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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jul27-14 12:49 AM
64 64,251
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,072
I get the impression from the following material that LQG models have 'resolved' the divergent big bang singularity...
Jan6-13 10:05 PM
14 2,048
Brian Greene will be on Dr. Michio Kaku's Explorations ( radio program tomorrow....
Feb25-04 08:52 AM
2 2,046
I have been recently reading a lot on Super Strings and M-Theory, and I discussed this with selfAdjoint earlier but he...
Apr17-04 02:17 PM
3 2,046
Sorry this is all a bit condensed, but people seem interested in this mass gap question so here are some more...
Nov24-04 02:44 PM
9 2,046
I'm a little confused about the relaionship between susy transformations involving Q generators & gso projection in...
Sep27-11 02:15 PM
4 2,046
How do we describe vibrating strinGs and branes? Is this connected with vibration of circular or quadratic membrane...
Jul1-11 08:54 AM
3 2,046
I am very bored and looking for entertainment such as a book or lecture having to do with string theory. Any...
Feb24-10 01:37 AM
9 2,046
Dear PF, Could you please advise me good detailed reference on Grand Unified Theories... especially I want to see...
May15-12 02:06 AM
2 2,046
Hi Experts, I have passed my MSc. Physics in 2000 from Punjab University Lahore Pakistan & working in Industrial...
Jan29-06 06:31 AM
Nasir Ali
0 2,042
Has anybody done something in the field, "Computer simulation of Polymer(organic) solar cells". I need facts to...
May7-09 01:54 AM
Gihan sky
0 2,042
This is my first post and Iíve got some questions in regards to our universe. From what Iíve been reading it is known...
Jan25-04 06:29 PM
28 2,041
I just read this: I'm just wondering what those who are more...
Feb17-08 06:53 PM
5 2,041
First question: Since a neutral Higgs boson is its own anti-particle, and has zero spin, it appears to have zero for...
Sep18-08 01:19 PM
7 2,041
Is Ads/CFT correspondance the same as gauge /gravity duality?
Sep20-11 05:17 AM
4 2,040
Cai and Easson's paper takes off from the seminal paper of Shaposhnikov and Wetterich that is discussed here at BTSM...
Feb21-12 10:35 PM
2 2,039
Hi guys I m new to his forums o I hope I post this in the right place. I have a questions about the 11 dimension....
Aug13-12 02:14 PM
13 2,039
May28-07 07:52 PM
1 2,038
Hi, I've developed a game, or some may say tool, that aids in the conceptualization and visualization of movement...
Aug20-11 07:35 PM
0 2,038
The best online slide-set exposition of Causal Dynamical Triangulations that I have seen so far is the one that...
Aug9-08 09:47 PM
7 2,037
Actual experimental aparatus, measurements and all that, see figure 2 on page 6
Aug12-10 10:39 AM
3 2,037
just something i been thinking about lately in relation to how causal dynamic triangulations connect to form spacetime...
Jun14-05 11:53 AM
5 2,036
Their photographs, short description of their work, and links to their papers: ...
Oct11-06 01:09 PM
Lubos Motl
0 2,035
This is an interesting hypothesis that doesn't seem to have been discussed yet. What are its flaws? Mark Hadley at...
Jul17-11 06:04 PM
3 2,034
I realize this might be a little bit of academic advisement, but I think it'd be more useful to have some people who...
Nov21-10 04:58 PM
10 2,033
Hi, I have no knowledge of ST but have a probably simple question. I saw a program about how the extra dimensions of...
Mar23-10 05:57 PM
7 2,031
I'm looking at this thread, Dark Matter, On the Ropes? ...
May17-10 12:01 PM
4 2,031
This is a proposal for a quantum theory of gravity and matter in which all physical parameters are determined and...
Nov4-10 05:24 AM
2 2,030
Is this all that LQG, SF is, kicking tyres and adding saw dust to differentials, putting some pluss gas in your...
May7-05 12:34 PM
26 2,029
New paper out today about supersymmetry in spin foam QG Spin foam is the leading non-string approach to quantum...
Oct20-07 02:05 AM
5 2,029
Is there a reason (inherent in the theory) that string theory describes 10 spatial dimensions with 7 of them curled up...
Dec27-08 09:20 PM
1 2,027
Peter May and I are about to run a workshop on n-categories at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications: ...
Jun30-04 02:38 AM
10 2,026
I read from this site: refering to the last blog...
Jul14-04 11:27 AM
23 2,026
Hi together, there are two more conferences in autumn: and...
Mar22-06 04:00 AM
Gabriele Honecker
0 2,026
I keep seeing references to UV and IR in references to string theory and quantum gravity. This seems to come up in...
Oct7-10 06:13 PM
1 2,026
I read in Elegant Universe there is a 5th force predicted by the string theory. Anybody know what it is ?
Apr19-05 05:25 PM
3 2,025
Please have pity on a poor ignorant layperson struggling for understanding... and keep in mind that I am...
Apr17-09 06:39 PM
3 2,025
Is there any study of how much entropy exists in a particle? For example, is there any connection between the quantum...
Feb5-04 08:28 AM
9 2,024
I'm reading this: ==quote== Einstein's theory of gravity, General Relativity, and our theory which governs the...
Jan24-11 12:28 AM
8 2,024
Hello everyone, I'm currently occupying myself with Loop Quantum Gravity and wonder about some question. In LQG,...
Mar24-08 10:32 AM
9 2,023
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but either way I was doing some research earlier and I came...
Feb16-12 03:53 PM
2 2,022

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