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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,063
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,416
My physics is extremely rusty (I was bored to death back in school and had no practical application of the stuff to...
Jul25-11 05:51 PM
8 2,537
Two questions to be precise, I've heard both ideas but neither from a reliable source. The ideas are put quite simply,...
Jan20-08 07:31 PM
4 1,990
I've read that a planet's rotation around it's star is in the same direction has the rotation of the star on itself,...
Nov6-09 07:52 PM
3 1,632
Richard Tolman derived that in an expanding universe with any arbitrary geometry, the surface brightness of a set of...
Feb10-07 09:42 AM
3 1,988
I have a question about black holes and energy but have no idea what to do. if someone could just point me in the...
Oct20-09 10:53 PM
1 761
Whether the magnetic field corotates with the magnet or not when a magnet rotates around its own magnetic axis is a...
Mar28-09 08:13 PM
0 1,049
I was wondering if anyone has heard about galaxies at the end of the universe that are starting to shoot off at a...
Mar16-05 11:48 AM
5 1,486
Why did the meteor explode? What specifically caused the fireball (the abrupt increase in brightness) for example?...
Feb17-13 02:31 AM
9 2,890
Can anyone describe to me the path a low mass body takes as it leaves the main-sequence? Or is it the case that a low...
May3-11 10:52 AM
6 1,832
You know, I'm probably not smart enough to be in here, but I have a burning question. I've often thought aboout this...
Nov8-05 04:39 PM
10 1,535
Feb14-14 03:12 AM
31 2,708
On galaxy rotation curves, the velocities of stars (or gas) rotating about their galactic centre remain fairly...
Aug11-08 03:41 PM
3 1,869
I am after a reference or an explanation as to how the Voyager 2 spacecraft was used to determine the semi major axis...
Mar14-09 02:37 PM
Abd Errahmane
1 2,023
It has been found that spacecraft on certain flyby trajectories around the earth gain an amount of energy that is...
Mar17-09 03:11 AM
1 1,374
Superluminal jets have been detected with speeds of up to 6c. Does anyone know where these high speed jets are...
May26-09 07:49 AM
1 1,382
Our Sun is at least a second generation star. This is known from the heavy metal content of the star. But if a...
May7-12 01:10 PM
5 1,278
Hi all, First let me say that I'm not an astrophysicist but that I have some understanding of classical physics. So...
Feb11-11 12:12 AM
5 4,858
hey,,i am a mechatronics student but i'd like to learn astrophysics and astronomy but as selfstudy so any help where i...
Feb23-10 10:26 PM
Anthony A
2 1,624
I've been hearing that these (MERCURY and Swift codes) are standards for N-Body evolution simulations. Neither of...
May27-11 10:45 AM
7 2,761
I'm trying to figure out the sensitivity of the Fermi LAT, in units of spectral flux---e.g. Jansky, or a limiting...
Jul13-11 05:53 PM
0 2,163
I just learned about gyroscopes and their precision this year in Physics. I was just curious since massive objects in...
Jun25-10 01:56 PM
5 1,168
Are black holes a point of singularity of infinite density, approaching that point as a limit, or just really massive...
Jun16-10 10:56 AM
13 1,748
I was curious, please explain to me in an easy way of understanding because I am not the best at picking things up....
Jul30-10 10:59 AM
16 3,156
Sorry if this is in the wrong topic area but I'm really wondering this. Would there be any way to measure the mass of...
Sep28-06 03:58 PM
2 1,729
Hi, I've been looking at the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram and was wondering exactly what types of stars collapse to form...
Sep9-11 12:36 AM
5 1,869
So I found this article(albeit rather dated) questioning they physical existence of Black Holes and what really struck...
Mar16-13 10:13 PM
43 4,501
a supernova can out light a entire galaxy. Ive read it can give out about 10^44J of energy is there anyone of you who...
Aug28-05 03:57 AM
5 2,184
can a black hole hold an infinte ammount of mass
Oct21-03 03:53 PM
4 2,113
It seems that we had the evidence, but no one had noticed except a team of Italian physicists who weren't taken...
Jun11-11 11:28 AM
4 1,123
NASA just had a press release today of new evidence that supports the presence of Dark Matter. I think this would be...
May18-07 05:40 PM
24 3,696
In case people hasn't seen the big news of the day (or technically, the big news of tomorrow when the issue of Science...
Nov9-07 04:02 PM
8 1,385
ATM i'm at a JC and I will be transferring next year under the astrophysics major. Anybody have any inside...
Apr11-04 08:10 AM
3 5,403
Given the right ascension and declination of two objects in the sky. Is there a way to calculate the angle between...
Mar5-06 01:47 PM
2 1,886
Does anybody have a link to a precise definition of a "volume limited sample." This pertains especially to sky...
Aug1-06 09:34 PM
1 3,331
How far away from earth might the oxygen signature of our atmosphere be spectographically detectable? The flip side...
Oct14-07 11:35 PM
0 1,336
How might hot jupiters arrrive close in, since gas sufficient for their formation would be seem to be further outward?...
Dec10-07 03:04 AM
4 2,391
Our Oort cloud of cometary objects is 1 light year away; http:// the true outer...
Jan4-08 12:42 AM
0 1,719
How to effectively get into a polar orbit and land near (in) a S. polar crater and look for sublimated water (i.e....
May2-08 03:32 PM
1 1,240
Why is the closing velocity of Andromeda and our galaxy so high? 100-140 kms^-1...
Oct9-08 11:30 PM
3 2,771
Other than an engineering project, what could we look at with a 25 m+ telescopes?...
Oct13-08 11:22 AM
1 1,319

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