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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,907
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Y 12:03 AM
72 67,848
Hey guys. This is my first post. I don't have any background in physics so please don't just throw equations and...
May20-11 01:39 AM
42 7,634
The media frenzy is dying down a bit, and I'm opening this thread to discuss technical questions from researchers and...
May24-11 06:34 AM
485 121,110 I found one attempt to explain why it cant be used for FTL...
Jun4-11 12:29 PM
2 2,593
Physics, astrophysics, etc... have always been near to my heart but far from my brain. My math skills are probably...
May18-11 06:28 PM
26 3,219
I've been search through google to find out if there has been anything on missing energy so far, i have found nothing....
May19-11 10:00 AM
6 2,511
This came up in another thread, but I have seen the statement many times in various places. The statement is that...
May21-11 07:18 PM
72 9,135
Dear PF, I am having very heavy supersymmetric derivatives to do (and in general heavy calculations) could you...
May20-11 02:47 AM
1 1,186
Increasingly QG is being done with a q-deformed symmetry group: replacing SU(2) by the quantum group SUq(2). What do...
May15-11 04:08 PM
16 3,216
A quick question from a non-physicist and non-mathematician. Do the equations of the Standard Model (without the...
May17-11 10:30 PM
10 2,567
Originally published in 1985: For MTd2's special attention :smile:
May15-11 05:21 PM
0 785
What is the consensus here about Information Theory beyond the Standard model? The three fundamental theories of...
May16-11 05:18 AM
4 1,829
The Erlangen group just posted 7 papers: a series developing an new canonical approach to LQG more explicitly able to...
May19-11 01:07 AM
6 2,163
The term "manifest locality" keeps being used, eg. in talks by Cachazo and Arkani-Hamed...
May19-11 06:37 PM
1 1,401
Bousso and Susskind have a preprint claiming that "the many-worlds of quantum mechanics and the many worlds of the...
Jun7-11 02:37 AM
9 4,161
Hello everyone. I'm not a physicist however have been doing some research on the concepts behind dark energy and...
May23-11 03:00 AM
2 2,467
What theories of quantum gravity are currently UV complete?
May24-11 11:09 AM
15 2,828
a nice catch by atty ,what do you think. The emergence...
May22-11 04:11 PM
3 1,528
In his 1996 paper on Relational Quantum Mechanics, Carlo Rovelli proposed that a complete description of the world is...
May21-11 01:40 PM
1 1,069
In a space time 5D, the action for the brane 4D is: \int dx^4 \sqrt{-h} In the Randall Sundrum the action for...
May22-11 01:18 PM
0 697
Based on understanding in and beyond the Standard Model. How big a range can you change the constants values and other...
May23-11 10:21 AM
16 3,705
I just want to know if there is any theorem that can forbid certain degrees of freedom in the Theory of Everything. ...
May23-11 01:51 PM
4 1,760
New to the forum. What a great resource. I just started learning a bit about string theory and naturally I've...
May23-11 10:49 PM
Team Bobo
0 691
In this new paper today, is it considered whether quantum gravity actually has...
May24-11 06:39 PM
Physics Monkey
3 1,405
According to M-Theory there are 11 dimensions including time. 10 of these dimensions are spatial, so objects can move...
May27-11 05:43 PM
4 1,183
Are there any news regarding twistor theory? The original ideas by Penrose to replace spacetime by its "dual...
May27-11 06:29 PM
9 2,037
Hi there PF I would like to ask, which quantum gravity theories are disfavores by:...
May28-11 06:08 AM
0 951
It's difficult, especially for an outsider, to keep track of the multifaceted development of modern physics -- to even...
May30-11 03:38 AM
3 3,075
Do you believe that in Quantum Gravity, quantization of gravity is only a small part and it is really Quantum...
May31-11 04:49 PM
26 3,246
Based on the news coming out of every corner of the physics world it seems that String Theory is about to die and...
Jun2-11 03:20 AM
mitchell porter
28 7,042 Abstract We provide a simple transfer function that...
May28-11 07:38 PM
10 2,148
I have been seeing the word supersymmetry, and I recon that it's the unification of quantum theory and relativity or...
May29-11 07:59 AM
1 2,654
No more quantum gravity :smile: As we know strings and loops are both about condensed matter (AdS/CMT, tensor...
May31-11 11:38 AM
9 1,913
1) Does heterotic E use E8 for group symmetry & to compactify 16 extra bosonic lattice for each...
May29-11 02:06 PM
0 983
in one of the laws o physics it says in laymans terms you cant get more energy out of something then you put in. what...
Jun6-11 03:19 PM
26 3,083
I am not quite sure I undestand the origin or phase transition from normal matter dominated universe into vacuum and...
May31-11 10:36 AM
0 1,121
Does anyone know of a video lecture on the WWW by Prof Wilczek describing his theory of the Grid? (Suitable for...
Jun2-11 09:41 PM
2 1,538
EDIT: fixed TeX issues Hi, I'm learning about the correspondence in string theory between the geometry of...
Jun2-11 12:54 PM
6 1,454
Haelfix pointed out the paper "Quantum Topologically Massive Gravity in de Sitter Space", which calculates a partition...
Jun3-11 07:33 PM
mitchell porter
2 2,107
Sorry for the proliferation of threads, but I wanted to have a thread devoted specifically to analysis of how this...
Jun3-11 03:34 AM
mitchell porter
2 1,357
Does Super String theory (attempt to) unite Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity using one master equation? Will...
Jun5-11 06:56 AM
3 3,685

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