM
12 2,885
Iíve been starting to look at how LQG works, and if Iíve understood it correctly, just thinking about the kinematics,...
Jul19-10 08:27 AM
9 1,205
Hi PF members IN Branes theory There are extreme Branes or Bound Branes ?
Jul19-10 06:43 AM
0 691
It is well known to mathematicians that the study of topology in 4-dimensions is more difficult than in higher...
Jul18-10 02:33 AM
3 1,744
A hyperspace (faster then c) engine is being worked on by the U.S. It would work by going into another dimension based...
Jul16-10 10:44 AM
54 34,882
wikipedia says Overview Group field theory is a theory of...
Jul14-10 12:49 AM
3 1,631
These values are due quantization of space time with 4 or more dimensions. But there is a catch here. There is no...
Jul13-10 12:05 PM
18 2,337
Can we learn anything about the status of QG phenomenology by checking out the abstracts for the July talks? Bee...
Jul12-10 10:51 AM
3 1,897
My impression was that much of the 2009 interest in Horava gravity had waned. A number of problems with it were...
Jul11-10 07:29 PM
0 1,349
A view of reality emerging from current LQG research (like 1004.1780) is somewhat analogous to the "seething vacuum"...
Jul11-10 06:57 PM
14 2,352 Black holes in an asymptotically safe gravity theory with higher derivatives Yi-Fu...
Jul11-10 05:02 PM
19 2,719
Has these results been extended to non-extremel BH? Do they work when the cc is +, (deSitter) and where SUSY is...
Jul8-10 01:56 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 1,421
I was just reading Forbes' list of the world's most influential thinkers, and the profile on Ed Witten mentioned how...
Jul8-10 10:53 AM
11 3,086
If TeV scale supersymmetry turns out to be true, with R-parity conservation it has been argued the lightest...
Jul7-10 05:57 PM
2 1,092
Of these fifteen candidates, please indicate the paper or papers which you think will contribute most significantly to...
Jul6-10 10:42 PM
20 4,819
Based on Maxwell's equations, a physicist suggests that there should be a way to have a transformer to step-up or...
Jul6-10 01:51 PM
4 1,410
I have read the papers of Verlinde, Jacobson, Beckenstein, Smoot and many other. They use the Unruh vacuum. It seems...
Jul5-10 03:36 AM
29 3,119
Hi, this is not based on detailed work but just an idea which arised comparing causal dynamical triangulations and...
Jul2-10 10:24 AM
6 1,588

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