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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,889
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,264
What is a current status of this problem? Is it fair to say that no single-universe theories (LQG, for example)...
Nov24-09 02:38 PM
0 1,432
Just a thinking... is S1/Z2 the same orbifold than S2/S1? If so, what is, from the point of view of M-theory...
Nov24-09 12:56 PM
0 823
I heard today the sad news that one of the "grandfathers" of string, Hector Rubenstein, recently passed away. He was...
Nov22-09 08:58 PM
2 2,147
Is there anyone familiar with this paper "Yukawa Couplings Between (2,1) Forms.Nucl.Phys.B298:458,1988,P. Candelas." ?...
Nov22-09 07:46 AM
0 921
I'm currently doing a third year project (undergraduate) on supersymmetry, and am slightly confused as to just how the...
Nov22-09 02:23 AM
3 3,852
Hi, Now that my book is finished, I’ve been toying with an idea for an animation I’m thinking of doing. One of the...
Nov21-09 07:09 PM
2 3,634
Can anyone explaine to me why there is exacly 11 dimensions :bugeye: , why not 13 or 7? I have searched a lot but I...
Nov20-09 09:02 PM
60 35,637
Hi, My latest animation project has shown how big (or small) subatomic particles and strings are in relationship to...
Nov20-09 08:19 PM
0 721
I have recently heard of a theory that states that faster than light time travel is possible by disrupting the fabric...
Nov20-09 01:53 PM
11 2,754
Atyy spotted this paper yesterday Gravity-Yang-Mills-Higgs unification by enlarging...
Nov20-09 10:54 AM
1 1,481
So Thieman and co are still working on the Master Constraint program for canonical, non-SF, LQG? I thought that...
Nov20-09 12:20 AM
3 1,064
I tried to understand Connes' approach several times but eventually I got stuck all the time. Does anybody know an...
Nov20-09 12:02 AM
4 1,236
Hi there, Can I ask (i) Is Lorentz covariance the same thing as Lorentz invariance? They seem to appear...
Nov19-09 02:32 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 984
Does anyone know?
Nov18-09 11:38 AM
10 1,130
Does anyone know?
Nov18-09 05:56 AM
31 2,203
Say I sit at some point P in a Calabi-Yau manifold. Are there geodesics which start from P and return to P? Are...
Nov18-09 02:56 AM
9 1,344
Loop Quantum Cosmology has so far deal mainly with highly uniform models like what is normally studied in classical...
Nov16-09 07:31 PM
2 1,500
Hi, I have a question on the gauge formulation of gravity and supergravity. The question that I have first...
Nov15-09 07:07 AM
0 1,097
Assuming string theory is on the right track, would the electromagnetic field of some radio station antenna be given...
Nov14-09 05:42 PM
0 903
The following is either the most important paper so far in the 21st century, or a big mistake. hep-ph/0607198 ...
Nov14-09 05:22 AM
36 4,710
I don't know if String Theory solves all of our problems, or whether it is nothing more than a mathematical model for...
Nov14-09 12:28 AM
0 871
Hi! When quantum mechanics was established it allowed us to do things that we could not do before. What would...
Nov13-09 03:07 PM
15 1,807
Hi there, How is the light-cone gauge useful for a quantum relativistic particle and for a quantum relativistic...
Nov13-09 12:30 AM
1 1,089
I'm about to finish the second semester of the second year of a physics BS (out of 5 years). Next semester I will be...
Nov12-09 09:46 AM
0 861 You can consider Petr Horava talk as both the last talk of Asymptotic safety conference or...
Nov10-09 10:33 PM
8 2,909
For me the most exciting talk, with the most new content, was by Vincent Rivasseau. He is at Orsay. That means the...
Nov9-09 10:31 PM
3 1,388
I am not talking about superstrings, but the idea of supersymmetry itself. Let me say what annoys me. I will put...
Nov9-09 02:41 PM
13 1,348
First of all, who discovered the enhancement of symmetry in compactified theories, when the radius of the compact...
Nov9-09 03:48 AM
0 891
We already have videos for 5 of the talks. Steven Weinberg Martin Reuter ...
Nov8-09 03:33 PM
21 3,009
What is the best review article, published in a peer-reviewed journal, introducing string theory?
Nov6-09 08:50 AM
11 4,183
I know you guys won't like this here, but I wrote it when I had the illusion of understanding things. It's not such a...
Nov5-09 06:55 PM
0 832
I took a look at the back of a book titled "The Black Hole War" by Leonard Susskind. The last sentence of the...
Nov5-09 05:57 PM
11 3,100
Dear Marcus, You know everybody in the particle and QG fields and their reputations. Could you name several...
Nov5-09 08:28 AM
37 4,465
I have watched numerous shows about physics and I am curious if I understand gravities apparent weakness due to 11...
Nov5-09 03:59 AM
5 1,476
Have loop quantum theorists looked forward to how one might fit the standard model into loop quantum gravity? Thank...
Nov3-09 12:22 PM
1 1,262
So whose quantum gravity theory will crash-and-burn if this is correct? ...
Nov2-09 12:46 AM
17 2,875
I have done some studying on the membrane theory or string theory. I understand why energy can have no mass, because...
Nov1-09 11:16 PM
16 3,372
Ok sorry this should be put with Zapper post below
Nov1-09 04:44 PM
0 1,087
the conventional HEP-view is that low energy SM represents a "broken" symmetry from a larger symmetry that is realized...
Oct30-09 04:39 PM
0 954
I am interested if you know somebody who did research, a theory beyond the Planck length, equal to 1.616252(81)×10−35...
Oct30-09 03:14 AM
27 6,549

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