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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,094
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,438
The Gravity Probe B satellite has placed four (over redundant) gyroscopes in low polar Earth orbit to primarily test...
Apr18-12 04:32 PM
371 90,941
What are some of the obstacles scientist face with the idea of creating artificial gravity for a space station?
Apr5-11 12:55 PM
156 23,896
Howde all. With reference to matter originating from the big bang. Nothing else. No multiverse, no pbranes -...
Jul2-12 11:31 AM
142 9,860
If the mass of the universe is constantly being converted to energy through nuclear fusion, and nothing can travel...
Dec11-11 01:18 AM
131 13,605
My textbook seems to give conflicting information on whether molecular hydrogen can or cannot be detected. On the one...
Jul17-12 12:14 PM
George Jones
95 8,153
I recently tried to calculate the mass of the black hole in the center of the milky way and it came out to 1.8x10e+53...
Aug16-12 09:08 PM
Vanadium 50
94 7,604
Hello PF. I will give you my thoughts about the chance of there being life in the universe and I would like you too...
Mar25-13 04:13 AM
91 13,686
I've been an amateur quantum physicists for most of my life, and ever since 1998 I've been wondering about this issue,...
May28-12 10:58 PM
88 12,990
There are quite a few models of how things developed during the first .0000000001 of a second after the big bang and...
Feb10-10 12:36 PM
81 12,229 Fourier spectral analysis has been carried out on the...
Jan8-09 05:24 PM
80 10,270
Hi. So what'ya think? I've always been fascinated by this! The main problems are: Temperature Air Pressure Air...
Jun28-11 09:20 PM
80 10,015
according to special relativity mass and energy are equivalent so because vaccum energy has mass so it should exert a...
May4-11 06:15 AM
75 11,274
Are any ideas out there on the possibility of a Black Hole being a wormhole(?) to another dimension/universe and if...
Sep20-11 08:10 AM
75 14,603
In the past I have tried to start threads that provide surprising insights into the processes that set the luminosity...
Apr16-14 08:21 PM
75 1,698
I read an interesting article which asserts that the existence of black holes cannot be falsified, and therefore they...
Nov5-09 08:16 PM
73 7,154
If during star collapse the mass not blown away is large enough to form a black hole, shouldn’t the resulting...
Oct1-10 08:56 PM
George Jones
70 5,154
I am not sure if the universe ever expanded at speed inferior to that of light, but if it did, I am curious to know...
Jun2-11 07:33 PM
66 11,416
So now that the Phoenix Land has all but confirmed to us that there's plenty of water on Mars, this will then spark...
Jun8-08 10:38 AM
65 14,302
I attempted to derive the TOV equation in modern physics notation, however my equation solution does not seem to match...
Nov2-08 10:35 PM
64 14,821
Say you were to slingshot around the moon and gain momentum. In so doing you would have gained Energy from gravity. ...
Mar14-10 03:22 AM
Frame Dragger
63 20,606
I have multiple reasons why white holes do not exist. But first let’s go over what a white hole is. It is: the same as...
Jun4-11 06:50 PM
Vanadium 50
63 10,688
As many of you know, neutronium is a type of matter found in neutron stars. It is incredibly dense (hundreds of...
Jan5-09 09:10 AM
61 18,881
We`ve seen how particles in zero gravity form clumps through electro magnetic attraction, and that these clumps will...
Nov9-08 05:47 AM
60 12,537
Specifically, what happens to the identical fermions in a neutron star as the neutron star collects additional mass...
Apr5-12 10:55 PM
Bernie G
58 9,807
Please explain the process of matter anti matter and how it could be used in space travel
Feb14-10 05:43 PM
57 5,309
Two statements that are often made about degeneracy pressure are: 1) It is a new or special kind of pressure that...
Jan13-14 12:14 PM
Ken G
57 5,455
if the sun was to vanish, what would happen to the earth. I've been told that the earth would still rotate around as...
Oct30-06 12:01 AM
55 15,971
In a recent theological discussion, I came to realize that there is a point in question regarding planet formation in...
Jul28-10 02:30 AM
53 5,138
Since at event horizon, the escape velocity of black hole must be greater than speed of light but even light can't...
May27-12 06:09 AM
52 7,127
I've numbered them so you can just include it in your reply instead of screwing around with tags. STELLAR...
Oct18-09 09:42 AM
51 5,073
Does expansion exist on the micro level as well as the galactic level? I've never read about it, but it occurs to...
Mar11-10 07:33 AM
50 5,168
I was wondering if we were to take two blackholes, with their event horizons touching each others, what would happen?...
Jun10-11 07:48 AM
50 11,470
Hi, I have to say that I'm not sufficiently educated in physics but I'm very interested in it so please excuse my...
Feb2-10 12:16 PM
48 4,270
A couple of decades ago, there were searches for proton decay basically looking at pure water over time, and these...
Jun25-10 05:11 AM
48 5,255
When it comes to dark matter; Has the mass of the super-massive black holes residing at the core of every galaxy been...
Nov30-11 10:20 AM
47 8,151
Is it possible to build a vehicle that can accelerate to .99 C? How would we go about doing something like this? ...
Sep20-11 02:22 PM
47 8,420
how is a black hole formed exactly from a neutron star or a white dwarf?? what is it? is it a star? is it defined as...
Dec1-04 06:40 PM
46 14,527
What comes next if the dark matter hypothesis fails? A hypothesis that is fundamentally incorrect blocks any progress....
May19-10 10:35 PM
46 5,097
Do you think it is possible to create a black hole. First of all wouldnt you need to create a star. I know that the...
Sep17-07 12:14 AM
45 10,044
I just wanted to know what people think of the question "What is the fabric of the universe?" I only see two choices...
Mar2-13 07:26 AM
45 18,540

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