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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 66,913
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,667
I already tried this some month ago: Is there a list (paper, web-site, ...) of SUGRA theories containing the...
Jan22-10 07:39 AM
21 2,331
In general relativity we assume that connection is torsion free. However from a purely geometrical viewpoint, the...
Jan22-10 01:10 AM
5 1,855
what problems are solved by the theory of 11 different dimensions instead of just 1-4 proposed in the m theory and...
Jan22-10 12:23 AM
10 1,678
Before I go and ask questions that many of you might be able to answer very easily, I'm letting everyone know that I...
Jan21-10 01:40 PM
7 1,455
If we start with minkowski spacetime in 4 dimensions and then add several curled up spatial dimensions attached at...
Jan21-10 08:34 AM
2 948
In string theory, what are the fundemental properties of a string? Is the tension in the string a constant at all...
Jan21-10 08:15 AM
5 1,595
Hi there, I 've recently looked at how the Nambu-Goto action of an open string can be derived from the proper area...
Jan19-10 04:07 PM
2 1,827
i don't know much about strings and branes, but i'm under the impression with branes there could be other universes...
Jan17-10 07:21 PM
20 5,541
I thought I started a thread on this topic, but than I could not find it when I looked later, so here goes again. I...
Jan17-10 04:47 PM
1 1,033
Can someone please explain the holographic principle to me? I'm decent in my physics and math, so you don't need...
Jan16-10 10:17 AM
16 3,709
Ilja Schmelzer, the author of just introduced himself in one of the Philosophy...
Jan15-10 09:33 AM
Vanadium 50
21 4,260
Hello all. I am currently reading 'The Elegant Universe' and I'm puzzled by one key thing that is really starting...
Jan15-10 03:35 AM
6 1,664
To be more specific I mean the 3 familiar spacial dimensions not extra ones(unless I guess they are large enough for...
Jan14-10 04:03 AM
5 2,006
In this text is explained why our universe exists and why there are nature’s laws. The explanation is given in two...
Jan13-10 11:39 AM
1 1,292
Has anybody studied this paper? Comprehensive Solution to the Cosmological...
Jan13-10 11:31 AM
6 2,475
The logic of spin-2 gravitons is that GR predicts gravitational waves, and in QM, all waves are also particles. ...
Jan12-10 02:43 AM
21 3,850
In the news there is a lot of "past 10 years", from Bush v.s Gore and 9-11, to Iraq and electing first Black...
Jan8-10 12:21 AM
1 1,088
Since there are several people here who intently follow the developements of LQG, I was wondering if someone could...
Jan7-10 11:25 PM
12 2,430
Three new papers appeared this week which strongly reinforce the Loop program. 1. The Ashtekar Sloan paper shows...
Jan7-10 10:34 PM
13 2,131
If I'm correct in thinking the universe is made up of one dimensional strings: a) what do the stings in the normal 3...
Jan7-10 02:45 PM
0 1,047
Strings live in 9+1 world, M, 10+1 one line of criticism is string theory is unable to account for the number of...
Jan7-10 10:07 AM
20 2,750
It is my understanding that in string theory, loop quantum gravity, the 'asymptotic safety' approach, and in...
Jan6-10 04:21 AM
5 2,693
We will get a chance to gauge the progress in LQG---how far along they are in dealing with the main outstanding...
Jan6-10 04:15 AM
5 1,745
I've heard a lot about AdS/CFT lately as an approach to solve strongly coupled field theories such as QCD and...
Jan6-10 04:04 AM
5 2,331
Can anyone help me with explaining what is Brane Tension (t_3) I'm reading an article on cosmology, and I need to...
Jan5-10 05:53 AM
3 1,926
what odds do you guys give the L8 theory of everything being correctly proven at the LHC?
Jan4-10 02:21 PM
cary cato
0 1,209
I'm trying to understand why asymptotic safety is a reasonable approach to quantum gravity. Here is my present...
Jan4-10 02:13 PM
21 3,496
As far as I know a D0 brane is same as a point particle. If that is true then its presence in string theory would go...
Jan4-10 10:29 AM
1 1,247
Of these twelve candidates, please indicate the paper or papers which you think will contibute most significantly to...
Jan3-10 10:07 AM
8 2,170
Smolin and Rovelli and Ashketar point out that loop formalism can be extended to supersymmetry and to higher...
Jan3-10 03:56 AM
13 2,282
Bee Hossenfelder had an interesting discussion of the term "emergent" back in mid 2008:...
Jan2-10 07:35 AM
2 2,039
Can you suggest any lecture notes/review articles/free books available in the internet at introductory level and which...
Dec31-09 10:04 AM
5 3,912
Interesting development. We already knew nonstring QG at UC Davis, but hadn't heard of LQG research in the UC Berkeley...
Dec30-09 08:58 PM
0 2,349
5 years ago you could think of CDT and AsymSafe as part of a group of approaches called "Loop and allied QG". The...
Dec30-09 07:01 PM
112 13,321
Does a given lattice of a torus (either twisted or untwisted) admit only certain orbifolds - ie. only specific N of...
Dec30-09 05:20 PM
0 1,204 I predict that this paper will become famous and frequently cited, not only by those...
Dec30-09 07:13 AM
39 7,413
Do we all remember Feynman's "Single Electron Conjecture" that states, basically, that a single electron moving back...
Dec30-09 02:57 AM
9 2,885
I would have thought this standard crackpottery, but evidently it won "Best New Paper" from the University of Liege in...
Dec29-09 07:05 PM
10 12,132
Kaku is famous for promoting string/M-theory in a variety of books from hyperspace to physics of impossible, to name a...
Dec29-09 05:45 PM
31 5,945
This might be a noob question, so excuse me if I'm beating a dead horse. I'm trying to wrap my head around string...
Dec28-09 03:56 AM
2 1,767

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