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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,755
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,233
I put an annoucement of this up in Announcements. There are some other links about it there, if you want more...
Jul23-08 06:50 PM
1 1,245
If you have links of good articles and review papers of Loop Quantum Cosmology plz post here
Jul23-08 11:54 AM
3 1,291
Hi guys, this is Barton Zwiebach's Introduction to String theory question 4.2 on the longitudinal wave on a taut...
Jul22-08 08:51 AM
1 2,952
hey everyone, im new here and im wondering if anyone knows whether or not someone already came up with the idea i had...
Jul22-08 08:17 AM
1 1,285
Tipler had proposed that the correct QM Lagrangian leading to gravity should be S = \int d^4x\,...
Jul22-08 08:03 AM
22 3,758
I expect this paper will "raise the dead" in the sense of evoking a comment from John Baez :-). It develops some...
Jul21-08 10:03 PM
1 1,381
I am doing research among the classification of singularity. I would like to know that if black hole evaporation can...
Jul21-08 01:28 PM
0 988
I was wondering why physicists already bother on searching for a grand unified theory if they haven't even unified the...
Jul20-08 09:55 AM
Vanadium 50
7 1,581
Has any one here worked with the Potts model so that they can explain why these two papers, which seem so unrelated...
Jul19-08 09:45 AM
1 1,812
Is there a nice, cute way to see what R symmetry is? I mean, N=1 SUSY has a global U(1)_R symmetry, which is a charge...
Jul19-08 07:06 AM
4 4,318
I stumbled with this paper that propose the idea that gravity could possibly be an Electrostatic force. Im no...
Jul19-08 06:45 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,575
Hello everyone I create this thread as a copy of one thread with the same title in the subforum dedicated to string...
Jul18-08 10:34 AM
18 4,376
I am presently reading a paper on Inflation. It uses the term Hubble length. Can someone provide the Hubble length...
Jul17-08 01:50 PM
3 1,363
The fundamental part of string theory is that particles are in fact made up of vibrating strings. So this means that...
Jul16-08 12:58 PM
3 6,256
quantum mechanics has many interpretations, though a lot of them don't disagree in the maths. i would like to know...
Jul14-08 05:09 AM
1 1,278
One of the intriging things to me about Causal Dymanical Triangulations is the implication of a fractal spacetime...
Jul13-08 01:21 PM
34 5,959
does the idea of how gravity works through gravitons contradict einsteins general relativity? the idea of a particle...
Jul12-08 10:37 AM
1 1,325
Hi: I've heard that Susy is a central prediction of string theory, is that true?, and if that is...
Jul11-08 10:57 AM
George Jones
1 3,176
how can people predict that the graviton is a particle of spin 2?
Jul6-08 06:55 PM
1 1,341
I know about string theory, but have heard that string theory is part of the bigger scheme of string field theory,...
Jul4-08 02:20 PM
16 2,832
I read somewhere that string theory could be disproved if it is found out that the universe expanded at a certain...
Jul2-08 10:38 AM
3 1,312
Which of these papers do you think will prove most valuable for future research? For brevity, papers are designated by...
Jul1-08 03:51 PM
0 1,267
Every quarter we have a poll predicting which will be the quarter's most valuable QG paper, most important for future...
Jul1-08 12:11 PM
17 2,848
Does anyone know of any research programs out there that are considering physical structure formation in terms of...
Jul1-08 10:28 AM
23 3,267
The assumption that gravity in 4D couldn't be treated as a quantum field theory (any attempt would always be overrun...
Jun29-08 07:43 AM
6 1,580
I wonder if the mass term in the kinetic energy can be alterantively interpreted as a metric? And can energy be a form...
Jun26-08 07:10 PM
0 1,202
I've read Brian Greene's "Elegant Universe" and most of Lee Smolin's "The trouble with Physics". I found them both to...
Jun20-08 04:50 PM
5 3,512
I am reading Michael Hines new book, Supersymmetry and String Theory. He keeps referring to "tree-level". What is...
Jun16-08 07:28 PM
1 7,774 Introduction to String Theory and Gauge/Gravity duality for students in QCD and QGP...
Jun16-08 10:41 AM
0 1,456
Perturbative Super-Yang-Mills from the Topological AdS_5xS^5 Sigma Model A proof of the AdS/CFT correspondence Is...
Jun14-08 10:13 PM
6 1,836
I read the abstract of Prof. Vafa's recent paper on string phenomenology. (arXiv:0806.0102) But, I don't really...
Jun11-08 05:00 AM
2 4,352
SU(3) needs to act on a minumum of 4 compact dimensions. SU(2) needs a minimum of 2 dimensions U(1) needs a minumum...
Jun11-08 04:27 AM
14 3,082
Tonight and tomorrow (Sunday), PBS television is rebroadcasting “The Ghost Particle” on the neutrino work by John...
Jun10-08 11:04 AM
9 2,622
I finally started to read Smolin's Three roads to Quantum Gravity and only read the first two chapters so far. It...
Jun7-08 03:14 AM
55 6,424
In an atom we know that there is a large space between the particles in an atom. Is this space supposedly filled with...
Jun6-08 10:29 PM
4 3,478
In LQG, is the graviton absorbed (and then subsequently retransmitted without scatter), or is does the graviton pass...
Jun6-08 09:54 PM
0 1,131
For you Marcus:
Jun6-08 09:34 PM
0 1,720
Hello people I have just acquired Zwiebach's "A first course in string theory". I am actually very busy with...
Jun6-08 02:55 PM
Jimmy Snyder
113 27,922
This paper may be slow to get the attention it merits because of its density and length. I have just printed out...
Jun4-08 10:43 PM
2 1,710
Next week will be the 13th conference in the Recent Developments in Gravity series. It will be held at Salonica...
Jun4-08 10:34 AM
5 1,965

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