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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 67,079
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,703
Hey folks, I just had a thought I wanted to share with you guys. Just to review first the idea of Large extra...
Nov7-08 10:54 PM
7 2,022
I find the recent results from those experiments quite interesting and it is somewhat disturbing not to see any...
Nov7-08 07:58 AM
22 3,325
hi, i would need help to compute (approximately) the functional determinant Det ( -\partial ^{2} + V(\phi ) ) ...
Nov6-08 02:19 AM
0 1,577
I have an relevation. Where should I submit this, it has to do with quantum physic's of heat, and how that interacts...
Nov4-08 03:03 PM
1 1,804 Some of the invited speakers: Paul Davies, Abhay Ashtekar, Lawrence M. Krauss, James...
Nov4-08 01:20 PM
3 2,203
A proposed MDM goes beyond the standard model in a minimal way, so as to produce a candidate for dark matter. Here is...
Nov2-08 11:37 AM
20 3,339
In super yang mills theories in 4,6,10 dimensions, the supersymmetry transformation is often written as (ignoring...
Oct30-08 02:34 AM
2 1,548
Hi I'm trying to learn more about Quantum Foam and naturally my curiosity led me to Wiki. In Wikipedia, it says...
Oct29-08 10:11 AM
12 2,243
This morning an odd thought struck me: Is it possible to consider closed (oriented) strings which are entangled into...
Oct28-08 04:37 PM
1 5,174
some of us will want to follow this ...
Oct28-08 12:37 PM
31 3,229
could anyone tell me where i could find a comprehensive introduction to Utiyama Mathematical reformulation of gravity...
Oct28-08 04:06 AM
5 3,945
Hi everybody, I want to tackle the study of the physics of new dimensions: theoretical and phenomenological (Dark...
Oct27-08 11:49 AM
3 1,216
I have read almost every article there is concerning the superstrings theory and i must say that it fascinates me......
Oct26-08 10:37 AM
3 1,456
Hi, A few years ago, I heard that string theory suggested a link between the gravitational constant (G) and...
Oct26-08 06:26 AM
1 1,740
If you always wanted to understand how we discover new particle, Garrett Lisi gave a delightful presentation at TED of...
Oct25-08 09:08 AM
20 3,210
I was reading this: I was wondering if there is any up to...
Oct23-08 10:38 AM
2 1,518
arXiv:0810.3435 Title: Dark matter, dark energy and gravitational proprieties of antimatter Authors: Dragan...
Oct23-08 10:11 AM
2 4,437
This crazy thread is mean to stimulate some reflections on the logic of Einsteins Equations. It would be interesting...
Oct21-08 04:07 AM
61 7,178
I thought this 'd be interesting Mathematicians...
Oct20-08 10:25 PM
H.M. Murdock
0 1,849
What do you know about the current status of Garrett's TOE gambit? Has anyone been checking his website? Any news?...
Oct16-08 10:44 PM
29 9,955
Carlo Rovelli and Lee Smolin have recently taken diametrically opposed positions on whether time is a basic part of...
Oct16-08 03:43 AM
10 1,774
Im not sure if this is the proper area for this but when they say that there might be other dimensions that we dont no...
Oct14-08 08:41 PM
6 1,410
In plain English, what is the idea behind Group Field Theory by Oriti? How does this involve LQG, SF, and CDT? ...
Oct13-08 09:42 AM
1 1,337
How does one justify in String theory that 1+2+3+4+5+6+...=-1/12?
Oct10-08 08:25 AM
9 2,354
Hey Guys, I am currently reading Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe which introduces many of the basic ideas...
Oct10-08 02:48 AM
7 1,603
In another couple of weeks we should have a Most Important Paper poll for 3rd quarter (July-September) of 2008. As of...
Oct8-08 11:53 PM
6 1,854
Bojowald (and other bounce QC researchers) are approaching a kind of 'moment of truth' with the April 2009 scheduled...
Oct8-08 10:23 PM
2 1,414
Hi I'm new to Physics Forum but not Physics. I am well versed with the theories of Quantum Mechanics and String...
Oct7-08 12:21 PM
8 4,650 The week ending 2 October there was a...
Oct6-08 11:39 AM
5 7,339
There's an article about Loop Quantum Gravity in this month's Scientific American, and I have a quick question. They...
Oct6-08 05:48 AM
4 1,574
Hi there, I'm searching for an argument according to which fundamental strings cannot carry RR charge. I'm aware of...
Oct6-08 05:34 AM
7 1,787
Couldn't find any old topics about this, so here we go. So I was thinking about the relationship between inertia...
Oct6-08 05:29 AM
0 2,486
Hi. I'm looking at Berkovits' pure spinor formulism of string theory. I am a PhD student studying mathematics and so...
Oct5-08 08:54 AM
0 1,294
as a physicist i know how to define the concepts such as derivatives integrals and so on, the problem comes when one...
Oct3-08 03:52 AM
0 1,512
Frank Wilczek has presented a way of looking at the world which is curiously consonant with Lattice Quantum Gravity...
Oct2-08 09:54 PM
33 6,484
This may have been posted somewhere else but, I would like to know. How do LQG theorists reconcile the fact that...
Oct2-08 05:25 AM
9 2,172
I just heard about Oriti when 3 days ago. But it seems he has interesting ideas. I will try to understand what Oriti...
Sep30-08 10:02 PM
4 1,964
We know of Daniele Oriti because he has been postdoc in Renate Loll's group in Utrecht (see the Loll SciAm link in my...
Sep29-08 09:36 PM
8 2,246
This is a major advance in the inclusion of matter in four-valent spin networks of Loop quantum gravity. things...
Sep28-08 11:50 PM
4 1,553
Hi there, I am giving a talk to my class entitled "Beyond the standard model" - guess where I got that name from :p ...
Sep27-08 03:04 AM
16 3,466

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