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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,258
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,868
Backreaction blog picked up on the subtitle of Susskind's new book...
Oct17-07 12:37 PM
4 3,105
What's your pick for the most important paper from among second quarter 2007 non-string quantum gravity research? This...
Sep20-07 07:55 PM
11 2,269
David Gross gave a half-hour talk at the Madrid Strings conference of which the last five minutes is a frank...
Sep13-07 10:18 PM
6 2,553 my candidate for the greatest ever physics...
Dec2-07 04:24 PM
37 17,412
If I understand what Kea said here recently, Laurent Freidel and Aristide Baratin have a paper in the works about BF...
Aug22-07 08:32 PM
2 1,259 Probing Quantum Gravity using Photons from a Mkn 501 Flare Observed by MAGIC J....
Aug23-07 05:28 PM
2 1,354
Energy dependent speed of gammaray photons may have been observed, by the MAGIC collaboration at its Canary Islands...
Aug27-07 02:17 PM
24 3,368 Non-Commutativity of Effective Space-Time Coordinates and the Minimal Length Florian...
Aug28-07 07:32 PM
1 1,807 Searching for Inflation in Simple String Theory Models: An Astrophysical Perspective ...
Nov18-07 07:28 PM
3 2,264
the NCG blog has various interesting stuff one thing was this link to a 4 minute talk by David Hilbert...
Sep21-07 01:53 AM
1 2,159
This quarter the poll is focused on four dark horse longshots. AASTRUP GRIMSTRUP (Missed them when they came out,...
Sep20-07 10:48 PM
1 1,612 the colloquium was organized by...
Sep24-07 02:02 PM
0 1,003 Workshop on Noncommutative Manifolds II Trieste NCG07 October 22-26, 2007 The...
Sep27-07 03:47 PM
0 1,519
The sixth International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology will be held in December. Here is the homepage...
Nov20-07 12:07 PM
3 2,269
How do you see things shaping up during the next few years in Quantum Gravity? the last two years have seen a lot...
Oct7-07 12:29 PM
23 3,476 Derek has taken a position at UC Davis and been moving his...
Oct14-07 01:52 PM
3 3,240
New paper out today about supersymmetry in spin foam QG Spin foam is the leading non-string approach to quantum...
Oct20-07 02:05 AM
5 1,957
The current (18 October) issue of Nature in the "News...
Oct23-07 04:42 AM
32 6,187
The US has an extreme string monopoly situation compared with other countries (as several posters including f-h and...
Dec2-07 08:16 AM
24 4,581
Aldrovandi and Pereira are at the ITP at Sao Paolo State University. They have taken a risky step and proposed to...
Nov20-07 11:41 AM
9 2,899
Arivero informed us of this back in 2005, about the time a celebration for the much beloved and admired Sidney Coleman...
Nov22-07 07:12 AM
3 3,913
Like the Tegmark Math Universe thread the topic here is properly Philosophy of Science with input from physics. If...
Nov30-07 02:01 AM
18 3,844
Kevin Vandersloot is an Ashtekar PhD now at Portsmouth UK with a EU Curie fellowship. He and another EU postdoc, C....
Dec2-07 04:10 PM
2 2,803
Coin raised a cluster of interesting issues for discussion, which need a separate thread. (If we addressed them in...
Dec4-07 12:17 PM
2 1,816
The US has an extreme string monopoly situation compared with other countries (as several posters including f-h and...
Feb1-08 02:11 PM
27 4,008
This could be good ==quote== PIRSA:08010033 Title: Lecture 1 ( Windows Media ,...
Jan30-08 06:17 PM
19 4,985
Fra posted this question: Does anyone have an opinion on wether Rovelli's book Quantum Gravity, is best up to date...
Feb5-08 12:31 AM
8 2,311
I recently watched this at the Perimeter Institute seminar video website In the various...
Feb4-08 02:56 PM
0 1,821 Asymptotic safety of gravity and the Higgs boson mass Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Christof...
Aug17-10 12:19 PM
5 2,737
At least one of us at this discussion board has expressed an interest in fractal modeling of spacetime, or of...
Jun27-10 02:02 PM
1 3,078
A new formulation of LQG was given in the arxiv paper 1004.1780 which is easier for me to remember as 2010 April1780...
Jun14-10 12:39 AM
13 1,514
MTd2 spotted this one. It was time for a paper like this. Very glad to see it.
Aug5-10 10:17 PM
8 2,195
== == III. TRANSITION AMPLITUDES In a general covariant quantum theory, the...
Feb19-11 01:30 AM
139 14,322
This paper shows an interesting new approach to a theory of geometry + matter. Impressive preliminary results: ...
Feb3-11 05:00 PM
14 2,402 The Semiclassical Limit of Causal Dynamical Triangulations J. Ambjorn, A. Gorlich, J....
Feb24-11 04:14 PM
2 1,230
How do you balance the Loop and String programs? They have each advanced unevenly in different respects, so trying...
Feb26-11 03:33 PM
1 860
I was glad to see this paper for several reasons. The volume operator in Loop Gravity is the locus of some...
Apr23-11 04:28 PM
8 2,693
This raises an interesting physics question. What physics reason could there be for the shift of researcher interest...
Apr20-11 03:58 PM
164 16,275 Big Perimeter audience, appreciative interest, long question period after. He undercuts...
Apr21-11 09:18 PM
13 3,534 The Link between General Relativity and Shape Dynamics Henrique Gomes, Tim Koslowski...
Apr30-11 01:50 PM
3 2,362

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