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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,769
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,192
What does it exactly means by the expanding of universe ??? Does everything included in it is also expanding ??
Apr29-13 11:22 AM
21 1,507
In discussions of how we infer the existence of dark matter, it always feels like people gloss over how exactly we...
Sep15-08 10:12 PM
4 2,421
Hi, I've been working on a problem involving gravitational lens, and right now I'm trying to learn the formula to...
Sep24-11 02:15 PM
0 1,007
If the information we see in space is very old, and the universe "seems" to be expanding, how can we know that it is...
Jan31-13 09:38 PM
2 698
Ok, this is something that I've been trying to figure out for a while now. Where does the energy for a supernova...
Jun27-12 08:35 PM
2 715
Recently for a project I have been trying to figure out the correct time to launch a space ship and have it...
Jul3-12 04:13 PM
1 957
I love Astrophysics. I m preparing for competative exams. It includes making a project on any topic. But it should be...
Aug8-11 08:32 AM
5 3,471
Hello, I've come looking for advice, direction etc on submitting a proposal to NASA. I emailed their general...
Aug20-07 12:19 PM
13 3,143
Okay, reeling from a defeat in the stellar ring with a self gravitating mass of gas that imploded at a massive...
Dec5-11 10:06 AM
2 1,306
I've been reading about this very fascinating experiments there and one thing I can't figure out--either from their...
Jun25-08 02:33 PM
5 1,747
I have been wondering for some time what a Singularity is, I have read it in various places around this forum but I...
Jul29-04 05:41 AM
7 3,734
Hello everyone, I have a problem with my coursework, last part of Q3: Any ideas of how project 3D galaxy...
Nov7-12 03:07 PM
0 1,015
If a neutron star is made solely of neutrons that show no repulsion to each other, protons and electrons have merged...
Nov29-07 06:30 AM
6 1,480
The post might be in the wrong forum, and it's likely that a similar question has been asked earlier, but I couldn't...
Feb7-13 10:26 AM
3 667
Is it possible for a galaxy too fall back into its self?(even if they don't) What would happen? :grumpy:
Sep6-05 05:20 AM
3 2,522 in an earlier thread i asked if it would be possible to...
Oct11-03 11:28 AM
8 2,707 is the universe expanding? not according to this site.
Nov5-03 03:57 PM
8 2,863
it is my understanding that if a body is heated its gravity will increase, also if a body is given mommentum its...
Oct21-03 10:45 AM
11 2,437
some news about the origin of gamma ray bursts, this may be old news to some.there have been many theories for the...
Oct23-03 01:55 PM
3 2,919
the search for "gravity waves", is ongoing, i cannot comprehend all the consequences if they are not found, but i...
Oct27-03 05:16 PM
14 2,894
4 dec 2003. A discovery made with CSIRO's Parkes radio...
Dec12-03 05:47 PM
3 1,778
does anyone have information about super clusters? will all galaxies eventualy end up in a super cluster? if not...
Jan29-04 02:45 PM
3 1,656
neutron stars seem an oddity to me, they seem to have to much mass to size to be held together purly by gravity do...
May28-04 12:01 PM
7 1,394
Can someone tell me which is the favoured theory for planetary formation, core accretion or Gravitational...
Aug3-04 04:59 PM
7 1,412 This paper is 50 pages, and gives a good historical overview for the CC...
Dec2-04 08:46 AM
1 1,727
For a BH to form it must have a mass boundary, but does this boundary vary with differing types of matter?
Jun7-05 03:47 PM
5 987
Could the size of our universe be determined by some average per volume temperature ?
Feb8-06 05:21 PM
1 1,041
Try talking about astro phys to *the man in the street*, and there is no interest whatsoever, how can this be...
Feb16-06 08:43 AM
3 1,334
Soon earth bound problems will curtail all asto physical experimentation, funding will be cut to next to nothing,...
Feb15-06 03:47 PM
2 2,042
Feb23-06 01:19 PM
George Jones
6 2,460 Authors: Edward A. Baltz, Marco Battaglia, Michael E. Peskin, Tommer Wizansky...
Feb23-06 10:55 AM
0 1,242 Authors: D.H.E.Gross Comments: 7 pages, 1 figure, presnted at XILV internat....
Mar14-06 11:35 AM
0 1,167 Authors: Joao Magueijo, Rafael D. Sorkin Using a variety of...
Apr21-06 01:15 AM
6 1,409
Has any one thought what physics would be like if, matter and the vacuum were inverted, ie the stars planets ect are...
Apr26-06 01:20 AM
7 1,419
Are the any? i would think that of all the stars in the u that a few some how broke free from gravity and the...
May24-06 02:57 PM
8 4,078
Can some one tell me how big an area of influence the lagrange L1, L2 etc points have ? or are they model depandant ?...
Mar9-07 05:52 PM
2 2,593
Can the distance between two bodies be calculated to prove they are gravitationally bound? Use two bodies with...
Jun13-07 07:59 PM
3 1,532 We call it...
Dec22-07 12:20 PM
ray b
9 1,732
arXiv:1103.3688 Title: The Genesis of the Big-Bang and Inflation Authors: R. K. Thakur Comments: 8...
Mar23-11 03:29 AM
3 1,435
Take a small bh say 100 sol masses, how long would it take to ingest a Earth size planet?
Jan13-12 10:27 AM
Cosmo Novice
6 1,384

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