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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jul27-14 12:49 AM
64 64,365
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,112
Frank Wilczek has presented a way of looking at the world which is curiously consonant with Lattice Quantum Gravity...
Oct2-08 09:54 PM
33 6,413
This may have been posted somewhere else but, I would like to know. How do LQG theorists reconcile the fact that...
Oct2-08 05:25 AM
9 2,126
I just heard about Oriti when 3 days ago. But it seems he has interesting ideas. I will try to understand what Oriti...
Sep30-08 10:02 PM
4 1,944
We know of Daniele Oriti because he has been postdoc in Renate Loll's group in Utrecht (see the Loll SciAm link in my...
Sep29-08 09:36 PM
8 2,225
This is a major advance in the inclusion of matter in four-valent spin networks of Loop quantum gravity. things...
Sep28-08 11:50 PM
4 1,544
Hi there, I am giving a talk to my class entitled "Beyond the standard model" - guess where I got that name from :p ...
Sep27-08 03:04 AM
16 3,398
So, what are the theories' predictions which are going to be tested on LHC? And if they won't be found, Does it...
Sep26-08 05:54 PM
17 3,101
arXiv:0809.4218 Title: Nonquantum Gravity Authors: Stephen Boughn Comments: submitted to Foundations of Physics...
Sep25-08 12:23 PM
6 1,522
I know thanks to Marcus that there are papers, including an intro by Rovelli, that "together at last, LQG and...
Sep24-08 07:25 PM
0 1,309
Would it be possible for a human being or any other solid matter to be encapsuled or exist in a sort of "Vaccum" which...
Sep23-08 04:07 AM
4 1,900
In a new paper, Smolin sketches a mechanism by which the laws of physics can be selected naturally and thus evolve. ...
Sep23-08 12:46 AM
45 6,807
First question: Since a neutral Higgs boson is its own anti-particle, and has zero spin, it appears to have zero for...
Sep18-08 01:19 PM
7 2,042
Hello all. I have a quick question regarding gravity and I was wondering if someone could explain it to me in laymans...
Sep16-08 09:22 PM
18 5,005
I've seen the statement repeated in many places that a stable knot comprising 1D curves cannot be created in 4D, since...
Sep15-08 11:50 PM
Thomas Larsson
4 2,212
What are some falsifiable predicted consequences of SuperSymmetry? Clearly, if super particles are found, people can...
Sep15-08 03:02 AM
6 1,522
I am kind of a newbie to string theory. I just read Brain Greene’s “The Elegant Universe”. I thoroughly enjoyed it...
Sep14-08 01:48 PM
2 21,605
Hello everyone.... I am a new member, i am an engineering student , but working in physics all the time :) , i have...
Sep13-08 12:46 AM
0 1,304
People say that general relativity and quantum mechanics is not yet combined...i have a doubt,photon is the origin of...
Sep11-08 03:13 PM
1 1,216
In there is a reference to Peter Woit's blog, which has one entry...
Sep10-08 05:13 AM
32 12,323
If the higgs boson is never found does that mean that the theory of weak interactions is partly useless because there...
Sep6-08 05:32 AM
1 1,576
Any comment on his list? Items you would reformulate, combine, add or eliminate? Is this checklist a good schematic of...
Sep3-08 02:13 AM
28 4,559
In the Kaluza-Klein approach, 4-D electromagnetism is explained in terms of the curvature of a 5D space. But I am...
Sep2-08 03:04 PM
14 3,097
I'm having problems understanding Hodge duality in its most basic form. It relates exterior p forms to exterior n-p...
Sep1-08 04:19 AM
7 2,103
It is always said, that string theory makes no testable predictions. At least there are some qualitative predictions...
Aug31-08 07:47 PM
1 2,204
Just wondering. All this stuff of the brane world, where spacetime is a 3-brane inside a 10 dim world... is not the...
Aug29-08 10:12 PM
3 1,820
Much of the physics in 'Beyond the Standard Model' use a lot of abstract mathematics. So I was just wondering is doing...
Aug29-08 08:37 AM
4 2,458
Hope I'm in the right place here... Found this article and was wondering what those in the know think of it. I...
Aug29-08 01:47 AM
1 1,469
There are the following two conferences happening this week. Cosmo08 ...
Aug28-08 07:44 AM
1 1,538
The non-string, non relativistic version. Consider two points of mass M rotating in a circle of radius R and...
Aug26-08 06:22 AM
0 1,163
hi, as the topic title suggests, is that possible? i was reading an article on string theory and i vaguely...
Aug26-08 01:14 AM
15 3,116
I've just read in the first pages of The Elegant Universe that Greene believes that all fundamental laws should be...
Aug25-08 04:42 PM
18 3,800
What are the best up-to-date summary/ introduction articles to the current state of quantum gravity, for someone who...
Aug25-08 02:53 PM
1 1,314
I was reading a little bit about N = 4 SUSY, and I couldn't help but think that it's like the Pati Salam GUT. To get...
Aug25-08 10:31 AM
1 1,261
Hi , i am trying to learn the math formalism of Gauge Theories as far as i know they begin with the 1-form A=...
Aug23-08 04:38 PM
Jim Kata
2 1,914
This thread has a tight focus. Goerlich's slides ...
Aug23-08 04:21 PM
0 1,279
Sorry to bug you all, but I have a question to ask. I have a bit of a worrying problem, so when I first heard about...
Aug22-08 03:57 PM
2 2,167
I have posted an article in my blog with helpful links to understand spin network. I hope it helps. ...
Aug21-08 04:51 PM
0 1,578
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to formulate a string theory with a 3D string rather than a 1D string. Has...
Aug21-08 04:54 AM
3 1,794
Does anybody understand how to put quantum field theory in terms of the geometric Langlands program? I'm kind of...
Aug21-08 12:54 AM
2 1,795
I believe it does, but I'm having a debate with someone and I'm trying to prove why the universe must have a wave...
Aug15-08 09:31 PM
21 3,759

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