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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jun28-14 05:03 PM
63 60,602
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 25,375
Is this all that LQG, SF is, kicking tyres and adding saw dust to differentials, putting some pluss gas in your...
May7-05 12:34 PM
26 2,022
String Theory May be Testable:
Feb4-07 05:50 PM
3 2,021
I read from this site: refering to the last blog...
Jul14-04 11:27 AM
23 2,019
I read in Elegant Universe there is a 5th force predicted by the string theory. Anybody know what it is ?
Apr19-05 05:25 PM
3 2,019
I'm reading this: ==quote== Einstein's theory of gravity, General Relativity, and our theory which governs the...
Jan24-11 12:28 AM
8 2,019
Geometric Models: E8, SO(10), Which ansatzs will prove to be right by CERN? 1. Ali H. Chamseddine and Alain Connes ,...
Dec7-07 10:41 AM
5 2,018
Hi; I'm working on a new model beynod the standard model one of MSSM with B-L symmetry I'm trying to install...
Aug20-12 09:53 PM
Vanadium 50
8 2,018,,2102-2214707,00.html The Sunday Times review is by John Cornwell, an...
Jun12-06 01:17 PM
2 2,017
I have absolutely no idea how to do this, but tell me if it will theoretically work: Somehow 'slice' the membrane...
Jan8-08 03:10 PM
4 2,017 Gravity as the Square of Gauge Theory Zvi Bern, Tristan Dennen, Yu-tin Huang,...
Apr7-10 01:10 PM
2 2,017
In Wilczek nobel acceptance talk on page 21 right under equation (2) the...
Feb17-05 03:50 PM
10 2,016
I keep seeing references to UV and IR in references to string theory and quantum gravity. This seems to come up in...
Oct7-10 06:13 PM
1 2,016
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but either way I was doing some research earlier and I came...
Feb16-12 03:53 PM
2 2,016
I posted link to the Strings 2008 speaker lineup at the Announcements sticky. We can do some digging and get prepared...
May17-08 03:08 PM
5 2,015 Conformal Gravity and Black Hole Complementarity Speaker(s): Gerard t'Hooft Date:...
May14-12 01:07 PM
1 2,015
Is there any study of how much entropy exists in a particle? For example, is there any connection between the quantum...
Feb5-04 08:28 AM
9 2,014
I have a few questions about something I read in the transcript of Stephen Hawking's talk at GR17. He says that it has...
Aug27-04 11:43 AM
3 2,014
On page 98 of Zwiebach's book "A First Course in String Theory", the following claim is made: At each point on the...
Nov1-04 05:26 PM
Jimmy Snyder
24 2,014
Could the universe be a complex hypersphere passing through our dimension? This would explain the 'big bang' as being...
Jan15-08 01:14 AM
2 2,014 This is an interesting development in String/M,...
Jan23-09 12:48 AM
1 2,014
How does LQG work? I know there are gravitons in it but how do they interact with spacetime? Why is it a theory of...
May2-10 11:51 PM
14 2,014
This is very interesting, is it the first proposed method (that is within reasonable energy for particle accelerators)...
Oct16-12 01:00 PM
4 2,014
Hello everyone, I'm currently occupying myself with Loop Quantum Gravity and wonder about some question. In LQG,...
Mar24-08 10:32 AM
9 2,013
I'm looking at this thread, Dark Matter, On the Ropes? ...
May17-10 12:01 PM
4 2,013
Spin networks describing BH have a central node with label taken from an intertwiner Hilbertspace of high dimension...
Jul27-10 07:00 PM
4 2,013
From the "Intuitive content of Loop Gravity--Rovelli's program" thread: From the paper: I haven't seen any...
Nov2-10 10:33 AM
10 2,012
What is a string theory hype anyway?
Jan11-04 09:21 AM
10 2,011
Bee Hossenfelder had an interesting discussion of the term "emergent" back in mid 2008:...
Jan2-10 07:35 AM
2 2,011
Simple question: is AAAD (= Action-At-A-Distance) QED standard / mainstream physics - or beyond standard? ...
Nov27-11 04:19 PM
2 2,011 Last year Martin Bojowald was a postdoc at the...
Jan2-06 03:09 PM
1 2,010
The best online slide-set exposition of Causal Dynamical Triangulations that I have seen so far is the one that...
Aug9-08 09:47 PM
7 2,010
In ordinary GR geometry, the Higgs field cannot play the rôle of the inflaton, so to imagine inflation one has to...
Mar15-09 02:56 AM
8 2,010
A detailed introduction of the new LQG spinfoam model---flipped version of the Barrett-Crane vertex...
Nov1-07 09:33 PM
1 2,009
Hi! I am novice in the Quantum Gravity field, so it was logical for me to start with the ADM formalism, but I am very...
Jun18-11 01:53 PM
7 2,008
You read a lot about how strings and loops can both derive the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula for black holes....
May19-04 03:34 PM
11 2,006
Next week will be the 13th conference in the Recent Developments in Gravity series. It will be held at Salonica...
Jun4-08 10:34 AM
5 2,006
In a recent post in his blog, Woit comments on a philosophy of science article by a philosopher who claims that the...
Nov15-06 09:18 AM
15 2,005
What mathematically speaking is a spinor? Why isn't it a tensor? I didn't find the mathworld defintion very useful at...
Dec1-04 07:55 PM
4 2,005
Are there any news regarding twistor theory? The original ideas by Penrose to replace spacetime by its "dual...
May27-11 06:29 PM
9 2,004
This paper - - by Beckenstein is fascinating. I would like to know if the experimental...
Nov25-12 11:15 AM
4 2,004

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