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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 66,982
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,684
Model, well i doubt if any one can give a clear discription of what that is, to me everything is up for grabs, or is...
Feb4-06 04:39 PM
10 1,604
We've been watching this development taking shape ever since the tentative Gambini Pullin papers about it in 2006. It...
Jun9-10 05:14 PM
43 7,604
hep-ph/0611279 Beyond the Standard Model Authors: Dmitri I. Kazakov Moscow 2006 Report-no: 2006 Review of...
Jan5-07 07:26 PM
2 1,500
To know what lies beyond would serve us how ? That is to say if everyone is working towards a common goal, in what...
Apr15-07 07:22 PM
0 1,314
It is sometimes stated that new principles are required to solve the puzzle of quantizing gravity and harmonizing all...
Dec26-10 04:29 PM
148 12,927
Alright, so I'm just getting through my first semester of QFT and while I'm not quite ready to step into anything...
Dec17-11 05:23 AM
jack ch
7 3,770
I do not think that the following was presented as a live video. ...
Jul25-10 05:35 PM
1 1,077
my normally icy heart melted when Kea approvingly mentioned Standard Muddle, attributing the coinage to me. it was in...
Feb1-06 11:52 AM
2 1,278
Broda is an important figure in the history of BF theory and Broda has just written an encyclopedia entry on BF...
Feb4-05 11:17 AM
4 1,878
Anyone have any thoughts on BFL Ward's work? He claims to have found a perturbatively renormalizable QG theory by...
Jul29-11 03:24 PM
4 2,384
Common sense really. Space is full of CBR (not to mention other radiation and matter). They keep being fed. The...
Aug20-14 11:50 AM
6 475
Apr25-04 12:02 AM
4 1,423
Terminology question: Does SBH mean "black hole entropy" or "Bekenstein-Hawking entropy"?
Oct17-11 02:53 AM
2 1,800
I have a question concerning black holes and hawking radiation. I hope it is an adequate question and I pose it in the...
Apr18-09 12:54 PM
2 1,046
Just as I was going to simplify my life by going all out Triangles along comes this paper where she's got a line on...
Jul29-05 11:27 AM
4 3,924
On Thursday 7 September Kristina Giesel gives a seminar talk on topic TBA. I was in a rush earlier and screwed up....
Sep2-06 03:42 PM
0 1,592
I was glad to see this paper for several reasons. The volume operator in Loop Gravity is the locus of some...
Apr23-11 04:28 PM
8 3,175
Slides and audio for this talk by Brajesh Gupt were posted online today. LQC bounce creates conditions for...
Mar28-13 05:21 AM
2 1,317
I think most if not all here are familiar with the idea that entropy, by definition, is not an absolute but depends on...
Nov5-12 08:31 AM
94 20,241 Quantum polyhedra in loop quantum gravity Eugenio Bianchi "Interwiners describe quanta...
Nov9-10 02:32 PM
7 2,381
To estimate polarized emission from the galactic dust, BICEP digitized an unpublished 353 GHz map shown by the Planck...
May18-14 03:56 PM
2 2,749
In, Nickel and Son say "Hydrodynamics, therefore, is a theory of a Goldstone boson, ...
Jun20-11 07:50 AM
5 1,867
Hi all, i have a question about the big bang, it might be dumb i dont know much about science. Anyway here is my train...
Mar15-04 08:23 AM
12 2,119 Big Bang, Blowup, and Modular Curves: Algebraic Geometry in Cosmology Yuri I....
Aug5-14 11:16 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 422
This may have been posted somewhere else but, I would like to know. How do LQG theorists reconcile the fact that...
Oct2-08 05:25 AM
9 2,169
the Big Bounce is generic in LQC, say G.Date and G.Hossain in a new paper In LQC,...
Jul21-04 02:49 PM
1 1,232
I think not, can you imagine the maelstrom? planets ,stars , galaxies colliding as gravity pulls all matter to a...
Aug24-06 01:25 AM
0 1,257
Recently I found this: Note the number - 15360*pi = 48254.... This is a biggest number in Planks units I have...
Nov16-10 08:30 AM
13 2,159
It's here: He speculates M-theory may also play the role.
Nov10-06 03:52 PM
0 1,584 Brian Greene writes, "If true, the idea of a multiverse would be a...
Jan4-06 11:06 AM
4 1,468 "The first hazard is well known in Euclidean quantum gravity. It is called “minbus”...
Feb2-11 05:26 PM
2 1,026
The question I am going to ask here lies on a thin line between quantum gravity research and philosophy, but I'd...
May21-05 02:37 PM
7 1,323
I am sorry if this sounds too philosophical but thanks for any inputs .. String theory claims that every particle...
Aug6-14 12:32 PM
2 569
Here is something new and different: Suppose you treat the...
Oct27-04 09:50 AM
2 1,258
Carlip has argued that the dimensional reduction in many apprroaches to quantum gravity is related to the BKL limit...
Apr5-12 05:00 PM
2 2,194
This is a long-awaited paper. Quantum geometry and the Schwarzschild...
Sep24-05 08:31 PM
11 1,991
there were quite a few impressive ones among the contributed talks at Loops '07. Some talks were about new research...
Jul6-07 11:44 PM
0 1,261
What is Black Hole Complementarity?
Sep17-05 04:53 PM
6 1,999
Hi, I was wondering if anyone who really understands black hole complementarity can answer some questions for me. ...
Aug19-11 04:39 AM
9 2,716
When I read the security report from Cern (not that I am too worried), I came to something, which I do not fully...
Aug12-08 07:49 PM
0 2,173

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