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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,871
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,259
STRING THEORY J.L.F. Barbon Department of Physics, Theory Division, CERN Geneva Abstract "This is a rendering of...
Apr26-04 09:28 AM
1 1,897 On the Problem of Detecting Quantum-Gravity Based Photon Dispersion in...
Oct21-06 12:06 PM
7 1,896
I came across an interesting discussion about LQG's philosophy (through Googling "Cauchy surface" and "loop quantum...
Dec1-08 03:34 AM
9 1,896
Topological Strings = 3 Superstrings = 10 Bosonic strings 26 Tensionless strings = arbitrary Do you know of any...
Jan14-09 09:28 AM
17 1,896
I get the impression from the following material that LQG models have 'resolved' the divergent big bang singularity...
Jan6-13 10:05 PM
14 1,896
Hi, i'm a new member who has just embarked on my journey into Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. I was a grade A...
Aug28-09 04:12 AM
3 1,895
just something i been thinking about lately in relation to how causal dynamic triangulations connect to form spacetime...
Jun14-05 11:53 AM
5 1,894
I was wondering if my understanding of string theory was right and if not could someone please correct me. 1.)Is...
Jan15-09 10:02 PM
4 1,894
Hi guys I m new to his forums o I hope I post this in the right place. I have a questions about the 11 dimension....
Aug13-12 02:14 PM
13 1,894
So one can even have "beyond standard Thermodynamics" :biggrin: I just came across this and it seems interesting. ...
May31-13 10:21 AM
4 1,894
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but either way I was doing some research earlier and I came...
Feb16-12 03:53 PM
2 1,893
Canonical theories of gravities imply a foliation of spacetime into 3 hypersurfaces, each one labeled by time and...
Dec27-12 10:25 AM
15 1,893
I've just found a review of m-theory which should be very interested for you. ...
Sep21-05 10:52 AM
1 1,892
I keep seeing references to UV and IR in references to string theory and quantum gravity. This seems to come up in...
Oct7-10 06:13 PM
1 1,892
this just out: Oscillatory Universes in Loop Quantum Cosmology and Initial...
Jun12-04 01:27 AM
4 1,891
Hi together, there are two more conferences in autumn: and...
Mar22-06 04:00 AM
Gabriele Honecker
0 1,891 Francesca just called our attention to this conference which has an...
Jun12-06 05:09 AM
6 1,891
Dispute chez les physiciens
Jun21-07 11:57 AM
7 1,891
How useful is the framework of minimal Conformal Field Theory (ie. CFTs with finite primary fields) in String Theory?...
Jul13-09 01:53 PM
8 1,891
Point is, Huerta and Baez, building upon the shoulders of M-theoretists, show us that susy is more relevant that just...
Mar15-12 12:19 PM
7 1,891
It would be nice if we had a transcript of the very interesting KITP video of a couple of days ago (20 October)...
Oct22-06 08:02 PM
3 1,890
I just read in The Trouble with Physics that the Gamma Ray Large Area Telescope was scheduled to launch in the summer...
Jul16-07 06:05 PM
4 1,890
Hi, sorry if this is a daft question, but it's something i've often wondered about. why is it that the extra spacial...
Dec27-07 02:19 PM
1 1,890
Dear PFers, I am looking for a way to visualize SU(3). I have heard from a friend (who heard it as a rumor) that...
May8-09 01:26 AM
9 1,889
Hi. Can anyone explain me the recent trends in string theory with the reference of the main papers? (last mounths)...
Mar22-06 04:00 AM
Blake Stacey
5 1,888
What do people here think about Tim Palmer's Invariant Set Postulate? ...
Oct13-11 07:39 PM
1 1,888
Hey folks, I just had a thought I wanted to share with you guys. Just to review first the idea of Large extra...
Nov7-08 10:54 PM
7 1,886
I have just seen this: NEW TRENDS IN QUANTUM...
Jul29-09 01:28 PM
2 1,886
Does anyone here have any information as to the contents of the presentation recently given by Eric Weinstein in...
May31-13 04:18 AM
Markus Hanke
3 1,886 The Amplituhedron Nima Arkani-Hamed, Jaroslav Trnka (Submitted on 6 Dec 2013)...
Feb12-14 04:47 AM
5 1,886
In my Book (Becker, Becker, Schwarz) it is stated (eq 3.23) that the holomorphic component of the EM tensor is given...
Apr24-07 09:36 AM
4 1,885
Why do strings only have one dimension (or maybe branes have 2 dimensions)? Why aren't oscillating volumes (like a...
Jan27-09 03:14 PM
9 1,883
Is it possible to define gravitons corresponding to flat spacetime? If so, how? Flat spacetme has zero curvature. How...
Mar10-09 10:36 AM
2 1,883
Tom.stoer recently started a thread to collect ideas on the topic of stringy dislike of LQG. I thought that was a...
Jun29-09 05:33 PM
10 1,883
hi, is it possible that the graviton does not exist?. except the success of quantum field theory, and the...
Oct21-10 01:06 PM
13 1,883
Hi there.. If was wondering about the relation between information and entropy, in the following context. The way...
Jun24-04 12:25 PM
5 1,882
This paper - - by Beckenstein is fascinating. I would like to know if the experimental...
Nov25-12 11:15 AM
4 1,882
Is there a Lagrangian from which the modified Maxwell equations including a magnetic charge density (magnetic...
Apr4-13 06:14 AM
11 1,882
In chapter 4 of Bailin & Love, Supersymmetric gauge field theory and string theory, the authors state that...
Mar31-08 03:51 PM
5 1,881
I just heard about Oriti when 3 days ago. But it seems he has interesting ideas. I will try to understand what Oriti...
Sep30-08 10:02 PM
4 1,881

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