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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,720
Why is it that a curled up dimension cannot be represented in terms of the 3 spatial dimensions we are familiar with? ...
Feb26-07 01:54 AM
0 2,770
According to the things I've been reading, while most forces and particles can be trapped on a brane, gravity can...
Feb27-07 01:41 AM
0 1,727
According to loop quantum gravity volumes of space can be quantized. Dark energy is said to be a property of space,...
Mar3-07 05:44 PM
0 1,249
Does anyone have information about a book by Rudy Vaas supposed to come out this year, called Beyond the Big Bang. ...
Mar8-07 01:19 PM
0 2,247
Just announced. See site: Best, Christine
Mar14-07 08:09 PM
0 1,174
In string theory the smallest distance is about 10^-34 metres. If the smallest distance in the universe is actually...
Mar23-07 06:28 PM
0 3,445
Michael Levin and Xiao-Gang Wen, Quantum ether: photons and electrons from a rotor model. Apparently space-time...
Apr5-07 06:08 PM
0 1,586
Is spacetime dynamical and evolving in string theory as it does in GR? How is it that 6 dimensions remain curled up ,...
Apr9-07 02:03 PM
0 1,387
Carl We need to firm up the electron anti-neutrino production rate expected for miniBooNE this week. Do you have a...
Apr9-07 11:46 PM
0 1,277
To know what lies beyond would serve us how ? That is to say if everyone is working towards a common goal, in what...
Apr15-07 07:22 PM
0 1,314
Xiao-Gang Wen's suggestion, first published 6 Jul 2004 Page 8 "Remarkably,...
Apr17-07 12:29 PM
0 3,072
‘Limiting Curvature Construction’ Using two dimensions to get at an understanding of minimum length is not limited...
Apr23-07 08:55 AM
0 1,122
‘Deterministic systems’- minimum length – QMLS An understanding of minimum length is not limited to what I have...
Apr25-07 09:00 AM
0 1,766
Just a generic question on what are the sources of missing energy. Consider two quarks produced as a result of...
May5-07 02:48 AM
0 1,065
I read somewhere that the Technicolor model is similar to QCD but I'm not very knowledgeable in either fields. How are...
May5-07 02:52 AM
0 1,355
Anyone know where to get the CMS Physics TDR: Volume I? I cant download it from the CMS website...
May9-07 09:07 PM
0 7,757
Hello Josh1, R.X, Angry physicists, Thomas Larrson, etc. I am well aware that some events such as the higgs boson...
May14-07 12:24 AM
0 1,830
I understand why in the presence of a constant vector potential A=-\frac{\theta}{2 \pi R} along a compactified...
May15-07 06:51 AM
0 1,645
I cannot do what these “math kids” are doing, However, I THINK….NOW WE ARE STARTING TO KICK ***! Things are...
May21-07 09:50 AM
0 1,088
Witten claimed 11D N=8 Supergravity is a low-energy limit of M-theory. So what happens when 11D N=8 Supergravity...
May21-07 09:09 PM
0 1,457
Elegant Universe TV show streaming Video Introduction To Loop Quantum Gravity The "Third Road" Useful...
Jul29-07 09:33 AM
0 17,598
I am trying to fit together a few definitions of charge which are being commonly used. On one side we have the...
Jun7-07 10:54 PM
0 1,125
Vovolik's Emergent physics as the Third road & beyond GR, SM, LQG & string theory Vovolik wrote Universe in a...
Jun10-07 11:39 PM
0 1,255
Third International Conference on Fundamental Interactions August 6-12 2007 João Pessoa, Brazil ...
Jun13-07 06:02 AM
0 1,309
It seems evolutionary thinking is growing in popularity, even among those that really doesn't seem to be take the is...
Jul2-07 12:58 AM
0 971
there were quite a few impressive ones among the contributed talks at Loops '07. Some talks were about new research...
Jul6-07 11:44 PM
0 1,263
Is there a place (besides the appendix of C. Rovelli's book) where I can learn about the n-j wigner symbols and their...
Jul9-07 01:03 PM
0 2,031
Announcement of the inaugeral conference of the IGC in August. description of what...
Jul20-07 06:26 PM
0 2,140 Linearized dynamics from the 4-simplex Regge action Bianca Dittrich, Laurent Freidel,...
Jul31-07 07:33 PM
0 2,126
As I see it, and I may be missing the point entirely, this is a moment of opportunity and change for LQG and related...
Aug2-07 02:03 PM
0 1,636
I just came across this: SU(2)L × SU(2)R × U(1)B-L. What does B-L mean ?
Aug8-07 10:45 PM
0 1,169
can someone please explain (if possible in a very nontechnical/non mathematical way) why after spontaneous symmetry...
Aug9-07 02:07 PM
0 1,793
to understand string theory do you need to know quantum field theory?
Aug18-07 10:54 PM
0 1,144
can we define the functionl determinant of Det=A so the functional integral with a powe non-linearity on the...
Aug20-07 12:40 PM
0 1,551
Baez refers to the Brane Scan in a old TWF, #118. You can also find a more recent depiction in...
Aug21-07 01:45 PM
0 1,715
Jal has called attention to this paper of Reuter and Schwindt A Minimal Length...
Aug21-07 07:13 PM
0 1,843
Assuming M-Theory is correct and there are a multitude of other membranes which contain other universes, can we begin...
Aug22-07 02:36 PM
0 1,366
Sorry, Please disregard this link to this post as i accedentally posted half of it, if you want to see the real post,...
Sep9-07 03:10 AM
0 1,219
What happens when you fall into a blackhole? Now, i know no one can confidently answer this question without a GUT lol...
Sep10-07 06:04 AM
0 1,516
It would be really funny if this paper of William Nelson and Mary Sakellariadou turned out to be right. And I can't...
Sep12-07 12:41 AM
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