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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 46,101
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,319
I came across an interesting discussion about LQG's philosophy (through Googling "Cauchy surface" and "loop quantum...
Dec1-08 03:34 AM
9 1,901
Hi everyone, I want to ask everybody if someone knows a book, or some lecture notes available on the net, to lear how...
Nov29-08 11:22 AM
11 2,644
Hi, I am just curious as to whether the "multiverse" predicted by M-theory (and other similar theories) is...
Nov29-08 03:56 AM
5 1,852
Nima Arkani-Hamed is a brilliant young phenomenologist (b.1972) who left a faculty position at Harvard this year to...
Nov27-08 11:36 AM
15 2,104
arXiv:0811.4129 (cross-list from gr-qc) Title: Consistent Loop Quantum Cosmology Authors: Martin Bojowald ...
Nov27-08 09:23 AM
0 1,335
Rovelli was invited by the organizers of the annual strings conference, Strings 2008, to give a plenary session talk...
Nov27-08 08:25 AM
2 1,704
Hi, well after several readings I believe it that the theory of the cords does not give in its approximations the...
Nov25-08 07:36 AM
15 2,283
How does special relativity affect a quantized spacetime? Specifically, how can time and space be quantized the same...
Nov24-08 05:48 PM
24 3,082
(If this thread doesn't belong to this group, Iam sorry"... Regarding the "GRAND UNIFIED THEORY" It is the theory to...
Nov21-08 06:24 PM
3 2,029
Any models worth checking out that do not rely on small curled up dimensions? And by large dimensions I don't mean...
Nov21-08 01:59 AM
1 1,323
In my readings I came across some solutions of classical supergravity theories that are hard to understand. I am...
Nov20-08 10:12 AM
0 1,065
This item has connections with the definition of time, the unresolved black hole information paradox, the...
Nov19-08 11:26 AM
0 1,435
Hello! Does anyone know whether in the current phase of String Theory, there are any equations that would enable us...
Nov17-08 09:02 AM
1 1,803 He finds that only twists and knots are conserved in...
Nov16-08 07:05 PM
0 1,398
what is string theory? thanks guys
Nov16-08 06:11 PM
asto lover
2 1,145
The interesting part is this one: 7. Lattice Lattice implementations for gravity in four dimensions have been put...
Nov16-08 07:27 AM
3 1,685
Which of these 3rd quarter 2008 papers do you predict will prove most valuable to future research? Significant papers...
Nov14-08 07:15 PM
10 2,116 Calculation of the Cosmological Constant by Unifying Matter and Dark Energy...
Nov14-08 06:17 AM
28 3,346
A relation between Clifford Space and String? William Kingdon Clifford: British philosopher and mathematician...
Nov14-08 04:48 AM
7 2,094
arXiv:0811.1229 (cross-list from gr-qc) Title: Unambiguous Quantum Gravity Phenomenology Respecting Lorentz...
Nov13-08 10:48 PM
2 2,718
Craig Hogen, in his paper Indeterminacy of Holographic Quantum Geometry, Phys. Rev D 78, 087501 (2008), has claimed...
Nov13-08 10:36 PM
2 1,819
Hi! Thanks for pay attention. I am learning spinfoam model through Rovelli's book and other reviews. I don't know how...
Nov13-08 06:56 AM
4 1,570
The purpose of this thread is not so much to discuss immature details but to see what the general opinon is about the...
Nov12-08 02:34 PM
21 2,554
using the WKB expansion upto any power of \hbar could we writte the path integral as I_{WKB}(1+...
Nov12-08 08:57 AM
0 1,360
Is it currently being researched as to how the four fundamental forces we know of can somehow just be one greater...
Nov12-08 05:13 AM
27 2,782
I was looking at the wikipedia "List of particles" ( and I came across...
Nov9-08 11:07 PM
1 1,095
Now it’s Saturn’s turn to flummox astrophysicists. The Russian astronomer Elean Pitjeva, who heads the Laboratory of...
Nov8-08 07:14 PM
3 2,010
I have a question concerning the mathematical predictions for space-time under String Theory. Physicist David Gross of...
Nov8-08 04:52 PM
6 1,380
I was trying to think in general means to localy preserve causality. By "means", it means to include (or not) varying...
Nov8-08 03:07 PM
3 1,249
Hello everyone I have a question regarding string theory (ST) predictions: I am not interested (in this thread)...
Nov8-08 09:16 AM
2 3,672
Hey folks, I just had a thought I wanted to share with you guys. Just to review first the idea of Large extra...
Nov7-08 10:54 PM
7 1,888
I find the recent results from those experiments quite interesting and it is somewhat disturbing not to see any...
Nov7-08 07:58 AM
22 3,086
hi, i would need help to compute (approximately) the functional determinant Det ( -\partial ^{2} + V(\phi ) ) ...
Nov6-08 02:19 AM
0 1,540
I have an relevation. Where should I submit this, it has to do with quantum physic's of heat, and how that interacts...
Nov4-08 03:03 PM
1 1,740 Some of the invited speakers: Paul Davies, Abhay Ashtekar, Lawrence M. Krauss, James...
Nov4-08 01:20 PM
3 2,105
A proposed MDM goes beyond the standard model in a minimal way, so as to produce a candidate for dark matter. Here is...
Nov2-08 11:37 AM
20 3,201
In super yang mills theories in 4,6,10 dimensions, the supersymmetry transformation is often written as (ignoring...
Oct30-08 02:34 AM
2 1,488
Hi I'm trying to learn more about Quantum Foam and naturally my curiosity led me to Wiki. In Wikipedia, it says...
Oct29-08 10:11 AM
12 2,079
This morning an odd thought struck me: Is it possible to consider closed (oriented) strings which are entangled into...
Oct28-08 04:37 PM
1 4,268
some of us will want to follow this ...
Oct28-08 12:37 PM
31 3,157

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