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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,010
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,375
Hello every one, This might sound as much stupid as it is confusing for me. Suppose the sun vanished right now (that...
May3-12 01:03 AM
13 1,269
Good evening. I have been reading that the repulsion generated by the Pauli exclusion principle barely prevents...
May3-12 07:15 PM
11 3,373
In electricity and magnetism, we typically assume that the relative permittivity (or dielectric constant) ε of air is ...
May5-12 03:46 PM
2 1,949
Hello, When you look at the accretion disk around NGC 4261 (see here), you can read that the dark, dusty disk...
May5-12 10:35 PM
3 1,181
It is easy to understand for example how Jupiter pulls (perturbation) the orbit of the earth more elliptic. But...
May6-12 03:10 AM
Jonathan Scott
2 1,436
Hi, I've been thinking about the concept of charged black holes. What I'm wondering is this; if light cannot escape a...
May7-12 11:42 AM
7 1,655
Hi, I've heard a fair bit about the event horizon of a black hole. What exactly is the event horizon? Thanks,
May7-12 12:17 PM
3 1,164
Let's think about this for a second: Unlike earth, Mars has two moons. Let's switch the two. Instead of just one...
May7-12 12:43 PM
22 21,318
Our Sun is at least a second generation star. This is known from the heavy metal content of the star. But if a...
May7-12 01:10 PM
5 1,277
I am 9 years old. Can anyone explain this to me?
May7-12 03:43 PM
11 2,324
I've been looking up some information regarding the Owl Nebula, in order to make some calculations of my own. I've...
May8-12 05:04 AM
1 1,215
Hey folks, I could use a little help with something. This might take more than a few minutes, so I am prepared to pay...
May8-12 12:15 PM
0 792
I've been building a solar system integrator using C++, OpenGL for graphics, Qt for UI and I would like some info...
May8-12 08:48 PM
3 1,663
Say if one were to meet a nice little black hole and just feed it, everything one could throw at it.... Galaxies,...
May8-12 09:17 PM
27 2,994
I'm trying to figure out the formula adjustment to Newtonian mechanics using MOND but I'm getting stuck. Wikipedia...
May9-12 09:05 PM
31 3,757
I'm curious - once an object passes the event horizon the image of that object remains on the event horizon only to...
May9-12 10:45 PM
3 1,343
Can someone please explain to me (it can only be brief, I'll try to do the dirty work myself ^.^): Frame dragging...
May10-12 03:02 AM
4 1,583
where does most of the energy arise in a type 2 supernova event? is it thermonuclear or the change form gravitiational...
May10-12 04:02 AM
2 1,069
I was wondering, if the inflation of the universe can be compared to blowing up a baloon with, say, some ink dots on...
May10-12 08:17 AM
8 1,569
Hello. I am wondering what are the properties of matter at the core of a neutron star. I read that it could be quark...
May10-12 10:07 AM
8 1,697
Could some one explain what red-shift really means when we're talking about the EH of a BH? Thank you.
May11-12 11:02 AM
3 1,130
I'm becoming more and more convinced that light isn't the only particle that can interfere with itself, and that the...
May11-12 01:14 PM
4 1,360
If only some stars become black holes what sets them apart from other stars, is it just size?
May12-12 09:26 AM
6 1,926
Need help in calculating the double integral using the method Monte Carlo. Work of S. Casertano URL...
May12-12 03:56 PM
0 1,292
Question: as title says. I'm not a physicist at all and I do not know much about how people obtained the big bang...
May13-12 03:33 AM
20 3,606
Think "gravity waves", emitting from let's say a black hole. It's an uneducated hypothesis, but why not?
May13-12 09:46 PM
7 1,873
Suppose I have a plasma. Inside the plasma is a knotted flux tube in an electric field. Will it tend to move? Is...
May14-12 06:06 AM
3 1,203
The acretion process between a white dwar binary and blakc hole binary is significantly different as the black hole...
May14-12 06:09 AM
1 943
I know that we don't know what dark matter is but according to observations, dark matter is there. I also knew that...
May14-12 11:37 PM
5 1,774
Suppose we have a satellite in an elliptical orbit around the Earth with the major axis pointed towards some fixed...
May15-12 12:39 PM
3 1,560
I have two questions about the expansion of the Universe. 1. Why is there no local expansion around us, is local...
May16-12 09:21 AM
6 1,261
Hey guys, stupid question probably, but I somehow don't get it. I'm just reading an article about dark matter in...
May16-12 02:04 PM
3 1,486
i may be in the wrong forum here and i'm sure i'm showing my ignorance. i'm not any kind of physicist,, geo, astro or...
May16-12 03:43 PM
24 3,207
if we accept that there is zero gravity at the center of the earth. then this would be true for stars and even black...
May16-12 04:29 PM
2 1,469
Hi. I'm trying to determine the approximate percentage of the universe's area that is made up of galaxies for a...
May17-12 06:01 AM
3 1,072
Hello every one! How many of you have learnt about the unification of dark energy and dark matter? I'm doing my...
May17-12 11:43 AM
2 1,077
I tried posing my question by using some Latex features here, but I could work faster by using Word coupled with what...
May17-12 10:57 PM
1 1,158
Hi, I hope you can help me. I am a physicist but not a researcher and have currently not the time to study many...
May18-12 03:13 AM
1 1,132
Hi, folks. I'm new here and came looking for some expert input on this odd question that came up as a friend and I...
May19-12 11:07 AM
19 2,610
I am interested in building a three shell mathematical solar model based upon the core, the radiative zone, convective...
May19-12 05:08 PM
Vanadium 50
23 7,056

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