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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,584
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 66,580
Backreaction blog picked up on the subtitle of Susskind's new book...
Oct17-07 12:37 PM
4 3,186
Relatismo (my made up term for this emerging philosophy) says that two events are only different if they have...
May3-07 02:02 AM
10 2,435
Here is the choice for the April-June quarter of 2006: one by Padmanabhan two by...
Sep20-07 04:00 PM
5 3,508
This new paper by Magueijo and Singh discusses prospects for observational Loop Quantum Cosmology ...
Mar29-07 04:25 PM
7 1,792 The First Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity School The workshop...
Mar29-07 06:41 PM
8 2,329
Public interest in the big questions is the lifeblood of theoretical science---an important part of what is needed to...
Apr30-07 05:59 PM
10 1,438
The dates are already set June 30 - July 4, 2008 This time it will be correctly called the Conference on Quantum...
Apr21-07 07:51 PM
13 3,250
Bee has organized an informal working and discussion group at Perimeter for people researching ways to empirically...
Apr22-07 11:56 AM
2 1,006
Another first. (2+1)-Dimensional Quantum Gravity as the Continuum Limit of Causal...
May1-07 09:21 PM
8 2,340
David Gross gave a half-hour talk at the Madrid Strings conference of which the last five minutes is a frank...
Sep13-07 10:18 PM
6 2,614
I wonder if this will be of any help in moving the discussion of Anthropixia and the String Landscape forward. :smile:...
Sep9-07 01:05 AM
7 1,584
This is something I wish we would talk more about. Some posters here like Arivero know a lot about Alain Connes...
Sep19-07 01:01 PM
7 1,907
It would be really funny if this paper of William Nelson and Mary Sakellariadou turned out to be right. And I can't...
Sep12-07 12:41 AM
0 1,553
Yidun Wan gave a very nice talk a week or so ago at Perimeter. It is on video...
Sep13-07 03:19 PM
0 1,611
Smolin's book came out in April 2007 in French translation and spent a good bit of time as #1 on the French
Sep14-07 05:08 PM
2 1,642
In the past two years work by Ashtekar and others in Loop cosmology has modified the LQG dynamics. Two postdocs at...
Sep15-07 06:04 PM
4 1,527
This paper which just appeared on arxiv Loop quantum gravity corrections to...
Sep17-07 01:02 PM
1 1,879
(here's more on SISSA if you want) Here's Percacci's page: Here's a sample: ...
Sep27-07 04:46 PM
1 4,148 Propagation and interaction of chiral states in quantum gravity Lee Smolin, Yidun Wan...
Oct31-07 11:12 AM
13 3,747
I suspect that the most influential string research will now tend to be done in places where there is a strong...
Oct26-07 04:11 PM
2 1,772
A detailed introduction of the new LQG spinfoam model---flipped version of the Barrett-Crane vertex...
Nov1-07 09:33 PM
1 2,030
AFAICS cosmology is the main prospective proving ground for quantum gravity---cosmology and astrophysical observation...
Oct29-07 01:52 PM
1 1,460
We both guessed that as of 1 November Smolin's book would be selling 3 times better than the five most popular stringy...
Oct29-07 02:53 PM
0 1,782
Registration for next year's Quantum Geometry/Gravity conference is now open. And there's a nice BONUS for people...
Oct31-07 08:58 AM
4 1,654
Three related papers came out today. One posted in astro-ph, and the other two in gr-qc. ...
Oct30-07 09:55 PM
0 1,839
in junior highschool they started telling us about "leadership ability" which apparently was exemplified by some guy...
Nov9-07 01:18 AM
6 2,992
In the poll please ignore the "(blue)" and "(green)" that got in by mistake. I tried but was unable to edit them out....
Jan5-08 02:34 AM
3 2,129
a simple way to check how things are going with string and non-string QG is to look at the list of last year's topcite...
Jan14-08 08:26 PM
6 3,477
J. Scott Carter from The University of Southern Alabama is a great new QG-TQFT blues performer See and listen here:...
Dec29-07 02:04 PM
1 4,763
Triangulations is a leading nonstring QG approach which is among the least known, where we have to most catching-up to...
Jan13-08 11:38 AM
39 6,286
Here's a bit from the Conclusion section of the April 2006 Rovelli et al paper ...
Jan5-08 01:27 AM
2 1,714
I hear that February 2008 issue of SciAm contains a special report. Peter Woit has some comment. I'm gradually...
Jan22-08 04:27 PM
1 1,843
Simone Speziale is teaching an introductory course on LQG, and Perimeter has the videos online. Lecture #1, 5...
Dec1-08 12:34 PM
67 19,833
In a new paper, Smolin sketches a mechanism by which the laws of physics can be selected naturally and thus evolve. ...
Sep23-08 12:46 AM
45 6,842
Frank Wilczek has presented a way of looking at the world which is curiously consonant with Lattice Quantum Gravity...
Oct2-08 09:54 PM
33 6,463
This is a major advance in the inclusion of matter in four-valent spin networks of Loop quantum gravity. things...
Sep28-08 11:50 PM
4 1,551
We know of Daniele Oriti because he has been postdoc in Renate Loll's group in Utrecht (see the Loll SciAm link in my...
Sep29-08 09:36 PM
8 2,239 The week ending 2 October there was a...
Oct6-08 11:39 AM
5 7,290
Nima Arkani-Hamed is a brilliant young phenomenologist (b.1972) who left a faculty position at Harvard this year to...
Nov27-08 11:36 AM
15 2,217
Rovelli was invited by the organizers of the annual strings conference, Strings 2008, to give a plenary session talk...
Nov27-08 08:25 AM
2 1,787

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